• Opal Acrylic Sheet

Opal Acrylic Sheet

Opal acrylic sheet is a thermosetting plastic material. They are popular for their great surface finish, flatness, and opaque finish. Their formability and weatherability make them useful for creating display cases, displays, signage, lightboxes, and further products. They come in various sizes and shapes. For your product specifications, contact us directly!

Get WeProFab Opal Acrylic Sheet to Satisfy Your Customers

Weprofab opal acrylic sheets are easily shaped, fabricated, and molded into ideal sizes and shapes. They offer excellent resistance to long-term sunlight exposure and weathering. Moreover, they are shock absorbing and provide great optical qualities. This makes them serve multiple applications in various industries.

Premium Quality Opal Acrylic Sheet

Premium quality opal acrylic sheet is highly resistant to weather conditions and damaging UV. They perform well when used for creative projects, crafts, home structures, and displays. They are also made to last.

Custom Size Opal Acrylic Sheet

Custom size opal acrylic sheet is cut into different sizes to fit your application. This sheet has the ability to keep its colors even used for years. Plus, they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Opal Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

Opal acrylic diffuser sheet is available in various shapes and sizes. They can easily be fabricated, shaped, formed, and cut into different sizes. Ideal for creating sun shields, framing, roofing, and many uses.

Opal Gloss Acrylic Sheet

Opal gloss acrylic sheet has top-quality and innovative grades. They own unique characteristics such as break-resistant and impact-resistant. This makes them ideal for fabricating display cases, light boxes, and signage.

White 8MM Opal Acrylic Sheet

White 8mm opal acrylic sheet provides superior characteristics. They feature protection against fingerprints, are scratchproof, and eliminate glare. They are useful for a longer period.

Opal Cast Acrylic Sheet

Opal cast acrylic sheets have a higher gloss finish. This sheet offers great impact resistance, UV resistance, food-safe, and weather resistance. Both are ideal for exterior and interior purposes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Opal Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Opal acrylic sheet is multiple times durable over the glass. They are also lightweight and more robust alternatives. Moreover, they are extremely transparent, enable light to pass through with no curving or bending. On the other side, things are clearly visible. Weprofab opal acrylic sheets can be simply fabricated, cut, drilled, and shaped.

There are various thicknesses and sizes options of opal acrylic sheets. You can choose from full sheet sizes, pre-cut sizes, or custom sizes. Whether you require an opal acrylic sheet for POP display, store fixtures, signage purposes, and more, you can find it all at Weprofab.

Custom Opal Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

Tinted Opal Acrylic Sheet

Tinted opal acrylic sheet is available in custom size, pre-cut measurements, and full-sheet size. They are also easy to clean, fabricate, cut, and shape into desired needs. Their unique properties make them suitable for outdoor uses.

2MM Opal PMMA Acrylic Sheet

The 2mm Opal PMMA acrylic sheet is perfect for crafts, arts, and more projects. They can be easily cut, manufactured, and shaped into the required formation. Provides excellent shatterproof and optical transparency.

Opal Solid Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab opal solid acrylic sheet is suitable for outdoor signage, incredible crafts/arts, and further constructional purposes. They are also more shocking resistant and great UV resistant.

Red Opal Acrylic Sheet

Red opal acrylic sheet is available in various size and thickness choices. They are also lightweight, safer, and tougher to use. Offered with superior resistance to weathering and damaging UV.

Blue Opal Acrylic Sheet

Blue opal acrylic sheets have great optical characteristics and maximum performance. They are machinable, shapeable, and easy to fabricate. They have protection against minor scratches.

Opal Opaque Acrylic Sheet

Opal opaque acrylic sheet offers outstanding features that make them useful in numerous industries and applications. They are also moisture-resistant, UV resistant, and environmentally friendly.

Opal LED Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Impact resistance and break resistance are the top properties of opal LED extruded acrylic sheets. They possess an excellent gloss finish, UV resistance, and aging resistance.

Frosted Opal Acrylic Sheet

A frosted opal acrylic sheet is safer to use. They are non-toxic, BPA-free, and hard to break. They are even considered 30X stronger than glass. This makes them the best choice for making aquariums or balcony glazing.

Fluted Opal Acrylic Sheet

The outstanding finish of fluted opal acrylic sheets makes them stand out in every application. They are thirty times stronger than glass, making them preferable for balcony glazing and making aquariums.

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Why Weprofab Opal Acrylic Sheet

Opal Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Opal acrylic sheet is a durable and top-quality product. This is a thermosetting plastic with nontransparent looks, exceptional flatness, and a great finish.

They allow light pass with 37% light transmission. Therefore, an opal acrylic sheet is ideal for fabrication, display cases, lightboxes, and signage.

Moreover, opal acrylic sheet allows protection against discoloration and weathering. Since maintain daily, they can keep their excellent looks for decades.

And like glass, opal acrylic sheet has also the same thermal efficiency. They are also moisture-resistant and UV-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications.

Opal Acrylic Sheet

Another reason why you should choose our opal acrylic sheet is that they are safer than glass. Since made from acrylic, they are BFA-free, nontoxic, and difficult to break.

They are even considered 30X stronger than glass. These reasons make the opal acrylic sheet more preferred for making aquariums or balcony glazing.

More Advantages of Weprofab Opal Acrylic Sheet:


Opal acrylic sheet is flexible making them suitable for making various products. Their UV-resistant properties allow them to be used outdoor. They could resist heat up to 160 degrees C.

Environmentally Friendly:

Synthetically fabricated, glass-look opal acrylic sheet is affordable to make and acquire. They are best alternative to glass.


Many businesses like retails choose opal acrylic sheets due to their durability and easy-to-maintain properties. They are highly shatterproof and can last for years.


Opal acrylic sheet is reusable. You can use them to create many things, including secondary glazing, shelves, tabletops, plates, and more. Therefore, this is considered as one of the energy-efficient options.

Dishwasher Safe:

Glassware and dishes fabricated using opal acrylic sheets are designed to resist the heat of commercially-made dishwashers.

Opal Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is your reliable supplier and manufacturer of opal acrylic sheets in China. We provide standard or custom-made opal acrylic sheets based on your needs.

So, if you manage a business or have projects that require our products, just message our sales group. Competitive quote sales will be provided for you.

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