• Polycarbonate Corner Guard

Polycarbonate Corner Guards

In China, WeProFab is one of the leading polycarbonate corner guard manufacturers. You can get plenty of designs, colors, and types of materials. We ensure to help you get the ideal corner guard design suitable for your final applications. You can design and send your drawings to us now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Corner Guards to Delight Your Customers

As your professional producer, WeProFab ensures to provide polycarbonate corner guard designs and other selections based on your demands. We have listed some important samples below to help you get more ideas so you can choose easier for your needs. We can help you boost your business and construction needs. Message us immediately!

Adhesive Polycarbonate Corner Guard

Our adhesive polycarbonate corner guard is commonly used for different applications, especially for corners. It has accuracy and characteristics that make it easier to use in some applications.

Clear Polycarbonate Corner Guard

WeProFab clear polycarbonate corner guard allows your decoration to show through since it has excellent clarity and durability makes it ideal for the high-impact environment.

Mounting Polycarbonate Corner Guard

At WeProFab, the mounting polycarbonate corner guard will also make your job easier. It is accessible in high-quality, sturdy, easy to install, and affordable costs.

Non-flammable Polycarbonate Corner Guard

Our non-flammable polycarbonate corner guard has good heat resistance and can be combined with flame retardant materials. It also passed different severe flammability tests.

Polycarbonate Corner Guard Manufacturer

WeProFab is one of the best polycarbonate corner guard manufacturers in China. We can fabricate and do a better polycarbonate corner guard for your business and construction needs.

Polycarbonate Corner Guard Set

Our polycarbonate corner guard set will make your job easy and it provides troubleshooting tips. It also provides a complete corner guard set so you can easily achieve your designs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Corner Guards Manufacturer

As a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese Local fabricator manufacturer, we offer you a one-stop shop for metal and plastic fabrication. Our polycarbonate corner guards are perfect for commercial and construction.

We have lots of types in our polycarbonate corner guards such as clear polycarbonate corner guards, non-flammable polycarbonate corner guards, polycarbonate corner guards set, polycarbonate table corner guards, pin-on polycarbonate corner guards, and so on.

WeProFab can assure you to have a better product using our polycarbonate corner guards. As WeProFab is CE certified, we manage the quality of our products and assure you to have the best quality.

Custom Polycarbonate Corner Guards to Expand Your Brand

Adjustable Polycarbonate Corner Guard

If you want to have an adjustable polycarbonate corner guard for your business, WeProFab is your best fabricator for that. Corner guards are affordable.

Polycarbonate Chair Corner Guard

If you need an affordable corner guard, we have plenty to offer. Having a nice corner for chair adds a nice look but using our polycarbonate chair corner guard makes a better look.

Polycarbonate Decorative Corner Guard

If you want to have a decorative corner guard, the WeProFab polycarbonate decorative corner guard is perfect for you.

Polycarbonate Table Corner Guard

If you want to have a perfect corner for your table, the WeProFab polycarbonate table corner guard is just right for you. It is quality that offer a lower rates.

Transparent Polycarbonate Corner Guard

WeProFab provides a variety of colors for your polycarbonate corner guard and it is accessible in tough and low-costs. We can let you design it for you.

3mm Polycarbonate Corner Guide

3mm polycarbonate corner guide is naturally transparent, and amorphous in form. Offers increased fire resistance ability and can also be transformed into various forms. The surface is less susceptible to scratching.

5mm Polycarbonate Corner Guide

A 5mm polycarbonate corner guide is the most versatile type of wall protection. Can be installed at any point during the building’s lifespan. Provides an economic option for wall protection without sacrificing quality.

90° Polycarbonate Corner Guide

90° polycarbonate corner guide is widely available for hotels, medical facilities, and other commercial buildings. Available in a variety of widths and options. Commonly used for unconventional corners.

Adjustable Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Adjustable polycarbonate corner guide is delivered with standard heights. Often used for offices, educational facilities, and corners in commercial buildings. Manufactured from long-lasting polycarbonate.

Black Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Black polycarbonate corner guide is a strong plastic material that withstands shattering upon impact. A multifaceted option for numerous everyday applications. Provides indestructible protection for wall corners.

Brown Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Brown polycarbonate corner guide is powerfully durable and perfect for high-impact environments. Designed to blend in with any décor and can be ordered with self-stick tape. Available in brown color.

Clear Adjustable Polycarbonate Corner Guide

A clear adjustable polycarbonate corner guide is one of the most impact-resistant plastics available. This will not shatter upon impact and is available in standard and custom lengths. Highly adjustable.

