• Acrylic Magazine Holder

Acrylic Magazine Holder

Weprofab is providing the best among the rest acrylic magazine holder worldwide. It’s our pleasure to custom acrylic magazine holders for the growth of your business. Send your further inquiries about our product and services, and wait for instant replies!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Magazine Holder to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab provides the best of the best acrylic magazine holders in mainland China. There are different kinds of acrylic magazine holder with long-lasting and superb quality.

Tabletop Acrylic Magazine Holder

As the best supplier of tabletop acrylic magazine holders, not only in China but also all over the world. They are obtainable for fantastic prices with very good performance.

Modern Classic Acrylic Magazine Holder

Weprofab is your great choice with all terms of acrylic magazine holders with modern and classic designs.

Mirror Panel Acrylic Magazine Holder

If you need a high-quality mirror panel acrylic magazine holders, count on Weprofab. We can offer different varieties of acrylic mirror holders for cheaper prices.

Hanging Acrylic Magazine Holder

Weprofab hanging acrylic magazine holder is provided with the best quality. We have thousands of stocks to offer.

Custom Acrylic Magazine Holder

Weprofab custom acrylic magazine holder provides excellent performance to your files, makes them organized in one place.

2-Tier Acrylic Magazine Holder

Our unique 2-tier acrylic magazine holders look very great to any offices. It`s our priority to create your ideal acrylic magazine holders for competitive prices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Magazine Holder Manufacturer

Weprofab is working on China, producing a large volume of acrylic magazine holders. We are certified and approved by international standards, including ISO 9001, SGS, CE, and many more certifications. To sum up, Weprofab is a leading fabricator and provider when it all comes to acrylic magazine holder productions.

So, when you are in need of the best acrylic magazine holder, consider Weprofab as your trading name provider. We are capable of producing large selections of acrylic magazine holders. More than thousands of Weprofab acrylic magazine holders in our factory ready to deliver anytime you demand.

For more information about Weprofab acrylic magazine holders, contact us now!

Custom Acrylic Magazine Holder to Skyrocket Your Brand

Transparent Acrylic Magazine Holder

Weprofab is fully committed in making acrylic magazine holder with high transparency. We are staffed of experts.

Free-standing Acrylic Magazine Holder

Weprofab is happy to custom acrylic magazine holders into different styles to fit your preferences. We accept bulk of orders from our valued customers.

Color-edge Acrylic Magazine Holder

In China, Weprofab is your excellent choice of color-edge acrylic magazine holders. It is suitable for keeping magazines and files in place.

Acrylic Magazine File Display Holder

The acrylic magazine file display holder from Weprofab is 100% durable because these come from acrylics materials.

Acrylic Desktop Magazine Holder

Weprofab is the leading manufacturer of acrylic desktop magazine holders worldwide. We are serving a high-quality acrylic magazine holder for desktop applications.

Acrylic Magazine File Holder

Acrylic Magazine File Holder is suitable for A4 and A5 sizes, magazines, and books. It features stylish and fashionable styles with SGS, CE, REACH, and RoHS certificates.

Acrylic Desk Magazine Holder for Office

Acrylic Desk Magazine Holder for Office is composed of 100% Lucite acrylic material with 93% light transmittance. Its color, size, and design are customizable.

Acrylic Slatwall Magazine Holder

Acrylic Slatwall Magazine Holder is so functional that it can keep various magazines and brochures. It is composed of eco-friendly materials and is both sturdy and stylish.

Acrylic Stand and Wall Mounted Magazine Holder

It has a self-standing design and has rounded edges to avoid scratches. It is used for advertising and in exhibition halls.

Acrylic Magazine Holder with Handle

Acrylic Magazine Holder with Handle has a waveform or W shape that provides an attractive appearance with customizable color, thickness, and size.

Floor Standing Acrylic Magazine Holder

It’s composed of high-quality clear acrylic material, but it can be customized, and its sizes and thickness are also customizable.

