Polycarbonate Tank

WeProFab has professional skills in producing excellent assembly of Polycarbonate Tank. In many years with this industry, we have broad-ranging skills, able to accomplish the designing and assemble process of high-quality Polycarbonate Tank. If you want us to design for you, contact us now.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Tank to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab Polycarbonate sheets and tanks are made from the highest quality materials. We produce plenty of Polycarbonate tank design to meet prior customers’ specifications.

Cabinet Style Polycarbonate Tank

When needing a high-quality cabinet-style polycarbonate tank, you can explore it at the WeProFab marketplace. Well-trusted tanks are offered with factory-priced productions.

Custom-cut Polycarbonate Tank

WeProFab can cut Polycarbonate tanks into specific sizes for a well-fitted installments process. Customize cuts are in wide-ranging offers.

Heating Bath Polycarbonate Tank

To have your own unique, all-purpose heating bath polycarbonate tank, you can discover high-quality at WeProFab offers. Check latest updates about this product.

Large Molded Polycarbonate Tank

WeProFab is your consummate partner to manufacture your ideal large molded polycarbonate tanks. Provide specific thickness, width, and length sizes.

Polycarbonate Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab is only trusted manufacturer of good quality Polycarbonate tanks. Well-polished and accurate sizes are obtainable for lower costs.

Replacement Polycarbonate Tank

WeProFab also offers easily replaceable polycarbonate tanks. You can easily remove and install it anywhere you want. We are professionals assigned to make assembly of latest replacement polycarbonate tank.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

As one of the leading professional manufacturers of polycarbonate tanks, WeProFab assuredly provides excellent-assembled polycarbonate tanks with easy-to-clean advantages.

Send your concerns now about this product, we will answer as soon as possible.

Custom Polycarbonate Tank to Skyrocket Your Brand

Heating Polycarbonate Tank

WeProFab Heating polycarbonate tank is scratch resistance and operated with the controller. Effective for heating the water efficiently.

Clear Polycarbonate Tank

Clear types of polycarbonate tanks are usually found at the WeProFab marketplace. It is made customize for meeting clients’ requests.

Circulator Polycarbonate Tank

WeProFab Circulator polycarbonate tank is assembled for ease circulating of water inside the tanks. This is provided with scratchproof benefits.

Polycarbonate Fish Tank

The polycarbonate fish tank is lightweight enough for easy installation. Manufactured using an eco-friendly, sturdy, and reliable polycarbonate material. Specifically built for fishes inside the aquarium. will be able to resist fractures caused by repetitive loads.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Tank

Impact-resistant polycarbonate tank guarantees the longevity of its functionality. Offer admirable toughness and high impact resistance. Features dimensional stability and compatibility.

8Liter Polycarbonate Tank

8liter polycarbonate tank features an excellent impact resistance and excellent stiffness. Can accommodate up to 8 liters of water making it perfect for construction or other outdoor application.

Hinged Cover Polycarbonate Tank

A hinged cover polycarbonate tank is capable to resist high-impact forces without deforming. Manufactured using a polycarbonate material that is strong, ductile, and can stretch under pressure.

High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Tank

High impact resistant polycarbonate tank characterizes an elevated and secure bottom. Includes an excellent reservoir capacity with varying dimensions and thicknesses. Highly resistant to impacts.

Scratchproof Polycarbonate Tank

The scratchproof polycarbonate tank is durable and won’t crack or shatter easily. A perfect choice for large aquariums. Built to offer admirable strength and stiffness that is very resistant to corrosion.

Polycarbonate Water Tank

A polycarbonate water tank is frequently used in construction and industrial applications. Produces unmatched damage resistance and toughness. Can resist excessive fracture and scratches.

Polycarbonate Gas Tank

A polycarbonate gas tank is manufactured using non-toxic material. Great for gas storage.
Extremely durable, long-lasting, and chemical resistant. Designed to offer outstanding optical property.

Large Polycarbonate Tank

A large polycarbonate tank is perfectly suited for aquarium and insect habitats. Provides excellent visibility and UV protection. Comes in a large shape with varying colors and designs.

