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WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

As one of the leading OEM acrylic dome manufacturers in China, we can fabricate a highly durable acrylic dome according to your own design.

Together with high-performance production equipment, we could offer you awesome domes. Send us your drawings today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Dome to Delight Your Customers

Acrylic domes are fabricated using high-quality acrylic sheets, making them an extremely versatile product. The acrylic domes are lightweight and strong.

In WeProFab, our acrylic domes are available in standard and custom sizes. We can produce any bespoke height or thickness of acrylic sheet upon your request. Also, domes are available in a range of colors and tints, with and without flanges.

WeProFab is one of the professional manufacturers who offered OEM on a different kind of acrylic dome. Whether you need it for branding or business purposes, you are welcome here. WeProFab is ready to work with you.

All acrylic dome has to meet main standards like oHS, REACH, and UL. As an ISO9001 certificated manufacturer, we strictly execute quality control. With WeProFab, you can always find a stress-free shopping experience. Send us your drawing and specifications today!

As one of the professional acrylic dome manufacturers, WeProFab could help you stand out your brand in the marketplace. A one-stop solution for all your acrylic dome challenges. Delight your customers with a great and amazing product.

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Custom Acrylic Dome Products Series

  • Garden Acrylic Dome
    Garden Acrylic Dome

    WeProFab is one of the best acrylic dome manufacturers who offer a product for garden applications. Garden acrylic dome can be custom-made through your own layout.

  • Acrylic Display Dome
    Acrylic Display Dome

    As an acrylic display dome expert manufacturer, WeProFab can custom design products in a way that perfectly showcases your brand; offer a great display of collectibles.

  • Acrylic Dome Skylight
    Acrylic Dome Skylight

    WeProFab’s full capacity on plastic fabrication allows you to find a one-stop solution for all your acrylic dome skylight requirements. This can be customized with additional accessories.

  • Oval Acrylic Dome
    Oval Acrylic Dome

    Weprofab Oval acrylic dome is available in custom material thickness, color, dome height, dome size, and custom flange width. Weprofab uses acrylic because it’s durable and helps the material last longer.

  • Green See-through Acrylic Dome
    Green See-through Acrylic Dome

    Weprofab, as a global leading manufacturer in China, provides easy to clean and durable green see-through acrylic dome. We have over 20 years of fabrication expertise so you can trust us.

  • Camera Replacement Acrylic Dome
    Camera Replacement Acrylic Dome

    Weprofab Camera replacement acrylic dome are manufactured for CCTV cameras purpose. Used for covering outdoor or indoor CCTVs.

  • Acrylic Turn-N-Serve Dome
    Acrylic Turn-N-Serve Dome

    Our series of acrylic turn-n-serve dome offered outstanding focus and clarity. There are wide selections in Weprofab you can purchase for economical prices.

  • Acrylic Self-Closing Door in Dome
    Acrylic Self-Closing Door in Dome

    As a well-known and reliable manufacturer of an acrylic self-closing door in the dome, we can supply you the excellent design for various business purposes.

  • Acrylic Replacement Dome Skylight
    Acrylic Replacement Dome Skylight

    Our acrylic replacement dome skylight is available in various measurements. It offers a strong impact resistance and comes from grey tint, opaque or clear colors. If you want us to handle your specifications, contact us.

  • Acrylic Dome Port
    Acrylic Dome Port

    Acrylic dome port from Weprofab featured anodized aluminum assembly and reliable acrylic components. There are different sizes for the acrylic dome port to support the entire housing process.

  • Acrylic Dome Magnifier
    Acrylic Dome Magnifier

    Weprofab acrylic dome magnifier offers distortion-free. It helps deflect all probable light for easier clarity. Used also to enlarge words on computer screen or on a page. Weprofab has the selections of acrylic dome magnifier, great for low-vision users/customers.

  • Acrylic Dome Diffuser
    Acrylic Dome Diffuser

    Weprofab creates acrylic dome diffusers to diffuse light in a constant way. It performs great light transmissions. Weprofab is your ideal supplier of high-quality acrylic dome diffusers. We offer long-term partnerships as well.

  • Acrylic Display Dome Case
    Acrylic Display Dome Case

    Weprofab acrylic display dome case is made from optical graded materials and clear acrylic plastics. If you`re a retailer, this is perfect for you! It helps you display products and collectibles in the most satisfying ways. Find your ideal finish in Weprofab now!