Acrylic Flat Open Magazine Tray Holder

Its standard panel size is A4, but it’s also available in A3 and A5 sizes. It is foldable and easy to carry, applicable in trade shows and exhibitions.

Acrylic Magazine Display Stand Holder

Its regular is as storage and display with simple modern style. It’s composed of eco-friendly acrylic material with customizable color and size.

Acrylic Magazine Holder for Interior Places

It organizes the books and magazines in a fashionable and simple manner. Keep your place orderly and presentable while exhibiting your modern and stylish attitude.

U Shape Acrylic Magazine Holder

U Shape Acrylic Magazine Holder size, colors, and thickness are customizable; it is composed of high-quality clear acrylic material.

Slanted Acrylic Magazine Holder

Slanted Acrylic Magazine Holder is made of 100% acrylic material that is UV proof and waterproof. It’s available in personalized size and logo.

Acrylic Magazine Rack Holder

Acrylic Magazine Rack Holder is available in 3-8mm thickness with customizable color. Its made of safe and eco-friendly acrylic material.

Acrylic Magazine Leaflet Rack Display Holder

It functions as a magazine organizer that is used for schools, homes, and offices. It is an eco-friendly and durable product with 2-5 thicknesses.

Acrylic Shelves Magazine Holder

Acrylic Shelves Magazine Holder sells and advertises magazines with 2-5mm thickness. It’s available in blue, green, white, black, red, and yellow.

Acrylic Wall Magazine Display Holder

It features a sustainable, eco-friendly, durable, high-quality, handmade acrylic material that functions as a multifunction product.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Magazine Holder

Weprofab Acrylic magazine holder is durable because these are manufactured from the top degree of rigidity and impact resistance acrylic substances. You can rest assured by the Weprofab acrylic magazine holder due to its top quality and durability. And in case it falls to the ground, unlike glass, our acrylic magazine holder will not gain scratches nor break.

Acrylic Magazine Holder

Whether you are an acrylic magazine holder distributor, retailer, or local supplier, please allow Weprofab to guide you. We are the best choice for you to find high-quality acrylic magazine holders. We are determined to help you roar your business and achieve the big success you are dreaming for.

In mainland China, where you could visit our company, Weprofab is helping you to avail of our 100% acrylic magazine holder. These are also great to use for several years. It is divided into various features and characteristics including lightweight and comfortable to use acrylic magazine holders.

Acrylic Magazine Holder

Talking about applications, these acrylic magazine holders are good for home and offices. It helps to organize files and magazines in one place, makes the files easy to search when needed.

So, when you are in need of the best acrylic magazine holder, consider Weprofab as a trading name provider. We are highly capable of producing a wide array of acrylic magazine holders for your huge demands. More than thousands of Weprofab acrylic magazine holders in our factory ready to deliver anytime you demand.

Acrylic Magazine Holder

For your bulk orders, Weprofab will provide a free sample of acrylic magazine holder, so you can check the quality and be satisfied. Besides, we are providing detailed videos and pictures of your orders, which helps to make you rest-assured.

Weprofab is working on China, producing large product volumes of acrylic magazine holders. We are certified approved by international standards, including ISO 9001, SGS, CE, and many more certifications. To sum up, Weprofab is most fabricator and provider when it all comes to acrylic magazine holder productions.

For more info, contact us now!

Acrylic Magazine Holder: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Acrylic magazine holder is a type of acrylic furniture resembling a rack used for displaying or storing various types of magazines and newspapers.

It is also referred to as acrylic magazine rack.

This FAQ guide gives you definitive details regarding acrylic magazine holders in the market.

Intrinsically, you’ll learn different aspects surrounding this furniture component.

Let’s get deeper and find out more about it;

 acrylic magazine holder

acrylic magazine holder

What are the Common Types of Acrylic Magazine Holder Designs Available?

You can find them in as many types as possible, depending on your specific requirements.

