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Amber Acrylic Sheet

Amber acrylic sheets possess a fade-orange colour which is see-through. It’s ideal for laser cutting, CNC machining, and other manufacturing processes. Weprofab amber acrylic sheet has excellent optical transparency, durability, and resistance to many elements. Great for many creative projects such as outdoor signs, point of purchase display, lighting, store fixtures, etc.

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Weprofab amber acrylic sheets are simply fabricated, molded, and machined into desired shapes and sizes. Extremely resistant to weathering and long-term exposure to sunlight. It’s more impact-resistant than glass and has good optical qualities. Serves a multitude of applications in a range of industries.

2422 Transparent Amber Acrylic Sheet

This 2422 transparent amber acrylic sheet is resistant to UV and weather degradation. Ideal for crafts, creative projects, decorative accents, displays, and home design. It’s also perfect for use in laser cutting. Made to last.

Amber Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab amber transparent acrylic sheets are translucent and have optimum color consistency. These sheets are easy to drill, laser-cut, route, polish, and heat bend. Can use it for a wide range of applications.

Amber Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

Cut to size amber acrylic sheet is available in different sizes and shapes. It can be formed, fabricated, or cut simply using various tools. Great for framing, store fixtures, pedestals, and many more projects.

3MM Amber Acrylic Sheet

Our 3mm amber acrylic sheets are available in innovative grades. Providing unique properties such as impact-resistant and break-resistant. Applicable for a wide range of applications across different industries.

Amber Acrylic Sheet with Mesozoic

Amber acrylic sheet with Mesozoic consists of outstanding characteristics including mottled, faceted surface finish. This feature withstands fingerprints, high traffic, scratches and eliminates glare. Allow substantially longer functional life span.

Amber 300 Perspex Acrylic Sheet

Amber 300 perspex acrylic sheets have a high gloss finish. These solid sheets have UV-resistant, impact-resistant, weather-resistant, and food-compliant. Perfect for internal and external applications.

Amber 2422 Mirror Acrylic Sheet

These amber 2422 mirror acrylic sheets have a highly reflecting surface, extremely long-lasting. Can use it for a wide range of tasks, including shelving, store fixtures, signs, displays, etc. These sheets are easy to fabricate.

Tinted Amber Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab tinted amber acrylic sheet is lighter in weight weighs half of the glass. It has an excellent gloss finish and is practically easy to clean and maintain. Possess high resistance to many elements.

Waterproof Amber Acrylic Sheets

Amber acrylic sheets have water-resistant qualities that make them ideal for outdoor application. It is often used for automobile windows, submarines, outdoor displays, and signage. They are even dishwasher safe.

WeProFab: Your Leading Amber Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Amber acrylic sheet is multiple times stronger than glass, robust, and lightweight alternative.It’s extremely transparent, allowing light to travel through with little to no diffraction. On the other side, the things are clearly visible. Weprofab acrylic sheets can be quickly fabricated, formed, drilled, etc., manufacturing process.

There are multiple sizes and shape selection of amber acrylic sheets. You can select from pre-cut sizes, full sheet sizes, or custom sizes. Whether you need an amber acrylic sheet for store fixtures, POP display, signage application, etc., you can find high-grade sheets at Weprofab.

Custom Amber Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

Transparent Amber Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets

Our transparent amber plexiglass acrylic sheets are available in pre-cut size, full-sheet size, and custom size. This sheet allows you to view objects that allow light to pass through while providing a tinted tint that is not diffused.

Amber Acrylic Sheet 1220x2440MM

Amber acrylic sheets measuring 1220x2440mm are great for arts, crafts, and more. It can be easily fabricated, cut, formed into the desired shape. Offers optical transparency and excellent impact resistance.

1/8” Translucent Dark Amber Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 1/8” translucent dark amber acrylic sheet is ideal for outdoor signs, creative crafts, and other architectural applications. It is more impact resistant than glasses has good UV and electrical resistance.

Fluorescent Orange Acrylic Sheet

The fluorescent orange acrylic sheet comes in different variations. Very rigid and lightweight to use. It has low water absorption and outstanding resistance to sunlight and weathering.

A3 3MM Amber Acrylic Sheet

A3 3mm amber acrylic sheet possesses excellent optical properties and optimum performance. It’s easy to machine, hot air weld, and glued. These sheets come with a brown and white paper masking on each side, preventing the sheet from minor scratches.

Acrylic Sheet Amber 1000MM x 500MM x 3MM

This acrylic sheet amber measures 1000mm x 500mm x 3mm has innovative grades. It offers unique features that make it applicable in applications and industries.

Amber Cast Acrylic Paper-Masked Sheet

Break-resistant and impact-resistant are among the top properties of amber cast acrylic paper-masked sheets. It has unequaled UV and aging resistance. Possess a high gloss finish.

8MM Amber Acrylic Sheet

This 8mm amber acrylic sheet has limited organic solvent resistance. Can use it in post-processing techniques, including laser cutting, fabrication, machining, and so on. Supplied in solid sheets.

Frosted Amber Acrylic Sheet

The matte finish surface texture adds to the fantastic appearance of the frosted amber acrylic sheet. These sheets let enough light get through to give a bright and open impression.

5MM Amber Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 5mm amber acrylic sheet is a lightweight material that is ten times stronger than glass. It can be cut using different tools like the laser cutter. Ideal for crafts, arts, design, and other fixtures.

Amber 6MM Acrylic Sheet

This amber 6mm acrylic sheet is made to last. Utilizing clear, heavy-duty acrylic, the sheet is formed. It has a faint orange amber colour that is see-through. Ideal for laser cutting.

