Acrylic Manifold

Weprofab is an excellent OEM acrylic manifold manufacturer and supplier in China. We are capable to supply finish products by our modern fabrication equipment. Weprofab do customize your acrylic manifold based on your requirements. We will provide you an exceptional solution. Please send us your ideas right away!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Manifold to Delight Your Customers

When it comes to Acrylic manifold needs, you can trust Weprofab. We have wide production understandings and knowledge to take control of your orders. We have high-tech production machines like bending, laser cutting, machining, and thermoforming to fabricate an acrylic manifold.

Solvent Bonded Acrylic Manifolds

As a leading manufacturer in China, Weprofab uses free-flowing acrylic solvents for bonding various plates of acrylic together.

Diffusion Bonded Acrylic Manifolds

Our diffusion bonded acrylic manifolds are functional in life sciences and medical applications. We from these manifolds without chemicals in the bonding process.

Laser Welded Acrylic Manifolds

Our team uses laser radiation for welding acrylic layers together. We apply a pre-bond coating to the plates and uniform thickness that protects the laser from passing into acrylic material.

Multi-Port Acrylic Manifold

At Weprofab, you can find 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, and custom thickness of multi-port acrylic manifold. We can also customize your product based on your required color, measurement, and shape.

CNC Endmill Acrylic Manifold

Weprofab offers custom and standard CNC endmill acrylic manifolds. Our high-quality CNC endmill acrylic manifold is available at a reasonable rate.

Transparent Acrylic Manifold

Weprofab offers transparent acrylic manifold as per samples or drawings. At Weprofab, you can guarantee a high-quality transparent acrylic manifold.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Manifold Manufacturer

We always want to give the best acrylic manifold for our customers. Because we are a joint-venture company between the Chinese local fabrication manufacturer & WeeTect Material Limited, a one-stop acrylic manifold is offered.

As your leading supplier and manufacturer of an acrylic manifold, we rigorously adhere to ISO 9001 management complex. We want to exceed your expectations and meet your ideal finish.

E-mail now or contact us; fast response is expected.

Custom Acrylic Manifold to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Acrylic Manifold

Our custom acrylic manifold is manufactured using a 5-axis, 4-axis, and 3-axis CNC machining. Different surface treatments are available, like passivation, power coating, etc.

CNC Machined Acrylic Manifold

Our CNC machined acrylic manifold provides higher transparency with excellent optical clarity and strength. You can choose electrostatic dissipative, abrasion-resistant, bullet-resistant, and UV-resistant coatings.

Acrylic Manifold Manufacturer

In China, Weprofab is the most trusted acrylic manifold manufacturer for many years. We offer custom and standard products that meet your standards.

Acrylic Manifold with Holes

Weprofab offers a high degree of close tolerances and consistency acrylic manifold with holes. You can avail yourself at a competitive price.

Fluidic Multilayer Acrylic Manifold

Weprofab offers a fluidic multilayer acrylic manifold using our advanced CNC machining. It is manufactured to accurate sizes.

Custom Precision Acrylic Manifold

We offer custom precision acrylic manifold for your small or bulk orders. At Weprofab, you can find different precision acrylic manifolds for your business.

Standard Acrylic Manifold

Weprofab offers a standard acrylic manifold. You can guarantee that all of our acrylic manifolds have passed various international certifications.

Standard Vacuum Manifold

Our standard vacuum manifolds are precision machined from acetal polymer crystal and clear acrylic. We offer different models for your selection.

Medical Acrylic Manifold

We offer a medical manifold made from acrylic material. Our medical acrylic manifold provides high-transparency, perfect for your specific applications.

Multilayer Acrylic Manifold

We have a wide range of multilayer acrylic manifolds that meet your standards. You can guarantee durable structure and fast delivery of your orders.

5-Axis CNC Endmill Acrylic Manifold

The 5-axis CNC endmill acrylic manifold has a high dielectric constant. It is suitable to produce valves that accommodate integrated circuits. The 5-axis CNC endmill acrylic manifold can be mounted into various electronic component types.

