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Weprofab is an international-based acrylic table top supplier and manufacturers. We are capable of customizing your ideal acrylic tabletop designs and requirements. So, if you`re finding the high-quality acrylic tabletop, you know where the perfect place to find. You can trust Weprofab!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Table Tops to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is presenting high-quality acrylic tabletops designs. Huge option numbers are provided for your business necessities. Weprofab has all the answers and solutions for your ideal acrylic table top desires. Try on dealing with us!

Acrylic coffee table top

Weprofab is your one-top-source of acrylic coffee tabletops. They are made very exceptional and customized to fit your applications.

Acrylic single slab table top

When you require a specific acrylic single slab tabletop design for business, find some here at Weprofab. We will fabricate your requirements right away!

Acrylic Table Top Display Stand

Select different types of acrylic tabletop display stand here at our most respected factory. You can find different options and designs for an affordable rate.

Acrylic Table Top Elevator

Weprofab is a master in all acrylic table top elevator fabrications. Discuss with us your ideal dimensions, designs, and exact color of acrylic tabletop, and we`ll make our best to manufacture your desired acrylic tabletop.

Acrylic Table Top Sign Holder

All the acrylic tabletop sign holders from Weprofab has the efficiency to endure critical conditions like breakages and collisions. It can help your business to boom amazingly!

Acrylic table top with shelf

We confidently offering an acrylic tabletop with functional shelves. It has high-quality designs and uniqueness that can catch customers` eyes easily.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Table Top Manufacturer

Weprofab has over 20 years of mastery and expertise in manufacturing acrylic tabletops to reach upon your expectations. We provide high-quality services to accomplish the demands of each OEM customer.

We have numerous of acrylic tabletops supplies for your business necessities. Your ideal designs will be implemented in the fabrication process.

We have the trusted and most skilled staff on duty and have the mission to supply your needs sufficiently. Contact us now, and we`ll make a response as soon as possible.

Custom Acrylic Table Tops to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Table Top Card Holder

Are you finding the most exceptional acrylic tabletop card holder for your business? There`s plenty on Weprofab, better check on our factory!

Acrylic Table Top Protector

The acrylic table top protector from Weprofab is capable of protecting the specific acrylic tabletop for basic applications. A lot of stocks are offered for economical prices.

Acrylic Table Top Wooden Base

To achieve designated applications, Weprofab manufacture acrylic tabletop with a wooden base integrated. The best option for card and sign holders.

Coloured Acrylic Table Tops

The colored acrylic table tops are manufactured from durable acrylic sheets. Making them weather resistant and shatterproof. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used on a new table or to replace one damaged.

Transparent Acrylic Table Tops Restaurant Menu

The transparent acrylic table tops restaurant menu comes in multiple sizes, from A4, A5, A6, and more. Features lightweights, extreme durability, and is easy to clean. Great for table displays and seasonal countertops.

2x8 Clear Acrylic Table Tops

The 2×8 clear acrylic table-tops have a variety of types, including clear, colored, frosted, glass look, and mirrored. Shape, dimensions, and polished edges come in multiple choices. It protects table-tops, desktops, and furniture from scuffs, scratches, and spills.

Larger Clear Round Acrylic Tabletop

The larger clear round acrylic table-top features smooth polished edges and transparent tabs on the bottom. It prevents them from sliding on smooth surfaces. Thus, protect nightstands, tables, and end tables, from small hands, dings, and more.

Clear Acrylic Table Tops 600x1400MM

The clear acrylic table-tops measuring 600x1400mm protect silverware marks, condensation, writing, and more others. It can be custom-cut to your exact specifications.

Acrylic Table Tops Podium Lecturn

The acrylic table-tops podium lectern comprises 1/4″ thick acrylic for the top and base 1/2″ thick acrylic for the two legs. Can accommodate tablets, books, computers, and other items. Provide excellent strength and longevity.

