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WeProFab is a professional polycarbonate sheet manufacturer offering the lowest prices. We provide one-stop solutions for your designs, ideal colors, thickness, and more options. You can send your layout, send ideal features, dimensions, and more. We guarantee high-quality products but effective durability for various applications.

Get WeProFab Red Polycarbonate Sheet to Boost Your Business

WeProFab has a great ability to handle your entire process. We provide complete options and different types of red polycarbonate sheets to help you choose easily and meet your urgent needs. We can assure to provide high-quality and durable sheets for various applications and fabrication needs. You can also design your product and request your ideal colors, thickness, and layers of sheets. Message us now!

Corrugated Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Choose various selections of corrugated red polycarbonate sheets at your ideal features and dimensions. You can choose your desired thickness.

Custom Red Polycarbonate Sheet

We can custom red polycarbonate sheets from various sizes, textures, dimensions, layers, and more. High-quality sheets but budget-saving cost.

Cut-to-Size Red Polycarbonate Sheet

We can provide cut-to-size red polycarbonate sheets for various products and purposes. You can send your ideal sizes and types of sheets.

Solid Flat Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Red polycarbonate sheets are easier to fabricate and shapes solid flat red polycarbonate sheets. It is available in various textures and custom options.

Solid Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid red polycarbonate sheets have a great ability to support various establishments and industries with various dimensions available.

Transparent Red Polycarbonate Sheet

We manufacture great transparency of red polycarbonate sheets available in flat and corrugated sheets. It is guaranteed affordable and high-quality.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Red Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a Joint Venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We support and offer one-stop solutions for OEM and ODM customers and also meet your ideal designs.

We have the great ability at different processing lines using complete processing machines. We can do injection molding, Plastic extrusion, CNC cutting, silkscreen, thermoforming, and die-cutting. WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified red polycarbonate sheet manufacturer that controls OQC and IPQC quality. You can trust the durability and cost-effectiveness we offer. Message us now!

Red Polycarbonate Sheet to Grow Your Business

2 Layer Red Polycarbonate Sheet

We have 2 layers of red polycarbonate sheets at different dimensions. You can also choose 1-20mm at different transparency.

4 Layer Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Easier to shape and cut 4 layer red polycarbonate sheets at a lower price offer. Lightweight and unbreakable applicable for barriers and panels.

10mm Red Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm red polycarbonate sheets are manufacture with different capabilities, features, characteristics, etc. It is guaranteed high standards and a long life span.

26mm Red Polycarbonate Sheet

26mm is widely used as building materials. It is widely used for partitions, designs, room dividers, walls, windows, doors, and more. It is easier to shape and design.

Anti-Scratch Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-scratch red polycarbonate sheets are perfect for dividers windshield, walls, and more applications with cheaper price offer.

Bullet Proof Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Bulletproof is one of the popular red polycarbonate sheets perfect for building materials and other product fabrication.

Impact Resistant Red Polycarbonate Sheet

We can supply different sizes and thicknesses of impact-resistant red polycarbonate sheets. You can choose cut-to-size at affordable prices offer.

High Gloss Red Polycarbonate Sheet

High gloss red polycarbonate sheet offers an excellent color depth effect with very high shine. Features unmatched surface hardness making it suitable for shower back panels, marker boards, and shopfitting.

2mm Red Polycarbonate Sheet

2mm red polycarbonate sheet furnishes a durable, high break-resistant, and UV-resistant material. Available in 2mm thickness and red color. Applicable in exhibition booth construction and in furniture fronts.

Shatterproof Red Polycarbonate Sheet

A shatterproof red polycarbonate sheet ensures an excellent level of accuracy. Engineered with a shatter-resistant and weather-resistant polycarbonate. best suited in various indoor and outdoor projects.

10mm Red Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm red polycarbonate sheet is widely used in skylight systems, greenhouse roofs, parking lots, etc. Built to last a long time with high transparency and optimal thermal insulation. Available with a thickness of 10mm.

UV Solid Red Polycarbonate Sheet

UV solid red polycarbonate sheet is extensively applicable for skylights, roofing, domes, sunrooms, and stadium. Coextruded with UV layer to avoid yellowing over time. Accessible in a solid red color.

Red Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Red polycarbonate roofing sheets can withstand punishing exterior applications. Characterizes greater impact resistance and super tough solution. Widely used in skylights and sidelights.

Frosted Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Frosted red polycarbonate sheet is beneficial for a broad range of demanding applications. Made of a UV-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate. built with a frosted structure that will not damage easily over time.

Anti-Fog Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-fog red polycarbonate sheet includes protective films for added protection against any scratches. Offers an anti-fog solution making it perfect for DIY projects. Can last a long time without damage.

Textured Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Textured red polycarbonate sheets can be laser cut, printed, and molded. Comes with a rough and textured surface that makes it applicable in a wide range of applications. Guarantees an excellent aesthetic finish.

Patterned Red Polycarbonate Sheet

A patterned red polycarbonate sheet is the best solution for reducing glare and improving vision. UV stabilized with a patterned structure. Extremely durable with high impact and damage resistance.

Embossed Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Embossed red polycarbonate sheet is commonly utilized for merchandise displays, robotics, and other fabricated components. Can be cut to sizes to satisfy any DIY projects. Arrives with an embossed structure.

High Transmission Red Polycarbonate Sheet

High transmission red polycarbonate sheet offers extreme impact and weather resistance. Characterizes high light transmission and is virtually unbreakable. Applicable in both residential and commercial projects.

Red Polycarbonate Light Diffuser Sheet

Red polycarbonate light diffuser sheet blocks excessive and harmful UV rays. Easy to maintain and install. Retains optical clarity even for long-time usage. Can handle extreme climates.