Multi-Port Acrylic Manifold

The multi-port acrylic manifold is widely used in the following industries: medical research, instrumentation, electronic, biotech, semiconductor, and many more. We manufacture multi-port acrylic manifolds through our CNC machining capabilities like drilling, milling, turning, etc.

Acrylic Manifold Chips Microfluidics Devices

Acrylic manifold chips microfluidic devices are manufactured with outstanding features. They are pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Also, they have excellent heat and mass transfer performance.

Transparent Acrylic Manifold Parts

The transparent acrylic manifold parts are durable and do not deteriorate after years of use. They are ideal for diagnostic equipment, electronic, lab equipment, and many more.

High Polished CNC Milled Acrylic Manifold

The high polished CNC milled acrylic manifold is durable, non-toxic, and high glossy. We can produce high polished CNC milled acrylic manifold according to the special request of our dear customers.

High Accuracy Diffusion Bonding Acrylic Manifold

Our high-accuracy diffusion bonding acrylic manifold can be customized according to design, color, size, and packaging. It is manufactured through advanced CNC drilling, milling, turning, etching, and many more.

Medical Manifold Acrylic Milling Parts

The medical manifold acrylic milling parts are manufactured through polished flute devices. It features a fully new cutting geometry design that provides both cost advantages and quality. Depending on your application, medical manifold acrylic milling parts can guarantee precise cuts to meet your requirements.

Microfluidics Manifolds Acrylic Devices & Chips

The microfluidic manifold acrylic devices and chips are produced through the diverse CNC machining processes. It can guarantee precise cut, a wide range of sizes, and high-quality products.

Acrylic Bonded Fluidic Multi-Layer Manifolds

The acrylic bonded fluidic multi-layer manifolds are CNC machined to a precise size. It is available in special surface treatments such as powder coating, anodizing, blackening, polishing, plating, sandblasting, and many more.

Good Optical Performance Acrylic Manifold

The good optical performance acrylic manifold is fabricated through polishing flutes and polished milling tools. These tools can eliminate the post-manufacturing process for different types of applications. the good optical performance acrylic manifold can guarantee accurate sizes and a unique surface finishes to meet your requirements.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Manifold

For bonded device manifolds, acrylic is the best material to be used. Because acrylic materials have excellent clarity and low cost. Acrylic materials allow for a full inspection of all passages and channels in components.

Good news! Weprofab offers a numerous variety of acrylic manifold for your business necessities. Weprofab acrylic manifold is widely used in a variety of custom and standard applications.

For custom applications, we can produce Weprofab acrylic manifold with cartridge or manifold mounted valves, complex flow paths, and pressed in fittings to meet specific requirements or functionality.

There are three primary types of Weprofab acrylic manifold based on the fabrication methods used in their bonding. These are solvent bonded acrylic manifold, diffusion bonded acrylic manifold, and laser-welded acrylic manifold.

If your application focuses on microfluidics, then Weprofab diffusion bonding acrylic manifold is best suited.

Weprofab acrylic manifold provides a place and integrated circuits to easily mount many types of components. It makes them an efficient, attractive alternative to the traditional valving system.

We have also clear acrylic manifolds. These are ideal for applications where pathways may need to be inspected for cleanliness. Our Weprofab acrylic manifold is manufactured in a wide variety of colors. You can choose whether red acrylic manifold, black acrylic manifold, blue acrylic manifold, or yellow acrylic manifold.

For a wide variety of applications, Weprofab manufactures and designs custom and standard acrylic manifolds. Our acrylic department is capable of mill paths as small as 1 1/16″ and can tap as small as 1.7 mm threads.

If you are an acrylic manifold distributor, retailer, or a custom acrylic manifold factory, WeProFab is always your best choice.

Weprofab can produce over thousands of acrylic manifolds every day with our automatic production line, so you will always have enough products even in peak season.

We can also provide you free sample for acrylic manifolds to check the quality before a large order. You will get detailed pictures and production videos for each order.

In our factory, we have 10 sets of the different acrylic manifold manufacturing line and in-house plastic fabrication factory.

You are ensured with our highest quality acrylic manifold. As one of the best acrylic manifold manufacturers, Weprofab has got an international certification such as ISO 9001, CE, SGS, and so much more.

