• Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Metallic Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab is a leading metallic acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We fabricate and supply high-quality metallic acrylic sheets with different thicknesses, sizes, and colors such as gold, rose gold, silver, and red and so on. If you want custom metallic acrylic sheets, then you can check WeProFab. Send us inquiries today; we will make the best metallic acrylic sheet for you.

Get WeProFab Metallic Acrylic Sheets to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a metallic acrylic sheets manufacturer. We can do a bespoke service for any unique application. We have capabilities on cut-to-size, shatterproof and other services.

Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

As an acrylic sheets manufacturer, we have the advantage to fabricate the metallic acrylic sheet. We can either use a cast acrylic sheet or extruded acrylic sheet to produce competitive product.

Metallic Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

WeProFab is one of the professional metallic acrylic sheets manufacturers. We can manufacture metallic acrylic sheets into desired thickness, sizes, colors and treatments.

Metallic Acrylic Sheets Cut to Size

One of WeProFab service is to cut to size sheets. We have high tech equipment where the metallic acrylic sheet cut. Using laser cut the edge smoothly cut. No sharpening.

Brushed Metallic Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab produce brushed finished metallic acrylic sheet made by finest material. We could fabricate into different colors like red, blue, gold, silver, orange and so on.

3mm Metallic Acrylic Sheet

If you need 3mm metallic acrylic sheets for a specific application, WeProFab is your choice. We can help you offer a tough and high-quality products.

Rose Gold Metallic Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab rose gold metallic acrylic sheet is being fabricated through brushed finishes. We have a wide variety of rose gold metallic acrylic sheets with different sizes and thicknesses.

WeProFab: Your Professional Metallic Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

WeProFab can make a different metallic acrylic sheet for you. The raw material of metallic acrylic sheets are extruded acrylic sheets and cast acrylic sheets. We have full capabilities to execute the different manufacturing processes in one roof.

As an ISO9001 certified metallic acrylic sheets supplier, WeProFab controls quality strictly. Make sure the offered product quality is consistent. We can give you a one-stop plastic fabrication solution. Truly, WeProFab can deliver you a perfect product.

Custom Metallic Acrylic Sheets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Gun Metallic Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab manufacture high-quality gun metallic acrylic sheets to emulate looks natural metals. We can custom your own gun metallic acrylic sheets using a cast or extruded acrylic material.

Metallic Gold Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab is a one-stop solution provider that can custom your own metallic gold acrylic sheets into desired thickness, sizes, and surface treatments.

Silver Metallic Acrylic Sheets

If you have a unique application of silver metallic acrylic sheets, WeProFab is your solution. We can make silver metallic acrylic sheets based on your specifications.

1000 X 500MM Metallic Acrylic Sheet

1000 X 500MM metallic acrylic sheet is designed to imitate the natural look of metals. They are easy to cut and fabricate acrylic material. And also, they are UV-resistant and impact-resistant.

A4 Inkjet Printable Metallic Acrylic Sheet

A4 inkjet printable metallic acrylic sheet is a great addition to your business. The material has metal-looks, yet more durable and long-lasting. This product is oxidize-resistant and crimps protected.

Brown Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Brown metallic acrylic sheet has a glossy and shiny appearance. They can be cut to size to fit your specific applications. This product is designed to emulate the appearance of anodized aluminum.

Bullet-Proof Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Bullet-proof metallic acrylic sheet is not easy to crimp, erode, and ding, unlike anodized aluminum. They also don’t need edge or substrate banding. Custom metallic colors are available for this product.

Cast Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Cast metallic acrylic sheet is durable and superior in quality. They are perfect as a heavy-duty metal alternative. They are often used for signage, display, and point of purchase projects.

Champagne Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Champagne metallic acrylic sheet is a hard-wearing sheeting material. They are widely used for domestic projects, displays, signage, and more product fabrication.

Clear Metallic Acrylic Sheet

The clear metallic acrylic is 100% unbreakable, glossy-looking, and high-strength. They are suitable for multiple uses, including acrylic signs, acrylic splashback, roof windows, acrylic doors, and many others.

Copper Mirror Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Copper mirror metallic acrylic sheet is a better alternative to glass and metal. They come in different sizes, patterns, and shapes to fit your application.

Dark Bronze Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Dark brown metallic acrylic sheet is popular for their glossiness and extreme durability. They are exactly suitable for making acrylic signage, acrylic sales display, acrylic windows, and many more.

Durable Metallic Acrylic Sheet

The durable metallic acrylic sheet offers excellent bullet-proof properties, weathering properties, and extreme strength. They are safe against harsh weather conditions, like storms, rains, etc.

