• Acrylic Candy Bins

Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab is a professional acrylic candy bins manufacturer. As an acrylic bin for candy, we manufacture clear acrylic candy bins, neon acrylic candy bins, multi-compartment acrylic candy bins, and many more. You can purchase your desired acrylic candy bins.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Candy Bins to Delight Your Customers

You can get an amazing benefit for your business if you count on purchasing at WeProFab. Your large orders will be provided with flexible packing for safe delivery.

Clear Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of clear acrylic candy bins in China. This product is perfect for organizing your food product.

Custom Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab custom acrylic candy bins are able to custom different kinds of acrylic candy bins for you. Feel free to send your own design.

Lockable Acrylic Candy Bins

Lockable acrylic candy bin is one of the popular products of WeProFab. As a supplier of acrylic candy bins, we can design an elegant product for you. This item can hold many food products and it will not be wasted as long as lockable.

Mini Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab mini acrylic candy bins are perfect for all candies, yogurt, and more. It is also nice to look at.

Multi Compartment Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab multi-compartment acrylic candy bins are perfect for organizing your food product. It has many containers to put and store many sweet foods.

Neon Acrylic Candy Bins

Neon acrylic candy bins are a popular product of WeProFab. It can store all your food products safe and sound.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Candy Bins Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication. WeProFab is an acrylic candy bins manufacturer that can make a different kind of acrylic candy bins for you.

It includes mini acrylic candy bins, multi-compartment acrylic candy bins, lockable acrylic candy bins, and more.

Send us your inquiry now, so we could discuss further info and offer you the best service and high-quality products.

Custom Acrylic Candy Bins to Grow Your Business Rapidly

Acrylic Candy Bins Dispenser

If you’re looking for a quick method, WeProFab acrylic candy bins dispenser is just right for you. It is designed to easily release candies.

Acrylic Candy Bins Kiosk

If you like storing food products in different containers, WeProFab acrylic candy bins kiosk is just right for you.

Giant Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab giant acrylic candy bins could not just offer you a very nice looking but it is different in other giant acrylic candy bins since it has a unique style and it has a high quality.

Large Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab large acrylic candy bins are available in high quality and substantial options and it is very dominant in putting all food products since it has a huge container.

Slant Front Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab slant front acrylic candy bins are perfect for those really wants a unique and gorgeous design since it has a slant form and it has high quality. It can store all food products.

Desktop Acrylic Candy Bin

Desktop acrylic candy bins are sustainable and excellent material for stocking candies. Their design, colors, sizes are produced according to customers’ specifications. They are non-toxic bins, safe to use for storing foods or sweets. This acrylic candy bin comes in various shapes.

Acrylic Candy Cube Bin

The acrylic candy cube bins are secure with removable covers. They are study-made acrylic materials with sliding openers. The immense range of thicknesses is avaible to suit your needs. They are transparent cube bins with about 93% light transmittance.

Supermarket Acrylic Candy Bin

Supermarket acrylic candy bins have two layers that can carry more displayed candies. They are not easy to break, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean type of container. These acrylic candy bins are easy to use. Staff can easily refill and access candies with their attached covers.

Small Wedding Acrylic Candy Bin

The small acrylic candy bin for weddings gifts has a simple design. Customized logos and shapes are also available. This small acrylic bin can accommodate various goods, including cookies, sweetmeat, grains, teas, oatmeals, and more.

Hinged Lid Acrylic Candy Bin

The hinged lid acrylic candy bins have unique designs and clear transparency. They are perfect for displaying on counters or tabletops. These acrylic candy bins can hold foods, chocolate, candies, and more. You can also request the desired size and thicknesses.

Store Display Acrylic Candy Bin

The acrylic candy bin for store displays has an easy opener with an L shape. They have two compartments to separate different kinds of candies. These acrylic candy bins are eco-friendly and the best alternative to glass. The lightweight feature makes them easy to handle and arrange.

Slatwall Acrylic Candy Bin

Slatwall acrylic candy bins are available in various transparent colors. Their thicknesses and logos are customizable. They have a wide opening for easy access of customers and staff. These acrylic candy bins are easy to install and clean. 