Send us your inquiry for WeProFab acrylic manifold now!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Manifold

When it comes to acrylic manifolds, it’s the design that matters.

High-tech production machines can now fabricate an acrylic manifold that accurately matches every aspect of your design.

 Acrylic Manifold

 Acrylic Manifold

The latest bending, machining, thermoforming, and laser cutting techniques are used to fabricate the latest bonded device manifolds with excellent clarity and at highly competitive cost.

Why Do Businesses Choose Bonded Device Acrylic Manifolds?

Since acrylic is cheap and offers excellent clarity, it can replace metal and other materials used traditionally to manufacture device manifolds.

Passages and channels fabricated into the acrylic manifold are fully inspected at every stage, making it possible for the professional fabricator to offer device manifolds that accurately meet design requirements.

You can fit acrylic manifolds into custom and standard applications.

Custom manifold applications demand full functionality with specific requirements.

Modern methods are used to produce acrylic manifolds with complex flow paths using mounted valves or cartridges that fit into the manifold.

Design elements often dictate the use of a specific acrylic manifold.

For example, for applications that involve microfluidics, the diffusion bonding acrylic manifold is applicable.

Diffusion Bonding Acrylic Manifold

Diffusion Bonding Acrylic Manifold

With its high dielectric constant, the acrylic manifold is the perfect material to create valves that hold integrated circuits on which are mounted different kinds of electronic components.

Professional acrylic manifold fabricators develop capabilities to tap threads as small as 1.7mm and create mill paths as small as 1 1/16” into highly customized manifolds.

Automatic production lines produce thousands of finished acrylic manifolds every day.

You can get clear manifolds made of acrylic often used in highly sterile conditions where pathways must be inspected regularly for cleanliness.

Specific applications need colored acrylic manifolds. Get them in red, black, blue, or yellow to match your application color needs.

Acrylic Manifold Prototype

Acrylic Manifold Prototype

OEM/ODM orders are delivered in double-quick time with acrylic manifold samples offered before fulfilling every large consignment.

You can check the quality of the acrylic manifold prototype and examine detailed pictures and videos of the sample and fabrication process used to produce the sample.

Established manufacturers have 10 different manufacturing lines and fabrication capabilities to fulfill bulk acrylic manifold orders with different requirements.

You can watch this video to find out more about acrylic manifolds.

Are There Design Guidelines For The Acrylic Manifold?

The expert fabricator can create channels within the acrylic manifold that are as small as 100 microns.

You need these smaller channels in microfluidics.

Larger bonded device acrylic manifolds commonly have channel sizes between 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm.

Component surfaces and custom pathways are easily machined on the different layers to hold air reserves or fluids.

If grooves are made into the channels, sufficient space must be left between the grooves of any two channels and between the channel and its hole made on the outer edge.

Holes and pathways are machined a bit away from the edges.

Plate size varies as per the application. Standard plate sizes extend up to 12 X 14 inches.

You will find that standard plate thicknesses are 0.125”, 0.25”, 0.5” with custom manufacturers machining individual plates to required thickness levels before the bonding process.

Generally, a maximum of six plates are bonded to achieve a specific acrylic manifold design.

How Do Fabricators Manufacture Primary Acrylic Manifolds?

Expert fabricators offer diffusion bonded acrylic manifolds, laser-welded acrylic manifolds, and solvent bonded acrylic manifolds based on the specific requirement of the client.

· Diffusion Bonded Acrylic Manifold

Diffusion Bonded Acrylic Manifold

Diffusion Bonded Acrylic Manifold

You can ideally use these manifolds in life sciences and medical applications, as they are formed without the use of chemicals in the bonding process.

Manufacturers use temperature and pressure changes to bond the different plates at the molecular level.

Diffusion bonding creates clean joints.

Precise flow paths are created that are ideally suited for applications that use microfluidics.

Precise timings, temperature, and pressure ratings are established before the acrylic manifold is finalized.

Manufacturers cut acrylic sheets of required thicknesses to create plates of specified sizes.

Each plate is machined as per its layout.

Completed plates with the required channels, paths, and holes are aligned in the right order.

A pressure tool applies equal pressure to the top and bottom of these aligned plates.