Acrylic Table Tops for Office

The acrylic table tops for offices are known for their toughness, lightweight, exact dimensions, and leak-proof properties. Ideal for schools, offices, colleges, and more. Our experts meticulously adhere to quality control procedures at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Eye Wear Acrylic Table Tops Display Stand

The eyewear acrylic table-tops display stand is made of superior thick high-grade acrylic. Sizes, form, and color customization are possible, as well as quality assurance and a low price.

24-Inches Round Acrylic Table Tops

The 24-inches round acrylic table-tops are a non-staining flat surface. It can be used as side tables, desks, or a coffee table in the lobby, office, or home. It’s also available in a variety of sizes.

Acrylic Table Tops Sneeze Guard

The acrylic table-tops sneeze guard is anti-absorbent and non-corrosive. It is constructed of a non-porous surface laminate applied to a wood base. It’s both robust and weather-resistant, as well as lightweight.

Acrylic Table Tops Divider with Feet

The acrylic table-tops divider with feet creates a protective barrier. All come in three different heights and with a transparent or frosted panel. Simple to assemble with hardware included.

6x4 Inch Acrylic Table Tops

The 6×4 inch acrylic table-tops feature a multifunctional divider, portable and lightweight. It can be utilized in the workplace, learning environment, conference room, retail, or reception area. It’s simple to clean.

Table Top Clear Acrylic Shield

The table top clear acrylic shield is a multipurpose tool that is quick, easy, and effective. Strong acrylic is used to provide long-term durability. It’s simple to put together and has rounded edges for safety. Easy to clean and sanitize.

Acrylic Table Tops Blue

The acrylic table-tops blue feature excellent clarity, weather-resistance, lightweight, malleable, maintainable, and versatile. It protects furniture and table-tops from harm.

Acrylic Mirrored Table Tops

The acrylic mirrored table tops are designed to completely cover the top of any standard banqueting table, creating a spectacular effect. Features cutting-edge concept.

Acrylic Table Tops 36-Inch Square Acrylic

The acrylic table-top 36-inch square shape is anti-absorbent and non-corrosive. It’s long-lasting and weather-resistant, as well as lightweight. Indoor and outdoor applications are both acceptable for commercial use.

Acrylic Table Tops Hood Enclosure

Light is included with this transparent acrylic table-top hood enclosure. The units are designed and built to provide the most comfort and visibility possible. All edges are softened, fused, and flamed polished for a uniform, clear appearance, and improved durability.

Acrylic Dining Table Tops

The acrylic dining table tops are available in a variety of patterns. It enhances the appearance of the table while also providing an extra layer of protection. It also gives a style without causing damage to the table’s surface.

3MM Customize Round Acrylic Mirror Table Top

The 3mm customized round acrylic mirror table-top has excellent weather resistance. It has a high surface hardness & glossy. It got SGS, RoHS, and CE certifications. Exhibits outstanding optical properties, uniform thickness, and a low-stress level.

Round Top Acrylic Ghost Coffee Table

The round top acrylic ghost coffee table is available in different materials and colors, such as green, white, black, blue clear acrylic, or marble. Easy clean features. Perfect for shops, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Table Tops

Weprofab manufacture acrylic tabletop because it`s on high-demand on the global market. We choose acrylic material to produce high-quality tabletops because it`s shatter-resistant and has lightweight properties. A tabletop made from acrylics thermoplastics is a great choice for areas where safety is very significant. Also, this is a great inclusion for home décor ideas, offices, and many more.

Here in Wepro, you can choose different sizes, designs, colors of acrylic tabletop depending on your needs. There are wide options available that can be customized at whatever time you desire. However, you don`t have to worry about the capacity and quality of our acrylic tabletops. When manufactured from acrylics, they are less prone to shattering and breakages, easy to cut than any glass.