Technically, there are standard and customized acrylic magazine holder designs in the market.

However, the particular type you need is also based on the manufacturer you are purchasing the item from.

The most available acrylic magazine holders you’ll find from WeProFab, include the following;

  • Transparent acrylic magazine holder

 transparent acrylic magazine holder

 transparent acrylic magazine holder

  • Free-standing acrylic magazine holder
  • Color-edge acrylic magazine holder

 color edge acrylic magazine holder

color edge acrylic magazine holder

  • Acrylic magazine file display holder
  • Acrylic desktop magazine holder
  • Rainbow-colored acrylic magazine holder
  • Wall-mounted acrylic magazine holder

wall mounted acrylic magazine holder

wall mounted acrylic magazine holder

  • Tower acrylic magazine holder
  • Decorative acrylic magazine holder for floor
  • Two-tier free-standing acrylic magazine holder
  • Three-tier floor acrylic magazine holder

Essentially, they are available in many options giving you broader alternatives to select from when looking for one.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Magazine Holder?

They are numerous, but the most apparent ones are as follows;


This piece of furniture offers more important uses other than storing and displaying magazines.

You can use it to store other types of stationery such as books, document files, flyers, letters and reports among others.


The base material for making this component is sturdy hence can last for as many years as possible without degrading or deforming.

Offers clutter-free look

Technically, magazines, files and documents often make space appear crowded.

However, this component makes it easy for you to organize these items neatly and make the entire arrangement clean and easy to access.


Acrylic material used for making this furniture is relatively lightweight, making it portable.

This is advantageous since you can constantly shift in different spots, often depending on your preference.

Enhances Aesthetics

Allows you to add class and style to your space since it is available in different designs, colors and sizes.

Exhibits Magazines Aptly

It enables you to display your diverse collection of magazines by organizing them according to specific genres.

Essentially, this furniture is a state-of-the-art piece for storing your literature.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Magazine Holder?

You can use this furniture in different settings, but the common ones include the following;

Offices – You can use it in the reception rooms and offices to store and display different magazines for visitors or customers.

Residential homes – Acrylic magazine holders are also common in living rooms for aesthetics and de-cluttering of the space.

Boardrooms – It comes in handy to allow easy accessibility of reference documents during boardroom meetings.

Libraries – Acrylic magazine racks are common in many public and private libraries for storing and displaying different magazine genres and journals.

Retail stores – Outlets selling various magazines, business journals and newspapers to display their products to potential customers.

Also enables them to organize the outlets to appear attractive and organized.

Can Clear Acrylic Magazine Holder Dull?

Not necessarily.

Most magazine racks are made from high-quality acrylic materials.

This material is resistant to numerous environmental elements, which can possibly degrade surface.

Thus, it can stay bright for as many years as possible without showing any signs of fading.

Moreover, during the manufacturing process of this component, several additives are usually integrated to prevent it from dulling.

Ideally, the design of such additives is to ensure this magazine holder maintains the clarity and glossiness for as long as possible.

Even so, some factors can make this furniture appear dull over time.

For instance, if exposed to abrasive components or environment, it is likely to develop a rough surface.

A scratched surface make it lose glossiness, albeit gradually, thus becoming dull.

Also, an acrylic magazine holder made using a relatively low-grade material is likely to fade and become dull easily.

If it is subjected to comparatively harsh environmental conditions, this piece of furniture is also more likely to dull.

But this may vary with the intensity and period of exposure to such conditions.

In a nutshell, a typical acrylic magazine holder rarely dulls unless under severe conditions.

What are the Key Features of Ideal Acrylic Magazine Holder?

An ideal acrylic magazine rack has several features, but the main ones are as follows;

High tensile strength – It exhibits high impact resistance thus can hardly break even when subjected to extreme mechanical pressure.

Excellent optical clarity – Allows a significant amount of light to pass through it making it comparatively transparent and appealing to the eye.

