• White Acrylic Sheet

White Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab white acrylic sheet is great for your business enhancement. We offer you a lot of kinds of white acrylic sheets that contain extruded white acrylic sheet, texture white acrylic sheet, and a lot more. You can select your own dimensions and sizes and WeProFab can handle your aspiration.

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Get WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet  to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet is one of the most ideal in the industry. It has many options, and it can be applicable to your business demand.

Milky White Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab Milky White Acrylic Sheet features a high impact and weather resistance. It also made up of high-quality acrylic material.

Opal White Acrylic Sheet Plexiglass

WeProFab Opal White Acrylic Sheet Plexiglass has a strong surface hardness. It also features good weather resisting property.

Bathroom White Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab Bathroom White Acrylic Sheet has a good Insulation feature also widely used for different electrical equipment. It features a good impact strength.

12mm Milky White Acrylic Sheet For Led Light

WeProFab 12mm Milky White Acrylic Sheet For Led Light features good resistance to light and weathering. It is also a transparent color.

White Thermoforming Acrylic Plastic

WeProFab White Thermoforming Acrylic Plastic features a cast and extruded type. It also has a high light transmission and high gloss surface.

White Acrylic Board Light Ivory Plexiglass Plastic Sheet

WeProFab White Acrylic Board Light Ivory Plexiglass Plastic Sheet features an impact-resistant and excellent sound abatement properties. It also features shatter resistance.

WeProFab: Your Leading White Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is one of the entrusting fabricators of white acrylic sheet products since we fabricate to make use of our newest technology equipment. Our white acrylic sheet is very ideal in progression for business and for home.

We, WeProFab are very pleased to serve our dear customer. To gain customer satisfaction, we produce our white acrylic sheet in high-quality, very durable, and can be purchase at affordable costs.

WeProFab is now over 20 years as a certified supplier and manufacturer in China. We are a qualified supplier worldwide which provides a one-stop solution.

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Custom White Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Brand

Milk White Light Diffuser Plate Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab Milk White Light Diffuser Plate Acrylic Sheet it features a high-quality virgin acrylic sheet. It is also a cast and extruded type of acrylic sheet.

White Acrylic Sheet For Acrylic Frame

WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet For Acrylic Frame features a transparent, tinted, frosted and translucent color. It can be applied in led, signage, lighting, and etc.

White Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size is safer than glass because it doesn’t shatter like glass. It also features lightweight.

Plastic White Cast Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab Plastic White Cast Acrylic Sheet features a  distortion-free and strong. It also has good machining and forming properties.

White Acrylic Perspex Sheet Cut to Size

WeProFab White Acrylic Perspex Sheet Cut to Size has a nice and good finishing edge. We also customize sizes.

Flexible White Acrylic Sheet

The flexible white acrylic sheets are suitable for various applications, like printing, advertising, and engraving. They have about a 1.8mm to 30mm thicknesses range. Their dimensions are customizable, according to buyers’ requests. Its flexibility makes the sheet easy to process.

Glossy White Acrylic Sheet

Glossy white acrylic sheets are ideal for multiple usages, including store displays, skylights, furniture, boutique items, and more. These sheets have smooth white surfaces with customizable thicknesses and sizes. They provide the suitable light transmittance you need.

5mm White Acrylic Sheet

The 5mm white acrylic sheets are perfect for decorations, sneeze guard material, lighting words, building, and school areas. They are available in various surface finishes and measurements. Using the 5mm white acrylic sheets save energy and diffuse lights evenly.

Laser Cut White Acrylic Sheet

Laser-cut white acrylic sheets are practical for advertising applications, such as marks, logos, decoration, and signboards. They have excellent mechanical, optical, and thermal specifications. These sheets are perfectly cut by laser and available in multiple colors.

Recycled White Acrylic Sheet

Recycled white acrylic sheets are designed for bathroom utilization. They are easy to clean and isolate sounds. These sheets are more durable and have lighter weight than glass. Their thickness, sizes, and colors are customizable, as per customers’ choice.

High-Quality White Acrylic Sheet

The high-quality white acrylic sheets feature durability, printability, and water resistance. They are available in transparent, colored, mirrored, or customized hues. These sheets are perfect material for exposing logos and advertisements.