Round Polycarbonate Tank

A round polycarbonate tank is a cost-effective solution and dishwasher safe. Engineered using a high-quality polycarbonate material. Built with great strength and excellent functionality.

Square Polycarbonate Tank

Square polycarbonate tank provides an integrated solution to global clients. Offers unique properties with high impact resistance. Available in square shape and has good chemical and corrosion resistance.

Marine Polycarbonate Tank

Marine polycarbonate tank is extremely tough, strong, and incredibly durable. Guarantees low thermal expansion and compressive strength. Widely used in marine applications. Can resist high impacts.

Polycarbonate Oil Tank

The polycarbonate oil tank is resistant to many regular solvents. Features hard wearing bearings, pump, and valve parts. Retains its dimensions in high-impact situations. Typically manufactured for storing oils.

Leakproof Polycarbonate Tank

Leakproof polycarbonate tank is popular in many different manufacturing industries. Produced using a low-cost and durable polycarbonate. Offers admirable rigidity and tensile strength.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Tank

WeProFab Polycarbonate Tank is good for the submersion circulatory system.

This one is a kind of standard polycarbonate tank highly required for further cooking baths.

Very secured for dishwashing and cleaning activities.

High-quality polycarbonate tank letting you remain samples in incoherent perspectives.

These are currently open for bathing complex able to manage liquid transposition up to 85°C.


Polycarbonate tanks can stock up to 8-28 reservoirs and are currently available for transparent and clearest production.

It is positioned mounted and highly elevated at the bottom.

It provides safety hold detain when boosting or repositioning baths.

It keeps the stability on the irregular finish.

The comptroller’s bridges can be unfastened with ease for tank polishing activities that unbend upon safety.

The polycarbonate tank includes a durable cover that lessens dehydration and enhanced temperature firmness and solidity.

It is highly protected against all comprehensible chemical bridges.

It also complies altogether with DIN 12876-1 standard grades which means it`s safe to use due to non-flammable liquids purposes that include.

Our polycarbonate tanks are lidded just for unforced refrigerating coil and available with 17 up to 28-liter versions.


WeProFab Polycarbonate tanks are frozen and actually structured from strengthening cardboard materials in the color white.

It is highly provided with moisture resistance coverings which able to secure all types of liquid nitrogen dehydration effect from the main cooling equipment.

The actual box sizes are needed to suit standardized stainless steel and the polycarbonate stockpile complex.

The tanks constructed from plastic-formed materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate give an assessment of the small holes.

Letting safer drainage through small holes of polycarbonate tanks is helpful for a successful cleaning session.

Water from the tanks or what we called “liquid nitrogen” required to be drained.

A new source of water to be filled at further tanks are helpful for nice-looking polycarbonate tanks surfaces.


Within -196°C freeze temperature, untroubled uses for mechanical and liquid nitrogen tanks reservoirs will be executed.

Prefab is a professionals and most expert in handling the manufacturing process of the ideal Polycarbonate Tank.

We execute the most advanced and enhanced production of polycarbonate tanks for the reservoir process of your liquid nitrogen needs.

With many years of experience, we assure you to give you the best and most excellent Polycarbonate Tank product finishes.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Polycarbonate Tank

From laboratory liquid heating bath systems to large custom-sized containers, the polycarbonate tank provides practical and simple storage solutions that withstand liquid temperature fluctuations up to 85 ° Centigrade.

Polycarbonate Tank

 Polycarbonate Tank

Factory-built secure handholds on elevated tank bottoms and customized lids for specific gauges are some features you can include in your polycarbonate tanks.

Read on to our ultimate FAQ guide to find out everything that you need to know about polycarbonate tanks.

What Are The Advantages Of A Polycarbonate Tank?

· Wide Machining Scope

You can machine the polycarbonate tank to meet unique storage capabilities in laboratories and other areas where flexible storage solutions are needed.

Standard tools and systems are used to cold form the polycarbonate tank sheet into the required shape.

