• UV Acrylic Sheet

UV Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is one leading manufacturer in mainland China. We can fully support your wanted designs especially in regard to UV acrylic sheets. On every finish, expect impact-proof and excellent designs. Send us your custom sample designs and we`ll fabricate them.

Get WeProFab UV Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab can laser engraved, laser-cut, polishing, and even machining your ideal UV acrylic sheets. For your business to boom, we highly present a custom UV acrylic sheet for further applications.

UV Transmitting Acrylic Sheet

To have anti-fog UV transmitting acrylic sheet, Weprofab produces endless selections. We present high corrosion-resistant types for any circumstantial applications.

UV Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab produced a frosted acrylic sheet with the most attractive and grand looks. Find now your well-fitted UV frosted acrylic sheets in the Weprofab marketplace.

UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is the most prominent and the greatest provider of UV filtering acrylic sheets in China town. We continually supply UV filtering acrylic sheet internationally.

UV Acrylic Sheet Cut-to-size

Weprofab is specialized in cutting UV acrylic sheets with different sizes. We have full capability to supply excellent quality of UV acrylic sheets.

UV Printing Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

Are you looking for a UV printing corrugated acrylic sheet? Weprofab has countless options for UV printing corrugated acrylic sheets. Because of the UV protection, the sheet will be forever protected from discolorations.

Custom UV Protected Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab offers superior quality of custom UV protected acrylic sheets. This is able to protected from sun rays that cause unpleasant discolorations.

WeProFab: Your Leading UV Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

As the premier UV acrylic sheet manufacturers, WeProFab continues offering the outstanding UV acrylic sheet based on your own applications.

WeProFab is a partnership corporation between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrications provider. We consistently present a direct-stop solution for further fabrication.

Our comprehensive knowledge and experiences in plastic fabrication and metal fabrication can give you a satisfying solution. Send us your immediate inquiry, we will give you a worthwhile service!

Custom UV Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

UV Stabilized Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab UV stabilized acrylic sheet can contribute to stopping the sun rays damages when attached to outdoor areas. Weprofab can custom your desired UV acrylic sheet needs.

Clear UV Protective Acrylic Sheet

Clear uv protective acrylic sheet in Weprofab has wide-ranging uses. Weprofab can generate a clear UV protective acrylic sheet with great attributes.

UV Non Glare Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab UV non-glare acrylic sheet has an overall high collision proofs and strong water resistance. Weprofab has complete designers to form your ideal non-glare acrylic sheet.

Marble UV Protection Acrylic Sheet

The marble UV protection acrylic sheets are manufactured from premium quality, 100% eco-friendly, and virgin PMMA material. They are widely used for exterior decoration, interior decoration, furniture, display boxes, and more. They have excellent resistance to UV rays, weather conditions, wearing, and tearing.

Glossy Transparent UV Transmitting Acrylic Sheet

Unlike the usual UV protection acrylic sheets, these types of UV acrylic sheets are transmitting UV light. They can transmit up to 92% of UV light. The glossy transparent UV transmitting acrylic sheets are used for applications that need UV-A and UV-B light such as suntanning booths, medical treatment devices, scientific research, and many more.

High Gloss Clear UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet

The high gloss clear UV filtering acrylic sheets can filter the harmful UV rays. They have excellent resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and will not discolor nor fade. Also, they have up to 92% of light transmission, a high-gloss surface, and high impact resistance. They are great to use for aquariums, frames, and many more.

Iridescent UV Protection Acrylic Sheet

The iridescent UV protection acrylic sheets have vivid rainbow-like colors that change depending on the light condition or as you move. They have great UV stability and can absorb a short wavelength of UV energy. Due to that, they are used for outdoor lighting, artificial lighting, furniture, and other applications.

20mm UV Resistance Clear Acrylic Sheets

The 20mm UV resistance clear acrylic sheets are ideal to use for greenhouse glazing, aquariums, furniture, display box, windows, and many more. They have high optical clarity, great UV resistance, high light transmittance, superb weatherability, and high durability.

Black Mirror UV Resistance Acrylic Sheet

The black mirror UV resistance acrylic sheets have a highly reflective, smooth, and glossy mirror surface. They are commonly used for interior decoration, exterior decoration, dance studios, horse stables, and other applications. They look just like glass yet more durable, safer, and lighter than glass.