Rigid White Acrylic Sheet

Rigid white acrylic sheets have hard and solid characteristics. These sheets have high grades and stable quality. They last for a long time and are available for customizing processes. This white acrylic sheet can have sprayed coated, vaccum, or silk-printed surfaces.

White LED Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

The white LED acrylic diffuser sheets have reached ISO9001 RoHS certification standards. They diffuse lights equally. These sheets maintain their milky white color without yellowing over time. They are easy to cut and process for customizing required sizes.

White Acrylic Sheet for Small Cabinet

White acrylic sheets for small cabinets have about 93% light transmittance. They have strong surface hardness, lighter weight, and excellent weather resistance. These sheets are suitable for small cabinets in bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. 

A4 White Acrylic Sheet

The A4 white acrylic sheets are ideal for multiple applications, including furniture, windows, and advertising materials. They feature lasting quality, water resistance, and printability. These A4 white acrylic sheets have customizable dimensions and thicknesses.

Frosted White Acrylic Sheet

Frosted white acrylic sheets are available in various shapes, including rectangular. They feature eco-friendly and non-toxic properties, making them safe to use in all suitable applications. These sheets have high-impact strength and weather resistance.

White Pearlescent Acrylic Sheet

The white pearlescent acrylic sheets are also accessible in blocks, cubes, plates, or boards. They are perfect materials for decorations and displays. These white acrylic sheets are suitable for laser cutting, drilling, and diamond polishing processes.

High Reflective White Acrylic Sheet

High-reflective white acrylic sheets feature high-impact and temperature resistance. They are available in milky white or porcelain colors in different sizes and thickness options. These sheets are easy to customize with printed logos.

Organic White Acrylic Sheet

The organic white acrylic sheets are environmentally friendly materials ideal for crafts, windows, doors, etc. Their colors don’t fade and yellow even in overtime sun exposure. They are also designed with easy bending and vacuum forming properties.

White Marble Acrylic Sheet

The white marble acrylic sheets are available in various patterns, colors, and designs. They have smooth and glossy surfaces, perfect for handbags, lighting, furniture, decoration, and more applications. These sheets have outstanding cutting and printing performance.

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Why WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet is very ideal for the industry since we are the particular fabricator of the white acrylic sheet in China for exceeding 20 years.

We also manufacture different types of our white acrylic sheet that include a Translucent White Acrylic Sheet, Plastic White Acrylic Sheet, Cast White Acrylic Sheet, and a lot more.

Our White Acrylic Sheet is a cost-effective solution for most homeowners and commercial applications. Since WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet is also significant for the transportation industry.

We fabricate it that offers custom-made white acrylic sheets that are designed to fit the size, style, color, and good for lighting, signage, led, adding extra value, uniqueness, and protection.

In our White Acrylic Sheet, we can assure our dear customer’s that it was durable, it’s designed is safer than glass because it doesn’t shatter like glass.  What can we assure more for our dear customers?

If purchasing the WeProFab White Acrylic Sheet, we guarantee our all costumer to justify satisfaction with our product. Since our product made of 100% acrylic material, it can be also produced in high-quality, resistant, and can be purchase at affordable prices. You can count on us!

We fabricate as specified by our customer desire. As a purchaser in WeProFab products, you can free to choose your own design, your own shapes, your own sizes, and more.

WeProFab accepts customize designs since we have a production process such as CNC cutting, thermoforming, bonding, and a lot more. WeProFab is very reliable for your preference.

As an ISO 9001 certified acrylic manufacturer company, we make use of administering diligently quality in our types of equipment. We fabricated our products in exerting our latest machinery tools to gain customer satisfaction and meet the requisite aspiration of our dear customers.

We have also a highly efficient worker to handle the services and give you the commendable services we have. In regards to delivering our products, we vastly ensure you that it can be delivered to the exact time and date.

We can handle everything from the ordered products, the services, and the delivery set-up. Regarding those circumstances, you can count on us!

Besides White Acrylic Sheet, we also have fabricated other White Acrylic Sheet products like White Acrylic Sheet, Plexiglass White Acrylic Sheet, Extruded White Acrylic Sheet, and a lot more.

We are very pleased to serve you with the very best of us. Don’t forget to transmit us your customized design so that it can be produced immediately at the time you needed it.

WeProFab is a trusted manufacturer in China. WeProFab offered products that are highly acknowledged for their long working life, easy to clean, sturdy construction, and less maintenance. WeProFab always renders their clients’ satisfying problem. 