You will need simple water-soluble cutting oils that are needed to machine this sheet into complete containers that do not chip, split, or break under extreme pressure.

· High Impact Resistance

You can mold the polycarbonate tank into an unnotched storage solution that is almost unbreakable.

It has high impact resistance and these properties are not affected by added compartments and liquid outlets.

· Enhanced Pre-Drying Properties

Heat applied to the polycarbonate tank forms custom shapes during the pre-drying process.

Even if you cold-form the pre-dried polycarbonate tank into a different shape, your polycarbonate tank will still retain optimum UV radiation blocking and increased light transmission properties.

· Improved Thermoforming Solutions

Professional plastic container manufacturers use updated thermoforming techniques to form small to large polycarbonate tanks of complex shapes and sizes.

· Multiple Bonding Solutions

You can use several methods to create firm bonds on the polycarbonate tank.

Solvents like methylene chloride provide simple chemical bonding solutions.

Vibration and ultrasonic welding are commonly used by end-user solutions.

Urethane-, epoxy-, and silicone-based adhesives are used to bond different polycarbonate tank components.

· Removing Stress With Annealing

The professional manufacturer has precision annealing systems in place to remove any stress that remains after the polycarbonate tank is thermoformed.

You can perform secondary annealing procedures on semi-finished components.

· Simple Cleaning Solutions

You can use non-abrasive and low alkaline cleaners that are easily available to clean the polycarbonate tank.

· Enhanced Electrical Applications

The polycarbonate tank has high dielectric strength and can withstand heavy loads.

It is completely safe to install electrical temperature controllers and other gauges into this liquid storage tank.

Temperature and humidity changes have minimal effect on the inherent properties of the polycarbonate tank.

Does The Polycarbonate Tank React With Stored Food Or Water?

When Cobalt Chloride (CoCl2) is blended with Bisphenol A (BPA), inherent properties change turning the polycarbonate tank into a BPA-free container that does not react with the stored food or water.

If CoCl2 is absent, hydrolysis releases BPA which contaminates the stored food or water.

Professional polycarbonate tank manufacturers offer BPA-free polycarbonate tanks of custom sizes and shapes.

How Is A Polycarbonate Tank Thermoformed?

There are two ways to form a polycarbonate tank with the application of heat.

· Pressure Forming

 Pressure Formed Polycarbonate Tank

Pressure Formed Polycarbonate Tank

The polycarbonate sheet of required thickness is heated to a pliable temperature within the pressure forming chamber.

Male tooling releases air with required pressure from above to create the polycarbonate tank shape within a 3D mold.

Platform sizes vary to accommodate heavy-duty pressure forming of large-sized polycarbonate tanks.

· Vacuum Formed

- Vacuum Formed Polycarbonate Tank

Vacuum Forming Polycarbonate Tank

The base material is clamped within the vacuum-forming chamber and heated to its pliable temperature.

This polycarbonate tank base material is then vacuum sucked over the forming tool to form the required shape.

What Are The Different Types Of Polycarbonate Tanks?

Cabinet-Style Polycarbonate Tank

Cabinet Style Polycarbonate Tank

Cabinet-Style Polycarbonate Tank

You can custom design the high-quality cabinet-style polycarbonate tank with several cabinets that fulfill specific storage requirements.

These types of tanks are commonly used in laboratories and other testing areas that require storing capacities with monitored temperature settings.

Attach a sealed temperature gauge system to record the effect of temperature changes on samples and other items stored in the highly-visible polycarbonate tank.

You can also include doors with hinged openings and removable shelves in this cabinet-style polycarbonate tank design.

· Custom-Cut Polycarbonate Tank

 Custom-Cut Polycarbonate Tank

Custom-Cut Polycarbonate Tank

The custom-cut polycarbonate tank is usually large in size with a custom-cut lid that creates a tight fit over the tank.

You can mount two immersion circulators into notches machined into the polycarbonate tank’s custom-cut lid.

Choose from a 17-gallon up to a 28-gallon custom-sized tank with its pre-fitted custom top to create your own sous vide cooking bath.