Excellent UV Resistance Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet

The excellent UV resistance fluorescent acrylic sheets are made from premium quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% virgin raw materials. They have good chemical stability, high clarity, a beautiful appearance, and great UV light resistance. They are widely used in the lighting and advertising industry.

UV-Resistant Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheets

The UV-resistant gold acrylic mirror sheets have great impact strength, a highly reflective surface, excellent UV & weather resistance, and a high gloss surface. They are usually used for wall decoration, lettering, horse stable mirrors, and other decorative projects. They can be cut easily into different shapes and sizes.

Rose Gold UV Resistance Acrylic Mirror Sheets

The rose gold UV resistance acrylic mirror sheets are designed with high mechanical strength, great UV resistance, more flexibility, great visual quality, and high impact strength. They are suitable to use for wedding decoration, home decoration, building decoration, retail displays, and many more.

Opaque UV Resistance Acrylic Sheets

The opaque UV resistance acrylic sheets come in various colors. They have no light transmission but glow when lit depending on their thicknesses. They have excellent weather resistance, superior durability, and light weight. They are used for store fixtures, display stands, furniture, outdoor signs, boxes, etc.

10mm Frosted Anti-UV Acrylic Sheets

The 10mm frosted anti-UV acrylic sheets can provide protection from UV radiation, high light transmission, and long-lasting service. They are suitable for outdoor use and they will not discolor nor fade. They can be used for aquarium, room partitions, roof lighting covers, bathroom doors, and so on.

Super Thick UV Resistance Acrylic Sheets

The super thick UV resistance acrylic sheets are highly durable yet light in weight. They have superior optical clarity, high impact resistance, light transmission, strong plasticity, and shock resistance. They can be used for indoor and outdoor applications such as swimming pools, aquariums, fences, and so on.

Glitter UV Protection Acrylic Sheets

The glitter UV protection acrylic sheets have glitter particles on their surface which makes them have a sparkling 3D effect when lit. They are available in a variety of colors such as gold glitter, silver glitter, blue glitter, etc. They are great for building décor, home décor, wedding décor, and other outdoor decorations.

UV Transmitting Cast Acrylic Sheets

The UV transmitting cast acrylic sheets have excellent durability, high light transmission, and great optical clarity. They also have excellent stability under sunlight, rain, wind, heat, moisture, cold, and other outdoor elements. They are used for electronic parts, greenhouses, tanning booths, lenses, displays, medical equipment, and much more.

UV Protection Orange Peel Textured Acrylic Sheets

The UV protection orange peel textured acrylic sheets are featuring outstanding weather ability, scratch resistance, beautiful patterns, good light transmission, light diffusion, great durability, etc. They are commonly used for outdoor furniture, shower doors, indoor displays, room partition, lighting, and more.

8mm UV Blocking Acrylic Sheet

The 8mm UV blocking acrylic sheets are perfect for roofing, display rack, outdoor signboard, furniture, doors, and more. They have high plasticity, excellent UV light resistance, strong impact resistance, and lightweight nature.

Textured UV-Resistant Acrylic Sheets

The textured UV-resistant acrylic sheets come in different textured patterns such as linear, cracked ice, wood grain, and many more. They have excellent light diffusion, strong impact resistance, good light transmission, and an attractive surface. They can be used for luminous ceilings, room dividers, cabinet doors, lighting fixtures, and so on.

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Why WeProFab UV Acrylic Sheet

 UV Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab has acrylic sheets protected from hazardous Ultra violet rays.

Ultraviolet rays or UV rays have bad effects for your acrylic sheets, they can cause damage and discolorations.

To be protected from that, a UV acrylic sheet from Weprofab is advisable to incorporate.

There are different UV acrylic sheet types with special features and properties. You can purchase any designs you want for your business!

Weprofab fabricates a UV acrylic sheet with natural filters.

They are completely protected from 2 different harmful UV types.

UV Acrylic Sheet

UVB is one type that means short wavelength high frequency, and the other one is UVA which also means long wavelength low frequency.

With the Weprofab UV acrylic sheet, the material will be forever protected and cause product continuance.

