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Bubble Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab® Bubble acrylic sheet is a surprising and decorative design sheet of acrylic (PLEXIGLAS®/pmma) with air bubbles in it. We can customize as your required bubble sizes and let them be randomly distributed in the clear acrylic sheet. We also enable you to add waves on the surface. Please contact us to create your own artwork

Get WeProFab Bubble Acrylic to Delight Your Customers

Here at WeProFab, you can get various bubble acrylic options. We provide free samples so we can help you get more ideas perfect for your final applications and purposes. We can help you boost your brand with our high-class bubble acrylic supplies.

Bubble Acrylic Sheet

Bubble acrylic sheet has various applications and purposes that can give perfect advantage for your business.

Bubble Acrylic Tube

We can supply the best quality bubble acrylic tube and friendly prices. Various thicknesses and sizes for you.

Bubble Glitter Acrylic

There are custom bubble glitter acrylics in different colors and multi-colors. Affordable and very attractive for your customers.

Clear Bubble Acrylic

Easier to fabricate whether sheet, rods, and other types of bubble acrylics have a great advantage to various production.

Custom Bubble Acrylic

We can customize from types of bubble acrylics, colors, sizes, and more options. You can send your drawings and details.

Clear Bubble Acrylic Rod

Clear bubble acrylic rods are lightweight and impact-resistant. Guaranteed affordable and accessible in various bubble styles.

Custom Bubble Acrylic for Your Project

Weprofab bubble acrylic is made of verified and high-end raw materials perfect for your production and other purposes. It is available in sheets, rods, tubes, and more, Which we can create various products.

We are designing various shapes and can custom bubble acrylic according to your final applications. Providing complete and effective solutions to help your growing business. Send your ideal customizations from sizes, types of bubble acrylics, colors, and more selections.

Custom Bubble Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

5mm Bubble Acrylic Sheet

5mm bubble acrylic sheets have suitable applications. Easier to fabricate like bend, cut, and more process with a cheaper cost.

10mm Colored Bubble Acrylic

We have colored bubble acrylic at 10mm. Customizable bubble designs and colors based on your final applications.

15mm Bubbler Acrylic Sheet

15mm bubble acrylic sheets at various colors and available in clear and transparent options offered at affordable cost.

30mm Bubble Acrylic Panels

30mm bubble acrylic panels applicable for building partitions and office applications. We can custom your bubble designs.

Colored Rod Bubble Acrylic

We make and produce colored rod bubble acrylic perfect solution for various production and other purposes.

Colored Sheet Bubble Acrylic

Various colors of bubble acrylic sheets are available and affordable. Perfect for creating different products and easier to fabricate.

Custom Size Bubble Acrylic Rod

We can custom your bubble acrylic rod sizes with various colors, perfect transparency, and more available in clear options.

Solid Bar Bubble Acrylic

We can produce solid bar bubble acrylic perfect for various production. We can guarantee affordable prices.

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Why WeProFab Bubble Acrylic

WeProFab is a manufacturer, fabricator, and developer of sustainable Bubble Acrylic in China.

Our product lines offer unique textures, colors, and finishes that will change how you look at our Bubble Acrylic. Create a high-end design with our line of Bubble Acrylic. Our professional sales representatives are ready to help you select the perfect decorative Acrylic for your project.

Our Bubble Acrylic is a surprising and decorative design sheet of Acrylic with air bubbles in it. Bright air bubbles of separate sizes are randomly handed out in the transparent Acrylic.

Features of Weprfab Bubble Acrylic Sheet

  • Bright Air Bubbles
  • Random Size and Location of the bubbles
  • Flat and Wave Surface
  • Optional Texture
  • Customizable

This Acrylic results from careful research that ensures that the exact process conditions create the same effect each time. Without detail about making cast acrylic: this effect is hard to produce, and we are delighted that it has been successful. It is a beautiful sheet!

The Bubble Acrylic is very special and also unique and is a showstopper in every application. Especially when it is backlit, our Bubble Acrylic is often used as a bar- and counter fronts, decors, furniture, partition walls, or retail and hospitality design.

We have a massive stock of Bubble Acrylic, and we help our clients from different manufacturers to apply these materials as good as possible. In addition, we also have very skillful employees in the company who are doing the most beautiful things.

custom acrylic bubble sheet

We dare to take courage when we believe in a project, and we work flexibly from our stock from which everyone can order (online and via the telephone/mail). We are passional about our materials, and from this passion, we continue developing and introducing new materials.

To make every client satisfied with us and achieve win-win success, we will continue to try our best to serve and please you! With the advantage of industry management, the business has generally been committed to supporting prospects to become the current market leader in their respective industries. Our company has a group of experienced after-sales maintenance service engineers with strong technical capabilities.

WeProFab carries a line of specialty Bubble Acrylic used by architects, designers, and interior decorators to create innovative, attractive spaces, furniture, and decorative pieces. The Bubble Acrylic is strong, easy to work with and maintain their finish in high use, indoor applications.

Positiveness, joint efforts, wise change, and win-win is our corporate culture. WeProFab has been actively promoting the development of Bubble Acrylic. We take market transformation, management improvement” and “research and development, quality and cost, energy-saving and environmental protection” as our development strategy. WeProFab is also known for providing rapid product customization services.

We believe that sustainable materials should be accessible in the most incredible diversity. Please find our website to check more information about our products.

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