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Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets are designed to reflect the most recent color trends. The range of sheets is as versatile as appealing with its glossy finish and other finishes on the opposite side. Sheets are available in different pastel shades, thicknesses, textures, and so on. Weprofab pastel coloured acrylic sheets can be cut to size and shape easily as per demand. 


Get WeProFab Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet to Satisfy Your Customers

Weprofab pastel coloured acrylic sheets creates a fresh look to any space. It is typically applied to retail display, kitchen splashback, interior design, signage, point of purchase, etc. With its excellent properties, pastel-colored acrylic sheets become the must-have material in any architectural application.


Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets have all excellent physical properties. All sheets are supplied cut-to-size and shape to meet specific requirements. Designers, DIYer’s, designers, fabricators, and creators could purchase.

Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet 3MM

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets are available in 3mm, ideal for signage, retail display, bathroom splashback, point of purchase, and so on. It has a high gloss finish and the other side is matte.


Waterproof Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets are available in 3mm, ideal for signage, retail display, bathroom splashback, point of purchase, and so on. It has a high gloss finish and the other side is matte.

Pastel Coloured Skin Tone Blush Acrylic Sheet

Pastel coloured skin tone blush acrylic sheet is made of high-grade cast acrylic. One side has a matt finish and the other is glossy. It is lightweight and high-wearing.


Customize Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets can be customized based on customers’ specifications. Plenty of options is available including colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Easy to cut into size.

Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet 2MM

Pastel coloured acrylic sheet 2mm is durable enough for long-term use. These sheets are simple to work with; offering extreme versatility. Suitable for pop-up retail displays, kitchen splashbacks, and more.

Cast Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

This cast pastel coloured acrylic sheet is a durable hard-wearing material for demanding interior needs. It is lightweight and easy to install for POP displays, lightboxes, directional systems, etc.

Wholesale Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets can be wholesale in a range of vibrant colors, finishes, and textures. Superior-quality, strong, and durable for any hardware application.

Raspberry Sherbet Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

The vibrant blush pink color of the raspberry sherbet pastel coloured acrylic sheets adds vitality and light wherever they are utilized. It’s ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets are incredibly strong and durable, but lighter in weight (up to half the weight of glass). It has extreme impact and chemical resistance plus high weathering and discoloration resistance. Hundred-percent food-safe, pastel-coloured acrylic sheets are easy to clean and maintain.

These pastel sheets are manufactured to meet high tolerance. It is suitable for all manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, laser cutting, and thermoforming. Weprofab supplies pastel coloured acrylic sheets with protective film on both sides.

Custom Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

5MM Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

This 5mm pastel-coloured acrylic sheet comes in a range of colors, finishes, and textures. Dual finishes – solid gloss on one side and matte on the other. Commonly used for tabletop protectors, kitchen splashbacks, etc.

Geometric Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Different standard sheet sizes of geometric colored acrylic sheets are available. Obtain a long useable lifespan. It can be fully recycled or reused if no longer suited for active use.

Pastel Baby Pink Acrylic Sheet

Pastel baby pink acrylic sheet is an eye-catching and spectacular alternative to glass for use in display, signs, lighting, engraving, arts and crafts, and more. These sheets are easy to maintain.

4MM Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

This 4mm pastel-coloured acrylic sheet is very light in weight. They are as versatile as it is attractive. Our range of 4mm pastel acrylic sheets is supplied cut to size.

8MM Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 8mm pastel coloured acrylic sheet has both matte and gloss finish on each side. It is 10x stronger than glass and weighs about half of glass. Have a high level of impact resistance.

Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet 6MM

Pastel coloured acrylic sheets measuring 6mm are strong and durable. It has a consistent thickness which makes it suitable for general fabrication. 100% food-safe and recyclable. Provide exceptional chemical resistance.

Frosted Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Frosted pastel coloured acrylic sheets have good outdoor weathering. The light and salt spray have no effect on it. Each side of these sheets has a protective film applied to it. Easy to clean and maintain.

10MM Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

This 10mm pastel-coloured acrylic sheet can be easily shaped into creative design. They are abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. Plus, easy to handle since it’s lightweight.

2.5MM Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 2.5mm pastel coloured acrylic sheets are chemical resistant and UV stable. It can be easily worked and shaped. Incredibly hygienic, hard-wearing, and durable are among its top features.