Exceptional dimensional stability – This component can rarely deform or degrade when subjected to extreme temperatures.

This is due to its  base material which offers better temperature resistance.

Relatively lightweight – It is naturally lightweight, making it portable thus more convenient to handle, install and move around.

UV-resistant – This furniture exhibits better resistance to ultraviolet rays hence rarely fades or yellows when exposed to direct sunlight.

Chemical resistance – The surface material of acrylic magazine holder cannot corrode even when it is exposed to chemical substances.

Pliable – You can easily soften and mold it into your preferred design and shape, meeting your demands.

What Customizations Can You Incorporate on Acrylic Magazine Holder?

You can use different customization ideas and incorporate them in a standard acrylic magazine holder design such as the following;

customized acrylic magazine holder

 customized acrylic magazine holder

  • Painting by infusing a specific color hue on the surface material to attain the ideal shade, which meets your preference and taste
  • Shaping by molding the component to attain the desired design shape.
  • Printing different alphanumerical letters, brand name, slogan and logos on the surface of acrylic magazine rack for uniqueness.
  • Adding handles to make its handling and shifting from different spots relatively easy.
  • Adding lockable lids to safeguard your magazines, reports, documents or files from unauthorized access, dust and damage.
  • Adding shelves by creating more compartments on the rack for easy categorization and ample space for magazines.

Are there Colored Acrylic Magazine Holder?


Acrylic material is clear in its natural form.

However, you can easily infuse it with a wide range of color hues to provide a suitable shade you prefer.

Many people prefer transparent acrylic magazine rack since they enhance visibility of the magazines and other items displayed.

Even so, you can always find this component in as many colors as possible, depending on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

For instance, at WeProFab, you can find as many as50 color shades of acrylic magazine rack.

Of course, this is vital since it enables you to choose the most appropriate one based on your taste and preference.

colored acrylic magazine holder

 colored acrylic magazine holder

What is the Suitable Size of Acrylic Magazine Holder?

Several factors determine the choice of a suitable acrylic magazine holder size.

For instance, space availability for placing this furniture influences the ideal size to consider.

If you have a smaller space in your office, retail store, library or living room, it is advisable to choose a relatively small magazine holder and vice versa.

Another element, which determines a suitable size for this furniture is the quantity of magazines you intend to store or display.

Mostly, retail outlets will need somewhat bigger size since they need to display more magazines on the racks for sale.

In general, the suitable size of this component is primarily dependent on your needs and actual space to place it.

How durable is Acrylic Magazine Holder?

Quite durable.

Acrylic, which is the base material for this furniture, is naturally hardy.

It is derived from numerous gas and petroleum components in gaseous form before processing it to become solid.

Therefore, it exhibits excellent resistance to numerous environmental and mechanical elements.

The material is also resistant to chemical substances.

Moreover, the manufacturing process and workmanship incorporated in acrylic magazine holder reinforces its strength.

In general, this piece of furniture can last for as many as 20 years or more without necessarily wearing out or degrading.

Nevertheless, the actual durability is primarily dependent on a few elements, which include the following;

  1. Routine maintenance
  2. Quality of acrylic material used
  3. Thickness of acrylic material used
  4. Actual weather and environmental conditions it is exposed to often
  5. Overall workmanship construction

Is Acrylic Magazine Holder Scratch-resistant?


Modern designs feature high-grade acrylic material and a quality surface finish.

Mostly, the surface material of this component contains an anti-scratch coating.

This coating prevents the component from scratching easily, even when subjected to abrasive components.

Essentially, this is vital since it allows the surface material to retain its clarity and glossiness for the longest possible.

Nonetheless, even if it scratches, it is always easy to remove the marks from the surface material.

Can Acrylic Magazine Holder Break?

Not under ordinary circumstances.

The fact that the primary material for making this piece of furniture is derived from natural components makes it quite sturdy.

Technically, it has a strong molecular structure making it difficult to break under ordinary conditions.

