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WeProFab is your trusted ventilator manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacture an extensive choices of ventilator products for adults and children. Weprofab provides various types of ventilators, and each provides varying levels of support. Send us your requirement now.

WeProFab - Your Ventilator Manufacturer to Delight Your Customers

As an expert ventilator supplier, Weprofab has the full capabilities to manufactures high-quality ventilators with your own requirements. We can OEM the ventilators with your own brand at a very economical price.

Non-invasive ventilator

Weprofab provides a state-of-the-art ventilator that’s simple to configure, versatile in use, and easy to operate. It can help pediatric and adult patients when experiencing respiratory failure.

Face Mask ventilator

A face mask ventilator can support a person’s breathing and oxygen levels. Weprofab is a professional face mask ventilator manufacturer that can supply your bulk orders.

Manual resuscitator bags

Weprofab carefully-designed manual resuscitator bags which consist of an empty bag, or “bladder,” that allow people to control the airflow of their ventilator with their hands.

Portable ventilators

This medical equipment is used for Ambulance, First-Aid, Emergency situations, and patients’ transport in the hospital. Weprofab design durable Portable ventilators that can be used in a long run.

Tracheostomy Ventilators

Patients who have undergone a tracheostomy need various types of ventilators. Weprofab as a professional manufacturer, develop high-quality Tracheostomy Ventilators to deliver patient comfort and reliability.

Resuscitation ventilator

WeProfab has the full capability to manufacture a Resuscitation ventilator with intuitive and easy-to-learn features. It is widely distributed to hospitals and specialized healthcare facilities.

WeProFab: Your Leading Ventilator Manufacturer China

WeProfab has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing the most suitable healthcare equipment used in many healthcare industries. Our comprehensive capabilities, professional history and skilled learnings allow us to be your one-stop-shop solution in China.

Our extensive production of ventilators including Face Mask ventilator, Resuscitation ventilator, Tracheostomy Ventilators, Manual resuscitator bags, Electronic ventilator, and so on, are produced from a high-quality and safe raw materials. All of these are manufactured under ISO9001, CE, FDA management certification.

As of now, we are cooperationg with many clients in more than 30 countries around the world. WeProfab will difinitely satisfy your needs!

Custom Ventilators to Skyrocket Your Business

Electronic ventilator

Our electronic ventilator is efficient of providing outstanding Invasive and Non-Invasive ventilation performance suitable for pediatric, adult, and neonatal patients.

CPAP ventilator

Our CPAP ventilators are cost-effective ventilator with high accuracy and stability. We can also developed compact industrial design ventilators for your business.

Homecare ventilator

Weprofab can manufacture ventilator for use in home care, post-surgery, sub-intensive care, first aid, and assisted health care residences. Depending on your purposes, we can provide you all of that.

Ventilator with touch screen

Ventilator with touch screen is a high-tech device for maintaining the maintaining lung ventilation, respiratory functions of patients. If you`re looking for the best manufacturer of Ventilator with touch screen, you can trust WeProfab.

Mechanical ventilator

Mechanical ventilator is a device used by the doctors when a person cannot breathe on their own. Weprofab can custom your Mechanical ventilator as per your requirements.

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Weprofab – Your Best Ventilator Manufacturer in China


Weprofab ventilator also known as “vent or breathing machine” is a medical device that supports the process of breathing by pumping air or blow oxygen-rich air into the lungs.

Weprofab ventilators play a significant role in saving someone`s life. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, a need for ventilation was one of the most usual reasons why people undergo treatment in ICUs. Since the pandemic occurrence, the demand for ventilators has increased.

 Face Mask Ventilator

If you`re looking for the best manufacturer of ventilators, you can rely on WeProfab. As a reliable manufacturer, we guarantee safe, durable, high-performance functionality along with lightweight and compact characteristics ventilators suitable for infants, children, and adults.

Weprofab ventilators are commonly used in hospitals, ambulances, first-Aid, emergency situations, patients’ transport in the hospital and homecare ventilation, and more.

There are various kinds of Weprofab ventilators, and each Weprofab ventilator provides varying levels of support. All our products have comprehensive functionality and a user-friendly design.

 Face Mask ventilator

Our series of ventilator products are manufactured using high-quality and safe raw materials. Whether you need an invasive and non-invasive ventilator, resuscitation ventilator, electronic ventilator, Portable ventilator, Homecare ventilator, you can ensure 100% quality products from us.

As an ISO9001 certified, Weprofab strives to meet every clinician, patient`s expectation by supplying outstanding and high quality, innovative products, and reliable customer service. We work with no problems, and we take pride in our unique R&D, designing, producing, and delivering first-class products worldwide.

Our professional team and employees always follow our company values, putting customers first, focusing on credibility and reliability service. All products we produce fabricated under strict quality control for stable and great performance.


Weprofab as of now established a long-standing reputation among clients worldwide. Partnership with us will never disappoint you. Whether you`re a ventilator supplier, distributor, or wholesaler, you can count on Weprofab.

Aside from being a ventilator manufacturer, we are also a popular humidifier manufacturer, pulse oximeter manufacturer, nasal cannula manufacturer, laryngoscope manufacturer, and so on. We are now in our second decade of product development, engaged in hospital and homecare ventilation and other healthcare equipment productions.

In fact, our company offer customization of your products to exceed your demands. If you`re interested in our Weprofab ventilator products, feel free to message us today! We have a friendly team always ready to assist your ventilator needs in China. Our company is excited to hear from you.

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