• Structured Polycarbonate Panels

Structured Polycarbonate Panels

Weprofab has been in this industry for almost two decades now. We are a well-experienced manufacturer, and one of our top products is structured polycarbonate panels. Since we have wide knowledge, we can customize structured polycarbonate panels to your exact specifications. Also, we can help you save costs. Please contact us right away if you need our structured polycarbonate panels!

Get WeProFab Structured Polycarbonate Panels to Delight Your Customers

You come to the best place where you can get the highest quality structured polycarbonate panels! Here at Weprofab, we provide free samples to help you have more ideas suitable for your final purposes. We are experts, we can boost your business with our superior quality structured polycarbonate panels.

Corrugated Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab provides corrugated structured polycarbonate panels ideal for sidelights, carports, cover walkways, false ceilings, greenhouses, pool enclosures, etc.

Lexan Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our Lexan structured polycarbonate panel is ideal for residential and commercial uses. They have the best quality, long-lasting, and flexibility.

Coated Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our coated structured polycarbonate panel offers excellent versatility. It offers multiple advantages and features to suit your numerous purposes.

Structured Roofing Polycarbonate Panel

These structured roofing polycarbonate panels provide ideal insulation for an array of glazing, roofing, siding, and more architectural purposes.

Clear Structured Polycarbonate Panel

We provide a clear structured polycarbonate panel with high transparency, lightweight, aesthetic, durable, and very strong. It is offered at competitive costs.

Multi Wall Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab is your source of multi-wall structured polycarbonate panels. These are very lightweight, virtually unbreakable, have extreme impact resistance, etc.

WeProFab: Your Leading Structured Polycarbonate Panels Manufacturer

Weprofab has deep technological competence and experience in manufacturing structured polycarbonate panels. We are your most reliable partner when it comes to your structured polycarbonate panel requirements. We can offer the best and most durable products to satisfy your needs.

We have carefully manufactured and constructed these structured polycarbonate panels. We used the best materials to ensure the best performance, long-lifespan, and quality. We are also equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment to process your structured polycarbonate panels efficiently.

Custom Structured Polycarbonate Panels to Skyrocket Your Brand

4MM Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our 4mm structured polycarbonate panel has extreme shock resistance. It is also completely unbreakable, weatherable, and Uv-resistant.

UV-Proof Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our UV-proof structured polycarbonate panel is a strong material ideal for glazing, roofing, advertising, construction, and more applications.

Transparent Structured Polycarbonate Panel

This type is lightweight, non-combustible, easy to install, and easy to handle. Also has UV resistance to prevent UV radiation.

Hollow Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our hollow structured polycarbonate panel is perfect for sidelights, skylights, siding, roofing, room dividers, walkways, greenhouses, etc.

10MM Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our 10mm structured polycarbonate panel has excellent resistance to harmful UV rays and cruel weather conditions.

Tinted Structured Polycarbonate Panel

We offer tinted structured polycarbonate panels with nonflammable and lightweight features. These are also easy to install and handle.

6MM Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our 6mm structured polycarbonate panel owns exceptional thermal insulation properties and is easier to install.

Lexan Structured Polycarbonate Panel

You can use Lexan structured polycarbonate panels for sidelights, skylights, false ceilings, basement windows, partitions, fence panels, etc.

Durable Structured Polycarbonate Panel

Our durable structured polycarbonate panel is ideal to use for conservatories, false ceilings, etc. These have high-quality properties.

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Why WeProFab Structured Polycarbonate Panels

Weprofab structured polycarbonate panels, also known as multi-wall panels are ideal for roofing and glazing applications. These are popular for their reflective and light-transmitting qualities. We also make it very durable, attractive, and easy to install. Allow us to cater your structured polycarbonate panels orders. We serve any quantity of orders.

Weprofab is a China-based manufacturer you can trust for your next structured polycarbonate panel requirements. This sheeting solution is available in different models and technical specs. It’s standard size ranges from 2 to 6 feet wide x 4mm to 16mm thick x up to 24 feet long.

Our structured polycarbonate panels are also popular in the market because of their features.

Key Features of Structured Polycarbonate Panels:

  • UV resistance
  • exceptional thermal insulation
  • extremely flexible
  • virtually indestructible
  • super lightweight
  • easy installations
  • firm sheet structure
  • weatherable
  • standard colors: turquoise, orange, yellow, green, blue, bronze, clear, etc
  • yellowing resistance
  • color fading resistance
  • fire-resistance

We make sure every structured polycarbonate panel you received from us has complete features. Their features as well make it perfect for many applications, which are stated below.

  • roofing
  • sidelights/skylights
  • greenhouses
  • car ports
  • waiting shed
  • pool enclosures
  • partition
  • cover walkways
  • false ceilings
  • basement windows
  • fence panels
  • and custom uses

For more than 20 years in the industry, Weprofab now recognized as the prominent manufacturer of structured polycarbonate panels. We make sure all types of structured polycarbonate panels you get have great performance and great quality.

Besides structured polycarbonate panels, Weprofab is also a manufacturer of anti fog polycarbonate sheets, greenhouse polycarbonate panels, polycarbonate gate sheets, architectural polycarbonate panels, anti-reflective polycarbonate sheets, and many more. All are affordable and have satisfying quality.

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