A Guide To Types Of Polycarbonate Sheet

A Guide To Types Of Polycarbonate Sheet

There are many types of polycarbonate sheets for various applications. This explores all detail about each polycarbonate sheet – take a look:

polycarbonate sheet

polycarbonate sheet

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet is a tough, lightweight and durable plastic material that is used for building.

Translucent walls, cladding, or roofing panels can be made using this material.

twin wall polycarbonate sheet

twin wall polycarbonate sheet


Great strength that can resist dents and cracks when used under adverse conditions like hail storm.

Good thermal properties that will ensure that can resist heat and protect the inside of the building from the effects of heat.

UV protection since UV rays cannot penetrate this material.

Lightweight compared to glass making it simple and easy to install or even support.

Energy efficient keeping heat inside a greenhouse to provide warmth for growing plants despite the cold weather outside.

Water and moisture proof protecting the building from rain and moisture from outside.


Greenhouse building since it is flexible and transparent.

Shower enclosers applications

Windbreaks applications

Patio covers applications.

Window replacement applications.

Also used in making pipes for waste water drainage.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet happens to be one of the most favorite roofing materials available.

A sheet made up of several layers to for form a great acoustic and thermal insulator, almost same as twin sheets.

However, multiwall polycarbonate sheet offers high level of insulation due to many layers of sheet materials making it thicker.

multiwall polycarbonate sheet

multiwall polycarbonate sheet


A multilayer structure offers excellent thermal insulation features.

Material is firm, light and hard.

Also, mechanical treatment is easy.

It offers great optical properties.

Another property is that it emits harmful substances when burning.

Shock is well resisted due to the absence of perforations.

Durability is assured of over 10 years being able to resist atmospheric impact.

High temperature and chemical resistance.


Material is used for roof covering applications

Also used for building summer houses.

Some companies use them for making car shelters.

The material is also suitable for making conservatories and winter gardens.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid polycarbonate sheet is a transparent, UV-resistant and lightweight roof material which is cost-effective used by designers and architects.


Solid polycarbonate offers excellent optical properties.

Compared to glass, solid polycarbonate sheet is easier to process.

Another property is that the material does not discolor even when exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

solid polycarbonate sheet

solid polycarbonate sheet

Solid polycarbonate is very strong and can resist impact because it is made up of high-quality resin.

Another property is that solid polycarbonate sheet is fire-retardant.

The material is also resistant to UV-rays allowing light to pass through.


Roofing projects applications like in residential or commercial buildings.

Also, solid polycarbonate sheet is applicable in making covered walkways or parking spaces.

Some greenhouses and patio covers are also constructed using solid polycarbonate sheet.

Another application is for making window and door awnings.

Indoor partitions or sound barriers can also be made using solid polycarbonate sheet.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

Corrugated polycarbonate sheet is made up of a wave-like structure which is reinforced with a polycarbonate resin in double layer.

Compared to glass, this material is 200 times stronger with a great impact resistance.

 corrugated polycarbonate sheet

corrugated polycarbonate sheet


Excellent insulation from cold and hot temperatures.

Compared to glass, corrugated polycarbonate offers great optical properties that last longer.

The material is also durable.

Another property is that it is transparent.

Smaller projects can be done using corrugated polycarbonate sheet because it comes in thinner profile.

Compared to other materials, corrugated polycarbonate sheet is very easy to process.

The material is also strong and can resist impact with a great fire rating.


Agricultural applications including making or building greenhouses.

Designers also use corrugated polycarbonate sheet for roofing applications.

Industries that deal with skylights, roof lights and side lights also use corrugated polycarbonate sheet.

Other applications include building pergola, DIY carport, covered patio or storage shed.

Abrasion-resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheet has been designed to offer superior abrasion resistant properties.

Other polycarbonate materials can get scratches easily compared to glass when exposed to abrasive environments.


Light weight compared to glass – almost half the weight of glass.

AR polycarbonate sheet offers High resistance to impact.

AR polycarbonate sheet also has enhanced weatherability.

Cleaning and fabrication are made easier through the improved properties of the material.

