• Urine Bag

Urine Bag

WeProFab urine bags are manufactured with a wide variety of applications. It is usually the medical solution for urinary incontinence or leakage. They are ideal for hospital, clinic, or even at-home utilization. This urine bag functions as the collector of a patients’ urine. WeProfab designs them with hygienic and high-quality materials. The urine bag comes with a catheter. 

Get WeProFab Urine Bag to Delight Your Customers

Choosing a urine bag from WeProFab indeed delights your customers. We assure fully inspected products, including the urine bag, for our buyers. Including such best-selling products surely helps maximize your sales and earnings. Your customers will keep buying at your stores, knowing you have high-featured urine bag supplies. Choose WeProFab urine bag now!

Portable Urine Bag

This portable urine bag is available in 1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml capacity. The urine bags are made from medical-grade PVC and certified approved.

Plastic Urine Disposable Bag

This type of urine bag is commonly used in medical hospitals. WeProFab provides samples for you. You can choose the various sizes you need.

Travel Leg Urine Bag

The travel leg urine bag has non return design. These are accessible in multiple thicknesses, like 0.11mm, 0.12mm, 0.13mm, and more options.

Anti Backflow Urine Bag

Anti-backflow urine bag has eco-friendly features. This urine bag is ideal for hospital and clinic applications. You can have it with T-calve or without an outlet.

Urine Meter Drainage Bag

This urine bag has about 2000ml to 3100ml capacity. They are used as personal care. WeProFab offers urine bags at competitive costs.

Screw Valve Urine Bag

Screw valve urine bag reaches ISO13485 safety standards. This urine bag has a white transparent color of different sizes. 

WeProFab: Your Professional Urine Bag Manufacturer

WeProFab has become a veteran manufacturer in China. With our vast experience, we assure smooth processing of your orders. Manufacturing suitable style and sizes of urine bag are our expertise. We are also a type of company that provides OEM services.

So if you are looking for the safest and effective urine bag, trust WeProfab. You can also purchase more for your business supplies. We can assist you in selecting to deliver even your bulk urine bag orders. We guarantee continuous stocks for your business with our substantial medical instrument production.

Urine Bag to Upgrade Your Brand

Medical Surgical Urine Bag

WeProFab manufactures this urine bag with custom sizes. You can purchase more for your business supplies at economical costs.

Urine Drainage Collection Bag

You can have this urine bag with drainage tubes, pipes, and containers. Please let us know your needed size or capacity, and we will look for them.

T-Tap Cross Urine Bag

This T-tap urine bag is reachable in OEM service. They are widely used in laboratories, clinics, homes, or even the hotel industry.

Transparent PVC Urine Bag

This urine bag has T-valve, push, or available screw model. They are available in 100ml to 2000ml capacity with 90cm-150cm tube length.

Disposable Urine Bag for Emergency

This type of uring bag is helpful for travels and emergencies. It has about 550-600cc capacity. We assure safe and high-standard order packaging.

Disposable Luxury Urine Bag

WeProFab urine bag has about 2000ml capacity. We design this luxury urine bag with safe and high-quality materials. 

45mm Urine Bag Pouch

This urine bag pouch has a drainable valve. These are CE and ISO13485 approved. They are also available in white linear and transparent film.

Precision Urine Bag with Cross Valve

The urine bag with a cross valve is available at the lowest price possible. WeProFab allows your requested specifications during production.

Urine Bag with Hanging Elastic Strap

This urine bag is used as a urine leg bag. It can be sterile, low weight, and reusable. WeProFab manufactures them with easy-to-use features.

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Why WeProFab Urine Bag

WeProFab has been manufacturing various products, including urine bags, for a long time until now. We are your licensed provider based in China. Choosing us as your business manufacturer helps boost your brand. 

We always prioritize your requests. Trusting our services is what you can do to improve your business outcomes. All of us in a company are well-trained and responsible for providing all your needs. 

WeProFab is your reliable manufacturer that offers high-quality yet affordable urine bags. We always make sure the best for our customers. We care about your business as well as every patient.

Many hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical industries trust WeProFab urine bags. You can tell us your requirements, and we responsibly process your orders.

As your leading source, we can offer negotiable urine bags for your starting business. WeProFab expertly handles such extensive negotiations worldwide. We can guide you to achieve a productive medical instrument business. 

Choosing WeProFab urine bag provides various advantages, including:

  • Manufactured using high-quality materials
  • Available in different types according to your needs
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Available at competitive costs
  • Allows OEM orders
  • Tested and approved
  • Free samples are available

We offer these urine bags that are valuable for draining or collecting urine from the bladder. Experts prefer to use well-manufactured urine bags for the patients’ safety. WeProfab offers the number one hygienic and advisable form of urine bags.

In WeProFab, your ordered urine bags are secured with high-standard packaging. We also assure instant delivery of your purchased products on time at the right place we agreed. 

Our professional manufacturers are open-minded, willing to listen to your demands. Additionally, our services and assistance always satisfy our beloved clients worldwide. We assign professional sales staff to accommodate every level of processing procedures. 

WeProFab is open 24/7 for your anytime inquiries. Our friendly service staff is willing to answer your calls and emails. Hence, the WeProFab urine bag and other related products are ISO 9001 certified approved. 

Additionally, we can help you achieve the development of your business. We are your qualified manufacturer who always sets up the customers’ needs first. Gratifying you with the qualities of our products and services is our goal.

We conduct strict quality control inspections before releasing our offered urine bags. Choose the best and enough quantity supplies for your business. 

Please don’t hesitate to communicate with us right here!

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