Acrylic Table top

Weprofab Acrylic table tops look like glass because of its clear aspects. It is more durable compared to fragile glass. So, when talking about acrylic breaking, you do not have to worry. Our acrylic tabletop is a great solution for your acrylic business. You can own any you want for deliberate projects and more. It fits appropriately with your home décor applications. Available in any custom designs to achieve your satisfaction.

As acrylic table top reputable supplier and manufacturer, Weprofab produce this item with easy maintenance properties. You don`t have to pay higher costs to maintain the cleanliness of the tabletop. You just need warm water with mild soaps and rag. Then let this dry completely and you`re ready to use it.

Acrylic Table top

You are in the right place where you can find high-quality varieties of acrylic tabletops. Weprofab has a lot to offer to support your business. Whether you`re in need of budget-friendly acrylic tabletops or high-end labels, Weprofab is the right supplier you can rely totally upon.

With the 20+ years of integrated experience, our design team will help each client by the shipping, designing, manufacturing, and even installment process.

Acrylic Table top

We got complete certifications like CE, ISO 9001, UL and more. Expect high-quality acrylic tabletops productions from our company at competitive rates.

Hurry now and avail our one of a kind Acrylic Table Tops!

Acrylic Table Tops: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I will introduce you to acrylic tabletops.

Thereafter, we will explore all the fundamental aspects of acrylic tabletops such as designs, properties, coating options and uses, among other vital aspects.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Table Top?

Acrylic Tabletop

 Acrylic Table Top

It refers to the upper part of the table made from plexiglass material available in different designs and shapes.

Tables typically have two parts, a top and the support.

The top describes the flat surface of a table that is used to place items, while the support holds it up.

This piece of the furniture closely resembles glass, but it is lighter, safer and more durable.

Acrylic table tops are versatile in their shape, size and use depending on your needs and preference.

They make for better options compared to traditional tabletop alternatives.

What is the Ideal Thickness of Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic table tops come in different sizes, so the ideal thickness depends on use and preference.

The thicker the material, the more it should weigh.

However, since acrylic is half as heavy as glass, weight is not a major factor to consider.

An ideal thickness should range between 3/16″ and 1/2″ depending on the use of the table top.

Here is a simple guide to follow

  • 3/16″– Best for small tables such as patio tables for patio, drink, bedside, and console tables; also ideal for protective table covers.
  • 1/4″– Ideal for medium size tables such as coffee tables, especially those with extra support.
  • 3/8″– Used for heavy table tops meant for regular use. Ideal for writing desks, and office tables. Can also be used to make dining and kitchen tables.
  • 1/2″– As the strongest thickness available. It is ideal for large size, unsupported and heavy use table tops. Best for large dining room and boardroom table tops.

The list above is just a loosely suggested guideline.

You can always select the thickness that you find most attractive for your space.

Acrylic Table Top Thickness

 Acrylic Table Top Thickness

Why should You Consider Buying Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic table tops are a great option over other materials for the following reasons.

  • Acrylic is aesthetically pleasing as it resembles glass. This furniture is classy and it makes a room’s décor stand out.
  • Durability is a desirable feature when choosing furniture and acrylic gives you this.

If well maintained, acrylic table tops are sure to last a lifetime without needing repair or replacement.

  • Acrylic table tops are lightweight since this material is essentially plastic. This is a great advantage if transporting them is a factor you need to consider.
  • The airy look of acrylic works well with small spaces. For this purpose, clear acrylic table tops are the best option. They give an illusion of not being there.
  • Acrylic is easy to clean. It also encourages one to keep a clean space since dirt is very noticeable on an acrylic tabletop.
  • Acrylic table tops complement many elements since acrylic is a versatile material. It can also be coloured and moulded to different designs depending on your taste.

Are Acrylic Table Tops Shatter-proof?


This is one of the advantages of acrylic over the glass.

Although it weighs less, any acrylic sheet with a thickness above 1 inch is considered bullet resistant.

