• Acrylic Pegboard

Acrylic Pegboard

As a leading producer of acrylic pegboard, WeProFab has professional skills in manufacturing acrylic pegboards with so many types and features. You can create your designs or you can let WeProFab create for you. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Pegboard to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab acrylic pegboards are made with excellent substance. It is perfectly made with lightweight materials which are durably made by modern machines. You can get one of our effective and technologically tested acrylic pegboards.

2 Sided Acrylic Pegboard

2 sided acrylic pegboards are accessible in different features. If you need to purchase urgent, WeProFab will only focus on your operation.

Acrylic Pegboard Manufacturer

WeProFab will be your outstanding supplier and manufacturer for your acrylic pegboard order. We can custom your layout as well.

Acrylic Pegboard Holder

WeProFab acrylic pegboard holders are commonly used in every store for display which is elegant and unique to use. It can also use at home as an organizer.

Clear Acrylic Pegboard

WeProFab clear acrylic pegboard is perfectly made with class materials which are perfect and proven for any display materials.

Custom Acrylic Pegboard

Are you looking for a quality custom made acrylic pegboard? If you are supporting a business, WeProFab will be your great choice.

Mini Acrylic Pegboard

WeProFab is able to supply any sizes of acrylic pegboards for business. whether it is bulk, we will satisfy your business desire.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Pegboard Manufacturer

As we are a joint-venture of WeeTect Material Limited and Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, WeProFab highly offered a one-stop solution. We supplied high-class acrylic pegboards easy to clean, easy to install, and arrange items.

You can trust the quality of our acrylic pegboards since WeProFab is certified internationally. WeProFab passed different certifications in manufacturing because of the excellent services we offer.

Just deal with us for your growing business. We are pleased to help you.

Custom Acrylic Pegboard to Boost Your Business

Acrylic Pegboard Display

Anything you want to display to acrylic pegboards is suitable. It can organize items from the home to retails stores.

Acrylic Pegboard Jewelry Holder

We can help people in business organize jewelry with our fancy acrylic pegboard jewelry holder. Affordable to order and this is perfect for saving a budget.

Acrylic Pegboard Organizer

Find an acrylic pegboard organizer that can bring elegance for any application. It is very suitable for your final application for your project.

Decorative Acrylic Pegboard

WeProFab created amazing decorative acrylic pegboard. We supplied from large acrylic pegboard to smallest pegboards which are perfect for countertops.

Revolving Acrylic Pegboard

WeProFab designed revolving acrylic pegboards that are easy to revolve. Acrylic pegboards are accessible with different characteristics.

Portable Acrylic Pegboard Display

The portable acrylic pegboard displays are suitable for selling headbands and other accessories. They are also rotating for easy access to items. These simple acrylic pegboards are easy to assemble and clean. They are available in various sizes to suit tabletop placements.

Acrylic Rotary Pegboard Display Stand

Acrylic rotary pegboard display stands have floor-standing designs. They are commonly used for hardware stores. Their dimensions, paints, and styles are customizable to fit item applications. Utilizing these acrylic pegboards will save area spaces. 

Acrylic Hanging Pegboard Hook Display

The acrylic hanging pegboard hook displays are ideal for various applications, like restaurants, offices, decorations, cafes, and more. They have optional sizes and hues to suit every item. Their coatings, styles, and logos are customizable.

Acrylic Garage Hardware Pegboard

Acrylic garage hardware pegboards are easy to assemble and hang. These pegboards are durable and affordable material for shops or garage storage. They organize and show-offs the small selling items, like tools. Customizable tints and capacities are available.

Wall-Mounted Acrylic Pegboard

The wall-mounted acrylic pegboards come in various dimensions, depending on customers’ requirements. They are easy to mount and assemble. These acrylic pegboards have incredible versatility that hold huge capacity weights.

One-Sided Acrylic Pegboard

One-sided acrylic pegboards have customizable dimensions and hues with one-inch holes apart. Their acrylic structure makes them have lighter weight, which means they are easy to handle and install. They organized and carried multiple light-selling items at the store.

Acrylic Pegboard with Wood Base

The acrylic pegboards with wood bases have shiny, lightweight, yet not easy-to-break features. They are supported with suitable wood sized for free-standing positions. Earrings, necklaces, and anklets are the main selling items that suit these pegboards.