A typical acrylic magazine holder is about 17-20 times stronger than fibreglass of similar dimensions.

It thus implies the component cannot necessarily break under ordinary conditions.

Moreover, it is available in varying thickness sizes, making it stronger and more difficult to break.

But in unordinary conditions such as deliberate attempts to break it, the component can only fracture into large and dull pieces.

In short, it is shatter-proof.

How Does Acrylic Magazine Holder Compare with Glass Magazine Holder?

Technically, acrylic and glass are the main materials used for making various magazine holder designs.

glass magazine holder

 glass magazine holder

However, these two materials form magazine holders, which vary in the following aspects;

Strength – Acrylic magazine holder is up to 17-20 times stronger than a glass alternative.

This makes the former more durable since it exhibits better impact resistance than the latter.

Optical clarity – Ideally, acrylic magazine rack allows more light to pass through its surface than glass does.

This makes it optically clearer than a glass magazine holder.

Weight – Acrylic magazine holder is about 50% less than glass magazine holder of similar dimensions in terms of weight.

Pliability – You can easily bend acrylic magazine holder and mold it to different designs without necessarily breaking.

On the contrary, glass can only bend to particular extents before it breaks.

Safety – Acrylic magazine holder is safer than glass magazine rack.

This makes the former a better option, especially where there is high human traffic.

Scratch resistance – Glass magazine holder, has a harder surface material making it more resistant to scratches than acrylic magazine rack.

In general, acrylic magazine holder is better all-round compared to its glass alternative.

What Quality Standards Do Acrylic Magazine Holder Comply With?

They are numerous but primarily depend on the specific target market for this component.

For instance, the European Community, America, Australia and Asia all have preferred applicable quality standards for this piece of furniture.

As such, they are applicable at different national, regional and global levels.

Nevertheless, the ones you are likely to come across in various markets include the following;

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Underwriter’s Laboratory
  • SGS Certification
  • American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

What is the Suitable Material Thickness for Acrylic Magazine Holder?

Material thickness suitability for acrylic magazine rack is dependent on different aspects, but importantly your preference.

Of course, it is available in different thickness size ranges.

However, the specific choice is based mainly on what you prefer.

In general, there is no one-size-fits-all recommended thickness size material for this piece of furniture.

But you should always consider a material thickness size of at least 5mm for this type of component.

Anything below 5mm thickness exposes the magazine holder to various elements, which reduces its durability.

What is the Ideal Surface Coating treatment for Acrylic Magazine Holder?

They are quite a lot, and most suitable one is dependent on the specific space where you install or place this furniture.

The common surface you may consider for a typical acrylic magazine holder, nevertheless, include the following;

  • Anti-scratch coating to prevent abrasive materials from forming ugly marks on the surface material.
  • Anti-fog treatment contains moisture from accumulating on the surface material, especially for outdoor applications or during winter.
  • Anti-reflective surface coating for reducing or averting excess light from reflecting on the surface material.
  • Anti-fingerprint coating to prevent fingerprint marks from forming the surface of this piece of furniture.

How Do You Fix Acrylic Magazine Holders on Wall Surface?

It is a straightforward process as long as you have the right tools.

However, the process varies depending on the installation surface.

For floor-based acrylic magazine holders only require you to identify a prime spot and place the component.

But wall-based magazine racks require installation either by gluing or screwing the component into the surface.

Once you have the actual magazine holder mark the surfaces drill to create holes and drive-in screws to attach it to a wall surface.

If you use adhesive, apply a small portion on the ends and stick it on the wall.

Hold it using masking tape for it to cure appropriately, then remove it.

Always ensure you are using a clear adhesive, if possible, acrylic cement.

The design construction of this component allows it to stay upright or lean at a specific angle enabling better visibility of the items stores or displayed.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider When Shopping for Acrylic Magazine Holder?

They are several, and it is vital to figure out the important elements since they shape purchase-decision.