It takes a lot to break an acrylic tabletop.

They are also resistant to dents caused by high-pressure impact.

The acrylic sheets used to make these table tops can withstand high pressure.

They have a tensile strength of 10,000 psi or 69MPa.

Even when acrylic breaks, it is never into sharp pieces that could cause injury like glass.

Acrylic edges tend to be dull.

This enhances the safety of acrylic tabletops used as furniture.

Is there a Size Limitation of Acrylic Table Tops?


There are no size limitations when choosing an acrylic tabletop.

The best size for you depends largely on the space available and the purpose of the tabletop.

For instance, dinner tabletops will obviously be bigger than coffee tabletops.

The most important thing here is to choose a thicket tabletop for larger tables.

This enhances their support and sturdiness.

What are the Quality Specifications of Ideal Acrylic Table Tops?

Quality Standards for Acrylic Table Top

Quality Standards for Acrylic Table Top

The exact quality specifications for acrylic table tops vary by region.

The target market determines these standards because different countries have varying requirements.

Western markets in the United States, Europe, and Australia influence most ideal quality standards.

However, even they differ in the way the specifically determine these specifications.

You can never go wrong with the following set of universal quality standards.

This list is a compilation of features required in at least all regions.

They include:

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)
  • UL
  • SGS

Still, it is best to research on the accepted quality standards in your location.

Can Clear Acrylic Table Tops Turn Yellow in the Sun?

Plastics usually yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

The UV radiation weakens the molecules in the material causing discolouration.

Since acrylic is essentially a thermoplastic, it experiences a similar limitation.

Acrylic furniture is usually labeled UV resistant meaning that unlike other plastics, it does not yellow in the sun.

To some extent this is the case. Colored tabled tops may not show any UV damage as it is masked by the pigment.

This is a problem that specifically affects clear acrylic table tops.

The truth about the effect of sun exposure on acrylic table tops and is largely dependent on several factors. They include the following

The Grade of Acrylic used to make the Table Top

There are different types of acrylic sheets and each of them has a varying degree of UV ray resistance depending on its properties.

Amount of Exposure

This goes without saying. The longer an acrylic table top is out in the sun, the higher the chances that it will yellow.

Hence, acrylic table tops used for outdoor furniture will yellow faster than those used in doors.

Nevertheless, acrylic is still a better option for outdoor and indoor furniture than most plastics.

Even if it yellows in the sun, it takes longer for this to happen.

Besides, it is possible to prevent sun damage by choosing UV resistant acrylic tabletops.

UV coating is applied to the tabletop to minimize the effect of sun exposure.

For a slightly higher price, manufacturers offer these specially made tabletops.

What are the Best Ways to Customize Acrylic Table Tops?

Customizing acrylic tabletops adds unique features to the plain sheet to fit your preferences.

There are several ways you can use to customize an acrylic tabletop.

Some of them are;

  • Polishing
  • Cutting to size
  • Shaping
  • Coloring
  • Printing
  • Frosting
  • Laser cutting
  • Texturing

What is the Best Type of Acrylic Material for making Acrylic Table Tops?

 Different Types of Acrylic Material

Different Types of Acrylic Material

Manufacturers use different types of acrylic materials when making this furniture.

The commonly used types include;

Cast Acrylic

This is the highest quality of acrylic in terms of strength, resistance, and clarity.

It is formed by placing the acrylic monomer mixed with other chemicals including stabilizers, initiators, and other additives into a mold.

Cast acrylic can be made in a variety of thicknesses.

Since it is hard and sturdy, it can be used to make large table tops or those meant to hold a lot of weight.

Colored acrylic table tops are best made from cast acrylic sheets.

Continuous Cast Acrylic

The initial process of making this type of acrylic is similar to that of the cast option.

However, instead of placing it in a mold, the polymer is cast onto steel platforms.

It then undergoes a process of continuous cooling and heating to control the curing process.

