• Architectural Acrylic Panels

Architectural Acrylic Panels

The architectural acrylic panels’ versatility forms endless possibilities. They are produced and customized to satisfy your required color, transparency, and durability specifications. Acrylic panels for architectural projects come in various designs that suit your applications. You can select some of them from our listed products below. 

Get WeProFab Architectural Acrylic Panels to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab architectural acrylic panels have structural features that provide innovative designs. They transmit dazzling lights with lightweight, easy to bend, and fabricate properties. These acrylic panels for architectural projects also have high-impact strength, bendability, and high-temperature resistant advantages. Using architectural acrylic panels saves energy, making them in demand for building-green and economical lighting.

High-Quality Architectural Acrylic Panels

The high-quality acrylic panels for architectural projects have chemical stability and high temperature-resistant features. Their thickness ranges from about 2mm to 50mm measurements. 

Interior Decoration Acrylic Panels

The interior decoration acrylic panels are ideal for schools, offices, and business applications. They have high-hardness and polished surfaces. These panels have excellent weather resistance capability.

Colorized Architectural Acrylic Panel

Colorized architectural acrylic panels feature durability, waterproofness, and printability. You can purchase multiple colors, levels of transparency, and mirror panel types.

Thick Large Architectural Acrylic Panel

Thick large architectural acrylic panels are made from environmentally friendly materials. They have a simple style that comes in various sizes and colors. These panels are ideal for reducing noise.

Transparent Architectural Acrylic Panel

The transparent architectural acrylic panels do not fade for at least eight to ten years of exposure under sunlight. They are suitable for architectural display cases applications.

Extruded Architectural Acrylic Panel

Extruded architectural acrylic panels are perfect for architectural advertisement and decorations. They have high-quality and glossy surfaces.

Marble Architectural Acrylic Panel

The marble architectural acrylic panels are applicable for architectural ornaments. They characterize as non-toxic, shockproof, and waterproof features.

Acrylic Architectural Partition Panel

Acrylic panels for partitions are also suitable for advertising, sports, windshields, and skylight applications. They feature lightweight and easy to clean properties.

Acrylic Mirror Architecture Panel

The acrylic mirror architectural panels have durable, decorative, and environmentally friendly advantages. Your approved logos can be engraved, printed, and silk-screened.

WeProFab: Your Best Architectural Acrylic Panels Manufacturer in China

Manufacturing excellent quality acrylic panels for architectural applications is WeProFab’s expertise. The acrylic panels undertake multiple manufacturing processes during production. They undergo CNC routing, drape forming, polishing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, bonding, or line bending processes.

You can guarantee exact shapes and thicknesses that surely suit your architectural utilization. WeProFab is professional enough to customize the specifications you need to achieve your planned projects. These handy and workable acrylic panels will help you finish your work quickly and satisfying. Choose WeProFab architectural acrylic panels now!

Architectural Acrylic Panels to Upgrade Your Brand

Custom Acrylic Mirror Panels

Custom acrylic mirror panels are widely used for various architectural applications. They are easy to bend and don’t fade for a long time of sun exposure. These panels come in multiple color options.

Architecture Acrylic Panels for Light Box

Architectural acrylic panels for lightboxes are ideal for decoration and public signages. They are made from 100% natural materials. Their thicknesses are customizable.

Solid Clear Architectural Acrylic Panels

The solid clear architectural acrylic panels are suitable for supermarkets, jewelry stores, workshops, and more applications. They are non-toxic materials and have a high hardness surface.

Double-Layer Architectural Acrylic Panels

Double-layer acrylic panels are perfect for architectural decorations and constructions. They feature high-impact strength and weather-resistant capacity.

Acrylic Panels with Protective Film

The acrylic panels with protective films are ideal for light shading windows, exhibitions, and architectural buildings. They are lighter than glass with a wide range of colors.

High Gloss Architectural Acrylic Panels

The high-gloss architectural acrylic panels have high hardness and smooth surfaces. These acrylic panels adhere to ISO9001, REACH standards.

Light Diffuser Architectural Acrylic Panels

Light diffuser architectural acrylic panels are eco-friendly. They provide suitable light transmittance. These panels are easy to cut and mold with less water absorption.

Hard Backlit Architectural Acrylic Panels

Hard backlit architectural acrylic panels feature waterproof with slabs or customized shapes. They have about 93% light transmittance. You can request your needed measurements.

Outdoor Architectural Acrylic Panels

The outdoor architectural acrylic panels have recyclable, waterproof, and compressive advantages. They are practical for outdoor and public places applications.

White Matte Architectural Acrylic Panels

White matte acrylic panels are ideal for architectural advertising and lighting applications. They are available in various colors, like opal, black, transparent, or customize depending on your needs.

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Architectural Acrylic Panels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are the Architectural Applications of Acrylic Panels?

The specific designs of architectural acrylic panels are ideal for building constructions, external areas, and indoor spaces.