  • CCTV Acrylic Dome Cover
    CCTV Acrylic Dome Cover

    CCTV Acrylic Dome Cover is an artificial and modern style used in home decoration and environmentally friendly material.

  • Plastic Hemisphere Acrylic Dome
    Plastic Hemisphere Acrylic Dome

    It’s available in clear colors, and sizes can be customized. Plastic Hemisphere Acrylic Dome is used as a dog window with SGS certification.

  • Acrylic Dome
    Large Clear Plastic Acrylic Dome

    Large Clear Plastic Acrylic Dome could be used in arts and collectible uses with 93% transparency. It’s an artificial style with 100℃ Vicat soften temperature.

  • Half Ball Clear Acrylic Dome
    Half Ball Clear Acrylic Dome

    Half Ball Clear Acrylic Dome offers OEM and ODM services with ISO9001:2008 certificate. It features a straightforward process, is chemical-resistant, stain-resistant, and recyclable.

  • Lampshade Transparent Acrylic Dome
    Lampshade Transparent Acrylic Dome

    Lampshade Transparent Acrylic Dome is an acrylic board type, and its purpose is a display stand with transparent color. It features eco-friendly and easy to process.

  • Clear PMMA Acrylic Dome
    Clear PMMA Acrylic Dome

    It could be applied for anything you desire to implement, for example, pet dog fence, skylight window, CCTV cover protection, and more. It has 93% transparency with 5-12 mm thickness.

  • Clear Plastic Acrylic Dome For Crafts
    Clear Plastic Acrylic Dome For Crafts

    It features stable and durable, non-toxic, good electrical insulation, weather resistance, and excellent transparency. It’s a ball and globe product type with RoHS standard.

  • Half Sphere Acrylic Dome Cover
    Half Sphere Acrylic Dome Cover

    Half Sphere Acrylic Dome Cover features eco-friendly and non-toxic products with 3-6mm thickness, but also customizable. It’s a modern style that is applied in home decoration.

  • Large Hollow Transparent Acrylic Dome
    Large Hollow Transparent Acrylic Dome

    Large Hollow Transparent Acrylic Dome accepts OEM and ODM service with high transparency, strong corrosion-resistance, eco-friendly, easy to clean, and non-toxic.

  • Big Hemisphere Acrylic Dome
    Big Hemisphere Acrylic Dome

    Big Hemisphere Acrylic Dome has its high transparency grade has an optical quality of >92% tranparency rate. Its product type is ball and globe with 5-10mm thickness.

  • Half Ball Hemisphere Acrylic Dome
    Half Ball Hemisphere Acrylic Dome

    Half Ball Hemisphere Acrylic Dome has a competitive price, accepts OEM and ODM services, and is high-quality. It can be applied to light bulbs and lampshades.

  • Display Acrylic Half Dome Cover
    Display Acrylic Half Dome Cover

    Display Acrylic Half Dome Cover can be applied everywhere with 3mm thickness. Its color and size are customizable, and it also accepts OEM and ODM services.

  • Acrylic Cake Dome Display
    Acrylic Cake Dome Display

    Acrylic Cake Dome Display features its beautiful appearance that is composed of acrylic plastic lucite crystal plexiglass. Its size and color are customizable.

  • Clear Acrylic Rose Display Dome
    Clear Acrylic Rose Display Dome

    It is obtainable in any shape and size under SGS requirements and has an exquisite modern style. It is simple to wash and clean; wash with soap and a gentle cloth.

  • Black Acrylic Dome Cover
    Black Acrylic Dome Cover

    It has high-quality raw materials, high-gloss and transparent, has long-term use, and is not easy to discolor. Its usage is a home decoration that has ISO certification.

  • Clear Souvenir Acrylic Dome
    Clear Souvenir Acrylic Dome

    Clear Souvenir Acrylic Dome is used for souvenir and holiday gifts with a love theme and artificial style. It has SGS, ISO, CE, and RoHS certification; it accepts OEM and ODM services.

Why WeProFab Acrylic Dome

WeProFab acrylic dome has excellent resistant to any elements. It helps secure your facility. Clear acrylic dome covers are useful in any form, such as display, decorative, functional, and structural uses.

