Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Product Name: 15mm thick transparent acrylic sheet for paddle courts

Key Functions: UV resistant, exact size, transparent, weather resistant

Acrylic Sheet Photos

Used Capabilities: Use the UV resistant resin during the casting process.

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customer: The client requires the exact size. UV resistant is required because of the outdoor use. 12240 sheets with competitive price.

Client Detail Requirements:

The client is a company which is offer equipment and products for the paddle fields from Italy. The acrylic sheet detailed required size is 2995*1995mm, because he wants to use it directly on site for his paddle courts use. Need to be UV resistant.

More Detail Requirements:

Transparent, Various thickness, UV resistant, Exact size with +0.1mm tolerance, slightly rounded edges and corners, weather resistant, Smooth edges without burrs.

WeProFab Solution

Material Choose: High transparency casted PMMA Monomolecular.

Thickness:  15mm.

Color, Surface Treatment: Clear.

Features of Acrylic Sheet:

High transparency, One Time 15mm Casting, Good Flatness, Large Size 2995mm*1995mm, Neatly Cut Edge

WeProFab Capabilities on Thick Acrylic Sheet:

WeProFab has a vast technology and know-how database which can support customers to develop higher performance products. In this case, normal size acrylic sheets is 1220*2440mm.  Our engineering team leveraged our technologies on thick and big size (2995*1995mm) acrylic casting sheet.  WeProFab can customize the acrylic sheet according to your requirements. We also can cut to the size as your requirements. We offer UV coating and anti-scratch coating as options and help you upgrade your products.

Acrylic Sheet Photos

We choose full imported raw material to cast the acrylic sheets. It has a better Strength, light transmittance and anti-aging performance. After casting, we also use precise cutting machine to accurately cut off the rubber edges to have the exact size. We also redesign the process to improve the capability and efficiency. So we can shorten the production lead time and reduce the cost for 12240 sheets.

Manufacturing Processes:

Thick and big size Acrylic Casting, Precise Cutting, Rubber Edge Cut Off, Debur and Cleaning

Manufacturing Equipment:

Acrylic Casting Mold, Acrylic Cutting Machine

Other Products We Can Offer Based on These Capabilities:

Colored acrylic casting sheet, Swimming Pool Acrylic Sheet, Polycarbonate Sheet for Paddle Courts, Sound Barrier

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