This polycarbonate tank for immersion circulators can hold 8 to 28 reservoirs all creating transparent and clear workspaces.

They turn into non-reactive sealed containers that you can use to cook food.

These sealed chambers prevent evaporating cooling energy losses.

Custom-cut lids seal the cooking space allowing you to reach cooking temperatures faster with reduced heat energy loss.

A safety hold is provided that regulates how you boost or reposition baths.

Bridges holding the immersion circulators come off easily allowing you to polish them along with the polycarbonate tank.

Custom-cut polycarbonate tanks comply with DIN 12876 standards and are approved for use with all kinds of non-flammable liquids.

· Heating Bath Polycarbonate Tank

 Heating Bath Polycarbonate Tank

Heating Bath Polycarbonate Tank

Designed as an open circulating bath, the heating bath polycarbonate tank is used in applications that require accurate temperature control, sample preparation, and material testing with thermostats.

Choose custom-capacity bath tanks with capacities to hold two, three, or more test tube racks.

Set ambient temperatures to +/- 85° Centigrade and monitor readings with LCD displays.

·  Circulator Polycarbonate Tank

Circulator Polycarbonate Tank

Circulator Polycarbonate Tank

The circular polycarbonate tank is assembled to allow easy circulation of water held in the tank.

It is made of scratchproof material to retain transparency.

You will find that the tank has moisture-resistant custom-cut lids to reduce liquid nitrogen dehydration effects caused by the main cooling equipment.

Impure liquids are then drained out through small outlets and replaced with fresh baths.

Standard sizes are maintained to simplify polycarbonate stockpile complex storage solutions.

The circulator polycarbonate tank can withstand -196° Centigrade temperatures when it stores store liquid nitrogen or other items.

· Polycarbonate Fish Tank

Polycarbonate Fish Tank

Polycarbonate Fish Tank

Fabricated from excellent-grade materials, the polycarbonate fish tank is highly popular in the OEM/ODM market.

Choose from thousands of popular fish tank designs at budget-friendly prices or come up with your own design.

The professional polycarbonate tank manufacturer has a team of expert designers that can help you arrive at custom designs, sizes, and styles.

State-of-the-art production lines are in place to fulfill orders at short notice even in peak season.

You can ask for a free sample or prototype of your polycarbonate fish tank to ensure it meets SGS, ISO9001, and CE standards.

· Large Molded Polycarbonate Tank

Large Molded Polycarbonate Tank

 Large Molded Polycarbonate Tank

The large molded polycarbonate tank is available in custom length, thickness, and width.

Made from tough polycarbonate raw material, it can sustain high visibility levels and is extremely durable.

You will find that these polycarbonate tanks are widely used as aquariums, insect habitats, plant-growth units, and terrariums.

Coated with a UV-protective layer, the large molded polycarbonate tank can be used in outdoor conditions.

The one-piece molded polycarbonate aquarium has a capacity of approximately 1.75 gallons and weighs less than 15 ounces.

·  Replacement Polycarbonate Tank

 Replacement Polycarbonate Tank

Replacement Polycarbonate Tank

The replacement polycarbonate tank is light enough to be removed and installed at different locations.

The latest designs and manufacturing techniques are implemented in the manufacture of these portable tanks.

Different shades of polycarbonate materials are used to match your application color requirements.

· Clear Polycarbonate Tank

 Clear Polycarbonate Tank

 Clear Polycarbonate Tank

The clear polycarbonate tank allows clear views of samples and other items stored in it.

Convenient handholds at the bottom help in carrying this tank to other locations.

Drain ports are created at points based on your requirements.

You can get clear polycarbonate tanks with or without custom-cut clear lids that lessen dehydration and sustain temperatures within the polycarbonate tank.

· Polycarbonate Water Tank

 Polycarbonate Water Tank

Polycarbonate Water Tank

The polycarbonate water tank has a glass-like finish and is available in different colors.

Lightweight and made of 100% non-toxic and food-grade polycarbonate material, it is the ideal water storage tank that can withstand hot fills.

Hygienic and odorless, the polycarbonate water tank is extremely durable, rust and rot-free, chemical, and UV resistant.