Clear Flexible Polycarbonate Corner Guide

A clear flexible polycarbonate corner guide has superior dimensional stability and good thermal properties. Structured using a heat-resistant, transparent, and lightweight material. Almost unbreakable.

Coated Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Coated polycarbonate corner guide is heavy-duty protection for any wall corners. Good at concealing scrapes on the corner guard due to its dark color. The texture is smooth and shiny. Built with high optical clarity.

Colored Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Colored polycarbonate corner guide has a solid reputation as a durable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective material. Widely used in the architecture and construction industry. Capable to withstand high temperatures.

Decorative Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Decorative polycarbonate corner guide is extensively used in roofing. A lightweight thermoplastic polymer that has a very high tensile strength value. Has a wide range of applications in different industries.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Impact-resistant polycarbonate corner guide is a versatile material with a myriad of applications. Widely used in industrial roof lights, commercial, and residential buildings. Built with a low-cost value and high durability.

Wall Polycarbonate Corner Guide

Wall polycarbonate corner guide offers a high level of design flexibility. Available in different variants and different sets. Made up of high-quality thermoplastic that allows a high degree of light transmission.

White Polycarbonate Corner Guide

White polycarbonate corner guide offers excellent impact resistance and offers a long service life. Beautifully designed and can withstand thermal and chemical changes. Offers aesthetic enhancement.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Corner Guards

Want to have a perfect corner for your construction is not easy, here’s the great news! WeProFab polycarbonate corner guards can do better for every construction and business. Since we are exceeding 20years in the industry, we can guarantee you the best and high-quality polycarbonate corner guards products for you.

We have different types of polycarbonate corner guards that are suitable for your needs. We have a mounting polycarbonate corner guard, clear polycarbonate corner guard, non-flammable polycarbonate corner guard, polycarbonate corner guard set, adhesive polycarbonate corner guard set, and more.

We can assure you to have the best quality since our polycarbonate corner guard products are made with polycarbonate material.


Polycarbonate Corner Guard

WeProFab polycarbonate corner guard has a wide range of applications for your business and construction. It can provide you with a guide which you can easily work and has a better end result.

It has light impact resistance, a clear appearance, and gives a small amount of design interruption. It is also accessible at sturdy and affordable costs.

Our polycarbonate corner guard is highly good heat resistance. Using our polycarbonate corner guard in working around a corner the sheets will not overlap.

WeProFab provides different polycarbonate corner guard that specifically suits your needs like polycarbonate table corner guard, polycarbonate chair corner guard, pin-on polycarbonate corner guard, polycarbonate decorative corner guard, and transparent polycarbonate corner guard.


Polycarbonate Corner Guard

If you want to have a polycarbonate corner guard for your business and construction, WeProFab is your best fabricator for that. We can give the best and high-quality polycarbonate corner guard products since we utilize our newest machinery types of equipment.

As ISO 9001 certified, we control and manage the quality of our products before transporting them to our customers.

We also strictly follow the scheduled time of our delivery and give the best and friendly services to our customers.

WeProFab will be glad to assist with your business progression. For further information or questions about our polycarbonate corner guard products, you can free to message us and get a quick response from us.

Polycarbonate Corner Guard Manufacturer

Polycarbonate Corner Guards: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Polycarbonate corner guards are protective materials made from polycarbonate thermoplastic material designed for protecting finished corner surfaces.

In some instances, they are known as polycarbonate corner protectors since they are primarily designed to protect various corner surfaces.

This guide discusses different elements concerning these items such as types, advantages, factors to consider when buying, applications, etc.

What Makes Polycarbonate The Best Material For Corner Guards?

A Polycarbonate Corner Guard

Polycarbonate Corner Guards

Naturally, polycarbonate material is derived from a wide range of natural substances such as petroleum and gas.

This makes it an ideal thermoplastic material for making corner guards since it exhibits the following features;

  • Immense tensile strength – Polycarbonate is fundamentally strong and thus can endure harsh mechanical and environmental conditions.
  • Highly durable – Since it is strong, it can last for a long given that it has superior resistance to various environmental and mechanical elements.
  •  Easy to fabricate – Polycarbonate has a soft surface material making it easy to modify to create desirable designs.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability – The surface material of polycarbonate can hardly alter irrespective of temperature level it is exposed to.
  • Non-corrosive – It exhibits exceptional resistance to different chemical compounds thus can be used in applications exposed to aggressive substances.
  • Attractive – Polycarbonate yields quite nice-looking corner guards, which is vital in adding aesthetic value to the different applications.