They are then placed into a preheated oven. Bonding temperatures are maintained for a specified time period.

Once these plates are bonded, any additional machining and polishing can be done.

The acrylic manifold is now complete. Valves, regulators, fittings, and pneumatic components are press fit or threaded into the acrylic manifold.

You will find that standard or custom lubricants are used during assembly based on application needs.

· Solvent Bonded Acrylic Manifold Manufacture

Diffusion Bonded Acrylic Manifold

 Solvent Bonded Acrylic Manifold

In the manufacture of the solvent bonded acrylic manifold, fabricators use free-flowing acrylic solvents to bond the different plates of acrylic together.

This is the simplest way the manifold is assembled, but acrylic cement bonding is able to produce optically clear and sharp joints and edges within the manifold.

Machined plates are placed one over the other in the appropriate order.

The plates melt slowly when acrylic solvent is applied and are welded together.

You will find that the process is simple, cheap, and produces flow paths that are 0.125” wide.

Additional empty pathways are often created to compensate for pathways closed during the solvent bonding process.

Lasers are often used to engrave into the manifold and to finish the edges.

Threaded or press-fit inserts are added at the required locations.

Once the plates are welded, the manifold is ready.

Pneumatic components, regulators, valves, and other parts are either press fit or screwed into the manifold at the required locations.

· Laser Welded Acrylic Manifold

Laser Welded Acrylic Manifold

 Laser Welded Acrylic Manifold

In this case, laser radiation is used to weld acrylic layers together.

You will find that a pre-bond coating is first applied to the plates made of special acrylic material.

The pre-bond coat of uniform thickness acts as a shield and prevents the laser from passing through this special acrylic material.

Care must be taken to ensure the plates are flat and free from undulations.

The bonding process may leave gaps, if the plates are not completely flat.

Laser welding produces clear flow paths on flat plates with high tolerance limits.

Expect some discoloration in colored acrylic manifolds along bonded joints.

What Are The Benefits And Uses Of The Diffusion Bonded Acrylic Manifold?

High quality engineering grade acrylic or Plexiglass materials are used to make this acrylic manifold.

Its unique bonding process without the use of chemicals makes it possible to create complex and highly accurate inner flow channels that cannot be achieved with traditional machining processes.

Bonding at the molecular level creates highly transparent joints and does not leave contaminants behind. Enhanced bonding techniques like Carville High Accuracy Diffusion Bonding (HADB) technologies are used.

Around 97% of tensile strength of the original acrylic material is retained after the bonding process.

The manifold is strong and does not deteriorate after several uses.

The diffusion bonded acrylic manifold allows precise fluid flow between valves, heater modules, reaction chambers, and other components.

This makes it a reliable and cost-effective way of working with gases and liquids.

You will find that they are extensively used in microfluidics devices to manage cooling and heating, distribution and mixing of gases, support ventilation, and pneumatic control functions like analyzing and preparing samples.

Diffusion bonded acrylic manifolds remove the need for multiple connections and tubing to handle both gases and liquids. These manifolds are preferred in medical and IVD applications.

What Are The Benefits And Uses Of The Solvent Bonded Acrylic Manifold?

A very simple and highly affordable process is used to make this manifold.

The solvent bonded acrylic manifold is used in applications that require flow path widths in excess of 0.125 inches.

You can use routers to create nearly invisible bond lines.

Simple application methods can be used to apply the solvent on to the plates.

These solvent bonded acrylic manifolds are used mostly in the manufacture of microchips, sanitary and potable plumbing systems.

What Are The Benefits And Uses Of The Laser-Welded Acrylic Manifold?

Laser welding on acrylic manifolds creates precise and cleanly bonded plates, channels, and components.

Laser-welded acrylic manifolds are devoid of scales, particulate matter, and residue.

They have hermetic seals that eliminate leaks.

The laser process has minimum or no flash and creates clear or translucent manifolds that meet the strictest FDA guidelines.

You are guaranteed long-term stability with the excellent bond strength offered by these acrylic manifolds.

Laser-welded acrylic manifolds are made with precise welding techniques that can trail miniature designs with tight tolerances.

