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UHMW tube is the abbreviated name for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plastic tube, which gains an edge over other materials, including nylons, urethanes, metals and fluoroplastics. UHMW tube is a great choice that can be used in applications including bearings, bushings, gears, conveyor augers, bin and hopper lines. Our UHMW tube meets FDA and USDA standards, exhibiting excellent properties, including exceptional chemical resistance, abrasion and impact resistance and self-lubricating properties and is also easy to machine. As for UHMW tube size, standard UHMW tubes are available. Meanwhile, it can be customized according to your required specifications, ranging from round and hollow tubes to the more complex shapes like rectangular tube, square tube, and other special hollow shapes. Apart from UHMW tube, the UHMW tube fittings are also rendered.

Detailed Specifications

Raw materialUltra-high molecular weight polyethylene plastic
Temperature range-40° to 160° F
ColorNatural (white) 






Other colors are available upon request.

DimensionDiameter: 10mm to 500mm, customized according to your specifications

Wall thickness: 1mm-200mm, customized according to your requirements

Surface finishSmooth or textured surface
Tolerance Inner diameter: ±0.13 mm to ±0.25 mm

Outer diameter: ±0.13 mm to ±0.25 mm

Notable Attributes of WeProFab UHMW Tube

Excellent abrasion resistance: WeProFab UHMW tubeexhibit excellent abrasion resistance, making it suitable for the applications where frequent tear and wear occurs.

Low friction coefficient: It has a low friction coefficient, which makes it an ideal choice where sliding and smooth movements are required.

Great chemical resistance: WeProFab UHMW tube show good chemical resistance. It can be spared from the attack of the chemical substances like acids, bases, and many solvents. This unique property makes it suitable for use in corrosive environments.

Superior impact resistance: Given its light-weight nature, it shows strong impact strength, which enables it to bear great shock or impact without severe deformation or damage.

Non-toxicity: Our UHMW tubes are non-toxic in essence, making it suitable for the use in applications where contact with food or pharmaceuticals may occur. 

Electrical insulation: WeProFab UHMW tube is itself an excellent electrical insulator, which makes it suitable for use in the applications where electrical insulation is highlighted.

Notable Attributes of WeProFab UHMW Tube
Wide Applications of UHMW Tubes

Wide Applications of UHMW Tubes

Conveyor systems: WeProFab UHMW tube are often used as liners for conveyor systems, chute linings, and guide rails due to their low friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance, and ability to reduce material buildup. They help in smooth material flow and prevent damage to conveyor components.

Food processing: Our tubes are FDA-compliant and safe for use in food processing applications. They are used for manufacturing food-grade conveyor systems, cutting boards, and other equipment where hygiene, non-toxicity, and easy cleanability are critical.

Chemical processing: Due to their excellent chemical resistance, WeProFab UHMW tube are suitable for use in chemical processing industries. They are used for transporting and containing various chemicals, acids, and corrosive substances without corrosion and degradation.

Water treatment: WeProFab UHMW tube are employed in water treatment plants for applications such as lining pipes, tanks, and chemical dosing systems. Their resistance to chemicals and abrasion ensures long-term durability in challenging water treatment environments.

Why Choose WeProFab UHMW Tubes?

Why Choose WeProFab UHMW Tubes?
Why Choose WeProFab UHMW Tubes?

Our UHMW tubes can be a cost-effective choice for you. We endeavor to offer the products with competitive prices without compromising its quality. Besides, custom fabrication is available. We can adopt various processing techniques to offer items according to your details, tolerances and quantities. What’s more, we strive to guarantee customer satisfaction ranging from packages and delivery to after-sale service.

Is UHMW better than HDPE?

Choosing between HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) depends on the specific requirements of your application. Each has its unique strength. HDPE is a tough, durable material with good chemical resistance. It has a high strength-to-density ratio and is resistant to impact. UHMW features low friction properties, excellent abrasion resistance, and great impact strength. In terms of cost, HDPE may be a more economical choice.

Is UHMW stronger than steel?

UHMW is not stronger than steel in terms of tensile strength or hardness.

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