Gloss Amber Acrylic Sheet 3MM

Gloss amber acrylic sheet measuring 3mm is commonly used in POP displays, signage, artistic, furniture, tinted windows, and other architectural applications. UV-resistant.

Glitter Amber Acrylic Sheet

Our glitter amber acrylic sheet has excellent UV tolerance and the ability to remain largely undamaged by years of light exposure and weather. Ideal for indoor, outdoor and maritime use.

12-Inch Amber Acrylic Sheet

This 12-inch amber acrylic sheet is excellent for crafts, displays, and decorative accents. It’s easy to work and cut with. They can be formed, drilled, sawed, glued, and decorated in any form.

18MM Amber Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 18mm amber acrylic sheet has consistent colors and is water-clear. It has a high-grade surface and planarity and an excellent glossy surface. Acid and alkali resistance is excellent.

Amber Translucent Anti-glare Acrylic Sheet

Amber translucent anti-glare acrylic sheet is designed exclusively for framing to boost screen clarity with over 97% light transmission. Can cut-to-size dimensions as per request.

Amber Pastel Acrylic Sheet

This amber pastel acrylic sheet is a premium-quality sheet with excellent attributes like durability, superior surface hardness, and more. Great for designs, crafts, creative projects, etc.

Amber 1.5MM Acrylic Sheet

Amber 1.5mm acrylic sheet has excellent color consistency allows discerning objects because light goes through it without distortion. Colours come in transparent, solid or opaque, and translucent options.

Amber Acrylic Sheet 8x4

This amber acrylic sheet 8×4 offers superior weather resistance, excellent optical clarity, and rigidity. It has substantial breakage resistance over glasses. Lightweight and easy to cut.

Customize Amber Acrylic Sheet

Can customize amber acrylic sheets of different sizes, shapes, and finishes. These sheets open up endless possibilities for the laser cutter and every crafter. Create signs, wall decor, trinkets, etc.

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Amber Acrylic Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are the Benefits of an Amber Acrylic Sheet?

Amber acrylic sheets possess outstanding properties compared to other transparent materials.

Amber Acrylic Sheet China

The following are benefits of using amber acrylic sheet:

  • Extremely rigid and robust, with 10x more impact resistance than glass
  • Simple to fabricate, formed, mould, machined, and thermoform
  • Easy to bond with solvents and adhesives
  • Possess greater weathering qualities
  • Lighter in weight – weighing half of glass
  • More versatile and certainly cost-effective
  • Scratch-resistant, provide better insulation
  • Outstanding resilience to long-term UV exposure
Does Amber Acrylic Sheet Yellow in the Sun?

Amber acrylic sheets have see-through faint orange amber colour; however, it does not yellow in the sunlight.

It offers many years guarantee on discoloration because it is made from natural gas.

Amber acrylic sheet is one of the few plastics that does not degrade when exposed to UV radiation.

Because it won’t discolor over time, an amber acrylic sheet is perfect for outdoor projects and applications.

What Sizes of Amber Acrylic Sheet are Available?

Amber acrylic sheets are available in various sizes, thicknesses, and dimensions.

amber acrylic supplier

There is a complete list of standard amber acrylic sheets sizes. Below are some of it:

  • 1250mm x 1850mm x 2.5mm
  • 12mm x 24mm x 3mm
  • 150mm x 100mm x 1/8mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 3mm
  • 150mm x 150mm x 3mm

Thicknesses range from 1mm to 12mm.

Have your acrylic sheets cut to size to fit your precise application needs or convenient shipping.

We have a team ready to assist you.

What are Some Amber Acrylic Sheet Applications?

Amber acrylic sheets can be used for a wide range of applications in different industries.

It includes:

  • Arts and Design
  • POP Displays
  • Windows and Skylights
  • Store Fixtures
  • Shelving
  • Signage
  • Framing
  • Architectural Glazing
  • Furniture/ Accessories
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage
  • Commercial and Residential Lighting
  • Wall Features and Art Installations

These sheets are perfect for many other commercial and industrial projects.

What is Amber Acrylic Sheet Made of?

Amber acrylic sheet is a pale orange-amber thermoplastic generated from natural gas.

It comprises Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and Poly Methacrylate (PMMA).

To summarize, because it’s a petroleum-based substance, should avoid petroleum solvents and chemicals at all costs to avoid damaging the surface.

We can make the amber acrylic sheet in two different ways – cast and extruded.

Casting Method

It is a more labor-intensive procedure that takes longer to complete.

Two huge pieces of glass are used as a mold to mold the raw material into a sheet in this approach.

Sheet thickness varies slightly as a result of these production processes.

Extruded Method

Large machinery and automated processes are required.

The procedure is quick, and the final product costs less than casting.

Extruded amber acrylic sheet has additional vacuum forming benefits, making it an excellent general-purpose sheeting.

Its capacity to be machined and produced, however, has some restrictions.

These sheets have advantages in heating, bending, and vacuum shaping. It has superior thickness tolerance, ideal for typical glazing applications.

While cast amber acrylic sheet has more excellent chemical resistance and machining qualities, these features are also available in continuous cast acrylic, which has a more consistent thickness and opacity.

How Long Does Amber Acrylic Sheet Last?

Amber acrylic sheets have a far longer lifespan than glass or other materials.

Compared to other options, it has a higher strength and resistance ability.

Amber acrylic sheets are over 10-20 times stronger than glass, with a longer lifespan and durability.

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