The laser process is quick with short lead times and design flexibility that produces repeatable and consistent welds.

These manifolds are widely used in the manufacture of microfluidic plate prototypes, custom precision runs, and to produce small manifold batches.

Laser-welded miniature acrylic manifolds are preferred in the pharmaceutical, medical, life sciences, and pneumatic control sectors.

Are There Other Kinds Of Acrylic Manifolds?

Yes, there are several other types of acrylic manifold including precision and multi-layer manifolds.

· Multi-Port Acrylic Manifold

Multi-Port Acrylic Manifold

Multi-Port Acrylic Manifold

Available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and custom thicknesses, the multi-port acrylic manifold can be customized for shape, measurement, and color.

3-D milling, complex contouring, thread milling, helical interpolation, and rapid machining CNC processes meet tight tolerances to produce specialized acrylic/PMMA multi-port manifolds.

Indexing is used to work on larger 20X20X14 inch and custom-sized acrylic blocks.

You can use CAD/STEP design and manufacturing systems to produce precisely-machined multi-port acrylic manifolds.

These multi-port manifolds are used extensively in medical research, lab equipment, biotech, instrumentation, electronic, and diagnostic equipment industries.

· Precision Machined Acrylic Manifold

Precision Machined Acrylic Manifold

Precision Machined Acrylic Manifold

Made from high-quality PMMA materials used in high-temperature and chemical applications, the precision machined acrylic manifold is widely used in high accuracy diffusion bonded (HADB) microfluidic chips and devices.

3-D milling, complex contouring, thread milling, helical interpolation, and rapid machining CNC processes meet tight tolerances to produce specialized acrylic/PMMA precision machined acrylic manifolds.

You can use laser cutters to complete professional looking projects with the required details and accuracy. These lasers are capable of cutting 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”, and 3/8” thick acrylic work pieces into precise shapes.

The precision machined acrylic manifold is widely used in point-of-care devices, clinical chemistry, biotech, life sciences, and medical industries.

· Fluidic Multilayer Acrylic Manifold

 Acrylic Multi-Layer Fluidic Manifold

Acrylic Multilayer Fluidic Manifold

Using the latest technology to machine transparent plastics, the professional acrylic manifold maker is able to produce high-quality fluidic multilayer acrylic manifolds.

Polished milling tools and polishing flutes are able to produce new geometric designs with highly acute and significantly sharper cutting angles when you compare it to conventional tools.

For different kinds of applications, these quality cuts eliminate post-manufacture processes, thereby significantly improving on quality and cost benefits.

Highly transparent milling results are produced that satisfy diverse applications. Fluidic multilayer acrylic manifold slots are CNC machined to accurate sizes.

Highly transparent and clear-finished surfaces are available.

· Custom Acrylic Manifold

Custom Acrylic Manifold

Custom Acrylic Manifold

Laser cutting, 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining, and specialized processes are used to create custom acrylic manifolds.

You can get special surface treatments like power coating, passivation, blackening, anodizing, electrophoresis, painting, polishing, plating, and sandblasting done on these custom manifolds.

Several different types of manifolds can be manufactured over multiple production lines to complete OEM/ODM orders at a fast pace.

Choose different colors for your custom acrylic manifolds including blue, yellow, black or red.

The professional manifold manufacturer has the capacity to produce solvent bonded, diffusion bonded, and laser-bonded acrylic manifolds.

Cartridge and manifold mounted valves with pressed-in fittings and complex flow paths are offered by expert manifold makers.

· CNC Machined Acrylic Manifold

CNC Machined Acrylic Manifold

CNC Machined Acrylic Manifold

Made of superior Perspex or custom materials, the CNC machined acrylic manifold is transparent with excellent optical clarity and strength.

You will find that CNC machining produces accurate milling and turning results using precision control and 4-axis machining capabilities.

These CNC machined acrylic manifolds are easy to bond with solvents, and you can opt for bullet-resistant, abrasion-resistant, electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and UV-resistant coatings.

The professional manifold manufacturer works with OEM/OEM customers to offer highly customized precision CNC machined acrylic manifolds.

Manufacturing lines are backed by international standards like ISO 9001, SGS, and CE.

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