Frosted Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Frosted metallic acrylic sheet is a long-lasting material. They are cut to size, so you can choose the exact size for your application. They also come in many frosted colors.

Glossy Glitter Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Glossy glitter metallic acrylic sheet has a metallic appearance and glossy surface. They are available in different glitter colors for your choice.

Golden Yellow Metallic Acrylic Sheet

The gold yellow metallic acrylic sheet has an attractive appearance. They are first option for roofing projects, partitioning, windows, and more. Also, they are completely fire-rated.

Green Colored Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Green-colored metallic acrylic sheets have a similar thickness, maximum service temperature, and fire protection to Perspex. They can be cut to size to fit particular applications.

Heart-Shaped Metallic Acrylic Sheet

A heart-shaped metallic acrylic sheet comes in various metallic colors. Their metallic appearance makes them become very attractive. Plus, they are affordable.

Heat-Resistant Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Heat-resistant metallic acrylic sheet is fire-rated, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and impact resistant. They also offer great light diffusing and transmission qualities.

High-End Metallic Acrylic Sheet

A high-end metallic acrylic sheet offers superior quality in every application. They are extremely resistant to scratches and fingerprint stains.

Impact-Resistance Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Made of superior grade acrylics, an impact-resistance metallic acrylic sheet has extreme durability. They are also weather-resistant, anti-fingerprint, and scratch-resistant.

Metallic Antique Pearl Acrylic Sheet

Their surface properties and transparency are customizable. They also come in different metallic shades and patterns to fit your project needs.

Metallic Anti-Static Acrylic Sheet

The metallic anti-static acrylic sheet provides outstanding light transmission and diffusing characteristics. These sheets are also used to design backlighted signs.

Metallic Black Acrylic Sheet

The metallic black acrylic sheet is easy to cut and shape based on the client’s needs. They are the best choice because of their heat-resistant features, impact resistance, and break resistance.

Metallic Perspex Acrylic Sheet

Metallic Perspex acrylic sheet offers superior weathering and high shock-resistant characteristics. They are also UV-stable, unbreakable, and high-strength than other materials.

Multi-Purpose Metallic Acrylic Sheet

The multi-purpose metallic acrylic sheet offers excellent optical transparency and clarity. They are also extremely resistant to any temperature diversity.

Opaque Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Opaque metallic acrylic sheet is designed to resist harsh weather conditions, fire incidents, and various temperatures. They are 17X more impact-resistant than ordinary material.

Rectangular Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Rectangular metallic acrylic sheet is highly shocking-resistant compared to many other materials. They are also half the weight of glass. For that reason, they are perfect for precision machining.

Reflective Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Reflective metallic acrylic sheets can extremely withstand various chemicals. They are also heat-resistant, UV-stable, impact-resistant, and break-resistant.


Round Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Round metallic acrylic sheet can be cut to 3mm, 5mm, or 2020mm x 1320mm, depending on your application. They are 50% more lightweight than other materials.

Square Metallic Acrylic Sheet

The square metallic acrylic sheet comes in different metallic colors. They have a particular square shape, which is easy to cut, bend, and mold to fit your applications. They have protective PE film on both sides for scratch protection.

Tan Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Common uses for tan metallic acrylic sheets are kitchen splashbacks, point of sale displays, furniture, bathroom splash guards, retail units, shelves, photo frames, and many more.

Tinted Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Tinted metallic acrylic sheet is a highly versatile material. They are popular for multiple applications. They can be CNC cut, laser-cut, bent, molded, and polished.

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Metallic Acrylic Sheet manufacturing process

Why WeProFab Metallic Acrylic Sheets

Metallic acrylic sheets manufactured by Weprofab are designed to imitate the looks of natural metals.

With a full capacity to avoid oxidization, crimp, ding and do not require edge banding.

Even without the minimum required for custom anodizing, our product can still produce any custom metallic color.

We have the widest range selection for metallic acrylic sheets at very affordable prices.

Our product comes with a very unique and eye-catching design that will attract customers in the market.

It is made from superior quality materials and has been tested in durability and performance.

Our products are resistant to any scratches and fingerprints.

Weprofab manufactures metallic acrylic sheets in various grade transparencies, colors surface properties.

metallic acrylic sheets

Metallic Acrylic Sheets

Our metallic acrylic sheets are best for display stands, illuminated signage, awards, trophies and many more.

We designed our metallic acrylic sheets with excellent light transmission and diffusing properties to be the best-backlighted signs.

Our metallic acrylic sheets are easily fabricated with simple techniques, plastic tools, and woodworking.

It has laser grave, decorated, printed, glued, heat-formed and assembled perfectly.