If you are in need of White Acrylic Sheet feel free to contact us for assistance.

What is a White Acrylic Sheet?

The white acrylic sheet is the sheet that maintains a clear edge hue before and after fabrication.

They are designed to add fixtures or displays clarity and beauty.

What Industries Utilize White Acrylic Sheet for Their Projects?

Many industries utilize white acrylic sheets for their projects, which includes:

  • Interior design
  • Transportation and automotive
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Framing
Where Can We Use the White Acrylic Sheet?

The white acrylic sheets are applicable even for furniture products and home decors.

The following are the common uses of white acrylic sheets.



Drawing tables

Photo light table




X-ray film readers

Parking lot markers

Acrylic windows

What are the Key Features White Acrylic Sheets?

The following are the critical features of white acrylic sheets.


You can form the white acrylic sheets in various shapes and sizes.

The white acrylic sheets are ten times stronger than glass.

You can use them for an extended period without deterioration.

Glossy White Color

The white acrylic sheets are designed glossy to add an attractive feature.


The white acrylic sheets are low weight. 

The lightweight feature makes them easy to handle, transport, and install.


We can do a lot of work with white acrylic sheets – we can cut, drill, fabricate, and shape.

You can also polish or easily sand them for excellent finishing.

Food Safe

The food-safe white acrylic sheets feature makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Allow them applicable for kitchens as tabletop covers.


The white acrylic sheet requires few materials and simple cleaning procedures.

Endure Weather Conditions

This white acrylic sheet can withstand even harsh weather conditions. 

Allow them to ideal as a skylight or outdoor applications.


The good thing about white acrylic sheets is they are recyclable.

We can recycle them back to their initial raw materials, as monomers.

What are the Advantages of White Acrylic Sheets?

Using white acrylic sheets in various applications provides multiple advantages, including:

  1. High strength and durable
  2. Optical clarity
  3. High structural stability
  4. Ultra-violet resistant
  5. Perfect for outdoor and indoor applications
  6. Impact-resistant
  7. Less water absorption
  8. Easy to machine and glue
In What Dimensions Does the White Acrylic Sheets Available?

You can choose your preferred white acrylic sheets from a wide range of dimensions.

They are available in 0.06″ = 1.5mm, 1/8″ = 3mm, 3/16″ = 4.5mm =, 1/4″ = 5.5mm, 3/8″ = 9mm, 1/2″ = 12mm, 3/4″ = 18mm, 1″ = 24mm, and 1.5″ = 38mm = 1.50″ thicknesses.

What are the Types of White Acrylic Sheets?

The white acrylic sheets are also accessible in various types like:

Gloss White Acrylic Sheet

Milky White Acrylic Sheet

Translucent White Acrylic Sheet

White Cast Acrylic Sheet

White Opaque Acrylic Sheet

Satin White Acrylic Sheet

How to Clean White Acrylic Sheets?

Below are some procedures for cleaning white acrylic sheets.

They are also applicable generally in all acrylic sheets colors, including the white one.

Water and mild soap are the perfect solutions to remove dirt and debris from the sheets.

Use a microfiber cloth for scrubbing to prevent scratches. 

If you have to remove oil or tough grease, you can use kerosene.

After doing all processes, immediately dry the sheet with clean water to avoid water spots.

Reminder: Never use carbon tetrachloride, acetone, or ammonia as a solution. 

They can generate sheet cracks and a frosted appearance.

Where Can we Store a White Acrylic Sheet?

It is recommended to store white acrylic sheets in place below 100-degree Fahrenheit.

Do not store the white acrylic sheet in areas exposed to high temperatures.

Store the sheet in place not direct to sunlight.

It may cause reforming and expansion of the sheet. 

These ideas apply to all acrylic sheet colors.

How Can We Repair the White Acrylic Sheet?

The white acrylic sheet, just like other acrylic sheets, can also be scratched, haze, and cracked.

Removing scratches will need plastic polish or automobile wax and microfiber cloth.

If hazy is an issue, sanding the sheet with grits and more abrasive polish is the solution.

Exposing white acrylic sheets to harsh conditions can cause cracks.

You can use a 1/8″ drill bit for drilling holes side by the side of small cracks.

Silicone sealants are also an effective solution for filling the cracks.

Letting them dry will achieve stability and the perfect appearance of a white acrylic sheet.

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