• Luer Lock Needle

Luer Lock Needle

WeProFab is a dedicated Chinese Luer Lock Needle manufacturer and supplier for more than 20 years. We are experts in manufacturing Luer Lock Needle products. Find the best quality products from our wide variation of Luer Lock Needle. All of these are importantly used for medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Get WeProFab Luer Lock Needle to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab guarantees the Luer Lock Needle quality at the best price. For many years in the manufacturing industry, we aim to provide a one-stop-shop solution for all your needs.


Disposable Luer Lock Syringe with Needle

WeProFab is a major manufacturer of disposable Luer Lock Syringe with Needle in China. We have a wide range of disposable Luer Lock needles with high-quality at competitive prices.

27G Blunt Luer-Lock Needle

Our 27G Blunt Luer-Lock Needles are compatible with any standard hypodermic syringes. These are easy to use, safer and high-class.

Blunt Tip Luer Lock Needle

Blunt Tip Luer Lock Needle has great featuressuch as Sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic. WeproFab manufacture with CE and ISO standards to meet all your requirements.

16ga Blunt tip luer-lock needle

Best for all-around applications, 16ga Blunt tip Luer-lock needle fits all of our Luer-Lock syringes. Weprofab delicately-design Luer-lock needle to boom your business.

Blunt-end Luer Lock Syringe Needles

Our Blunt-end Luer Lock Syringe Needles are available in various gauges, with a needle length of 0.5″ (12.7 mm). This is specifically useful in microfluidics, avoiding any injuries while working with syringe pumps.

Luer Lock Hub Needle

WeProFab is a trusted Luer Lock Hub Needle manufacturer in China. Luer Lock Hub Needle comes in various sizes that are customizable according to your needs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Luer Lock Needle Manufacturer

As a leading Luer Lock Needle Manufacturer, WeProFab has the complete capabilities in providing excellent products to all customers throughout the world. Our professional manufacturing services are equipped with mature and advanced technologies to perfect your business.

We offer a wide variety of products available to you. All Luer lock needles are manufacture to ensuring safeness and a leak-free connection between a syringe and the needle. We passed ISO, CE, and FDA certifications and now cooperating with popular brands worldwide. Will you be the next?

As a China Luer lock needles manufacturer, we offer the best quality medical products useful in various industries, whether applied for industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, vet, or any other applications, you can always count on WeProFab!

Custom Luer Lock Needle to Boost Your Business

Poly Propylene Slip Hub Needle

If you are looking for a high-quality and safe Poly Propylene Slip Hub Needle, WeProFab is your best choice! We offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Safety Luer Lock Needle

Safety Luer Lock Needle is available in size: 16G–30G.  This is also available in various outer diameter, color code, and length.

14g Luer Lock Needle

14g Luer Lock Needle from Weprofab is a kind of needle with sharp and strong features. These are disposable, DEPH-free, latex-free, silicone-free, and styrene-free.

18g Luer Lock Needle

Our 18g Luer Lock Needle suitable for a wide variety of applications in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and medical purposes.WeProfab offers a complete range of Luer Lock Needle from 14gauze to 30gauze Luer Lock Needle.

22g Luer lock needle

22g Luer lock needles are FDA and CE approved. WeProfab provides a Luer lock needle with the best quality at an affordable rate.

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Why WeProFab Luer Lock Needle

Luer Lock Needle

Are you in need of a luer lock needle for your business or any applications? You can call on Weprofab. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of luer lock needle in China. Many clients trusted us in providing all kinds of medical needles with safety precautions including luer lock needle.

Using advanced technology, Weprofab develop outstanding quality luer lock needle. Our raw materials utilized in the fabrication of luer lock needle are guaranteed safe, reliable, and high-quality.

Weprofab luer lock needles are accessible in various bevel designs, gauge sizes, lengths, features, and properties. All types of luer lock needle are available in Weprofab. You can choose whether from disposable luer lock syringe with needle, blunt tip luer lock needle, 16ga blunt tip luer-lock needle, luer lock hub needle, and so on.  Plus, we offer luer lock needles customizations with your own specifications. Just send your requirements and we will do the perfect process.

Luer Lock Needle

Our series of Weprofab luer lock needles are designed compatible with our Luer Lock syringes. It controlled by a series of universal standards which ensures compatibility.

Aside from Luer Lock needle, we also provide the broad range of injection solutions, including Luer lock syringe, Luer lock syringe with needle, 1ml sterile syringe, hypodermic needle, sterile syringe with needle, and so on.

Weprofab is capable of fabricating the best quality Luer Lock needle and offers good and reliable services. With a dedication to developing solutions, we can provide your need especially in Luer lock needle sourcing. Our 20 years rich experience helps us to know-how and be a professional in this field.

Luer Lock Needle

As a one-stop-shop provider, we are proud to produce products that will improve medical discovery, medical diagnostics, and delivery of care. Our quality products are widely appreciated in the field of clinics, hospitals, and other medical industries around the world

Whether you`re a Luer Lock needle supplier, distributor, wholesaler, Weprofab can always satisfy your necessities. We are composed of professional engineers, researchers, and skilled workers, committed to fabricate second-to-none Luer Lock needle products.

Contact us today for more information about Weprofab Luer Lock needle. We are so pleased to help you find your ideal Luer Lock needle.


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