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Acrylic Wall Panels

Weprofab acrylic wall panels are easy to install due to their flexibility and lightweight features. It requires low maintenance. This product possesses high durability against impacts.  Weprofab acrylic wall panels make a vibrant and vivid ambiance that fit your business. Custom acrylic wall panels at WeProFab!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Wall Panels to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab holds a wide range of acrylic wall panel fabrication and customization. All unique acrylic wall panels are designed from 100% acrylic materials. Our acrylic wall panel is accessible in custom sizes, designs, colors, shapes, and finishes. This product is offered cost-effective and guarantees long-lasting to boom your brand!

Acrylic Shower Wall Panels

Weprofab acrylic shower wall panels are made from dual-layered acrylic. It creates astonishing depth that gives the illusion of real glass. These are completely waterproof and easy to install.

Acrylic Wall Panels for Hotels

Weprofab acrylic wall panels for hotels create contemporary looks, offer balancing translucency, light, and privacy. It will bring any hotel a classy and stylish interior.

Architectural Acrylic Wall Panel

Architectural acrylic wall panels are super tough, chemically resistant, and versatile. It is easy to clean and maintain. All of our architectural acrylic wall panels are custom-made to your exact sizes.

Blue Acrylic Wall Panels

Blue acrylic wall panels are easy to fit and lightweight. It offers a quick and simple solution for any location set-up. This product is capable to design in any size and style. It is durable, highly flexible, and cost-effective.

Commercial Acrylic Wall Panels

Commercial acrylic wall panels are popular for commercial applications due to their super gloss, excellent aesthetic, modern and stylish finish. It is precision fit acrylic panels, moldings, reveals & trim.

Custom Acrylic Wall Panels

Weprofab custom acrylic wall panels depending on your applications or projects. We supply a wide range of acrylic wall panels in custom sizes, thicknesses, designs, colors, and finishes. It will surely bring an unexpected style and chic look to any location.

Faux Marble Stone Acrylic Wall Panels

Decorative faux marble stone acrylic wall panels are a great alternative to glass walls. It is accessible in 12mm thickness or can be customized. It is perfect for commercial, bathroom, school, kitchen areas.

Frosted Acrylic Wall Panels

Frosted acrylic wall panels can add impressive architectural details and creativity to any room. It shows a real element of color, texture, design, and depth to your setting.

High-Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels

Weprofab high-gloss acrylic wall panels are perfect not even in your kitchen, but these panels can transform the glimpse of your bedrooms, offices, living area, dining room, etc.

WeProFab: Your Premier Acrylic Wall Panels Manufacturer

WeProFab is your one-stop-shop solution to acrylic wall panel needs in China. We have 20+ years of manufacturing experience and OEM expertise whom you can trust. Weprofab has high-quality products, innovative manufacturing capabilities, and dedicated people to deliver a superior service.

You can rest assured to receive well-inspected and tested products. All products are manufactured in compliance with SGS, CE, ISO certifications, etc. We design and build your unique acrylic wall panels suitable for your various project and applications.

For your next acrylic wall panels orders, contact us immediately. We have 24/7 online assistance to support your requirements. We want to hear about your ideas and desires. We’re powerfully excited to create your ideas into reality!

Custom Acrylic Wall Panels to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Kitchen Wall Panel

Our range of acrylic kitchen wall panels gives a fresh, soft, and benign look to your kitchen space. It offers an extremely smooth, rigid, and luxurious finish to kitchens.

Acrylic Wall Panels Aquarium

Weprofab Acrylic Wall Panels Aquarium has waterproof qualities. Thus, these products do not get damaged even if exposed to water. It can also bear moisture conveniently.

Colored Acrylic Wall Panel

Colored acrylic wall panels can hide cracks and stains in the wall. It comes in an expansive variety of colors like carbon, mocha, blue atoll, glacier, arctic, etc. This options allow you to choose the best among the rest.

Custom Acrylic Wall Panel

Weprofab offers a high-grade acrylic wall panel made from 100% acrylic resin. It is highly light and easy to work with. Your customer will have cost-effective yet ideal solution wall panels.