Acrylic Tube Candy Bin

The acrylic tube candy bin is of superior quality guaranteed. They are non-toxic materials with affordable prices and durability. These acrylic tube candy bins are purchased with a scoop. Their sizes and tube quantity are customizable, according to customers’ needs.

Mini Acrylic Candy Dispenser Bin

The mini acrylic candy dispenser bin has transparent, high polished, and eco-friendly features. They have about 4mm standard thickness but are customizable as per customers’ requests. These candy bins made from acrylic have lasting quality and don’t fade over time.

Stackable Acrylic Candy Bin

Stackable acrylic candy bins are easy to process, like lase cut, hot bending, and carving. They are also available with various designs, logos, and thicknesses. These lighter-weight acrylic candy bins are easy to ship, handle, and clean.

Four Compartment Acrylic Candy Bin

The acrylic candy bin with four compartments accommodates more kinds of candies. They are well designed and perfect compartments of various toppings and sweets. These acrylic candy bins are also available in small, medium, and large sizes with different levels of thicknesses.

Tabletop Acrylic Candy Bin

Tabletop acrylic candy bins have custom designs, colors, sizes, and packaging. They are high-quality materials effectively used for displaying candies with unique styles. These acrylic candy bins are non-easy to break, waterproof, and lightweight.

Divided Acrylic Organizer Candy Bin

The divided acrylic candy organizer bins are durable and excellent material for storing and displaying selling candies. The various dimensions and measurements are available to fit your applications; They are also suitable for storing condiments at home.

Acrylic Bulk Candy Display Bin

The acrylic candy display bins are also suitable for storing bulk nuts, coffee beans, grains, cereals, and more. They are made from non-toxic acrylic materials, safe for bulk foods and sweets. These acrylic bins are also available in different colors and sizes.

Acrylic Candy Container Box

Acrylic candy container boxes are divided into eight partitions. They are also accessible in transparent and many other colors. Acrylic candy container boxes are reusable and affordable materials, practical for business and home applications.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Candy Bins

WeProFab acrylic candy bins are the best products offered by our company.

WeProFab is a specialist in most acrylic candy bins. Mostly are mini acrylic candy bins, lockable acrylic candy bins, custom acrylic candy bins, multi-compartment candy bins, and more.

What’s great in WeProFab acrylic candy bins? You can assure that WeProFab acrylic candy bins made of 100% acrylic material. There are various dimensions, shapes, and styles of products available. In using our acrylic candy bins, your product will stay neat and well organized. Very lovely and it is nice to look at.

It also makes the food product remains its freshness.  It has uniqueness in every design. It is durable and high quality. You don’t have to search anywhere regardless of acrylic candy bins since WeProFab has a lot of options. The following production processes include CNC cutting, bonding, thermoforming, and many more.

As a professional acrylic candy bind manufacturer, WeProFab could offer you the best acrylic candy bins based on your depiction. Feel free to choose or select your shape, dimensions, and other types of acrylic candy bins you liked. No more hassle at all since WeProFab can handle it. WeProFab is your reliable manufacturer and supplier of acrylic candy bins in China.

WeProFab acrylic bins have an appropriate capacity to store candies, bulk foods like oats, nuts, coffee bean, biscuit display, and more. This acrylic candy bins ensure the freshness of your product. WeProFab is your best choice. As an SGS certified acrylic candy bins supplier, WeProFab manages the quality of acrylic candy bins factually.

Regardless if you need an acrylic candy bin for your retail business or any project, WeProFab has a solution for you. We are a pleasure to deliver the best quality of our acrylic candy bins to all our valued customers. Our acrylic candy bins meet the highest merchant quality. We assured that our customers can count on us in giving high-quality acrylic candy bins, upstanding services, and exceptional value.

In choosing WeProFab, you can assure that we will accommodate your order urgently. WeProFab has outstanding after-sales services. Worry less since WeProFab can deliver your orders at the scheduled time. WeProFab acrylic candy bins offered at the most affordable price.  It takes less hassle when you go to a shop at WeProFab.

Aside from acrylic candy bins, WeProFab could also manufacture another acrylic like an acrylic case, acrylic box, acrylic display case, and more.

If you need more information about WeProFab acrylic candy bins, please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us. We are pleased to help you.