This results in a uniquely clear sheet that is stable and shatterproof.

It is the best option for clear acrylic tabletops as it exceptionally resembles glass.

Extruded Acrylic

Extruded acrylic sheets are made using a continuous production method.

The acrylic monomer is first heated to make it malleable.

It is then placed in barrels and forced out under pressure to form the acrylic polymer.

This type of acrylic is the best option if you are looking for a cheap option for your acrylic table tops.

It is cheaper to produce, so its products are cheaper.

Obviously, the quality is lower than that of cast acrylic options and it has a limited thickness variation.

Still, extruded acrylic is an acceptable option for making tabletops in terms of strength, and ease of moulding.

Marine-grade Acrylic

This is a special type of acrylic that is specially used to construct marine vessels.

It has a high impact resistance to withstand the extreme pressures of a marine environment.

This material is also used to construct aquariums.

You can use marine-grade acrylic to make regular tables since it is usually super clear and very strong.

However, it is best used if making an aquarium table top.

How are Acrylic Table Tops Manufactured?

The process of manufacturing acrylic table tops is quite straight forward.

You start with an acrylic sheet. It can either be clear or colored.

Next, cut the sheet into the size and shape specified for the table top.

In case the top is made from different sheets of acrylic, glue them together and allow them to cure.

Decorate the table top if necessary. This may be by printing, laser cutting, painting, or applying resin.

Buff the edges of the acrylic to remove any sharp ends that can cause injury.

Lastly, polish the table top to enhance its appearance.

Your table top is now ready for use.

Can you Apply Anti-scratch Coating on Acrylic Table Top?

 Anti-Scratch Acrylic Sheet for Table Tops

Anti-scratch Acrylic Sheets for Table Tops


Anti-scratch coating is applied to optical surfaces to reduce damage.

Acrylic sheets used to make these table tops are prone to damage caused by scratching.

Small particles on the tabletop including dust can damage the tabletop even when cleaning.

Hence, an anti-scratch coating will help maintain the quality and look of the tabletop for longer.

Although this coating is not 100% scratch-proof, it helps reduce the acrylic’s susceptibility to damage.

How does Acrylic Table Tops Compare with Other Materials?

Acrylic table tops are great alternatives for table tops made from other materials such as glass, wood, plastic, and metal.

Here are some of the reasons why acrylic is a preferred option.

  • It is more durable than most materials. Glass is too fragile and easily breaks on impact while acrylic does not.

Acrylic is also water resistant and will not rot like wood or rust like metal.

This makes it a great option for tabletops especially if they are meant for outdoor use.

  • Acrylic is lighter than all other materials with the exception of plastic. This feature makes it ideal for movable furniture.
  • When dealing with small spaces, acrylic tabletops are the way to go. Clear acrylic is the best for such situation. It gives a room the illusion of being bigger since you can see through the furniture.
  • Acrylic table tops are safe for the environment and people. Once manufactured, acrylic does not release any harmful compounds.

They are also BPA free making them suitable for human use.

These table tops are also safe for use around children because they do not shatter easily.

They are also not hard enough to cause extensive trauma if you hit against it. All this reduces the risk of injury.

  • The ease of cleaning and maintaining acrylic over other material is another benefit of this product.

Acrylic table tops also have a downside

  • They are more expensive to purchase compared to other materials
  • They scratch easily and this is expensive to repair
  • They are hard and at time even impossible to repair if they break.

Are Acrylic Table Tops Recyclable?


Acrylic table tops can be recycled.

However acrylic is not the easiest material to recycle since it is not biodegradable.

Acrylic is recycled by cutting larger pieces into smaller ones and repurposing them for something else, such as smaller table tops, stools, or trays.

You can also use a process called molecular recycling.

The acrylic is broken down to its original building block.

This is then reformed into new acrylic sheets.

Molecular recycling is relatively expensive.

Are Acrylic Table Tops Transparent?

