• Acrylic Lighting Rod
  • Acrylic Lighting Rod

Acrylic Lighting Rod

WeProFab acrylic lighting rods are attainable with different features, sizes, and colors. We are the superior supplier who can let you design your own high gloss cabinet door orders. Send your cabinet door drawing now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Lighting Rod to Delight Your Customers

As a professional distributor, we are able to offer high-end excellent high gloss cabinet doors to delight your customers. We are capable to improve the taste of every fabricated product.

Acrylic Lighting Rod Manufacturer

In handling a business, business owners always choose a reliable provider. WeproFab is the trusted distributor of acrylic lighting rods worldwide.

Extrusion Acrylic Lighting Rod

Extrusion or extrudeed acrylic lighting rods are useful for many applications. We are offering affordable cost from many process and servcies.

High Translucent Acrylic Lighting Rod

If you are looking for a lower rates for high translucent acrylic lighting rods, WeProFab can supply your desired amount. The best in quality offer.

PMMA Acrylic Lighting Rod

We are the trusted manufacturer who can custom PMMA acrylic lighting rods. Suitable for any business matters because of the capabilities and durability.

Profiled Acrylic Lighting Rod

WeProFab profiled acrylic lighting rods attainable at plenty benefits and advantages. We can custom based on clients demands.

UV Resistant Acrylic Lighting Rod

WeProFab UV resistant acrylic lighting rods and many more resistant abilities of this products are accessible at different features and sizes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Lighting Rod Manufacturer

WeProFab always on the support for customer’s needs in managing a business. We are now more than 20 years in helping a lot of business owners to be successful and provide a smooth sailing production.

We are an international certified supplier and manufacturer of acrylic lighting rods who are capable of handling different types of processes. In this industry, WeProFab can be your trusted partner for long term connections.

When purchasing acrylic lighting rods, WeProFab can surely supply the best one. We are purchasing a creative acrylic lighting rod to ensure that we can fulfill your product request.

Custom Acrylic Lighting Rod to Boost Your Business

Acrylic Bubble Lighting Rod

WeProFab proudly offer acrylic bubble lighting rods with many unique colors and sizes. It is affordable that perfect for business and profitable for saving money.

Acrylic LED Lighting Rod

WeProFab acrylic led lighting rods are elegant and attractive for all applications. Each features and customizations has great quality yet cost-effective.

Acrylic Lighting Colored Rod

We have different types and styles for many colors of acrylic lighting rods. Request your ideal sizes and amount of orders so we can quickly do actions.

Acrylic Lighting Rod with Different Shape

We are able to custom acrylic lighting rods to give full support in many projects. We are also supplying from many factories who need bulk orders.

Transparent Acrylic Lighting Rod

There are many applicable applications for these transparent acrylic lighting rods. It is suitable for fabricating any objects.

2mm Acrylic Lighting Rod

acrylic lighting rod is used for pedestals, chandeliers, and glazing purposes, with excellent weatherability.

10mm Acrylic Lighting Rod

10mm acrylic lighting rods are widely used for many products and parts. Featuring chemical resistance and rust proof with a longer life span. Easier to fabricate, bond, and laser cut to create a thread.

20mm Acrylic Lighting Rod

20mm acrylic lighting rods can also be used for crystal chandeliers and holders. You can choose different forms such as colored, transparent, and decorative rods.

38mm Acrylic Lighting Rod

Acrylic lighting rods are easier to engrave especially for 38mm. Various purposes of acrylic lighting rods especially for industrial and commercial applications such as table and chair legs, pedestals, and more.

Custom Bubble Acrylic Lighting Rod

If you are looking for custom bubble acrylic lighting rods, you can send your ideal bubble styles and colors. We can customize various dimensions, sizes, and more based on your demands. Does not break easily perfect for bonding, forming, laser cutting, and other machining.

Custom Color Acrylic Rod

We can help you find the right color for your acrylic lighting rods based on your applications. Acrylic lighting rods is featured heat resistance, impact, scratches, and more. Also used for chandeliers, glazing applications, and holders.

Customized Acrylic Lighting Rod

We can custom acrylic lighting rods at your ideal sizes, patterns, colors, and thickness. Offers various machining characteristics and thermal stability perfect for engraving, and laser cutting.

Decorative Clear Acrylic Lighting Rod

Acrylic lighting rods are easier to fabricate to your ideal designs, shapes, and more. Easier to bond, laser cut, and engrave. Provide great lighting in different colors because of its clear bubble decor.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Lighting Rod

Acrylic lighting rods are impact resistant and secure from fall. Great ability to provide lighting because of its transparency. The edges can add lighting shapes according to their sizes.

Large Acrylic Lighting Rod

A large acrylic lighting rod is perfect for pedestal and wedding applications. It provides excellent lighting available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose different lengths and thicknesses.

Marble Swirl Acrylic Lighting Rod

Marble swirl acrylic lighting rods are also available in various styles. Easier to form and bond into an ideal product because of its durability. You can send your ideal marble swirl designs.

Colored Acrylic Lighting Rod

You can choose various color selections of acrylic lighting rods based on your applications. Variety of sizes, dimensions, and characteristics.

Round Ghost Acrylic Lighting Rod

acrylic lighting rods have numerous applications in the industry. Lightweight materials are available in translucent and colorful selections. You can choose various options with different features including scratch resistance.

Square Acrylic Lighting Rod

There are different sizes of square acrylic lighting rods, suitable for various applications. Many surface textures selections such as matte, glossy, textures, and more which based on the applications and purposes.

Threaded Acrylic Lighting Rod

We offer durable and easy-to-assemble threaded acrylic lighting rods. Improve your interior designs with ready-to-use acrylic lighting rods. It is also available in great colors and transparency for your customer’s selections.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Lighting Rod

Acrylic Lighting Rod

WeProFab acrylic lighting rod is suitable for making different objects. There are many uses for acrylic lighting rods that commonly business owners choice.

At WeProFab, you can select a lot of unique colors and sizes according to the application you need.

If you are looking for an acrylic lighting rod, the best choice is WeProFab. In many years in this industry, we have helped plenty of business owners in their successful process. We provide great satisfaction for every one of them.

WeProFab acrylic lighting rods are a moisture-resistant type of rods which is more sturdy and durable than another type of rods. This is a non-toxic acrylic lighting rod and unbreakable that made it popular and the number one choice for many factories and fabricators.

Acrylic Lighting Rod

When managing a project and need a large order of acrylic lighting rods, you are free to count on WeProFab. It’s not easy to handle purchasing processes but WeProFab will surely guide to make sure it will be smoothly and effectively done to your exact time.

WeProFab acrylic lighting rods do not easily bend and easy to machine.

Acrylic rods consist of two types which are more advantageous to choose from. It has extruded acrylic lighting rods and cast acrylic lighting rods.

Extruded acrylic lighting rods are strong and half weight than glass. This is a shatter resistance and attainable in many colors and diameters.

Acrylic Lighting Rod

Cast acrylic lighting rods are the same as extruded with a lightweight and accessible at different colors and sizes. Cast acrylic lighting rods have excellent thermal stability and clarity. This is perfect in engraving processes because of its capabilities.

WeProFab acrylic lighting rods are long-lasting and versatile. This material is known as cylindrical and suitable for any type of fabrication.

If WeProFab is your top choice in purchasing acrylic lighting rods, we always ready to cater to your request. Send your inquiries now!

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