Our UV acrylic sheet absorbed dangerous UVs. So as a result, your ideal UV acrylic sheet can`t generate yellowing.

Weprofab manufactured extra-protected UV acrylic sheets that protected from fluorescent bulbs and sunlight, definitely the 2 sources of UV diffusions.

Unlike acrylic sheets with no UVs, they can easily defect and their natural colors turn to yellow.

So you must place them far apart from direct sun rays!

Also, for your business, Weprofab suggests the UV-protected acrylic sheets than non-UV acrylic sheets.

They are the best seller and prominent for any business insertions.

Just send us your own layout designs, and we`ll do them for your business objectives.

UV Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is a leading Chinese market supplier, fabricating first-class UV acrylic sheets.

You may apply and locate them to artifacts, artworks, documents, and more applications.

We are capable of producing any numbers of UV acrylic sheets, depends on your business needs.

Ask for quotes now, and wait for our instant replies!

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToUV Acrylic Sheets

We all know sunlight is essential for life on Earth.

It is one of the major factors responsible for sustaining life on our planet.

It consists of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet radiation and we cannot see infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

UV rays have a wavelength below 400 nm.

Electromagnetic spectrum of light

Electromagnetic spectrum of light

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be harmful in many ways.

Pigments and dyes absorb the ultraviolet radiation and change color.

Direct sunlight can lead to de-coloration and yellowing of delicate items like paper and soft fabrics.

This greatly affects the longevity of these items.

If you’re looking for information about UV acrylic sheets, you’ve come to the right place.

This ultimate FAQ guide will tell you everything you need to know about UV acrylic sheets.

What Are UV Acrylic Sheets?

UV acrylic sheets are acrylic sheets that protect you from natural as well as artificial ultra-violet rays.

These sheets are capable of filtering more than 98% of the damaging UV rays.

This helps to prevent yellowing and fading of your valuable items.

You will find that UV acrylic sheets are impact-resistant and much lighter than glass.

It is suitable for protecting expensive and delicate items from turning dull.

UV acrylic sheets

UV acrylic sheets

What Are The Different Types Of UV Acrylic Sheets?

UV acrylic sheets are classified based on their function.

UV filtering acrylic sheets can filter the ultraviolet radiation falling on them.

On the other hand, UV transmitting acrylic sheets can transmit ultraviolet radiation.

These are of the following two types:

· UV Filtering Acrylic Sheets

These are the most popular acrylic sheets in the market these days.

It helps you filters out most of the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

These sheets block ultraviolet rays shorter than 400nm.

This makes it ideal for you to protect your fragile items from sun rays.

Yellowing of pages due to UV rays

Yellowing of pages due to UV rays

UV filtering sheets can vary in the amount of filtering they provide.

Some UV filtering acrylic sheets even filter out a harmful portion of visible rays.

· UV Transmitting Acrylic Sheets

These sheets are not as popular as the UV filtering sheets.

UV transmitting sheets are essential when you need UV radiation for certain purposes.

It has high optical clarity and has no additives for blocking the transmission of ultraviolet rays.

You will find that these sheets allow up to 92% transmission of the ultraviolet rays falling on it.

How Are UV Acrylic Sheets Made?

The main component of UV acrylic sheets is cast acrylic.

Cast acrylic is polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA.

Cast acrylic has high thermal stability and a wide thermo-forming range.

You will find that the sheets have a superior surface finish and better optical properties.

Cast acrylic polymer is suitable for applications that involve cutting of the material.

Cast acrylic is made through the casting process.

The monomer methyl methacrylate is heated at a very high temperature.

The mixture is white at first, but with continuous mixing, it becomes transparent.

You can put colours into the mixture if necessary.

You also need to ensure that the cast acrylic has no oxygenated by-products.

Additives like polyamides turn normal acrylic sheets to UV acrylic sheets.

The mixture sets in the mold along with initiators and additives.

Once the mixture becomes semi-solid, you take it out of the mold.

The semi-solid mixture goes into the autoclave after this.

The autoclave removes any air bubbles present in the cast acrylic.

This process gives the cast acrylic high clarity and solid composition.

Now the preparation of UV acrylic sheets comes into the picture.

You cut the cast acrylic into sheets of varying thickness.

Using small grain sandpaper, you can perform smoothening of the edges.