In essence, polycarbonate material offers various incredible features making it the most suitable thermoplastic material for making corner guards.

Polycarbonate Offers Incredible Features For Making Corner Guards

Polycarbonate Offers Incredible Features For Making Corner Guards

What Are The Best Techniques For Fabricating Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

Since polycarbonate material used for making such corner guards is relatively soft, it means you can use various machining techniques to mold it.

However, the most suitable fabricating method is dependent on the specific desired design and surface finish.

Ordinarily, the commonly used polycarbonate fabrication techniques include the following;

  • Drilling – It entails creating a hole on new holes on the surface of this item to allow for driving screws to wall surface during installation.
  • Grinding – This machining technique involves using a grinding machine to remove unwanted pieces from polycarbonate corner guard pieces.
  • Polishing – It is a process of making the surface material of this component relatively smooth and shiny by rubbing it.
  • Cutting – This process simply involves reducing the size of a polycarbonate corner guard piece to attain a required dimension.
  • Welding – It is a fabrication technique for joining polycarbonate corner guards using high heat to melt and fuse the parts before cooling.

Notably, it is imperative to consider a professional for polycarbonate corner guards’ fabrication services.

It is the ideal way of guaranteeing you best results and ensuring you attain the necessary performance when using these corner protectors.

What Features Do Ideal Polycarbonate Corner Guards Have?

Given that polycarbonate is among the preferred materials for making corner guards, it implies it exhibits a number of unique features.

Some of these properties include the following;

Excellent Thermal Resistance

Polycarbonate corner guards have immense resistance to high temperatures.

Ideally, the base material is often regarded as slow-burning thus suitable as corner guards even in industrial applications.

It implies they can hardly melt since they can endure temperatures of up to 300° C.

Incredible Impact Strength

Naturally, polycarbonate is derived from natural components exhibiting high strength features.

As such, polycarbonate corner guards have immense impact resistance and can withstand mechanical pressure without cracking or breaking.


These items exhibit outstanding resistance to different chemical substances.

Thus, you can be confident these items will never corrode due to exposure to chemical materials.

Exceptional Optical Clarity

A typical polycarbonate material permits a significant amount of light to pass through it.

Ideally, this is imperative because it makes it relatively attractive, which adds aesthetic value.


Polycarbonate corner guards are stiff, an implication they have outstanding resistance to deformation.

In essence, these components can hardly lose dimensional stability irrespective of environmental and mechanical conditions they are exposed to.

Ideal Polycarbonate Corner Guards Offer Exceptional Clarity That Makes Them Attractive

Ideal Polycarbonate Corner Guards Offer Exceptional Optical Clarity That Makes Them Attractive

What Are The Alternative Materials To Consider For Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

They are quite a number, and in many instances, the suitability is based on various factors.

Nevertheless, the common materials for corner guards you may consider in place of polycarbonate include the following;


Polyvinyl chloride is a naturally flexible, brittle, and rigid synthetic polymer plastic.

It is an ideal alternative choice for polycarbonate corner guards since it presents various effective features for such items.

PVC Corner Guard

PVC Corner Guard


This is an amorphous thermoplastic material the exhibits incredible impact resistance, stiffness, and durability.

You can use it to make corner guards in place of polycarbonate since it guarantees great performance.

 Polyetheylene Terephthalate Glycol- PETG Corner Guard

Polyetheylene Terephthalate Glycol- PETG Corner Guard


In some instances, it is known as PMMA or plexiglass.

It is also amorphous thermoplastic material, which is quite transparent and relatively similar to polycarbonate.

Acrylic, like polycarbonate, exhibits a wide range of essential characteristics suitable for making formidable corner guards.

Clear Acrylic Corner Guard

Clear Acrylic Corner Guard

Which Quality Standard Should Polycarbonate Corner Guards Conform To?

Quite several, but in many instances, the specific quality standard is dependent on the country or region of destination.

For instance, America, Europe, and Asia all have different quality standards, which these items need to comply with.

Nevertheless, some quality standards are applicable and acceptable worldwide, which include the following;

  • ISO 9001

It is a quality standard certification authored and approved by International Standards Organization (ISO).

Ideally, this standard covers various elements concerning these items, such as design, manufacturing, and installation among others.

Thus, all aspects surrounding design, production, and installation of these corner guards must conform to specific end-user requirements.