 Transparent Acrylic Table Top

 Transparent Acrylic Table Top


Acrylic table tops can be transparent if they are made from clear sheets.

However, this is not the only option available as these sheets can also be coloured.

If you’re going for that glass-like appearance for your tabletops, transparent acrylic is the way to go.

It is like buying glass table tops but better.

With acrylic, you remove the risk of breakage and irreversible scratching.

Transparent acrylic table tops are also versatile.

They readily blend with any decor, thus fitting varying styles.

What Resilient-Enhancement Features can you Incorporate when Manufacturing Acrylic Table Tops?

The acrylic material used to make acrylic tabletops has some shortcomings.

Overall, it is a great option for making versatile and durable furniture.

Therefore, adding resilient-enhancement features helps to curb its disadvantages.

Some of them include the following;

UV-resistant Coating

This protective coating is added to acrylic tabletops meant for outdoor use.

It reduces the material’s susceptibility to sun exposure preventing it from yellowing.

Scratch Resistant Coating

Acrylic is extremely easy to scratch and it is quite expensive to repetitively repair these blemishes.

This coating helps to reduce damage from scratching thus reducing the need for frequent repair.

Shatter Proof Enhancement

This is achieved by increasing the thickness of the acrylic sheet. Anything above 1 inch thickness is considered bulletproof.

The material can also be cured in the same way that marine-grade acrylic is produced to make it impact resistant.

Resilient-enhancement makes an acrylic table top more costly.

It is worth it because it keeps the furniture looking new and lustrous for longer.

What are the Best Methods to Maintain Acrylic Table Tops?

There are many ways to maintain acrylic tabletops.

Here is a list of proven best practices;

  • Ensure you clean regularly remove particles that may cause scratching
  • Do not drag items across the acrylic table top as it scratches easily. Instead, lift up the object and place it where you want it. It is very expensive and hectic to get rid of scratches on acrylic.
  • Invest in placemats to minimize damage and soiling on your table tops. This is a good way to maintain table tops used in the kitchen or dining areas. It also reduces the need for regular cleaning thus saving time.
  • Always used good quality cleaners for your acrylic table tops. Ensure you get products that are meant for cleaning plastics. Regular home cleaning agents may corrode the plastic and make it cloudy, which is irreparable.
  • Avoid using products that have ammonia to clean or polish your acrylic table top.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dust and clean is it in minimizes scratching.
  • Polish regularly to keep the top looking clear and shiny.

How can you Customize Acrylic Table Tops?

There are several ways to customize acrylic tabletops.

Customization adds beauty and exclusivity to the tabletop.

This process may also be used for branding the product for marketing purposes.

Here are some ways to customize acrylic table tops

  • Adding color
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Texturing
  • Surface coating treatment

What Methods can you Use to Attach Acrylic Table Tops?

There are two main ways that are used to attach acrylic tabletops.

· Gluing

Solvent-based glues are used to attach acrylic.

They can only be used when bonding two acrylic pieces.

Here is how this process works.

Solvent-based glues work by softening the acrylic pieces and welding them together chemically.

They essentially blend the two pieces as one.

i. Apply the glue on the edges to be attached.

ii. Attach the pieces together

iii. Use clamps to hold for 10-15 minutes to allow the glue to set before moving it

iv. Leave the pieces clamped for one to two days to cure fully.


This method is used when attaching the acrylic tabletop to other materials such as metal or wood.

You cannot use the same drill bits used for wood and metal because they may crack the acrylic.

This is unless you are dealing with a thick acrylic sheet that is more impact resistant.

Since acrylic sheets for making tabletops are probably thin, use a step drill bit.

You are advised to place masking tape on the site you are drilling to absorb some of the shocks.

Applying lubricant to the area also helps to remove chips during drilling and disperse any heat that may damage the sheet.

Can Acrylic Table Tops Tolerate High Temperatures?


