• Acrylic Polish

Acrylic Polish

Acrylic polish is a technology that enhances the optical clarity of acrylic surfaces. This technology is applicable to remove scratches and marks on acrylic material. Weprofab offers acrylic polish services and technology at reasonable rates. We can do flame polishing, buffing, vapor polishing, optical machining, and other acrylic polish methods. Please email us with your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Polish Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is equipped with complete and high-tech machines in order to provide outstanding acrylic polish services. Our goal is to achieve high-gloss and eye-catching polish for your acrylic needs. Please allow our skills to help you. Contact us!

Sanding Acrylic Paint

Sanding acrylic paint is an acrylic polish method that uses fine sandpaper. The sandpaper is used to control and adapt acrylic paints. This polishing method will leave special and attractive effects on acrylic material.

Polishing Acrylic Edge

Polishing acrylic edge is another acrylic polish method that uses sandpaper. This makes the acrylic surface smoother to touch and eye-catching as well.

Acrylic Scratch Removal

Acrylic scratch removal is a polishing technique. This works by running over the wet 600 grit sandpaper to the scratched area in a circular motion. The technique will take around 3 minutes.

Acrylic Buff Polish

Acrylic buff polish is used to restore the shiny and glossy appearance of your acrylic. This may be suitable for acrylics with 4mm thick and under. These are effective and tested method.

Acrylic Diamond Polishing
Acrylic diamond polishing works by cutting acrylic sheets to exact size and creating matte edges finish. This polishing technique can produce glossy, smooth, and bright finish for your acrylic.
Flame Acrylic Polishing

Flame acrylic polishing, also known as fire polishing is a polishing method that uses heat or a fire gun. This exposes the material to the heat, enhances the overall finish of the material.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Polish Manufacturer

With over 20 years of experience, Weprofab can offer cost-effective acrylic polish services and technology. We are experts to handle acrylic polishing. With all polishing techniques in order to achieve high glossy and shiny acrylics, we can be your reliable partner.

Not only acrylic polish, but we can also provide polishing technology for other plastic materials. This may include ABS plastic, polycarbonate plastic, Ultem, PVC, and many others.

If your interested and need further information, directly contact or email us!

Custom Acrylic Polish to Skyrocket Your Brand

Engraved Acrylic Polish

Engraved acrylic polish is the process of cleaning your acrylics after laser engraving. If their residue is developed, engraved acrylic polish is the best technique option. This works by cleaning off using water and mild soaps.

CNC Mirror-Like Acrylic Polish

CNC mirror-like acrylic polish is a polish technology that provides a more essential appearance with the clearest and high gloss finish. This technique is nearly fast than other abrasive methods.

Acrylic Cut Polish

Acrylic cut polish is an acrylic polish method used to provide a durable and glossy finish. This helps to get an outstanding surface even on materials with slanted finishes.

Acrylic Edge Shaping Polish

Acrylic edge shaping polish provides a more professional and glossy appearance to the finished parts. This polishing method can improve the parts’ efficiency and optical clarity.

Acrylic Oxidation Removal Polish

Acrylic oxidation removal polish offers an outstanding and glossy finish to the finalized parts. The equipment used in this technology is technically advanced and high-grade.

Acrylic Edge Scraping Polish

Acrylic edge scraping polish involves operating acrylic sheet edges. This gets rid of the sharp and scratched surface of your acrylics. This method is limited use for slanted acrylic edges.

Acrylic Vapor Polishing

Acrylic vapor polishing works by utilizing solvent vapor, which evidently flows over the whole acrylic surface. This method can produce a nearly more translucent and clear finish.

Acrylic Polish for Optical Finish

Acrylic polish for optical finish contains various methods, including vapor polishing, flame polishing, optical machining, buff polishing, and more. This creates an optically clear finish for your acrylics.

Acrylic Restoration Polish

Acrylic restoration polish is used to restore the attractive and shiny appearance of your acrylic. This particularly applies flame polishing, suitable for acrylics with 4mm thickness or below. This method is certified and tested with our experts.

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Why WeProfab Acrylic Polish

A1- Acrylic Polish

Acrylic polish is a technology that enhances the optical clarity of acrylic surfaces.

How does this work?

This works by eliminating scratches and sustaining acrylic clarity. Weprofab is completely knowledgeable and skilled in picking the right polishing technique for you. Therefore, we can handle your next projects that need acrylic polish technology.

In fact, there are several methods for acrylic polish. We can do flame polishing, buff polishing, visual machining, vapor machining, and many others. Weprofab is expert enough to choose the best polishing method for your applications.

A3- Acrylic Polish

Advantages of Acrylic Polish Technology:

  • Gives a more essential look with the purest and high gloss finish
  • This technology is nearly speedy than other abrasive methods
  • Acrylic polish provides a strong finish
  • You can achieve outstanding results on materials with a tilted finish

The most preferred acrylic polish technique is buffing. This helps the material surface provide the finest finish.

Another technique is flame polishing. This time, it uses a flame gun to treat acrylic surfaces. This can achieve a more optically glossy finish.

Vapor polishing is also one of the popular methods. This uses a solvent vapor flowing over the surface of clear acrylics. As an outcome, this produces a clearer finish.

A2- Acrylic Polish

Utilizing these acrylic polish techniques helps to attain a more shiny and good-looking acrylic surface. Marks, scratches, and gouges can be smoothly removed using numerous acrylic polish methods. Weprofab offers quality acrylic polish service at reasonable rates.

Whether you need experts to provide buffing services, flame polishing, optical machining, vapor polishing, sand polishing, and more, you know you’re in good hands with Weprofab!

More than two decades in the industry, Weprofab can be your trusted partner in China. For your inquiries regarding our acrylic polish services offers, email us!

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