This performed well for skylight and yurts, retail display domes and covers, window to building sites, and much more. WeProFab can design a huge range of acrylic dome sizes and diameters.

Acrylic Dome Skylight

Custom Your Plastic Dome from Small to Large

WeProFab is an acrylic sheet manufacturer; for that reason, we have a great advantage to design acrylic domes. At an affordable cost, you can get a high-end acrylic dome.

In WeProFab, we have high power tools to laser cut acrylic domes efficiently. We can execute the production method professionally with these advanced machines.

WeProFab professional engineers have gained rich expertise and knowledge in designing new, unique, and innovative acrylic domes. For any possible uses, they will develop effective products.

Your acrylic dome could be constructed with other practical accessories. WeProFab can do all production procedures and indeed, offer you one-stop solution.

WeProFab acrylic dome is designed to be flexible; easily pre-engineered to meet the exact specifications and design of customers. For the fast production process, email us now.

For the raw material of the acrylic dome, you have two options, cast acrylic sheet or extruded acrylic sheet. You can choose which one suits your acrylic dome application.

Latest Custom Acrylic Dome Cases

small volume custom acrylic dome
Low Volume White Acrylic Dome

It is used to be very expensive to customize dome in small quantities. Weprofab supports small batch Dome customization at a reasonable price. And make sure the excellent workmanship and the stable delivery time.

We will choose different materials to make mold according to the quantity you need to control the cost. Make sure that the unit price of a single Dome is not too high.


  • Customize small quantity dome
  • Affordable Molding Cost
  • Optional colors

Client requirement

Looking to buy 10 to 30 acrylic domes for machine vision applications.

  • OD with flange – 12″
  • ID – 10.5″
  • Thickness – 3/16″
  • Dome Height – 5.0″
  • Material: White opaque acrylic
big acrylic dome drawing
Big Acrylic Dome Project

Huge acrylic domes are perfect for unlimited uses, they are made of high-quality acrylic sheets. Acrylic domes are very versatile, they are lightweight and strong. The diameter of the dome is the size that is commonly referred to when placing an order. A standard dome height is usually half of the diameter, except that we can customize the size and diameter according to your demand.

Key Feature 

  • Large ranges of sizes and thicknesses.
  • Custom sizes available
  • Flange size can be custom, and holes can be added for easy mounting and installing
  • The flange can be removed if not required
  • Available in several different colors
  • Dome height is half of the diameter


  • Used for skylights
  • Retail decorative domes
  • Covers
  • Windows to building sites
  • Puppy windows
  • Security camera domes
  • Movie and TV Sets
  • Lighting

Weprofab is a Professional Acrylic Dome Manufacturer in China

Weprofab acrylic domes great use for the outdoor wild environment. It provides superior device management, secure thermal seal, and unique architectural elegance. Whether you need acrylic domes to use for security cameras, playgrounds, underwater devices, whatever you want to apply acrylic domes, it is highly durable to use. Each of our acrylic domes is covered by our certification to ISO 9001. As a reliable company, you can always guarantee our quality products.

Our acrylic dome is consistently acknowledged in the industry because of its quality and clarity. When fabricating the acrylic dome we used the highest quality materials and we pay much attention to product details during the process. As a result, we could highly produce and deliver durable domes that will last for a longer time. Our acrylic domes satisfy our client’s expectations.

WeProFab acrylic dome is available in large sizes and thicknesses range to choose from.

Acrylic Dome
Acrylic Dome

Also, the flanges and holes can be custom and added for mounting and installation convenience. WeProFab as a leading acrylic dome manufacturer, we design and develop domes that fit on your applications. Either you need a small acrylic dome, large acrylic dome or standard sizes, we can offer it to you. We offer the best pricing and back it all up with rapid delivery.

WeProFab acrylic dome is being monitored with strict and advanced inspections. All domes are made to half the height of the diameter, yet it can be increased and decrease and upon request. Sturdy acrylic dome and spheres molded in clear acrylic sheets are achievable in WeProFab. Our kind of service is matchless and our range of acrylic dome ensures that whatever the quantity you needed, we can deliver to you on schedule.

Acrylic Display Dome
Acrylic Display Dome

Over the years, WeProFab has been dedicated to providing excellent customer service. By delivering quality products on time and at competitive prices, we are able to be your reliable Plastic fabrication supplier. We provide our customers with unique acrylic dome products to meet exact specifications. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of staff works closely with designers and engineers in forming your ideas into reality.