Eco-Friendly Acrylic Wall Panel

Eco-friendly acrylic wall panels are reusable and environmentally friendly. It offers elegant looks, unique style, and quality. It is moisture resistant, 100% recycled, recovered wood fiber,  eco-certified, etc.

Home Exterior Acrylic Wall Panels

Home exterior acrylic wall panels are extremely durable and unbreakable. It also offers a high degree of light transmittance and advanced UV protection.

Living Room Acrylic Wall Panels

Specifically designed acrylic wall panels for living rooms have an amazing design style and give the desired visual impact to the walls. It provides excellent ambiance and defines the space. This product is available in sleek to textured, glossy, rustic, smooth, high-intensity to cool shades.

Scratch-Resistant Acrylic Wall Panels

Acrylic Wall Panels are covered with a special scratch-preventing coating. Thus, it can stay protected from scratches and other damages. These lightweight acrylic wall panels can be cut into various sizes and shapes.

UV-Resistant Acrylic Wall Panel

UV-Resistant acrylic wall panels are consists entirely of extremely strong and UV-stable molecules, thus, guaranteeing a non-yellowing outcome even when exposed to UV radiation in outdoor applications. It also retains as much as 90 percent light transmission.

White Acrylic 3D Wall Panel

White acrylic 3D wall panels are extremely stylish and attractive. It is highly elegant and will never go out of style. Weprofab has wall panels that will transform any space into stunning areas.

Acrylic Customized Wall Panel for Interior Office

For offices,  you can rely on Weprofab acrylic wall panel. It is durable and long lasting will give an extra dimension to any office room at an affordable cost.  These products are easy to care for, maintain and remove.  A great solution to cover unattractive, boring, or damaged office walls.

Acrylic LED Wall Panel

Weprofab acrylic LED wall panel looks great for any commercial space. It has a rectangular shape with acrylic body materials. This product offer resistance against extreme temperature conditions, lightweight and long-lasting.

Acrylic Wall-Mounted Partition Wall

Acrylic wall-mounted partition walls offer high impact resistance and scratch resistance. It is easy to clean due to its not porous and washable features. It creates effects with opacity,  brightness, and texture.

Architectural Acrylic Wall Panel

Architectural acrylic wall panel generates a very clean image. It is easy to handle for its lightness. It is obtainable in a variety of colors. These acrylic wall panels are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Commercial Decorative Acrylic Wall Panel

Commercial decorative acrylic wall panels are highly versatile and lightweight. They are available in standard sizes and designs but can also be custom-made based on your requirements.

High-Quality Acrylic Frosted LED Wall Panel

Featuring sleek details, gorgeous colors, and a bit of bling, our high-quality acrylic frosted LED wall panel will brighten any space. It will create a big impact and lend an architectural feel.

Rectangular Acrylic Wall Panels

Rectangular acrylic wall panels have a smooth surface finish, highly durable, and sturdy design. It is designed using superior quality raw material and ultra-modern technology.

Translucent Resin Acrylic Wall Panel

The translucent resin acrylic wall panel has a polished finish. It offers high translucent, waterproof, lightweight, and easy to cut. It is ideal to be applied as a decorative wall, window, shower screen, wall partition, door, etc.

Transparent with Pattern Acrylic Wall Panel

Transparent with pattern acrylic wall panel has different design patterns and colors to choose from. Weprofab can do various finishings to this product such as metallic, stone, leather, textured, high gloss, matte, etc.

Tree-Shape Acrylic Wall Decoration

Tree-shape acrylic wall decoration features an artistic ceiling, special decoration effect, with 3D vibes. It provides moisture-proof, waterproof, mould-proof, and smoke-proof.

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Acrylic Wall Panels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Are The Essential Acrylic Wall Panels Benefits?

