• Acrylic Cover

Acrylic Cover

Acrylic covers are used as protection for foods and other objects from damages, dust, or harm. At the same time, they are presentable and attractive covers. Weprofab acrylic covers come in different sizes, shapes, shades, and designs. Feel free to contact our team for your inquiries.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Cover to Delight Your Customers

Each custom acrylic cover can be made in different sizes, from small-large. Along with our team, we carefully built acrylic covers and come in various colors: white, transparent, and black. We are professional in supplying and manufacturing custom acrylic covers. We accept personalized assistance for you. Please contact us today!

Dome Acrylic Cover

Dome acrylic cover is used to protect objects from harm. While at the same time, they offer a clear and chick appearance for your viewers. They are used to cover foods, valuable items, and more.

Round Acrylic Pie Cover

A round acrylic pie cover is a case that helps everything inside free of dust and dirt. However, they come in custom shapes, sizes, and designs to fit your exact application. They also have custom prints to promote your brand.

Rectangular Acrylic Cover

You can get benefits from rectangular acrylic covers because they are customized and transparent. Also, they can easily combine into any decor space and design.

Acrylic Cake Cover

Acrylic cake covers are commonly used in bakery stores, food stores, and more. They often come in clear design, so that your audience can see the food inside.

Acrylic Keyboard Cover

The acrylic keyboard cover offers excellent oxidation resistance. They are made of 100% pure acrylics, which have strong antioxidant properties. Commonly used to protect keyboards from dusts.

Acrylic Food Cover

Acrylic food cover is a good option for protecting foods against harmful debris. Their color will not fade or damaged even being exposed to sunshine, rain, and wind.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Cover Manufacturer

WeProFab’s major goal is to gain customers’ satisfaction with our products. We are more than 20 years of giving quality and effective services.

For that reason, we make sure to provide superior quality yet affordable acrylic covers. The acrylic covers are not only strong but also attractive in aspect. They have high grades and cannot break down easily. Custom acrylic covers are popular nowadays due to resistance and protection.

We have many experiences in regard to manufacturing all types of acrylic products, especially acrylic covers. Contact us now!

Custom Acrylic Cover to Expand Your Brand

Acrylic Cover for Switch Charging Dock

Acrylic cover for switch charging dock is proven high-quality and durable. They cannot be discolored and damaged after being exposed to sunshine, strong wind, or rain.

Anti-Dust Acrylic Cover

Anti-dust acrylic cover is available not only in transparent but also in multiple shades. They have anti-dust properties and are very easy to maintain. Different shapes are also available.

Acrylic TV Screen Cover

The acrylic TV screen cover is highly durable and not fragile. They are more unbreakable compared to ordinary glass. Even they fell from a high place, they remain unbreakable.

Acrylic Turntables Cover

Acrylic turntables cover offers great light transmittance and protection. They are used to cover stereo sets or phonographs against dust and dirt.

Acrylic Helmet Cover

Acrylic helmet covers are known for their exceptional optical transparency and clarity. They are extremely resistant to any weather conditions. And also, they are more impact-resistant than glass.

Acrylic Machine Cover

Acrylic machine cover is used to protect various machines from harm, dust, and debris. They are available in custom sizes, shapes, prints, and designs to fit your intended use.

Acrylic Toys Cover

Acrylic toys cover is 17 times the shock-absorbing than normal glass. They are 20% half the weight of glass. Plus, they are chemical-resistant, perfect for covering toys against harmful chemicals.

High Transparency Acrylic Cover

High transparency acrylic cover is recyclable, high strength, and offers optical clarity. They are used to cover objects like keyboards, toys, machines, and more items.

Acrylic Display Cover

The acrylic display cover is used to cover various valuable objects. They are easy to clean, only by using soap, clean water, and microfibre cloth. They are break-resistant, scratch-resistant, and chemical-resistant.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Cover

A1- Acrylic Cover

Acrylic covers are made of pure acrylic material.

They are used to cover foods and objects against harm, debris, and dirt. Unlike normal glass, acrylic covers are more shatterproof and break-resistant. Because of their outstanding properties, they become more popular in the market.

The shock-absorbing of acrylic covers are 200X greater than common glass, making it hard to smash if suddenly falls.

A2- Acrylic Cover

Another fact is acrylic covers have excellent impact strength, usability, and durability. Acrylic covers are often used in covering keyboards, any machine, foods, or other objects.

Weprofab is your most reliable acrylic cover manufacturer in China. When it comes to convenience, space-saving, and quality products, our acrylic covers are always on top.

There are many types of acrylic covers we could offer. This includes an acrylic display cover, acrylic keyboard cover, acrylic toy cover, acrylic machine cover, and many more to mention.

Acrylic covers are completely admired since it has luxurious features and a resplendent finish.

A3- Acrylic Cover

WeProFab acrylic covers also have UV light protection to avoid discoloration from sun exposure. Therefore, they remain excellent looking and reliable for long period.

Since we have many kinds of acrylic covers, you can free to choose your own dimensions and styles. Our team can custom acrylic covers according to your specific design.

Weprofab is your authentic manufacturer of high-quality acrylic covers. You can totally rely on us.

Don’t forget to contact us for your inquiries. We are happy to serve you!

What is an Acrylic Cover?

Acrylic covers serve as a protection for any food and object against dust, damage, and harm.

A good and presentable cover for various purposes

What are the Typical Uses of Acrylic Covers?

Many individuals utilize acrylic covers for miscellaneous necessities and demands. To name a few,

  • Custom cut acrylic cover for your tabletop
  • Mechanical keyboard acrylic cover
  • Gaming mouse transparent cover
  • Acrylic cover against dust for toys display
  • Front cover for photo albums
  • Acrylic cover for food menu
  • Customized size acrylic LCD television cover
  • Acrylic fax machine Cover
  • Food displays
  • Acrylic laptop dust cover
  • Acrylic motorcycle plate cover
How to Adequately Disinfect Acrylic Covers?

Utilize a retail acrylic cleaner or gentle soap and clean water to get rid of dirt and residue.

When applying the acrylic cleaner, employ a non-abrasive, lint-free fabric or microfiber cloth to avoid unwanted scratches on the surface.

You may also utilize commercial-grade hexane and kerosene for hard dirt grease, oil, or tar residue.

Is the Acrylic Cover Ideal for Tabletops than the Typical Glass Covers?

The good news is yes, it is. Acrylic cover can break but will not shatter compared to glass.

It makes an acrylic cover safer and cost-efficient.

Also, the acrylic cover safeguards the table from condensation, writing marks, silverware scratches, unwanted stains, and more!

Not only that but, acrylic cover can also serve as a protection for outdoor furniture.

How to Keep Your Acrylic Cover Brand Spanking New?

Acrylic texture is smoother and more easily scratched than typical mineral glass.

Thus, it is wiser to keep away sharp or abrasive objects from contact with acrylic covers.  

In some cases, you need to place sharp-edged items on the top of an acrylic cover. 

Hence, we highly recommend attaching felt pads or placing a microfiber cloth underneath the object. 

It will prevent unwanted scratches against the smooth surface.

In What Dimension Does the Acrylic Cover Accessible?

You can choose the most suitable acrylic cover dimension or sizes according to your applications.

The standard measurement is 732mm long x 328mm wide x 280mm high.

Are the Acrylic Covers FDA Approved?

Absolutely yes!

Acrylic material made for covers meets Food and Drug Administration(FDA) standards.

Using acrylic cover is safe, even direct contact with foods.

It simply means they are safe to use in foods, medicine, or beverages at home or business.

Additionally, they are ideal to use as kitchen wares.

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