If you are interested in our acrylic domes, or if you have any questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact WeProFab today.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Dome

Acrylic domes are used in many settings including as displays, windows, and skylights.

This makes them very versatile.

If you have any questions about acrylic domes, you’ve come to the right place.

This ultimate FAQ guide has all the knowledge you need about acrylic domes.

How Can You Clean Acrylic Dome Ports?

You’re likely to find loose acrylic sheet waste left behind after the acrylic dome blowing process is complete.

This waste is usually not sticky or oily.

Use a microfiber cloth to remove waste from the inner surface of the dome.

Clean the outside of the acrylic dome port with detergent and freshwater.

Use imitation chamois or a soft cloth to remove light water spots and dry the outer surface.

What Are Acrylic Domes Used For?

Acrylic domes are used in a variety of applications.

1. Acrylic dome skylights

Acrylic Dome Skylight

 Acrylic Dome Skylight

The acrylic dome skylight affords unmatched architectural elegance, superior water management, and a secure thermal seal that is highly useful in replacing existing skylights.

Custom-made acrylic dome skylights are very popular with suppliers able to match the precise needs of customers.

2. Helmet visors

Helmet Visor

 Helmet Visor

You will find the acrylic dome used extensively in the manufacture of motorcycle helmet visors and spacesuit helmets.

Sizes depend on helmet designs.

The spacesuit helmet can be 9 X 10 inches.

3. Windows& Windshields

Aircraft Cockpit Window

Aircraft Cockpit Window

The transparent enclosure that you find over the cockpit of an aircraft is an acrylic dome with high impact resistance.

Acrylic domes are also extensively used in the manufacture of boat and aircraft windows, motorcycle windshields, and replacement hatch covers of submersibles.

4. Lenses of exterior automobile lights

Exterior Automotive Light Lens

 Exterior Automobile Light Lens

The acrylic dome seals the entire headlight assembly to offer maximum protection against possible impact damage.

Crafted from premium-grade acrylic, these external automobile lenses are made crystal clear to maximize road illumination.

5. Acrylic dome covers

Acrylic Dome Cover

Acrylic Dome Cover

Small, medium, and large acrylic dome covers are used to decorate your homes and offices with enclosed displays and innovations.

The smaller acrylic dome lids are around 4 x 4 inches, medium acrylic domes are 8 x 8 inches, and large domes are 10 inches or more.

6. Acrylic cake stand with dome

Acrylic Cake Stand With Dome

Acrylic Cake Stand With Dome

With acrylic cake stands with dome, you can display cakes, cupcakes, pies, and pastries.

The bottom can be shaped attractively to complement a matching top dome.

Acrylic domes also come with ribbed structures making it easier to carry them.

Additionally, the acrylic dome can be tilted and used as a punch bowl.

7. Acrylic dome for camera

Acrylic Dome for Camera

Acrylic Dome For Camera

The acrylic dome for the camera can sustain a wide-angle view underwater just like a wide-angle lens.

This creates sharper images and allows you to get as close to your subject as possible.

With almost zero percent refraction in acrylic domes, objects seen through the camera lens are not magnified.

8. Acrylic dome for bird feeder

Acrylic Dome Bird Feeder

Acrylic Dome Bird Feeder

The acrylic dome bird feeder is fitted with an ultraviolet-resistant acrylic dome cover.

You can adjust the dome height to accommodate birds of different sizes.

You can also vary the acrylic dome thickness for “bouncing” to upset the balance of squirrels.

Dome dimensions vary according to tray size.

9. Acrylic dome ceiling light

Acrylic Dome Ceiling Light

Acrylic Dome Ceiling Light

The acrylic dome ceiling light is the ideal source for soft, ambient light.

Your acrylic domes for ceiling lights are made to accommodate flush and semi-flush mount, chandelier-style, and pendant ceiling lights.

Design motifs are often incorporated into the dome to create unique aesthetic designs.

10. Acrylic dome magnifier

Acrylic Dome Magnifier

Acrylic Dome Magnifier

You can use acrylic dome magnifiers in your magnifying glasses to view an object.

Most people prefer an acrylic dome magnifier over a glass magnifier, as it is less expensive.

They are easier to handle and lighter than glass.