  • ANSI/ASSE Z590.3

This particular quality standard ensures polycarbonate corner guards conform to required specifications.

In essence, some core areas these items must conform to include design, re-design, production, and installation.

  • IEC 60601-1

It is a standard stipulating these corner guards provide most suitable safety levels and meet the necessary application requirements.

  • RoHS

This quality standard reiterates the significance of using approved polycarbonate corner guards to avert hazardous incidences.

  • CE Mark certification

It is a quality standard certification allowing only mandatory compliance for polycarbonate corner guards sold in European region.

Essentially, it validates compliance with stipulated European community policies.

How Do Polycarbonate Corner Guards And Acrylic Corner Guards Compare?

Notably, polycarbonate and acrylic are the main thermoplastic materials used for making different corner guard items.

These two materials exhibit more or less similar features making them ideal considerations for corner guards.

On most grounds, acrylic and polycarbonate corner guards tend to portray similar characteristics with marginal differences, if any.

For instance, acrylic and polycarbonate corner protectors are both extremely strong, thus portraying excellent impact resistance.

Also, corner guards made from these two materials are dimensionally stable and non-reactive.

High temperatures can hardly change their dimensions, and their respective surface materials can never corrode when exposed to chemical substances.

Acrylic and polycarbonate corner guards also have excellent optical clarity since they have surface materials that allow adequate light to pass through.

Besides, you can easily fabricate acrylic and polycarbonate corner guards since the surface materials are relatively soft.

The only major difference is that acrylic corner guards tend to have better resistance to scratches than polycarbonate corner guards.

Also, acrylic protectors are a bit affordable than polycarbonate ones.

Thus, you can always use acrylic corner protectors in place polycarbonate corner guards.

You Can Easily Use Acrylic Corner Protectors In Place Of Polycarbonate Ones

You Can Easily Use Acrylic Corner Protectors In Place Of Polycarbonate Ones

Why Should You Consider Clear Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

Installing these corner protectors on your corner surfaces provide a wide range of advantages such as follows;

  • Prevent injuries among pets and toddlers within the household, especially when running and playing in case of accidents.
  • Protect your property from damage likely to arise from machinery averting incidences of unnecessary repairs.
  • Strengthen the corner surfaces, which are seemingly the most vulnerable spots in a building.
  • Prevent the corner surfaces from scratches, cracks, dents, and chips among others.
  • You can find them in different design varieties, making it easy to find the most suitable one for your taste and preference.
  • They add exceptional aesthetics and a touch of class to the overall design of your space, and this increases the value of the property.

Is There Recommended Wall Thickness For Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

Not necessarily.

However, there is a gauge thickness, which is technically the standard measurement used in determining the ideal size of the corner guard.

Simply put, it means different polycarbonate corner protectors’ installations require different wall thicknesses.

The different standard gauge thicknesses recommended for this component include the following;

.060” thick (regarded as heavy-duty)

.048” thick (regarded as medium duty)

.036” thick (regarded as light duty)

.030” thick (ideal for decorative and light traffic applications)

What Are The Suitable Design Considerations For Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

It is always imperative to look into different design factors when manufacturing polycarbonate corner guards.

The essence is to enhance production of high-quality items, which meet the industrial and customer standards accordingly.

Some of these design considerations include the following;

  • Ensure the design of these corner guards eliminates any possibility of dirt traps. It helps in maintaining hygiene and makes it easy to clean the corner protectors.
  • Establish the right thickness for the polycarbonate corner protector depending on the specific application.
  • For decorative polycarbonate corner guards where electricity connection is integrated, ensure earthing is done appropriately. It prevents hazardous incidents arising from build-up of static electricity.
  • If you are using polycarbonate corner protectors that require fasteners, ensure you go for one with right specifications. Such pins come in handy in improving impact resistance of these items.

What Makes Polycarbonate Corner Guards Unbreakable?

The base material for manufacturing these protectors is derived from a combination of different natural compounds such as petroleum and gases.

Often, these compounds have strong molecules, which make up solid bonds thus difficult to break down easily.

In essence, the molecular bond of polycarbonate material used for making corner guards is strong; thus, the items are unbreakable.

Besides, during manufacturing process of these corner protectors, several additives are integrated into the material to reinforce the natural strength.

You will thus find that the final product is quite strong since all the strength additives are incorporated to ensure the items hardly break.

A typical polycarbonate corner guard is about 250-300 times stronger than fiberglass material of similar dimensions.

Thus, it is quite clear the reasons why these corner guards would hardly break even when subjected to immense impact.