· Stackable Polycarbonate Water Tank

 Stackable Polycarbonate Water Tank

Stackable Polycarbonate Water Tank

The stackable polycarbonate water tank is a 50-gallon smart water container that you can stack one over the other.

Made of BPA-free polycarbonate, this is the ideal storage device for areas that suffer from water shortages and natural disasters that affect the normal supply of water.

You can have custom storage capacities manufactured to meet your requirement for stackable polycarbonate tanks.

These UV-resistant tanks are manufactured for tough outdoor use and store safe drinkable water.

How Much Does A Polycarbonate Tank Cost?

Prices differ depending on several parameters including the standard and custom size of the polycarbonate tank.

Other factors that affect the cost of a polycarbonate tank include the protective coats applied to the base polycarbonate material and the wall thickness of the sheet used to make the polycarbonate tank.

If you have any custom designs, shapes, colors, and printing requirements, that will increase the price of your polycarbonate tank.

Is The Polycarbonate Tank Scratch Resistant?

You can have your custom polycarbonate tank coated with a protective scratch-resistant layer.

Depending on the application, color, and handling frequency, the tank may develop scratches over time.

If you don’t want the hassle of polishing your polycarbonate tank to remove scratches, you can coat it with a scratch-resistant layer.

How Do You Remove Scratches From A Polycarbonate Tank?

Alcohol- and ammonia-based cleansing agents such as Rain-X and Windex are effective polycarbonate cleaning agents.

To remove scratches, first apply the recommended plastic buffing compound over the cleaned surface.

Remove all traces of the buffing compound and clean the surface with warm water.

Wipe off the buffing compound and clean the surface areas thoroughly with warm water.

You will find no trace of scratches.

A common DIY approach is to simply rub your toothpaste over and around scratches that appear on the polycarbonate tank.

Use a piece of cloth and continue rubbing for around 20 seconds in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

The scratches will be less visible.

You can watch this video to learn how to remove scratches from your polycarbonate tank.


Can You Polish The Polycarbonate Tank?

Yes, you can polish the polycarbonate tank using the DIY approach.

Use 240-grit sand paper to dry clean the polycarbonate tank thoroughly.

Repeat the process with a 600-grit sandpaper that is moistened with water.

Allow the surface to dry.

Light up a butane torch and quickly run the flame across the prepared surface.

Avoid direct torch flame contact with the polycarbonate tank.

The surface now appears smooth. Check to see if the surface is even.

Allow it to cool for around 20 seconds.

If you are not satisfied with the results, continue heating the surface to attain a highly- polished surface.

Finally, coat the surface with clear plastic polish using a Dremel polish pad.

This video will show you how to polish the edges of your polycarbonate tank.


Does Polishing Help Remove Scratches From The Polycarbonate Tank?

The butane torch method does help removes scratches off the polycarbonate tank as you penetrate the surface layer with heat.

The polycarbonate material bonds around these scratches to even out the surface.

You can also make a paste of baking soda and Fuller’s earth mixed with water to remove scratches off larger polycarbonate tanks.

How Do You Clean The Polycarbonate Tank?

Used in outdoor conditions, the polycarbonate tank does tend to get dirty.

Follow this procedure to remove dirt and grime from the polycarbonate surface.

Use running water from a tap to clean the surface thoroughly.

Prepare a water solution containing mild detergent or vinegar.

Use this solution to clean the surface with sponge or a clean piece of cloth.

Avoid using sharp metal blades to remove dirt and other impurities from the surface of the polycarbonate tank.

Abrasive and highly alkaline cleansers may react with the polycarbonate tank material at high temperatures.

Get the best results by cleaning your polycarbonate tank indoors, away from direct sunlight.

You can watch this video to find out how to clean your polycarbonate tank.


Can A Polycarbonate Tank Turn Yellow?

You can custom coat your polycarbonate tank with a UV-protective layer that prevents it from turning yellow.

Make sure your polycarbonate tank manufacturer makes use of high-quality materials and tested procedures to fulfill your order.

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