Designed for distortion-free clarity, most acrylic magnifying glasses today are scratch resistant.

Acrylic dome magnifiers have minimum warping effects and are highly impact resistant.

Are Acrylic Domes Available In Different Colors?

If color is your primary objective, choose your acrylic dome in translucent, transparent, or solid color.

Use white translucent acrylic domes for varying degrees of light transmission.

There are many other shades like gray and transparent bronze as well.

What Type Of Acrylic Domes Are There?

The acrylic dome is primarily chosen over other plastic materials for its capability to sustain long-lasting clarity, irrespective of the location.

· Clear and colourless

Clear Acrylic Dome

 Clear Acrylic Dome

For maximum light transmission and visibility, choose a clear and colourless acrylic dome.

Use this dome in areas where diffusion of daylightor solar heat gain is not important.

· Standard white translucent

White Acrylic Dome

 White Acrylic Dome

You get excellent light diffusion with a standard white translucent acrylic dome.

Visible light transmission is lower and you experience solar energy gain.

· Bronze

Bronze Acrylic Dome

Bronze Acrylic Dome

Light transmission and heat are reduced when you use bronze acrylic domes.

Visibility to the outside is retained.

When viewed through this transmitted daylight, colored objects appear in warm colors due to lower color temperatures.

· Gray

Gray Acrylic Dome

Gray Acrylic Dome

Heat and light transmissions are reduced when you use a gray acrylic dome.

Viewed through this gray acrylic dome in transmitted daylight, colored objects appear in their natural colors.

Why Is The Acrylic Dome Single- Or Double-Glazed?

You can increase impact resistance by single- or double-glazing the acrylic dome.

Glazing facilitates the open design concept to increase cost-efficiency in varied applications.

This table below shows the heat loss and gain with single and double glazed acrylic domes.

3/16” Acrylic

Winter Heat Loss

Summer Heat Gain
15 mph wind

7-1/2 mph wind

Single glazed

Double glazed0.7


What Are The Advantages Of The Acrylic Dome?


Established as one of the finest dome materials, the acrylic dome can be molded to suit your individual requirements.

If you need a custom-made acrylic dome, a computer-controlled vacuum forming machine can create one to exact measurement and quality.

· Increased weathering capability

Your acrylic dome can withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions.

It will look the same even years after it was installed.

· Increased impact resistance

Due to its excellent impact resistance, the acrylic dome will not break under pressure.

· Custom designs are possible

Acrylic domes are easily customizable and you can design your unique acrylic dome.

You can choose the size and color of the acrylic dome according to your needs.

Manufacturers have the capability to design a clear or colored acrylic dome that meets your needs.

· Cost

Acrylic domes are often at a lower cost compared to other materials but are still very high quality.

What Are Things To Consider When You Buy Your Acrylic Dome?

1. You may experience the challenge of fitting your existing dome structure with a new acrylic dome.

For example, you may need a custom-made acrylic dome where rooms and divisions within the existing dome structure are not available.

2. If you are into building acrylic domes for existing square homes, getting hold of the right supplier will streamline the process of manufacturing custom-made domes.

3. Where condensation takes place between domes in a double-dome skylight, choosing transparent double domes may raise objections.

How Can You Make Acrylic Domes?

Made from amazingly versatile polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheet material, the acrylic dome is weather-resistant and maintenance-free.

It is formed with the application of easy and quick pressure.

The acrylic sheet is first softened in a toaster oven.

It is them clamped down within the chamber, and low-pressure air inflates this sheet to form a dome.

What Type Of Material Is Best Used For Acrylic Domes?

The acrylic sheet must be dimensionally stable throughout the production process without uneven thickness or bubbles.

Cast acrylic sheets are best suited to form the dome.

Avoid using extruded sheets, as the blowing process will leave inferior surfaces behind.

How Can You Blow An Acrylic Dome?

The acrylic sheet is first heated slowly and evenly in a standard house oven to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You then place on a baffle fitted on a preheated ringed surface made of heavy gauge steel.

The acrylic sheet is held in place by preheated clamps.

To avoid problems with the formed shape, make sure the sheet cannot move within the clamps.

Compressed air is then blown through a nozzle at the centre of the baffle to form the acrylic dome.

The pressure required to blow the dome is directly proportional to the sheet thickness and surface area.

If the surface area increases, you need less pressure.