How Do You Select The Best Polycarbonate Corner Guards To Use?

You need to look into several elements to find the most suitable polycarbonate corner protectors.

Such features include the following;

  • Specific type of corner guard – These corner protectors are available in various styles and are suited for different applications. Thus, you need to ensure you find the right one that fits your application demands.
  • Quality of polycarbonate material – Polycarbonate is available in various quality grades. Hence, it is imperative to consider the specific grade and ensure it meets your taste, preference, and application requirements.
  • Customization needs – In some instances, you would need custom polycarbonate corner guards to match your application demands. Thus, ensure the customization is appropriately done using the ideal technique.
  • Material thickness – When selecting polycarbonate corner guard, it is vital to go for one with a thickness size that suits your demands. You can go for light, medium, or heavy-duty thickness.
  • Finishing – Polycarbonate corner guard is available in different surface finishes and colors. Therefore, you need to find the right one based on your application’s demands and personal preference.
  • Price – Ordinarily, numerous factors determine the cost of these items. However, it is advisable to window shop and ensure you get these items at prices within your budget.

How Can You Get Polycarbonate Corner Guards At Cost-Effective Rates?

Intrinsically, the actual cost of polycarbonate corner guards is dependent on a myriad of variables.

This, in many instances, tend to make it quite difficult to figure out best ways to find these items at cost-effective rates.

However, you can use several ideas to ensure you buy polycarbonate corner guards at friendly prices.

Such practices include the following;

  • Purchasing in bulk

Often, most manufacturers provide competitive discounts when you buy these items in large quantities.

Thus, you may save a significant amount of money when purchasing polycarbonate corner guards in large volumes.

  • Going for standard designs

Mostly, standard polycarbonate corner protectors are lowly priced than custom designs.

Therefore, buying such ordinary designs or slightly customized designs tends to be more cost-effective.

  • Window shopping

Ideally, you need to window-shop in various stores and companies making these items and compare prices.

In the end, you’ll settle on the specific dealer who prices their products relatively lower than others.

While at it, you need to ensure you don’t compromise on the quality of the product you are buying at the expense of price.

  • Use referrals

Most manufacturers always provide better rates to referred customers.

As such, you may consider inquiring from your friends and acquaintances to refer you to specific manufacturers they often purchase from.

Figure 8-Purchasing In Bulk And WIndow Shopping Are Some Of The Ways You Can Get Polycarbonate Corner Gurads AT a Cost Effective Price

Purchasing In Bulk And Window Shopping Are Some Of The Ways You Can Get Polycarbonate Corner Guards at a Cost-Effective Price

What Is The Temperature Range That Polycarbonate Corner Guard Can Endure?

Notably, polycarbonate material is the only thermoplastic with high tolerance to extreme heat.

Typical polycarbonate corner guard can tolerate temperature levels of up to 300°C for several hours.

In essence, even under such high temperatures, these items can hardly absorb heat nor melt.

It means you can expose these guards to applications, which use high temperatures, but they will not deform nor degrade.

What Are The Common Colors For Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

There is no limit to specific colors for polycarbonate corner guards.

In other words, it implies you can find these corner protectors in as many color options as possible.

Polycarbonate is naturally transparent.

However, you can infuse different paint colors to attain your preferred color hue on the finish.

Importantly, you need to ensure the specific color choice of polycarbonate corner guards you go blends with your application demands.

How Do You Maintain Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

Proper care and maintenance are fundamental in ensuring polycarbonate corner guards serve efficiently and for longer.

You can use several practices to take care of these items on your respective application, such as the following;

  • Properly clean the surface material regularly using a soft cotton cloth and mild detergent.
  • Polishing the corner guards occasionally to restore the original gloss and appearance
  • Applying scratch-resistance coat to protect the surface material from abrasive objects, especially in high-traffic areas.

What Is An Ideal Size For Polycarbonate Corner Guard?

It varies based on different factors surrounding the installation space.

Some polycarbonate corner guards can run from the floor surface to the ceiling material.

On the other hand, some are installed specifically to protect the center part of the wall surface, which is mostly exposed to damages.

Besides, some are only used on specific corner joint spots.

Thus, there is no definite length of polycarbonate corner guards.

It is wholly dependent on the specific size of the surface to install it on and its practicality.

Can Clear Polycarbonate Corner Guard Turn Yellow Over Time?

Not necessarily, but it depends on various factors.

Often, most polycarbonate corner guards are installed in indoor spaces.