Ribbed Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Ribbed red polycarbonate sheet has a wide range of uses for commercial and DIY applications. Available in distinct sizes and thicknesses. Made with a vibrant, versatile, and durable polycarbonate.

Red Mable Polycarbonate Sheet

Red marble polycarbonate sheet comes with an elegant and sophisticated design. Features a shatter-resistant solution making it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Includes a marbled appearance.

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WeProFab Red Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is an experienced polycarbonate sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We can supply different types of selections and colors like red colors suitable for your final applications.

Red polycarbonate sheets are applicable for various applications like office partitions and room dividers, walls, windows, doors, and widely use for different types of factories.

We provide complete selections from various thickness, features, dimensions, and more options. Aside from the red color, we can custom your ideal colors as well. There is different transparency of red selections that we can offer for you.

You can also choose or send your ideal textures and surface. There are flat polycarbonate sheets, corrugated, layered, etc. that you can choose whether for your personal projects, construction purposes, and more business types. It will help you save your money and gain the best profits because of the lowest price offer.

WeProFab Red Polycarbonate Sheet Different Advantages, Features, and Characteristics:

  • Impact-resistant strong for earthquake and typhoon
  • Scratch-resistant that keep good appearance in long the long run
  • Bulletproof and smash resistant
  • Various applications
  • Safer than glass materials

WeProFab has a great ability to support different businesses and industries. We support different types of projects like different factories, building constructions, and more. Polycarbonate is one of the durable plastic materials for electronics, auto parts, agriculture, and more.

Polycarbonate sheets are tested and proven stronger than glass materials. These are unbreakable materials that meet all types of industry special requirements. It provides cool interior applications, warm, and brighter light. You can assure durability and security because of the lightweight material.

WeProFab red polycarbonate sheet has great features for agriculture applications. This is widely used for greenhouses that provide perfect protection for all types of plants to provide enough sunlight. It is also widely applicable for building applications which easier to mold than other materials. You can use this for skylights, walls, panels, wind barriers, partitions, and more.

We can suggest the best red polycarbonate sheet for auto parts applications. It has chemical resistance and flame retardant and more that provides a great advantage. This material is one of the most recommended for auto parts because of its lightweight ability.

Send your business details and ideal applications so we can suggest the best red polycarbonate sheet selections. We assure you the best prices to save your money. Message us now!

What is Red Polycarbonate Sheet?

Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Red Polycarbonate Sheet

The red polycarbonate sheets are the delicate board part. 

It is suitable at work and home areas.

These red polycarbonate sheets are also accessible in various dimensions, shapes, and sizes.

The polycarbonate sheet tinted with red color is also ideal for home decors.

What are the Performance Characteristics of Red Polycarbonate Sheet?

Below are the performance characteristics of the polycarbonate sheets in various colors, including Red.

  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Sturdy and stiff
  • Outstanding electrical insulation
  • Easy to machine, thermoform and fabricate
  • Easy solvent cement bonds
  • Fine toughness
  • Environment friendly
  • Lightweight

Where can We Use the Red Polycarbonate Sheet?

Red Polycarbonate Sheet

Installed Red Polycarbonate Sheet

The red polycarbonate sheets have broad applications, including:

Transparent manifolds

Machine guards


Displays and graphic holders

Medical facilities

Government buildings

Indoor or outdoor signs

External and internal glazing

Swimming pool cover

Stadium roof light

Are Red Polycarbonate Sheets Durable?

Yes, it is.

Red-colored polycarbonate sheets are more durable and more robust compared to glass and acrylic.

What are the Advantages of Red Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate sheet colors, especially red, resist Ultraviolet rays.

It is also weather resistant.

This material reduces sound transmittance.

The red polycarbonate sheets are designed with increased impact strength.

They are designed with easy installation and transport quality.

Are Red Polycarbonate Sheet Certified Approved?

The red polycarbonate sheet reaches the ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14000 and ROHS certificate from SGS.

How to Install a Red Polycarbonate Sheet?

Installation of the red polycarbonate sheet(hollow type) has two different ways, including:

Flush Installation

  1. Cut-off 5-10mm protective films.
  2. Insert sheet to the backup frame.
  3. Do appropriate insertion.
  4. Reserve expansion and shrink space.
  5. Choose the ideal thickness of the sheet.

Screw Installation

  1. Larges rivet holes are required for expansion and construction space.
  2. Cover the exposed sheet part with silicone compound when drilling.
  3. The process prevents damages and gradual cracks.
  4. Larger rivet heads than stems are recommended.
  5. A gasket or washer is also needed to reduce pressure.
  6. PVC gaskets are not ideal.
  7. Screw it gradually, not too tight.
  8. Do not use a screw at the bending part.

Hence, installation processes depend on its applications and red polycarbonate sheet types.

How to Clean a Red Polycarbonate Sheet?

For General Cleaning:

Remove preexisting surface dust or dirt using warm water.

Use mild soap and a sponge for washing the surface.

Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a soft and dry cloth.

For Removing Oil:

Loosen dirt or grime with warm water.

Smoothly rub the surface using a soft cloth with water mixed with isopropyl alcohol.

Quickly rinse the sheet using water and a dry, soft cloth.

For Removing Heavy Marks:

Rinse the sheet with warm water to remove dust or dirt.

Rub the soft cloth with butyl cellosolve or isopropyl alcohol into the surface.

What are the Process Options for Red Polycarbonate Sheet?

Below are some processes we can do for red polycarbonate sheets.

Drilling – requires quality wood drill bits.

Bending – is performed by cold bending.

Cutting – can be performed with a jigsaw or table saw.

Bonding – requires adhesive. It is also called gluing.

Trimming – is done using a standard cutting knife.

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