If a thicker acrylic sheet is used, more pressure is needed to blow the dome.

The acrylic sheet begins to form a bubble when compressed air is blown from below.

You can control the pressure through a limit switch that is wired into the pressure valve.

This limit switch deactivates the pressure valve when the bubble touches it.

As the bubble touches the limit switch, it reacts to the reduced pressure and shrinks back away from the limit switch.

You get the required acrylic dome height when the bubble cools down.

What Is A Cast Acrylic Dome?

A cast acrylic dome is a hemispherical dome cast to specified dimensions.

It is then mated along with a metallic mounting flange usually on to a surface ship hull and serves as an impact-resistant undersea observation chamber.

Cast acrylic domes are also used in hyperbaric chambers, deep submergence vehicles, pressurized aquariums, and ocean-bottom habitats.

How Long Do Acrylic Domes Last In The Sun?

The acrylic dome made of clear thermoplastic has about 92% transparency making it an effective conductor rather than an insulator.

However, you must take into account the fact that the acrylic dome will expand and contract three times more than glass or metal.

For example, a 48-inch panel will contract and expand almost 0.002” for every 1 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature.

Are Acrylic Domes Cold Resistant?

The acrylic dome can be a good insulator with efficient glazing.

Depending on the manufacturing process, the acrylic dome will prevent cold air from entering your home to some extent.

How Thick Should Your Acrylic Dome Be?

Depending on usage, the acrylic dome can range from one-tenth of an inch to a nominal one inch with or without glazing.

How Can You Remove Scratches From An Acrylic Dome?

Depending on the usage, the acrylic dome port can develop scratches, especially in underwater research equipment.

Use an acrylic restoral kit containing micro mesh to remove both shallow and deep scratches from the port.

The kit usually consists of 9 different grades of micro-mesh sand paper (high-grade wet and dry), anti-static cream, detergent, polishing paste, cloth, and pad.

The process starts by sanding the acrylic dome surface with the micro-mesh paper, moving from one grade to the other.

The vendor instruction sheet may give you instructions on these.

Sand the surface in straight lines for each grade.

Flush the surface with clean water and the included detergent.

Use included cloth to dry the surface before the next step.

Rotate your acrylic dome to around 120 degrees and use the next grade of micro-mesh sand paper.

After the sanding process, clean the surface.

When the surface is free from scratches, apply the included polish.

Complete the process by applying the included anti-static cream.

What Is The Difference Between Polycarbonate And Acrylic Domes?

Polycarbonate Dome

Polycarbonate Dome

Both acrylic and polycarbonate domes look similar and are popular choices.

Here are the basic differences between the two.

· Color

The acrylic dome is a clear winner over polycarbonate with its varying color ranges for multiple applications.

Acrylic sustains clarity, while polycarbonate is known to diminish in color.

· Transparency

Acrylic and polycarbonate domes can have a completely transparent look.

As time goes by, the polycarbonate dome loses its transparency with the appearance of a yellow hue.

· Maintenance

Cleaning acrylic and polycarbonate domes can be tricky.

You need the right equipment and training to maintain these dome structures.

The acrylic dome is more scratch-resistant compared to the polycarbonate dome and is able to withstand sturdier cleaning procedures.

However, abrasive cleaners and solvents are likely to damage both acrylic and polycarbonate domes.

· Damage resistance

Both have excellent resistance against impact, but polycarbonate domes score over acrylic domes when it comes to resistance values.

The impact resistance of a polycarbonate dome is 30 times more than that of a glass dome.

In comparison, the acrylic dome has 10 to 24 times more impact resistance than a glass dome.

· Applications

The acrylic dome is used in areas where aesthetics, light and color transmission are important.

Polycarbonate is chosen to cover larger surface areas, because of its better impact resistance.

For example, acrylic is suitable for skylights at home, while polycarbonate is used in large and inaccessible dome structures and to cover playing surfaces.

· Cost

If the budget for your dome is restricted, then it’s easier for you to choose the acrylic dome.

Surprisingly, the polycarbonate base material is almost three times costlier than acrylic.

What Is The Difference Between Glass And Acrylic Domes?

Glass Dome

 Glass Dome

Glass domes are also very frequently compared with acrylic domes, especially in underwater photography.

The below illustrate the differences between the two materials.

· Durability

Glass domes are more scratch-resistant compared to acrylic domes.

