• 0.25MM TPX Film

0.25mm TPX Film

Weprofab is specialized in producing a wide range of 0.25mm TPX films. We have a complete manufacturing line and mature technology allows us to manufacture superior quality 0.25mm TPX Film. Our products have a tremendous and exceptional combination of transparency and resistance to heat and chemicals. For your 0.25mm TPX Film, rely on Weprofab!

Get WeProFab 0.25MM TPX Film to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab provides the highest quality 0.25mm TPX Film for your business. We are a professional manufacturer with 20+ years of manufacturing experience. Our company delivers the most satisfying product. 0.25mm TPX Film is available in standard and custom services. Message us today!

High-Temperature Resistant Rubber TPX Film

You can get high-temperature-resistant rubber TPX film at a very cost-effective rate. It also has outstanding acoustical properties.

Industrial 0.25mm TPX Film

Our range of 0.25mm TPX Film is widely used in a variety of applications including release films, carrier films for ceramic slurry, speaker cones, gas separating membranes, etc.

Non-Toxic 0.25mm TPX Film

You can use our series of 0.25mm TPX films for making medical devices and microwavable food containers. Due to its high melting point, it is usually processed at high temperatures in a range of ± 300°C.

0.25mm TPX Film Manufacturing

We have a wide range of 0.25mm TPX film fabrication processes such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc. We are capable of manufacturing high-performance 0.25mm TPX film.

Customized 0.25mm TPX Film

At Weprofab, we offer custom 0.25mm TPX Film based on your requirements and applications. You can send your specifications with us, our skilled team will handle it.

Transparent 0.25mm TPX Film

0.25mm TPX Film from Weprofab is a transparent plastic (Polymethylpentene) that is heat resistant, offers excellent chemical resistance, which is better than that of polycarbonate and acrylic.

WeProFab: Your Leading 0.25MM TPX Film Manufacturer

Weprofab is your ultimate choice when it comes to 0.25MM TPX film. We are a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We hold complete capabilities in plastic fabrication. This allows us to support your one-stop solution needs in China.

Weprofab 0.25MM TPX film is used for industrial and commercial use. It can be used for a wide range of your purposes. Our well-experienced R&D and design team can manufacture 0.25MM TPX Film according to your specifications. We also offer OEM services to boom your brand.

Whether you’re starting your business or a custom company that needs 0.25MM TPX film, Weprofab got you covered. We are a manufacturer who will support your design according to your final applications. Message us today to know more about what we offer. We will help you achieve success in your business!

Custom 0.25MM TPX Film to Boost Your Brand

Cosmetic Cups and Tubes TPX Film

Weprofab is your no.1 supplier of TPX film for cosmetic cups and tubes. With a low refractive index and low haze values, TPX Film exhibits clarity equivalent to glass or acrylic. It offers excellent UV transmission features.

Food-Grade TPX Film

Because of its high melting point and extremely low water absorption rate, 0.25MM TPX Film is an amazing option for items that need steam sterilization.

Heat Resistant 0.25mm TPX Film

Our Weprofab heat resistant 0.25mm TPX Film can be used for flexible printed circuit board, and circuit board hard bending. It is guaranteed durable and functional.

Release Paper for Synthetic Leather

We can design and create release paper for synthetic leather using 0.25mm TPX Film. Our 0.25mm TPX Film offers a unique combination of transparency and releasability.

TPX Film for Labware

For your TPX Film for Labware needs, Weprofab is your professional manufacturer. TPX Film can be extruded into film, rods, injection-molded, blow-molded, or sheets.

TPX Film in Laboratory Apparatuses

Our range of TPX film is a functional transparent plastic that creates high-value and durable products such as TPX Film in laboratories and experimental apparatuses.

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Why WeProFab 0.25mm TPX Film

Are you looking for a trusted 0.25mm TPX Film manufacturer? Worries no more! Weprofab is your no.1 manufacturer in China. We have profound experience in this industry. Our team guarantee to produce excellent quality 0.25mm TPX Film with great features and advantages.

Weprofab 0.25mm TPX Film is a durable transparent plastic. It has superior advantages such as heat resistant and boasts superior releasability. This film is an excellent choice for items that require steam sterilization due to its high melting point and extremely low water absorption rate characteristics. It is widely use in industrial and commercial purposes.

Weprofab 0.25mm TPX Film Features and Advantages:

  • High heat resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Distinctive molecular structure
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Superior steam sterilization capabilities
  • Superior transparency to visible light
  • Excellent UV transmission characteristics
  • High gas and moisture permeability
  • Outstanding dielectric properties
  • Offer release properties
  • Food-grade properties
  • Environmental adaptability

Weprofab 0.25mm TPX Film Applications

  • Cosmetic caps and tubes
  • Labware and led molds
  • Animal cages
  • Heat resistant non-woven materials
  • Microwavable food containers
  • Mandrels and sheaths for rubber hose production
  • Medical devices
  • Release film and paper for synthetic leather


Weprofab, a professional TPX film manufacturer is your ideal business partner in China. We are a well-established manufacturer with 20+ years production experience. We hold a full capability in plastic fabrication allow us to support your custom and OEM requests.

As of now, we are working with our expert R&D and designer team with 100% knowledge in this field. We guarantee to make long-lasting and functional 0.25mm TPX film. It has various features that can surely pleased your customers.

Aside from 0.25mm TPX film, we also provide surface protective film, acrylic film, polyethylene Film, PP Film, HDPE film, LDPE film, etc. All these products can be bespoke based on your specific requirements.

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