Send us your inquiry for WeProFab acrylic candy bins now and we will happy to serve you with high-quality products!

What are Acrylic Candy Bins?

The acrylic candy bins are acrylic containers used for storing foods and candies. 

Acrylic candy bins are storage candy bin that offers excellent style and convenience to your stores. 

What are the Different Styles of Acrylic Candy Bins?

The acrylic candy bin comes in various styles that suit your candy stores.

Below are some styles you can select for your specific applications.

  • Square acrylic display bin
  • Locking acrylic counter candy bin
  • Two-compartment candy bins
  • Acrylic candy bin with lift open
  • Acrylic candy bin with hinged lid
  • Extra-large acrylic candy bin
  • Multi-use acrylic candy bin
  • Angled-top acrylic candy bin
  • Acrylic slant front candy bin
What are the Benefits of Acrylic Candy Bins?

Choosing and using acrylic candy bins for your business offers numerous benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Sturdy and Durable Acrylic Candy Bins

The candy bins made from acrylic are sturdy and durable.

It is the best alternative for glass bins.

Choosing acrylic made candy bins protects the customers from accident cutting.

Acrylic candy bins are not easy to break and more robust than glass.

Using sturdy and durable acrylic candy bins will improve store safety standards.

  • Acrylic Candy Bins Light Transmittance

The acrylic candy bins have over 90% light transmittance.

Its high transparency lets children see or attract the candies you sell easily.

These shiny acrylic candy bins create impressive visual effects in your store.

The clarity of acrylic candy bins will last over the years, unlike other plastic bins.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Move

The lightweight acrylic candy bins will minimize your workloads whenever store relocation is needed.

The lightweight feature makes the candy bin lighter compared to glass and wood.

Moving acrylic candy bins doesn’t require weight pressure.

Choosing acrylic made candy bins prevent them from crashing incidents when moving.

  • Customizable Acrylic Candy Bins

You can have acrylic candy bins in various styles and sizes.

They are customizable according to your needs.

You can communicate with your suppliers for your requested acrylic candy bin style and sizes.

  • Cost-Effective Acrylic Candy Bins

Buying acrylic bins is a cost-effective solution for your candy stores.

Manufacturers like WeProFab provides your bulk-ordered acrylic candy bins at the lowest price possible.

You can also have free samples for testing acrylic can bin qualities.

What are the Features of Acrylic Candy Bins?

The acrylic candy bins are manufactured with high-standard features.

Below states some of the acrylic candy bin features.

The acrylic candy bins utilize a slanted interior for allowing flowing down candies.

They are designed with one hinged door for easy cleaning and filling candy stocks.

The acrylic candy bins usually have two or more compartments to stock multiple candy types.

 You can also easily see the stocks levels and refill candies.

Some acrylic candy bins designs include a scoop.

What are the Accessible Dimensions for Acrylic Candy Bins?

Various acrylic candy bin styles are also available in different dimensions.

Here are some available dimensions based on styles:

Mini Acrylic Candy Bin

This mini acrylic candy bin measures about two ¼ inches in height, two ⅝ inches in width, and three ¼ inches in depth.

It can carry about 6 ounces of candies.

Standard Acrylic Candy Bin

The standard candy bin has about two ⅞ inches in height, 3 ½ inches in width, and 4 ½ inches in depth.

This acrylic candy nin size can hold 16 ounces of candies.

Large Acrylic Candy Bin

A large acrylic candy bin has measured about three ⅝ inches, 4 inches, and 5 1/2 inches.

A larger acrylic candy bin can carry 26 ounces of candies.

Choose the most suitable acrylic candy bin style and sizes for your candy stores.

Where Can We Display the Acrylic Candy Bins?

Different types and sizes of acrylic candy bins are applicable in various locations, such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Home
  • Supermarkets
  • Shops
How to Remove Candy Stains in an Acrylic Candy Bin?

Candies always leave stains at your acrylic candy bins.

Here are a simple way of removing candy stains in an acrylic candy bin.

You only need a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Dip the soft cloth in your prepared warm soapy water.

Wipe the stained acrylic candy bin surface and rinse.

Dry it immediately by using a soft dry cloth.

It helps prevent watermarks.

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