A process known as buffing is done to remove the sand marks.

Once polishing is over, the sheets are ready so you can make use of them in your applications.

What Are The Advantages Of UV Acrylic Sheets?

The popularity of these sheets is increasing day by day.

Some of the most characteristic properties of UV acrylic sheets are as follows:

· Excellent clarity

These sheets protect artwork and sculptures from the harmful effect of UV rays.

For displays, you need sheets that have good optical clarity and these UV acrylic sheets are completely transparent.

This enables people to admire the artwork inside it without any hindrance.

· Easy fabrication and fitting

The sheets need to be cut into various shapes and sizes, depending on the applications.

UV acrylic sheets can take various shapes without much effort.

You will find that the sheets are not brittle and have high resistance to stress.

Hence, they do not break during drilling or cutting.

Fitting these acrylic sheets on walls or frames is also convenient.

· High impact resistance

UV acrylic sheets are 17 times more impact resistant than glass.

You will find that they do not break under pressure or if any heavy objects fall on them.

This provides impact protection along with protection from UV rays.

· Abrasion resistance

If the UV acrylic sheet protecting your items has scratches on it, then you won’t be able to see the item inside.

Hence it becomes imperative for the protective layer to have abrasion resistance.

UV acrylic sheets are resistant to damage by abrasives and always stay transparent and clear.

· Lightweight

UV acrylic sheets are much lighter than glass sheets of the same size.

Thus, it is easy for you to move and handle.

What Are The Different Quality Standards Available For UV Acrylic Sheets?

Ultraviolet radiation can cause immense damage upon continuous exposure.

Hence the UV acrylic sheets must be of superior quality.

There is no room for having any defects like holes or cracks in the sheets.

You will find that the sheets undergo stringent tests before manufacturing.

The quality standards for UV acrylic sheets are:

· ASTM G154

In this test, you mount around 20 samples on a QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester.

These samples undergo a cycle of exposure to high-intensity ultraviolet radiation.

After this moisture exposure by condensation is done on the sheets.

If the sheets can absorb around 98% of the radiation, then they are ready for use.

· ASTM D4459

This standard checks the UV acrylic sheets for their tolerance to direct sunlight.

Depending on the use of the sheet in the future, these sheets are placed under scorching sunlight.

For UV acrylic sheets that need to be under constant sunlight, exposure of a year’s sunlight is done within a week.

The sheets are put under different categories according to their tolerance to sunlight.

The sheets that pass the test are then used for manufacturing.

Do UV Acrylic Sheets Come In Different Colours?

In some cases, it is mandatory to have a transparent UV acrylic sheet.

This happens in the case of protecting artworks.

But these sheets are available in different colors on demand.

Along with colors, different patterns are also available.

You can use colourful windows and museum lighting for better visual appeal.

Colorful UV acrylic sheets

Colorful UV acrylic sheets

What Are The Uses Of UV Acrylic Sheets?

UV filtering acrylic sheets and UV transmission acrylic sheets have different uses.

UV filtering sheets are in more use, but UV transmission sheets also have special purposes.

Some of these uses of UV filtering acrylic sheets are as follows:

· Art Framing

The major use of UV filtering acrylic sheets is for protecting artworks.

Paints and dyes fade away very quickly in the presence of sunlight or lamps.

This happens due to the ultraviolet radiation present in these light sources.

These sheets prevent the paint pigments from reacting with the UV rays.

UV acrylic sheets absorb UV rays and do not transmit them.

If you have frames made of these sheets, you can better preserve antique paintings in the museum.

Artwork framing with UV acrylic sheets

Artwork framing with UV acrylic sheets

· Museum Lighting

Incandescent and fluorescent light sources illuminate museums, hallways, and galleries.

Both these light sources emit ultraviolet radiation capable of damaging precious artworks.

As a precautionary measure, even the light sources have a covering of UV acrylic sheets.

You can also use these sheets to prevent reflection from light sources, and the visitors can admire the art.

Museum lighting inside UV acrylic sheets

 Museum lighting inside UV acrylic sheets

· Skylights

The skylight is a light-transmitting structure that forms a roof for daylight purposes.

It is very popular in museums, hotels and posh resorts.