Besides, riveting, welding and polishing are not needed. Save money, time and effort.

Weprofab metallic acrylic sheets offer premium finish to any kind of use or project.

Our product has standard thickness and versatility.

WeProFab metallic acrylic sheet is the best substitute for metals. Because it has high resistance, it can withstand weather damage and easier to cut and shape.

Our products have hit the highest demands in the market because of its’ performance. Weprofab metallic acrylic sheets are 100% genuine.

Our product is also ideal for domectic projects and displays. It is also thermoformable, UV stabilized, contains protective film covering in both sides and has excellent sound abatement properties.

Weprofab has been manufacturing metallic acrylic sheets for many years now. We have gained enough knowledge and experience in this industry.

Our company has developed different techniques and ideas to enhanced and upgrade the designs and quality of our products.

We have 5-axis machining, injection molding, extrusion, die-cutting and we can do anything to make your required products.

Weprofab metallic acrylic sheets are made from gorgeous acrylic sheets.

We can custom and cut your exact measurement for this product and we offer full fabrication services at the cheapest price. Our metallic acrylic sheets will surely increase your market.

Weprofab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer.

We serve as a one-stop solution to any needs of our customers around the world. We have a suitable manufacturing process to fit the needs of your products.

Weprofab can also be customized and upgrade your product based on your own designs and styles.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company that strictly controls the quality of the product. We can also follow up with other standards like UL, Rohs and REACH according to your specific demands.

If you are interested in Weprofab metallic acrylic sheets, please contact us today! We provide free consultation for you.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Tested for performance and durability, the metallic acrylic sheet can be manufactured in any metallic color at a very affordable price.

Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Metallic Acrylic Sheet

You can use sophisticated processes to custom anodize acrylic sheets to colors that appear in natural metallic shades.

Eye-catching and unique designs are constantly updated to meet OEM/ODM signage and engraved display demands.

If you have a question about metallic acrylic sheets, you have come to the right place.

This ultimate FAQ guide will tell you everything you need to know about metallic acrylic sheets.

How Is The Metallic Acrylic Sheet Made?

The cell casting method is one method used in the manufacture of cut-to-size metallic acrylic sheets.

· Cell Casting Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Cell Casting Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Cell Casting Metallic Acrylic Sheet

In this method, liquid monomer is poured between two sheets of hardened glass.

A rubber gasket seals these glass sheets to facilitate polymerization of acrylic.

This process is ideal for cut-to-size metallic acrylic sheets, as larger sheets may have thickness variations and visual defects on the surface.

For special applications where you need metallic-shade acrylic sheets that resist chemical reactions with solvents, the cell-casting process is ideal.

Also, you get acrylic sheets with better thermal stability.

· Extruding Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Extrusion is a cheaper process to draw metallic acrylic sheets.

This is a continuous process.

Extruding Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Extruding Metallic Acrylic Sheet

In the extrusion method, you pour acrylic resin in the form of pellets into a heating chamber through a hopper.

Once the acrylic has melted, it is force driven through a die that is set to draw flat sheet material continuously at the required thickness.

As it crosses the die, it cools down and is then cut to the required size.

This process is ideal for large OEM/ODM metallic acrylic sheet orders, as this is a more economical process.

You can watch this video to find out more about the extrusion process to make metallic acrylic sheets.

What Are The Advantages Of Metallic Acrylic Sheets?

Besides imitating the look of metallic shades, metallic acrylic sheets have several advantages that attract your attention.

It is very affordable, as this is a popular product produced in large quantities.

Made from superior-grade acrylic and PMMA materials, metallic acrylic sheets are highly resistant to fingerprint stains and scratches.

You can customize the metallic shade transparency and surface properties to match your application requirements.

It has excellent light diffusing and transmission properties.

You can customize this sheet to design unique backlighted signs.

Minimum fabrication and tooling methods are utilized to cut and shape to required sizes.

The professional acrylic manufacturer can heat form, assemble, engrave, print, decorate, glue, and laser cut acrylic sheets to precise dimensions using simple techniques.

You save time, money, and effort when you order metallic acrylic sheets, as processes like welding, riveting, and polishing are completely avoided.

Premium finishes with excellent weathering and high impact-resistant properties are offered that can replace metals in different applications.

The metallic acrylic sheet retains all the vital properties found in acrylic including superior ultraviolet stabilization and excellent sound abatement.

It can be easily thermoformed.

Professional acrylic sheet manufacturers use sophisticated cell-cast and extrusion processes, 5-axis machining capabilities, and injection molding to create unique shapes and sizes for your metallic acrylic sheets.