Here are some of the key factors to always have in mind;

Size – Always choose a specific size, which suits your space requirements.

Also, consider the quantity and size of magazines you’ll be keeping on the furniture.

Purpose – Acrylic magazine holders are designed for various uses.

Choose a specific one depending on the actual purpose, whether storing or displaying files, documents, magazines or business journals among others

Customization – Figure out whether you need a personalized acrylic magazine holder and to what particular extent.

Material quality – Acrylic typically come in different quality grades. Ordinarily, the higher the material grade, the better the overall quality of this magazine holder.

Cost – Consider whether the specific acrylic magazine holder you are purchasing is within your budget. Of course, the price often ranges based on several factors.

Material thickness – Technically, the thicker the material, the stronger and more stable the acrylic magazine rack.

Are there Minimum Order Quantity for Acrylic Magazine Holder?

It depends on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Often, most companies tag a specific MOQ when purchasing customized acrylic magazine holder designs.

Ideally, customized are usually unique and made to suit user’s preference.

Therefore, it makes it ideal for tagging a reasonable MOQ since the entire manufacturing process can be costly and involving.

On the other hand, most manufacturers rarely tag MOQ on standard designs.

Nevertheless, it would be ideal for engaging the manufacturer and agreeing on a flexible MOQ, which works for both parties.

What Makes China the Best Marketplace for Purchasing Acrylic Magazine Holder?

China is a renowned marketplace for different types of acrylic magazine holders.

Some of the reasons making it somehow popular include the following;

  • Guaranteed high-quality acrylic magazine holders with solid design construction
  • Readily available customized units irrespective of the customization levels
  • Reasonably affordable purchasing rates and excellent aftersales services such as free packaging and shipping among others.
  • Somewhat flexible MoQ, which is essential in allowing you to obtain specific quantities within your budgetary needs.
  • Relatively fast turnaround time irrespective of the order quantity
  • Wide range of options to design, from guaranteeing you the actual type you need.

Is Acrylic Magazine Holder Eco-friendly?


Acrylic material is derived from natural components as inert gases.

As such, it can hardly react with different substances nor emit harmful or toxic fumes in the process.

Secondly, the base material is also 100% recyclable, albeit it utilizes a lot of energy to attain it fully.

However, this is fundamental since it guarantees there is no pieces to be disposed of at the landfills, which in turn may degrade the environment.

Thus, this component is environmentally friendly both to the human and the surrounding in general.

How Much Does Acrylic Magazine Holder Cost?

There is no definite cost for this component since it is tagged based on several factors.

Some of these factors include;

  • Overall design construction of the unit
  • Order quantity
  • Unit design; whether standard or customized
  • Manufacturer or brand
  • Overall size of the magazine rack
  • Quality of material used for making the unit

Generally, all these elements influence the actual price of this piece of furniture.

Nonetheless, the starting price of a typical basic acrylic magazine holder is $50-100.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Magazine Holder?

Maintaining acrylic magazine is an ideal way of enhancing its efficiency, reliability, glossiness and durability.

One of the best ways of attaining is this is by regular cleaning.

Since most of these units have a transparent surface finish, proper cleaning guarantees clarity, glossiness and functionality.

When cleaning, ensure you only use recommended non-abrasive solvents, which do not react with surface material.

Also, use a microfiber cloth when wiping the surface material.

This type of material is soft thus won’t scratch the surface to cause unnecessary marks on it.

Another technique you can use to maintain this component is regular polishing.

Ideally, polishing restores the clarity and shininess of the acrylic magazine holders by removing debris, scratches, and dust.

However, you need to ensure you use the right polishing technique suitable for the specific material grade of the magazine holder.

And importantly, ensure the acrylic magazine rack is rarely subjected to harsh environmental or mechanical conditions where possible.

For instance, even for outdoor applications, you can always place it with little or no direct sunlight.

If you need acrylic mazine holder, contact WeProFab now.

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