Optical properties of the material are improved.

Abrasion resistant polycarbonate

abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet

Higher resistance to chemicals and abrasion compared to other polycarbonate materials.

Another property is that this material has excellent service temperature.


AR polycarbonate sheet is suitable for making protective visors for helmet.

Also used in the military for making protective shields.

In the transportation industry for making shelter glazing.

The manufacturing industry use this material for making protective guards.

Windows and doors of the prisons or schools are made using AR polycarbonate sheet.

Mirrored Polycarbonate Sheet

Mirrored polycarbonate sheet has been designed to replace glass and offer mirror-like properties with high impact strength.

Since glass is delicate and can break even at a look, mirrored polycarbonate sheet offers a long-lasting solution with aesthetic appearance.

mirrored polycarbonate sheet

mirrored polycarbonate sheet


Mirrored polycarbonate sheet offers great strength.

Material resistance to flame is enhanced.

Material is durable and is resistance to abrasion.

Also, it is resistant to impact compared to mirrored glass.

Another property is that mirrored polycarbonate can also resist UV rays.

Mirrored polycarbonate sheet is Resistant to chemical and solvent.

Lightweight material compared to mirrored glass.


Architectural and interiors for building industrial or commercial buildings.

Boating for building boat parts like windows.

Forestry glazing for making windows and doors for trucks.

Sound barriers or partitioning.

Security and safety industry for making doors and windows.

Shoplifting for product displays and to offer security.

Transportation industry for making windows for the vehicles.

Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-static polycarbonate sheet is a modified form of polycarbonate sheet which is coated using a mixture of plastic and metal.

Coating is meant to do away with generation of static electricity on the polycarbonate sheet.


Enhanced anti-static properties offering industry specifications.

Enhanced hardness that can resist abrasion due to the coating added on it.

Resistance to solvent and chemical is enhanced.

The material is also resistant to humidity.

anti static polycarbonate sheet

anti-static polycarbonate sheet

Superior optical properties that allow one to see through the application.

High rigidity with high thermal resistance.


Micromanufacturing industries apply the material in making electronic or semiconductor products.

Security industry uses this material for making access panels.

Glove boxes can also be made using anti-static polycarbonate sheet because gloves should be kept clear of contaminants.

Conveyer line covers, partitions, or pass-through modules can be made from anti-static polycarbonate sheet.

Other applications include making doors and windows.

Bullet Proof Polycarbonate Sheet

Bullet proof polycarbonate sheet is manufactured to offer safety and security needs to people or applications that are prone to bullets.

As much as there is no 100% bullet resistant material, bullet proof polycarbonate sheet offers better chances of survival when hit by a bullet.

bullet proof polycarbonate sheet

bulletproof polycarbonate sheet


Highly resistant to bullets and impact no matter how violent they are.

High durable material which is also resistant to abrasion, UV and high temperatures.

Since glass is heavier, polycarbonate offers lightweight alternative at cheaper prices.

Excellent transparency and high light transmission.

Light weight material offering a great alternative to glass.

The material is in line with forced entry and other ballistic standards.

It is available in colors such as grey, clear or bronze.


Construction industry uses this material for building pharmacies, retail stores, gas stations.

Other applications include in banks, businesses, financial institutions, military bases, government buildings.

Colored/Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate sheet is very hard and sometimes you tend to think that it cannot be beautified to suit your needs.

However, tinted polycarbonate sheet is strong and made beautiful with different colors at the same time.

colored polycarbonate sheet

colored polycarbonate sheet


Self-extinguishing to resist burning.

Half the weight of normal glass of the same size.

Easy to recycle making it safe for the environment.

Offers high resistance to UV rays.

The material also offers resistance to fire.

Material is safe and can be in contact with food.

Moisture cannot penetrate the surface of the material

Compared to glass, this material is way stronger than glass.


In construction of machines, tinted polycarbonate sheet is used for making covers or protective caps.

The material is also suitable for making privacy glazing.

Also, a terrace can be built using tinted polycarbonate to protect from UV rays and sunlight.