Architectural Acrylic Panel ApplicationsArchitectural Acrylic Panel Applications

These acrylic panels are widely used for designing and construction of the following.

  • Restaurants
  • Greenhouses
  • Hotels
  • Leisure spaces
  • Private residences
  • Libraries
  • Office buildings
  • Retail facilities
  • Museums
  • Carports
  • Aquariums and pools
  • Roof panels
  • Zoo enclosures
  • Wall panels
  • more
What are the Salient Features of Architectural Acrylic Panels?

The architectural acrylic panels are produced with vital features, making them chosen solutions for community designs.

Acrylic panels for architectural projects have:

  1. Extraordinary capacity to transmit light
  2. Remarkable weatherability
  3. High impact strength
  4. Easy to fabricate and customize
  5. Less structural weight
What are the Advantages of Architectural Acrylic Panels?

Architectural acrylic panels give multiple advantages whether utilizing them for structural or decorative, outdoor or indoor, overhead, or ground projects.

Utilizing acrylic panels for your projects provide:

Normal Light Transmission

Architectural acrylic panels improve brightness and light in dim areas. That makes the designs easily recognized and explored.

Acrylic panels are suitable, especially for excessive shading to lessen glare and reflections.

Their natural light transmission makes them ideal for wall illumination, top lighting, light scaping, and more.

Optical Overhead Spaces Height

Using architectural acrylic panels allows you to have an open skyspace, feeling the natural lights.

Acrylic panels alter encloses or dark spaces into an overhead structure.


You can experience delightful daylighting with still having privacy using acrylic panels. 

These architectural acrylic panels are accessible in various translucent options. They have multiple tint and texture selections.

Acrylic panels are the best substitute to give privacy for windows and indoor traffic applications.

Elements Protection

Utilizing acrylic panels provide extreme protection from harsh weather conditions indoor or outdoor projects. 

They are practical as a protective canopy for outdoor spaces. Acrylic panels can stop 80% of heat while hindering dangerous UV rays. They are also helpful for preventing breaks caused by blowing rains, wins, or snow.

Since acrylic panels can block UV rays, they are perfect for securing interiors from damages and fades. 

Emphasizing Architectural Elements

Architects and designers prefer acrylic panels to express or show their extraordinary visions. 

Attractive Architectural Lighting 

Using acrylic panels fulfills aesthetic and effective lighting structure objectives.

Sustains Environment

Choosing acrylic panels with normal heat insulation properties for projects helps save energy. 

They are the most preferred materials when it comes to eco-building and lighting.

These acrylic panels reach ISO-14001 environmental certification standards. 

When acrylic panel replacement time comes, you can recycle them for consumer goods.

What are the Production Processes for Architectural Acrylic Panels?

There are several production processes for acrylic panels used in architectural applications.

The following are some processes:

  • Vacuum Forming

The vacuum forming process transforms the panels into 3D components. This process heats the materials while being attached to a frame.

When soften, the panels are stretched into a mold and tightly sucked with a vacuum. You can finally achieve the finished panel forms and decorations when it cools.

  • Polishing

The polishing process achieves excellent smoothness and glass-like edges rapidly. 

  • CNC Routing

Using CNC machines, you can fulfill high-standard finishes and tolerances of panel parts. From layouts, the panels are completely formed with constant repeatability.

  • Laser Cutting

You can achieve satisfying cutting quality using laser cutters. Your approved and requested logos are also laserable and engraved.

  • UV Bonding

UV bonding process provides clear joint and bubble-free surfaces. It is the gluing procedure practical for paramount premium joints. 

They are perfect for museum covers, furniture, lecterns, and architectural display cases.

  • Line Bending

Line bending uses heat for folding panels into needed angles and radii. This process is perfect for bending panels with large and tight radii.

  • Drape Forming

Drape forming is the process of large curving the flat acrylic panels. After overheating the material, they are molded and cooled to achieve your requested shape.

What are the Different Types of Architectural Acrylic Panels?

Every suitable application has perfect acrylic panel types. The following defines typical architectural acrylic panel types that provide specific advantages.

Architectural Acrylic Panel Types

Mirrored Acrylic Panels

The mirrored acrylic panels have glass-quality mirrors and sturdy protective backing. They are lightweight, making them easy to install for interior or outdoor applications.

Irridescent Acrylic Panels

The iridescent acrylic panels have rainbow colors that indeed catch people’s attention.

These panels change hue at every viewing angle. They form reflections like a mirror.

LED Lighting Acrylic Panels

LED lighting acrylic panels are suitable for public signages, city light posters, luminous walls, and ceilings. They have LED lights to emphasize or brighten more the total panel surface.

Texture Ribbed Acrylic Panels

These acrylic panels are typically ideal for applications that need privacy. They are practical as shower enclosures, privacy partitions, screens, and door glazing.

Frosted Acrylic Panels

Irridescent acrylic panels are soft and give a frosted glass look to your architectural projects. Their high-impact strength properties make them suitable for improved traffic design utilizations.

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