However, scratches on acrylic domes can be easily repaired with polishing kits unlike glass domes.

· Weight

Glass domes are much heavier than acrylic domes.

However, this also means they tend to be better balanced and weighted when they are used underwater.

Acrylic domes may tilt due to the buoyancy of the port.

· Clarity

Both acrylic domes and glass domes have similar optical clarity.

This is especially important if you are doing underwater photography with acrylic domes or glass domes.

However, glass is better for handling light flares from the sun.

Acrylic domes may have reflections from light flares in underwater photos.

· Depth

Acrylic domes can handle deeper depths of 150m compared to glass. Glass can only handle up to 100m of depth.

Domes may have depth ratings if they are used for underwater photography.

Larger domes also tend to have lower maximum depths.

· Shedding of water

Underwater Split Shot

Underwater Split Shot

Glass domes shed water better which means they are better for taking split shots with half the shot above water and half the shot underwater.

This is because water runs over glass better.

However, acrylic domes can still be used for taking such shots.

· Cost

The acrylic dome is much less costly compared to the glass dome.

Acrylic domes can be almost half the cost of glass domes of a similar size.

In What Sizes Are Acrylic Dome Skylights Available?

Acrylic dome skylights come in various sizes depending on what you are using them for.

Sizes differ for residential homes and commercial properties like warehouses and office buildings.

Though acrylic domes as large as 8 x 8 feet are available, custom domes can be manufactured to match existing skylight curb dimensions.

What Is Acrylic Dome With Flange?

Acrylic Dome with Flange

Acrylic Dome with Flange

You can directly place a clear acrylic dome with flange over food and decorative items.

The flange along the perimeter of the dome allows for ease of mounting.

For fixed mounts, the flange is screwed down on a counter flange.

How Do You Install Your Flat Roof Acrylic Dome Skylight?
  1. Begin by measuring the size of your skylight.
  2. Place the acrylic dome skylight on your flat roof and screw it down to hold it in place.
  3. Seal the edges. Use standard sealant all around the skylight to close any gaps that still remain.
How Can You Replace Acrylic Dome Skylights?

You can simply dismantle a curb mount skylight, note the acrylic dome dimensions, order the replacement, and then re-assemble the skylight.

Can Acrylic Domes Crack?

In most cases, the acrylic dome cracks when the heat treatment process during manufacture is incomplete or incorrect.

The manufacturer must ensure that normalizing and annealing take place at the right temperatures during the machining, bonding, and polishing processes.

Can Acrylic Domes Act As Effective Sound Barriers?

The acrylic dome demonstrates sound loss characteristics similar to those of glass.

With better impact resistance than glass, acrylic domes can be manufactured for noise reduction in areas where safety is also a concern.

How Long Does The Acrylic Dome Last?

With specified cleaning and maintenance, the acrylic dome can last for 10 years or more.

Unlike polycarbonate, acrylic does not develop a yellow hue. It comes from natural gas and is completely inert as a solid.

Can The Acrylic Dome Be Welded?

Usually transparent in nature, plexiglass solvent must be used to weld two acrylic domes together.

Are There Acrylic Dome Displays?

Acrylic Dome Display

Acrylic Dome Display

Yes, there are acrylic dome displays available.

You can find them available in different sizes ranging from 100 mm even up to 1800 mm.

Choose your display in standard shape or get it custom-made to showcase your unique display.

Maximum and consistent clarity is sustained using a high-grade acrylic dome.

Are There Acrylic Dome Used For CCTVs?

Acrylic Dome for CCTV

 Acrylic Dome For CCTV

Yes, there is. The acrylic dome for CCTV is made of clear acrylic material to sustain maximum clarity.

It allows transparency 94% or more making it the preferred choice for CCTV camera enclosures.

The distortion factor can be sustained at less than 0.16% resulting in high-definition images.

You can find acrylic dome for CCTV available in different sizes.

They are also very lightweight and compact.

Can You Use Acrylic Dome In Fish Domes?

Acrylic Fish Dome

 Acrylic Fish Dome

You can find acrylic fish domes in varied sizes to hold different kinds of fish.

Acrylic domes serve as hanging fish bowls.

The floating fish dome is often fitted to a float, so you can see the fish appear inside the dome.

You can view your fish clearly as the acrylic dome is made of crystal-clear material.

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