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Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene rods, also known as UHMW rods, are made of a synthetic resin. Different from UHMW sheet and UHMW tube, UHMW rods are manufactured with solid and circular cross-section. As for the manufacturing technique, it is typically manufactured through a process called compression molding or ram extrusion. UHMW rods feature high abrasion and wear resistance due to its low-friction surface. Besides, it enjoys toughness, lightweightness and chemical inertness. Given the exceptional combination of properties, it has become a versatile engineering material. Some typical applications include food containers, plastic bags and packaging material. Our UHMW rods for sale can be available in different colors. And UHMW rods size can be both standard and customized. 

Product Specifications

Material Polyethylene
ColorNatural, white, black and green; custom
Temperature-250°C up to +80°C.
Tensile strength4,350-5,800 psi
HardnessDurometer 65D-67D
Diameter1 foot (12 inches), 3 feet (36 inches), and 5 feet (60 inches), custom

Prominent Features and Key Advantages

Abrasion resistance: WeProFab UHMW rod has superior abrasion resistance compared to HDPE. Its high molecular weight and self-lubricating properties make it highly resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for applications such as wear components.

Minimal moisture absorption: The moisture absorption rate of WeProFab UHMW rod is typically less than 0.01%, which is significantly lower compared to many other thermoplastics. 

High impact strength: Our UHMW rods enjoy remarkable impact resistance, making them suitable for applications where heavy loads or sudden impacts exist.

Low friction rate: WeProFab UHMW rods have a very low coefficient of friction, which can help reduce energy consumption and minimize wear in sliding or movements.

Good electrical insulation: WeProFab UHMW rods are a good insulator, which makes them stand out in electrical applications. In addition, our UHMW rods can be resistant to many chemicals, which makes them suitable for use in corrosive environments.

Prominent Features and Key Advantages

Wide Applications of WeProFab UHMW Rods to Enlighten Your Life

Wide Applications of WeProFab UHMW Rods to Enlighten Your Life
Wide Applications of WeProFab UHMW Rods to Enlighten Your Life

WeProFab UHMW rods have seen multiple applications across various industries due to their exceptional properties. Some notable applications of WeProFab UHMW rods include:

Packaging and food processing machinery parts: Our UHMW rods are FDA compliant and suitable for use in food processing equipment. They are used to make components such as cutting boards, chute liners, and guide rails.

Guide rails and dock fenders: WeProFab UHMW rods are also employed in marine applications for dock fenders, boat slides, and marine bumpers due to their resistance to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. They offer durability and low friction for marine equipment.

Conveyor components: Our UHMW rods are utilized to manufacture conveyor components such as chain guides, guide rails, and belt scrapers. They can provide low-friction surfaces, reduce noise, and resist wear and abrasion in conveyor systems.

Bearings and bushings: Due to their low friction and self-lubricating properties, WeProFab UHMW rods are used to fabricate bearings and bushings for rotating and sliding applications. They render smooth operation and reduce maintenance cost.

What is the difference between PTFE and UHMW?

PTFE is best known for its non-stick properties, while UHMW is noted for its outstanding abrasion resistance, impact strength, and low coefficient of friction. As for the manufacturing technique, UHMW is easier to process compared to PTFE. It can be machined, drilled, sawed, and thermoformed using standard equipment.

Is HDPE stronger than UHMW?

It is hard to say. HDPE may have higher tensile strength, making it suitable for applications where structural strength is important. However, UHMW generally offers superior impact strength, abrasion resistance, and moisture resistance.

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