What Are The Different Types Of Metallic Acrylic Sheets?

· Cut-To-Size Metallic Acrylic SheetCut-To-Size Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Cut-To-Size Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Cut with high-tech equipment, the cut-to-size metallic acrylic sheet is offered in custom sizes, thicknesses, surface treatments, and colors.

Laser equipment is used to create perfect edges that do not need sharpening.

Tolerance limits are sustained at less than 1mm.

These sheets can be manufactured with black cores that make engraving possible for unique point-of-purchase, display, and signage designs.

You can get these cut-to-size, standard, and custom colored metallic acrylic sheets in thicknesses ranging from 1/8 to ½ inches.

Use your creative skills or consult your designer to come up with custom metallic acrylic sheets.

· Brushed Metallic Acrylic Sheet

 Brushed Metallic Acrylic Sheet

 Brushed Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Fabricated in different colors like gold, silver, blue, red, and orange, the brushed metallic acrylic sheet is made of the finest acrylic raw material.

Its bright metallic shades make it appear like a brushed anodized aluminum sheet.

Fabricating these brushed metallic acrylic sheets does not cause oxidation, dinging, or crimping.

Easy to fabricate, this metallic acrylic sheet can replace metal in many indoor and outdoor applications.

Route, laser cut, silk screen, and hot stamp these brushed metallic acrylic sheets in combination with other process elements including wedding and other ceremonial decorations.

· 3mm Metallic Acrylic Sheet

3mm Metallic Acrylic Sheet

3mm Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Designed as a tough and high-quality product, the 3mm metallic acrylic sheet matches the excellent density, service temperature, and fire rating offered by Perspex sheets.

Get these 3mm metallic acrylic sheets in a wide range of finishes and colors.

This sheet is a popular product, so you are likely to get exact color matches even if it undergoes several production runs.

Choose from various surface treatments including increased resistance to fragrances, volatile chemicals, and ultraviolet light radiation.

The 3mm metallic acrylic sheet has several unique applications including metallic-shade splashbacks in modern kitchens.

· Rose Gold Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Rose Gold Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Rose Gold Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Fabricated with brushed finishes, the rose gold metallic acrylic sheet comes in different sizes and thicknesses.

You can create stunning displays and striking memorial plaques with this acrylic sheet.

Metallic gloss is applied to both faces of the rose gold metallic acrylic sheet.

Brush-finished metallic-shade sheets are manufactured by cell cast and extrusion processes.

This sheet weighs just half the weight of glass but has 10 times more impact strength than standard glass of the same thickness.

Use the eye-catching rose gold metallic acrylic sheet to showcase jewelry and other exhibits.

· Gun Metal Acrylic Sheet

Gun Metal Acrylic Sheet

Gun Metal Acrylic Sheet

Created as an alternative to brushed anodized aluminum, the gun metal acrylic sheet can match aluminum for hardness and is also highly resistant to fingerprints and scratches.

This non-conductive material can be fabricated with common plastic tools. Simple techniques are used to cut and shape this metallic acrylic sheet.

You can laser cut and engrave, thermoform, assemble, glue, print and decorate this gun metal acrylic sheet using common acrylic fabrication processes.

Metallic acrylic sheets are lightweight and does not required edge banding or substrates.

Use this gun metal acrylic sheet to create your point-of-sale displays and for other unique applications.

· Gold Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Metallic Gold Acrylic Sheet

 Metallic Gold Acrylic Sheet

Customize your gold metallic acrylic sheet with thicknesses, surface treatments, and sizes that are useful for your application.

Usually made of premium Perspex material, you can get cut-to-size acrylic sheets with polished edges and radius corners.

Ask for a sample from your acrylic sheet manufacturer’s catalogue to decide on the right color shade for your gold metallic acrylic sheet.

Maximum standard sizes are limited to 3040 X 2040mm.

However, acrylic sheet suppliers offer affordable cut-to-size sheets to reduce waste and cost.

This sheet is lighter. It is more erosion-resistant, stronger, and shatter-resistant than glass.

Laser cut edges ensure that processes like polishing and riveting are not needed.

· Silver Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Silver metallic acrylic sheet

Silver Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Made to your specifications, the silver metallic acrylic sheet can meet your unique application demands.

It has a gorgeous metallic finish that is ideal for applications that need a touch of luxury.

Both sides of the silver metallic acrylic sheet are coated with the high-gloss silver finish.

This sheet can be easily thermoformed, laser cut, and drilled.

Use it to replace metals in applications where you need very low light transmission rates.

Engrave on the silver metallic acrylic sheet to create custom branding and messaging effects.