Safety and security glazing can also be done using tinted polycarbonate.

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet

Every other polycarbonate sheet is resistant to flame, however, sometimes the fire is intense and the polycarbonate may give in.

A flame-retardant polycarbonate sheet offers an option, especially for applications that are always at risk of catching fire.


Excellent ink adhesion with print quality.

Can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures.

The material can be fabricated easily, with high flexibility, formability, machinability etc.

UV protective layers achieved through co-extrusion.

The material is unbreakable suitable for windows of glass.

Offers bullet proof properties.

A stronger material than glass offering strength which is 250 times better than that of glass o same size.

It comes in different eye-catching colors to choose from.

 flame retardant polycarbonate sheet

flame retardant polycarbonate sheet


Transportation industry for making interior airplane parts.

Construction industry for Skylight applications like roof panel, roof skylight.

Used for making other products like plastic suitcases or bags.

FDA Approved Polycarbonate Sheet

Getting a material that can package your food products without contaminating is not easy.

FDA approved polycarbonate sheet is also approved by NSF to able to safely handle food with high strength.


Great optical properties offered.

FDA approved polycarbonate sheet also offers high heat resistance.

Another property is the high impact strength.

A non-UV stable material.

Tolerance to close gauge is also a great feature.

Material is durable and can resist impact abrasion.


Used for making commercial serving bowls.

Can also be used for making candy molds.

Another application is to be used for making hospital trays.

Other companies use them for making incubators and other similar products.

Other application is for making plastic products like mugs, cups plates etc.

Refrigerator parts are also made using FDA approved polycarbonate sheet.

U-locking System Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

U-locking system polycarbonate sheet takes the shape of a U making it less porous preventing leakages.

Compared to other polycarbonates, u-locking system sheets leads to less energy consumption with superior insulation properties.


Good sound insulation and can make sound barriers.

Excellent impact strength with good abrasion resistance.

Leakage minimized due to the seamless and interlocking designs.

Can resist UV rays and let light pass freely offering best optical properties.

Excellent durability because it offers resistance to impact.

U Locking system polycarbonate roofing sheet

U locking system polycarbonate roofing sheet


Construction industry applications for residential, industrial or commercial buildings making roofs, canopies, domes, skylights, etc.

Other construction applications include making swimming pools, walkways, patios, greenhouses, or partitions.

Another application is for making sound barriers in buildings.

Piping can also be done sing this material since it prevents leakage.

Embossed Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Embossed polycarbonate roofing sheet is another version of the solid polycarbonate sheet which is made by changing procedures and molds.

They are specifically designed for decorator purposes.


Good optical properties that allow one to see through the application.

Enhanced product durability saving cost for frequent replacement like in the case of glass.

High safety assurance when handling the material.

Versatility of material making it easy to form, and fabricate.


embossed polycarbonate roofing sheetembossed polycarbonate roofing sheet

Material is also shatter and impact resistant.

Sound can also not pass through the material making it suitable for sound proof partitions.


Industrial roofing applications can be done through embossed polycarbonate roofing sheets.

Screen, curtainwalls, bathroom facilities or decorations are some of the applications of embossed sheets.

In the automotive industry, it is used for making car parts.

Agricultural industry for making parts of a truck that is used for harvesting or weeding.

Rib-type Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Rib-type polycarbonate sheet is designed for most architectural projects for making roofs that are of seamless design or GI roofing.

It is used for roofing because it is resistant to weather, it is highly flexible hence easy to process.


Highly durable with high resistance to abrasion minimizing expenses that come with having to replace the roofing frequently.

Great weather resistance able to stand hash weather conditions on the roof.

Light transmission that can be adjusted according the requirement of a given application or roofing.


rib type polycarbonate roofing sheetrib type polycarbonate roofing sheet

The material is flexible and therefore easy to install and mold according to requirement.

Leakage is prevented through a framework that is overlapping stopping water leakage.


Building industry applications like skylights, canopies, swimming pools or covered walkways.

The material can be used for making residential, industrial or commercial roofs are required.

Other applications may include making greenhouses or making other similar structures.

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