• Dome Glass House

Dome Glass House

The dome glasshouse is stunning and appealing to build for overlooking surroundings. This glasshouse is also a multi-functional ideal for a luxurious hotel, SPA enclosure, restaurant, and exhibits. They are available in many designs and customized depending on your specific requirements. Made from solid glass materials, and has an excellent resistance that can stand any destruction.

Get WeProFab Dome Glass House to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is your best manufacturer to pick. We offer a high-quality, eco-friendly, and negotiable price of the dome glasshouse that meets your quality standard. The Weprofab manufacturer aims to give the best solution for your project. A professional and skilled team manufactures them with complete sets of equipment. Including our offered dome glasshouse to your business can indeed maximize your sales.

Camping Dome Glass House

Camping dome house is for outdoor events like festivals or commercial reception. They can be sized from 6m to 100m in diameter.

Economic Dome Glass House

Design to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with peaceful and ecological sound set-up by embracing nature. Ideal for family and troops outing.

Igloo House Dome Glass

It consists of 2 or more dome glasshouse joints or connects in different sizes with an arched tunnel. Select the best size for your application.


Luxury Dome Glass House

The luxury dome glasshouse has a unique design to attract tourists and travelers, ideal for etiquette groups to be 5-star rated.

Modular Dome Glass House

The modular dome has no pole inside. They have about 100% interior space availability, known for being widely used for many occasions.

Garden Dome Glass House

The garden dome glasshouse is commonly located in a backyard. Using this glasshouse gives you an excellent connection to nature. Purchase more from WeProFab.

WeProFab: Your Reliable Dome Glass House Manufacturer

WeProFab is your known dome glasshouse manufacturer that uses advanced technologies with skilled team workers during production. Our company guaranteed the product excellency to meet your expectation. The Weprofab glasshouse manufacturer could be your top choice.

As a top manufacturer, we maintain our customer’s trust. WeProFab can provide your needed types of dome glasshouse. We assure protected transporting of your ordered glass domes. Expect fast and on-time delivery. So if you are looking for the perfect dome glasshouse for any applications, look for WeProFab lists.

Dome Glass House to Upgrade Your Brand

Dome Glass Greenhouse

Weprofab offers low-cost dome glass greenhouses. You can also select your desired dimensions according to your location.

Dome Glass Roundhouse

We guarantee about 15 years of roundhouse service life. We manufacture them with fireproof and waterproof features. Purchase them in WeProFab.

Dome Glass Bubble House

WeProFab manufactures this high-strength dome glasshouse with durable materials. Your requested specifications are considered during the production.

Dome Prefabricated Glass House

This glasshouse is easy to assemble. It is ideal for outdoor and tourism hotel applications. It has a heat-insulating advantage.

Dome Glass House for Resort

We manufacture this dome house with weather-resistant features. This type of dome glasshouse has a more robust roof and high durability.

Geodesic Dome Glasshouse

WeProFab manufactures a sturdy glasshouse with a cover inside. They are structured with galvanized steel tube frames. 

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Why WeProFab Dome Glass House

WeProFab is your reliable manufacturer of a dome glasshouse in China. You can always trust our order processing operations. All in our company are professional enough to handle such negotiations. We always make sure high-quality and high-efficient products, like dome glasshouses.

As your leading manufacturer, we constantly provide dome glasshouses according to your requests. WeProFab is your number choice when it comes to high-end products. We can be the best partners in the business industry. 

WeProFab utilizes brand spanking new machinery and distinct technology that qualifies us to present the top quality dome homes. The said product is known for its remarkable structural and aesthetic appearance and features. Notably, you can dismantle it effectively since it has all the essential parts or components packed in a well-organized way.

You can consider some benefits of having a dome glasshouse, including;

  • Transparent visual solution
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good connection surroundings
  • Multifunctional
  • Strong and safe
  • Good energy saving

The unprocessed materials we employ are the most galvanized high-strength steel pipe and durable aluminum alloys. Moreover,

WeProFab dome glasshouse is equipped with strengthened laminated protection glass that can be single, doubled, or triple coat according to the location and weather conditions.

WeProFab Dome Glass’ exceptional environment-friendly cover meets the top tolerant home measures. Plus, our workers here in WeProFab can link and connect various styles and dimensions of domes to construct truly exceptional and contemporary glass dome homes. 

Our company and skilled workers manage every step of the building procedure. As a result, our dome glasshouses are far exceptional compared to any other dome house in the industry. Additionally, these are the remarkable features of our dome glasshouses:

  • Resistant to wind and storm
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Inherently stable structure
  • Exceptional airflow and ventilation
  • Slightly tolerant to temperature changes
  • Efficiently disperse heat and sounds

Our prospective customers can be confident that any of the dome glasshouses they purchase possess these features. Choose WeproFab as your dome glasshouses provider. You can select your preferred designs from the above lists.

All of our offered dome glasshouse types offer various benefits according to your applications. WeProFab is your reliable source for the constant supplies for your business. With our expertise, we assure no hassle processing your orders. We are professional enough to negotiate with our clients worldwide.

WeProFab never fails to satisfy customers with the quality and cost of the products. We have active sales staff who are always ready to entertain your calls and emails. Don’t hesitate to inquire or request your customized dome glasshouse for your events.

We are responsible for delivering your purchased products on time to the right place. WeProFab also provides assistance in proper assembling and disassembling dome glasshouses. Trust on our strict inspected products with the lowest price offer.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right here, right now!

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