Acrylic Wall Panels

Acrylic Wall Panels

The following are the acrylic wall panels’ advantages but are not limited to,

  • The surface features an excellent glass-like finish.
  • The acrylic wall panels are open for customization that meets every essential need.
  • It is lightweight compared to other walling materials.
  • The configuration allows ease in installing.  
  • The acrylic panels come at economical prices, reducing expenses and saving more money.
  • The overall design is compact, not allowing any liquids to penetrate the wall surface.
  • The sleek product composition is very convenient to sanitize.
  • It does not provide concealment areas for mold, dirt, or even germs
  • Functions satisfactorily well against the severities of everyday life.
  • A lot less clutter and a much quicker fit than other walling materials
  • The edges of acrylic wall panels are well polished.
Is Acrylic Wall Panels A Profitable Investment Than Glass Wall?

The renowned acrylic wall panels can render a residential or retail setting a contemporary and delightful layout glimmer. That will fit present-day preference and essence than standard glass walls. 

Moreover, the acrylic wall panel displays outstanding strength and stiffness. It is a favored material for multiple prominent users and entrepreneurs.

How Much Does A Panel Of Acrylic Sheet Cost?

The cost of an acrylic wall panel or sheet solely depends on the thickness, size, manufacturing approach, and acrylic grade. 

You can check the acrylic panel grade and sizes pricing provided by your chosen custom manufacturer and supplier. 

Moreover, for bulk orders, some manufacturers offer volume discounts.

How Long Do Acrylic Wall Panels Last?

Acrylic Wall Panels Maintenance

An acrylic wall panel is known to be durable. With proper maintenance, entrepreneurs and users can be confident that the wall panels will look spanking new even more than a decade in the application.

What Are The Acrylic Wall Panels Standard Specifications?

Most profitable acrylic wall panels shared these typical specifications that make them stand out from other walling materials nowadays,

Acrylic Wall Panels Standard Dimensions

1220 x 1830mm

1220 x 2440mm

1020 x 2020mm

2050 x 3050mm

1250 x 1850mm

1850 x 2450mm

1220 x 2420mm

1000 x 2000mm

1500 x 2100mm

1600 x 2600mm

2050 x 3050mm

Acrylic Wall Panels Standard Thicknesses

Thickness: 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm. 

Acrylic Wall Panels Available Colors

An acrylic wall panel is available in black, white, red, green, yellow, silver, golden, rose gold, blue, orange, and more different colors. 

Furthermore, acrylic wall panels are also available in a wide range of opacity: translucent, transparent, mirrored, and opaque.

Contact your manufacturer for the colors and opacity alternatives available and find that best suits any projects and business ventures. 

Acrylic Wall Panel Finishes

There are more than five hundred finish options available for acrylic wall panels. To name a few: wood grain, metallic, stone, leather, textured, solids, high gloss, matte, specialty, and so much more. 

Acrylic Wall Panel Finishes

There are more than five hundred finish options available for acrylic wall panels. To name a few: wood grain, metallic, stone, leather, textured, solids, high gloss, matte, specialty, and so much more. 

Acrylic Wall Panel Patterns

There are one hundred forty and more known patterns of acrylic walling panels such as sculpted and dimensional 3D carvings (include shiplap, wainscot, barn wood, brick, stone, planks, waves, tin, ripple, pyramid, funnel, and more).

Where Can We Use Acrylic Wall Panels?

Acrylic Wall Panels ApplicationsAcrylic Wall Panels Applications

The markets of acrylic wall panels are the following but are not limited to,

  • Medical Industry
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Education
  • Building Projects
  • Decorations
  • Promotions
  • Bath Walling
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Administration
  • Entertainment 
  • Household
Are Acrylic Wall Panels Open For Customization?

An acrylic wall panel is a versatile material. It comes in various dimensions, designs, finishes, and thicknesses. 

Also, the panels can undergo different secondary processes (such as printing) that will complement any projects within the residence or commercial setting with a contemporary and aesthetic design. 

The acrylic wall panels come along with your custom illustrations. It is an excellent way to showcase any logo, company colors, or preferred photograph in any project. Thus, increasing the target market.

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