Multi-Purpose Acrylic Pegboard Organizer

Muti-purpose acrylic pegboard organizers are attached to flat surface walls. They are ideal for various applications, including workplaces, basements, playrooms, dorm rooms, sheds, garages, craft rooms, retail stores, and more. Dimensions and colors are customizable.

Translucent Acrylic Wall Pegboard

The translucent acrylic wall pegboards have durable and rigid strengths that organize multiple items. They have a smooth and excellent appearance, perfect for workshops, craft rooms, basements, closets, and more.

Countertop Revolving Acrylic Pegboard

The countertop acrylic pegboards have nine inched revolving bases yet are customizable. They are suitable materials for showcasing selling products at customers’ eye levels. Sign strips are also attachable on the top of the acrylic pegboards.

Acrylic Pegboard for Plastic Bins

Acrylic pegboards for plastic bins have a high weight capacity. They come in universal bin sizes to suit standard pegboards dimensions. These acrylic pegboards are suitable for pantries, craft desks, retail shop shelvings, hobby rooms, and more.

Large Acrylic Pegboard Organizer Kit

The large acrylic pegboards organizer kits come with various accessories, including screws, cups, bins, pegboard panels, and hooks. They have customizable sizes and colors to suit every customers’ desire. Multiple stocked, selling, or displaying items accommodate.

Frosted Acrylic Pegboard Storage

Frosted acrylic pegboards storages are high-quality materials that can handle numerous items. They have customizable panel thicknesses and depths. Their frosted colors make them emphasize the displays and collected products.

Four-Sided Acrylic Pegboard

The four-sided acrylic pegboards accommodate more displayed products. They are usually placed on tabletops or countertops. These acrylic pegboards have customizable widths, rotation inches, and colors. They feature durability and lighter weight.

Screwed Acrylic Pegboard

Screwed acrylic pegboards are easy to clean materials. They are supported with screws for stable installation. These acrylic pegboards are suitable for crafts, tools, and other collected accessories. Their capacity depends on their specific dimensions.

Torched Acrylic Pegboard Display Stand

The torched acrylic pegboards display stands are easy to assemble and carry heavier items. There are immense sizes and colors options available to suit customers’ tastes. They are easy to handle and perfect for retail store tabletop placements.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Pegboard

WeProFab acrylic pegboards have the capability to hold plenty of items which is easier for everyone to organize their belongings for homes. It is also perfect for a store or retail displays.

For any application, WeProFab acrylic pegboards are able to carry up to 100 pounds of items.

WeProFab acrylic pegboards are perfect for garage, bathrooms, retail stores, garden tools, and many more. It is durable with acrylic or metal hooks.

Acrylic Pegboard

In retail stores, it is perfect for sunglasses, jewelry, slipper organizer, and other items which are not too big.

WeProFab acrylic pegboards are also good for art studios and shops.

Anything you want for these pegboards has many benefits. Whether you need it for your personal business or you need to supply or wholesale, WeProFab acrylic pegboards are perfect. It can be fitted whatever you want to apply or put in there.

If you are a supplier, wholesaler, distributor, or something, WeProFab can handle anything you want t make it successful.

Acrylic Pegboard

Our acrylic pegboards are available and purchasable in different sizes and customization so we can offer you a large number of selections.


WeProFab acrylic pegboards can carry a large number of tools without breaking.

WeProFab acrylic pegboards are easy to install and change locations. Without drilling, WeProFab acrylic pegboards are able to hang effectively.

It is durable and unique to use especially for decorating.

WeProFab acrylic pegboards are offered superior benefits. Acrylic pegboards are versatile yet friendly prices. These types of pegboards are less expensive and negotiable.

Acrylic Pegboard

If you have a project for your business and need large orders of acrylic pegboards for display or something, consider WeProFab. You can search and get what you desire.

WeProFab assured every product’s quality and durability to supply.

Through the help of WeProFab watchful and skilled staff from any services, we fully guide and help our customers for their different operations. We are working and helping customers 24/7 so we can fully support their managed business projects.

Now, if you want to grow your business much more than now, you can trust WeProFab trusted offer. Contact us today and you are free to ask any questions so you can ensure your business is secured. Get in touch!

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