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Wound Dressing

Weprofab manufactures wound dressing that can be used in any type of internal wound and features anti-infection. This product is perfect for your medical market. We can produce this product with the customization you need for your business.

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Get WeProFab Wound Dressing to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab wound dressing is made from safe and FDA-approved materials. We want to make sure that our products provide first-class services in the medical industry. It will surely delight your customers!

Transparent Dressing

Weprofab transparent dressing is a thin sheet of see-through material. The sizes of transparent dressing are medium and small.

Hydrogel Dressings

This hydrogel dressing is ISO-certified. Weprofab designed hydrogel dressing to maximize patient comfort and reduce pain.

Non-Adherent Wet Dressings

This non-adherent wet dressing comes in various varieties, providing the optimal conditions impermeable to external contamination.

Foam Dressings

Weprofab provides foam dressings that help maintain a moist wound environment conducive to wound healing.

Alginate dressings

WeProFab alginate dressings are  CE, ISO, and US FDA-compliant. You can get the quantity of products that suits your requirements and needs.

Collagen Dressings

This collagen dressing is a type of advanced wound care solution Weprofab offer. Ideal for medical, cosmetics, and other applications.

WeProFab: Your Professional Cannula Dressings Manufacturer

Weprofab is an experienced company in the medical field. With the help and support of WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer, we are able to develop and manufacture safe and innovative wound dressing and other medical products.

Weprofab wound dressing features safety, durability, and anti-infection capacity. We can assure you that with our wound dressing, you will increase your production rate in the medical industry. You can give satisfactory products to your customers!

Custom Wound Dressing to Skyrocket Your Brand

Cloth Dressings

Weprofab can custom-made cloth dressings is consists of an 8-layered, especially breathable non-woven fabric. It is applied for ordinary protection.

Hydrocolloid dressings

Weprofab offers a wide variety of hydrocolloid dressings that can be OEM to particular needs. This is designed to absorb exudate while bringing gentleness to wound management.

Dry gauze dressings

Weprofab dry gauze dressings are 100% woven gauze for durability and softness. It can custom-made to any desired specs.

Adhesive wound dressings

Weprofab offers adhesive wound dressings that come in a range of sizes. You can find the best quality products at a very competitive price.

Non-adhesive foam wound dressings

These non-adhesive foam wound dressings are made of top-quality material. The product got the approval of CE, ISO, and US FDA standards.

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Why WeProFab Wound Dressing

WeProFab is a leading manufacturer of wound dressing in China. We offer advanced wound care products designed to promote pain relief, rapid healing, reduce scarring, and prevent infection. Primarily used for home care, clinics, and hospitals.

As an industry-driven manufacturer, we are dedicated to design, develop, and manufacture high-quality wound dressing.

WeProFab offers a wide range of wound dressing including transparent dressing, hydrogel wound care dressings, foam adhesive dressings,  non-adhesive foam wound dressings, transparent dressing, alginate dressings, collagen dressings, and many more.

Non-Adherent Wound Dressing | Non Adhering Dressing

As one of the leading manufacturers of would dressing, WeProFab offers unparalleled support for your product development. With rich experience in design and manufacturing wound dressing, we can provide high-quality wound care products.

WeProFab wound dressing comes in a range of material selection, sizes, and more other features. For material choice, you can choose from the following: PU films and foams, hydrocolloids and hydrogels, adhesive and non-adhesive non-woven, silicone, and PU gel adhesive.

You can also choose breathable and pattern-coated adhesives, active ingredients for advanced wound care, and medically approved adhesives.

WeProFab will let you turn your design into reality. From design, conceptualization, production, up to packaging., we will provide a one-stop solution for your product.

We will also choose suitable manufacturing options for your product including material lamination, complete device manufacturing, and more. You can achieve your desired quality and output.


COVADERM® Adhesive Wound Dressing

All WeProFab wound care products are CE-certified in accordance with EU standards. Nevertheless, we can manufacture wound dressing to meet other industry quality requirements. We have extensive experience as a manufacturer and able to exceed customer satisfaction.

We, at WeProFab have the full in-house capacity to provide complete service. You will have total peace of mind as we ensure to improve efficiencies and cost reduction. WeProFab will help you find the right product to provide wound care treatment.

The WeProFab wound dressing is available at a more competitive price. Characterized by high quality and functionality, we could create and bring you the most advanced products.

WeProFab has great expertise in marketing development for years resulting in optimal achievement.

WeProFab wound care solutions will help you to level up your business, boom your brand in the market. For pharma, consumer, and other commercial settings, you can trust WeProFab wound dressing products.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more about our wound dressing products and service.

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