Since yellowing of these items is likely to arise due to over-exposure to intense direct sunlight, they rarely yellow.

Moreover, the quality of polycarbonate material used in making modern corner guards is relatively high ad has a natural resistance to yellowing effects.

Therefore, it is not necessarily obvious that a clear polycarbonate corner guard will turn yellow over time, primarily if used indoors.

What Techniques Do You Use To Attach Polycarbonate Corner Guards To Surfaces?

Technically, it is easy to install polycarbonate corner guards on different surfaces.

In most instances, an ideal polycarbonate adhesive is usually integrated on the surface’s item.

As such, you merely need to peel off the backing then place it to the specific spot you want to protect.

Typical polycarbonate corner protectors are often stiff; thus, you can push them gently into the corner surface without cracking or breaking.

 You Can Easily Attach Polycarbonate Corner Guards

You Can  Easily Attach Polycarbonate Corner Guards

Moreover, you can find different varieties of polycarbonate corner guards designed to enable screw placement.

However, such designs are ideal if you consider installing these corner protectors permanently on a specific surface.

Besides, a flush polycarbonate corner protector is designed specifically for installation on a specific wall or corner to guarantee heavy-duty protection.

What Is The Ideal Surface Finishing Treatment To Integrate Into Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

The most suitable surface coating treatments for these items include the following;

Anti-scratch Coating

It is quite fundamental because the corner surfaces where the guards are installed are prone to various abrasive objects.

Thus, integrating this surface coating treatment protects the surface from scratches to maintain an attractive visual appeal.

UV Coating

The essence of this surface treatment is to protect the polycarbonate corner protectors from the effects of sunlight.

Mostly, this is applicable for corner guards used in outdoor spaces.

Anti-reflective Coating

It is mainly applied on polycarbonate corner guards to prevent excess or unnecessary light from reflecting on the surface.

This coating is essential, especially for indoor polycarbonate corner guards used in well-lit spaces.

What Are The Common Varieties Of Polycarbonate Corner Guards In The Market?

They are numerous and often vary depending on your specifications.

Some common designs of these corner guards include the following;

  • Clear polycarbonate corner guards
  • Tinted polycarbonate corner guards
  • Colored polycarbonate corner guards
  • Flame-retardant polycarbonate corner guards
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate corner guards
  • Anti-reflective polycarbonate corner guards
  • Embossed polycarbonate corner guards
  • Laminated polycarbonate corner guards
  • Anti-static polycarbonate corner guards

Clear Polycarbonate Corner Guards Are Among The Many Varieties You Can Choose From

Clear Polycarbonate Corner Guards Are Among The Many Varieties You Can Choose From

What Are The Lead Times For Manufacturing Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

The manufacturing lead times for polycarbonate corner protectors often vary depending on various factors such as the following;

Order Volume

Ordinarily, most manufacturers often produce different order volumes depending on customer demands.

However, in many instances, higher quantities often take more time to produce than a few pieces.

Specific Design

You can find polycarbonate corner guards in different standard and custom designs.

Standard designs are straightforward to manufacture thus take lesser time than custom designs.

Company’s Lead-time Policy

Different companies manufacturing these items have stipulated timelines regarding lead times.

Some tend to be stringent, whereas others are a bit flexible depending on the prevailing circumstances.

In essence, there are no definitive manufacturing lead times for polycarbonate corner protectors.

It depends on many factors, including the few ones mentioned above.

Where Are Polycarbonate Corner Guards Used Mostly?

These items are used in various environments but mostly in building and construction industry.

The most common areas you are likely to find them include the following;

  • On the pillars of parking lots
  • Interior design of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces
  • Hallways
  • Office partitions

Fig 11- Corner Guards Can Be Used On Hallways Or Parking Lot Pillars

Corner Guards Can Be Used On Hallways or Parking Lot Pillars

What Are The Common Shortcomings Of Polycarbonate Corner Guards?

The notable disadvantage of polycarbonate corner guards is that they are quite expensive than other materials offering a similar alternative.

Essentially, when you go for custom polycarbonate corner guards, you are likely to spend more money depending on the level of customization.

However, the quality and durability you get override the price making these corner protectors a worthy investment.

Another remarkable shortcoming of these guards is that they are often prone to scratches, especially if not adequately coated with anti-scratch treatment.

Thus, to get best results, it is recommended that you go for ones with base material coated with anti-scratch surface coating.

At WeProFab, we offer custom polycarbonate corner guards at affordable rates.

Contact us today for all your polycarbonate corner guards.

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