Instead of glass, these days, transparent UV acrylic sheets are used for acrylic skylights.

It filters UV rays so that you can reduce the harmful UV rays entering your building.

· Window Glazing

UV acrylic sheets are in high demand for window glazing.

These windows look like glass and protect your interiors from ultraviolet radiation.

Glazing can be single, double, or triple, with the triple layer being the most efficient.

Window glazing

Window glazing

Some of the uses of UV transmitting acrylic sheets are as follows:

· Greenhouse

Greenhouses are using UV transmitting acrylic sheets instead of glass.

These sheets allow a certain wavelength of UV radiations to pass through.

These UV rays cannot escape the greenhouse.

This helps you to maintain a constant temperature inside the greenhouse.

Greenhouses enable the growth of plants in harsh climatic conditions.

UV acrylic sheets are light and can transmit selective radiations.

This makes them a better choice for you to use when building greenhouses.

Greenhouse using UV acrylic sheets

Greenhouse using UV acrylic sheets

· Indoor Tanning

There are special rooms for cosmetic tanning.

In these rooms, you have a device that emits ultraviolet radiation.

You sit inside a cabin made up of UV transmitting acrylic sheets.

These sheets allow necessary UV rays to pass and block other frequencies.

The UV radiation induces artificial tanning inside the cabin.

This technique is very popular in salons and spas.

Indoor tanning cabin

Indoor tanning cabin

How Can You Maintain UV Acrylic Sheets In A Good Condition?

You need to take care of your UV acrylic sheets so that they last for a long time.

If you keep certain things in mind, your acrylic sheets will always look new.

Here are a few things to consider while maintaining your UV acrylic sheets:

· Cleaning

For cleaning the UV acrylic sheet, you will need mild detergent and lukewarm water.

A clean, soft cloth is enough to spread the detergent on the sheet.

You can watch this video to find out how to clean your UV acrylic sheet.


Be careful and don’t apply a large amount of pressure while you are spreading the cleanser.

After that, dip the cloth in lukewarm water and wipe off the detergent.

Dry the UV acrylic sheet with a dry cloth.

Cleaning UV acrylic sheets

Cleaning UV acrylic sheets

· Masking

UV acrylic sheets have a covering of latex paper for storage and transportation.

The masking protects the sheets from developing scratches during handling.

For most phases of installation, it is advisable to keep the masking on.

Take off the masking from your UV acrylic sheet only when the installation is over.

You can use kerosene to make the masking soft.

Then you can scrape it off with a knife.

How Much Does A UV Acrylic Sheet Cost?

UV acrylic sheets are more expensive than normal acrylic sheets.

The cost of UV acrylic sheets depends on multiple factors.

Some of these factors are as follows:

· Size

The cost of the UV acrylic sheet is directly proportional to the size of the sheets.

Smaller sheets for covering paintings cost less, and the ones for skylights cost more.

· Thickness

You can cut UV acrylic sheets into a specific thickness for different purposes.

Thicker sheets cost more than thinner ones.

· Filtration

UV acrylic sheets have varying filtration power.

The sheets which filter maximum UV rays (up to 99%) are the costliest.

· Colour

Colourful UV acrylic sheets are costlier than transparent ones.

The sheets which have patterns are the most expensive.

Does The UV Shielding Property Of UV Acrylic Sheets Diminish?

UV acrylic sheets can retain their power of restricting ultraviolet rays to pass through for a long time.

Your UV acrylic sheet can serve its purpose for around ten years.

With regular maintenance, the UV shielding property stays intact for up to 15 years.

The UV transmitting acrylic sheets can last more than 15 years.

How Do UV Acrylic Sheets Block UV Rays?

The addition of UV absorbers in the acrylic sheet enables the blocking of UV rays.

These UV absorbers absorb rays of a specific wavelength.

This wavelength is that of ultraviolet radiation.

These absorbers do not let the ultraviolet rays pass through the UV acrylic sheets.

Do UV Acrylic Sheets Break Easily?

The tensile strength of UV acrylic sheets is 75MPa.

The flexural strength is 115MPa.

It can withstand a large amount of pressure and is stronger than glass.

Hence all artworks will remain safe in case anything falls on it.

Even skylights and greenhouses will not collapse in case something falls on them.

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