Its black core has an amazing effect on images.

· Frosted Bright Aluminum Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Frosted Bright Aluminum Metallic Acrylic Sheet

 Frosted Bright Aluminum Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Designed to replace actual anodized aluminum, the frosted bright aluminum metallic acrylic sheet closely resembles the feel and look of powder-coated aluminum.

With surface hardness similar to aluminum, this sheet can replace the metal in applications that need fingerprint and high impact resistance.

This metallic acrylic sheet retains all the inherent properties of acrylic.

Cut, assemble, drill, shape, and glue just like you would with an acrylic sheet.

You can use simple techniques with commonly available plastic and woodworking tools to fabricate the non-conductive frosted bright aluminum metallic acrylic sheet.

Standard cut-to-size sheets are available in 12 to 24 inches with thicknesses ranging from 1/8 to ¼ inches.

You can get custom sizes from professional acrylic sheet manufacturers.

· Penny Copper Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Penny Copper Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Penny Copper Metallic Acrylic Sheet

The cut-to-size cast or extruded penny copper metallic acrylic sheet is designed as an affordable alternative to copper sheets with excellent shatterproof capabilities.

You can effectively use it as a backlighted sign with its excellent diffused light transmission properties.

Because it is laser cut to custom sizes, the penny copper metallic acrylic sheet does not have to undergo riveting, welding, or polishing procedures.

Fabrication costs are more affordable.

Made of 100% genuine acrylic raw material, this sheet can prevent weather damage.

With the optional UV-stabilized coat, it will not change color and protect items from UV radiation damage.

You can come up with imaginative furniture designs for this great-looking acrylic sheet.

Both sides of this sheet are coated with a protective film to prevent scratches.

· Antique Pearl Metallic Acrylic Sheet

Antique Pearl Metallic Acrylic Sheet

 Antique Pearl Metallic Acrylic Sheet

With its glossy finish and surface hardness that matches aluminum, the antique pearl metallic acrylic sheet is a lightweight plastic version of anodized or powder-coated aluminum.

You will find that this product does not oxidize, ding or crimp like fabricated metals.

Also, you can save time, effort, and money ordering these antique pearl metallic acrylic sheets that do not require substrates or even edge banding.

Experienced acrylic sheet manufacturers come up with new ideas and techniques to upgrade and improve on the quality of metallic acrylic sheets.

Does The Metallic Acrylic Sheet Crack Once It Is Installed?

The metallic acrylic sheet may crack once it is installed but not due to lack of mechanical strength.

Temperature changes beyond a certain limit is likely to cause excessive contraction and expansion.

Temperature variations at the joints where this sheet attaches to metal or some other material is susceptible to developing cracks.

You will find that metallic acrylic sheets with thickness variations are also likely to crack faster.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Making The Metallic Acrylic Sheet?

· Acrylic Block Size

The acrylic block size is one or the main factors that decide the making cost of a metallic acrylic sheet.

For instance, you are likely to incur higher design charges for a 300-pound block than a 6000-pound block, simply because of the mold material cost increases.

· Mold Design Complexity

Standard molds may be available for the manufacture of metallic acrylic sheets of different sizes.

However, if your design requires complex mold design changes, then the cost would increase.

Usually, experts handle complex mold designs.

Even then it may take more time and effort to arrive at the perfect mold.

Design changes like number of slides, lifters, inserts, and cams vary as per the design.

These changes add up to the cost.

Contact your professional acrylic manufacturer.

Most likely, they have custom design options for your ODM/OEM projects.

· Choice of Custom Or Standard Pattern

Commonly available patterns are less costly than premium shades of metallic acrylic sheets.

For example, the manufacturer designs a new pattern by spraying it on to the metallic acrylic sheet.

This is a simple process and is quite affordable.

However, if your application needs custom shades, colors, and multilayered options, the manufacturer assigns additional manpower to complete this task.

Also, automation and assembly changes are likely to increase the cost.

How Do You Engrave On The Metallic Acrylic Sheet?

Laser cutting is one of the most accurate and efficient ways of engraving on metallic acrylic sheets.

Your 2D design with detailed specifications is used to laser cut custom designs on these sheets.

Less energy is needed to engrave on acrylic sheets with lasers as compared to other methods of engraving.

Therefore, you are able to cut down on engraving cost.

Precision levels are much higher than traditional methods, as laser cutting metallic acrylic sheets does not leave behind burn or melt marks.

Lasers can engrave at a much faster pace creating complex shapes and designs with great ease.

You do not need special tools or cutting techniques to engrave even small designs with complex details.

You can watch this video to find out how the laser cutting is done.

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