Lemon Bonbon Pastel Acrylic Sheet

Lemon bonbon pastel acrylic sheet has an excellent surface quality, thickness tolerance, and flatness. Ideal material for display, craft, visual communications, design, signs, point of sale, etc.

Perspex Pastel Colour Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab perspex pastel colour acrylic sheets are suitable to use as decorations, signs, shop fittings, etc. Hard-wearing, durable, lightweight, and easy to install are among its best properties.

Cast Pastel Acrylic Sheet for Decor

This cast pastel acrylic sheet for decor has high versatility to use due to its dual finish. It consists most optimal physical properties which make it ideal use for any architectural fixtures.

300x200MM Pastel Colour Acrylic Sheet

The 300x200mm pastel colour acrylic sheet is a premium-grade cast sheet providing consistent thicknesses and is easy to cut. It can be fabricated simply and can be polished into high luster.

Pastel Purple Cast Acrylic Sheet

Pastel purple cast acrylic sheets can be easily customized into a specific shape. They are offering a softer appearance, better light diffusion, and an anti-glare surface.

Pastel Frost Acrylic Sheet

These pastel frost acrylic sheets are perfect for use in-store fixtures, lighting, furniture, point of purchase, and more. Sheets come in various sizes and shapes, thus can be customized as per request.

Pastel Acrylic Disc

Weprofab pastel acrylic disc is manufactured with satin and gloss finish. These discs are strong and reliable for short as well as long-term use. It’s hard-wearing enough to use in different settings.

20MM Pastel Coloured Acrylic Sheet

This 20mm pastel-coloured acrylic sheet offers optimum strength and other excellent physical properties. Made of high-grade acrylic sheet ideal for long-term application.

Pastel Colour Acrylic Sheet Pink

Pastel colour acrylic sheet in the pink shade is robust and lightweight. Available in a range of sizes and finishes. Applicable in both indoor and outdoor use.

Orange Fizz Sweet Pastel Acrylic Sheet

This orange fizz sweet pastel acrylic sheet can be custom cut according to preferred size and shape. It has excellent damage resistance from various elements, like chemicals, UV light, and salt spray.

Light Blue Pastel Acrylic Sheet

Light blue pastel acrylic sheet is ideal for laser cutting and other manufacturing processes. It’s a great material for home design, creative projects, crafts, and so on.

Impact Resistant Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

Impact resistant pastel colored acrylic sheet is popular for designers in making new creative solutions. Arrives with fresh pastel shades that are lively and inspiring. Easily attracts attention and has optimal impact resistance.

Shatterproof Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

Shatterproof pastel colored acrylic sheet features an outstanding clarity and has multi-purpose uses. Commonly utilized for craft projects and office design needs. Guarantees perfect thickness and offers a shatterproof solution.

Bulletproof Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

Bulletproof pastel colored acrylic sheet is popular for its abrasion-resistance and flexible design. Specifically designed for ballistic protection applications. Available with scratch resistant coating.

Pastel Colored Solid Acrylic Sheet

Pastel colored solid acrylic sheet offers excellent physical properties with high flexibility. Guarantees stable color over time without fading. Typically utilized in communication signs and decorations.

Ribbed Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

Ribbed pastel colored acrylic sheet is built with quality and consistency in mind. Available in a vast range of options that are exceptional. Popular for displays, shop window decoration, and exhibition designs.

Corrugated Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

Corrugated pastel colored acrylic sheet has a creamy texture which makes it ideal in pictorial expression. Guarantees excellent brightness and arrives with a corrugated structure. Provides better light stability.

UV Block Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

UV block pastel colored acrylic sheet has an anti-reflective surface with improved color intensity. Does not degrade over a long period of application. Coated with a smooth and UV block feature.

Scratch Resistant Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

Scratch resistant pastel colored acrylic sheet comes with an abrasion resistant coating with greater resistance to chemicals. Provided with outstanding optics and is useful in applications such as signs and directories.

Multiwall Pastel Colored Acrylic Sheet

Multiwall pastel colored acrylic sheet is often used as roofing panels and facade system. Made with virgin raw materials with excellent quality. Available in numerous dimensions, thicknesses, and styles.

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