Acrylic table tops cannot tolerate extremely high temperatures.

The melting point of acrylic is 320 °F (160 °C).

Therefore, as long as you keep it away from open flames, an acrylic tabletop is good for regular household use.

It does not hurt to use placemats though as acrylic may soften and dent under lower temperatures of above 80 °C.

However, it has a better temperature tolerance than fibreglass.

How durable are Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic table tops are generally durable compared to other thermoplastic materials.

Generally, an acrylic table top can last for years with proper maintenance.

However, the extent of this durability depends on several factors.

These include

  • The quality of the acrylic sheet used to make the table. Cast acrylic sheets are stronger and thus more durable than extruded ones.
  • Proper care also matters. Regular cleaning, preventing scratches, and polishing extend the life span of an acrylic table top.
  • Exposure is another factor that affects durability. Acrylic table tops used outdoors are more susceptible to damage due to exposure to the elements.

Are there Customized Acrylic Table Tops?


You can get customized acrylic table tops upon request to the manufacturer.

This simply means that the table is made with your particular specifications in mind.

They may include

  • Color
  • Decorations
  • Shape
  • Size

How can you cut Acrylic Table Tops to Size?

 Cut-to Size Acrylic Tabl Top Sheets

 Cut-to Size Acrylic Table Top Sheets

Acrylic table tops are made from generically produced acrylic sheets.

These acrylic sheets must be cut to size to get the dimensions needed for a particular table top.

Since acrylic can be delicate during cutting, it is crucial to follow the right steps and use the right tools for this.

These are the steps to follow when cutting acrylic table tops to size

  1. Determine the shape and dimensions needed for the table top.
  2. For straight cuts, used a plastic scoring blade to mark a line on the sheet. Use a straight edge to guide the blade.
  3. Continuously score the acrylic along the same line several times to create a weak spot.
  4. Place the sheet on the edge of a flat surface. Using light pressure, quickly snap the piece in two to break it apart.
  5. Repeat for other edges until the sheet is cut to size.

Traditional tools such as jigsaw or table saws may also be used to cut acrylic to size.

This is more practical when cutting irregular shapes.

Simply ensure that you are using a high tooth-count blade specifically meant for cutting plastic to minimize damage.

In industrial settings, high power cutting tools are also used.

Laser cutters can make precise, computer-guided cuts, especially for irregular shaped table tops.

What is the Cost of Acrylic Table Tops?

The price of an acrylic table top varies based on the size, quality, brand, and design of the top.

It can cost between $30 and $250.

Feel free to contact us with your specifications to get an exact quote.

What is the MOQ when Purchasing Acrylic Table Tops?

An MOQ refers to a minimum order requirement.

Manufacturers offer MOQs for wholesale products to enable the utilization of economies of scale in the production process.

Additionally, customized acrylic table tops are only made on order.

The MOQ helps to reduce the cost of production and thus their overall price.

Each company will have unique MOQ depending on the factors influencing the production process.

These include the cost of raw materials, labor, and shipping costs.

Contact your chosen manufacturer for more information on MOQ.

In most cases, you can even negotiate for an MOQ that best suits your needs and budget.

What are the Applications of Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic table tops are used to make tables for different uses.

They are suitable for commercial and home use.

However, the required features for each use vary.

Some of the applications for acrylic table tops include the following;

  • Bedside tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Office tables and desks
  • Dining tables
  • Kitchen tops
  • Bar and restaurant tables
  • Patio tables
  • Table tennis tables
  • Picnic tables

Do Acrylic Table Tops Come with Warranty?

It depends.

Some manufacturers and dealers offer a warranty while other’s do not.

Talk to your dealer to find out if they offer a warranty for acrylic tabletops.

If they do not, you can switch to one that does.

According to your unique requirements and specifications, WeProFab supplies a range of acrylic tabletop designs.

Contact us today for all your acrylic table top requirements.

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