• Plexiglass Aquarium

Plexiglass Aquarium

Weprofab is premier manufacturer of plexiglass aquarium in China. We can create plexiglass aquarium with lightweight, cool styles and shapes. We have plenty kind of plexiglass aquarium. We will assure your happiness with your one of a kind plexiglass aquarium. Send us your drawing!

Custom Smoked Plexiglass Aquarium to Skyrocket Your Brand

As an premier manufacturer, we have experience and knowledge that here for your use to help you bring your desire of having a show piece aquarium for your home or business to reality.

Cylinder Plexiglass Aquarium

Weprofab produces cylinder plexiglass aquarium in unique and customized designs.  We can fabricate a plexiglass aquarium according to own preference.

Clear Plexiglass Aquarium

Clear plexiglass aquarium in Weprofab is very nice and convenient to use. If you are needing a clear plexiglass aquarium Weprofab is a great manufacturer.

Rectangular Plexiglass Aquarium

Weprofab offers a good quality of rectangular plexiglass aquarium at a competitive price. You can choose which one best your rectangular plexiglass aquarium application.

Indoor Plexiglass Aquarium

Our indoor plexiglass offers more spacious.  We have strict quality control system to make sure the good quality of finish indoor plexiglass aquarium and the other product.

Decorative Plexiglass Aquarium

If you are needing decorative plexiglass aquarium come in Weprofab. We have variety kind of plexiglass aquarium.

Promotional Souvenir Gift Plexiglass Aquarium

Weprobab is a promotional souvenir gift plexiglass aquarium manufacturer, we have a great advantage to design a promotional souvenir gift plexiglass aquarium.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plexiglass Aquarium Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

As a premier manufacturer, we can able to customize different kind of plexiglass aquarium. We have a longtime leader in the design and fabrication of custom plexiglass aquariums and related products, which can give best impression for our clients customers.

We have many stock of plexiglass aquarium that ready to distribute. You can send us your specifications, and you can assure that we will answer immediately!

Custom Smoked Plexiglass Aquarium to Skyrocket Your Brand

Giant Plexiglass Aquarium

Weprofab giant plexiglass aquarium is more attractive. We are known as one of the best giant plexiglass aquarium manufacturers who offer a great product for an acrylic cases for different applications.

Square Plexiglass Aqurium

Weprofab is your one-stop solution for square plexiglass aquarium. Each piece can be built with diverse cool, stylish effects.

Plexiglass Aquarium Portable

WeProFab offers a comprehensive line of a plexiglass aquarium portable. All aquarium can be customized to meet every specific need. Ensure unique and innovative panel with WeProFab.

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Why WeProfab Plexiglass Aquarium

Plexiglass Aquarium

Weprofab very well known for manufacturing of pexiglass aquarium.

Our plexiglass aquariums have several advantages over glass.

They’re light and difficult to break, and they provide greater viewing clarity.

However, purchasing a commercial aquarium can be more expensive.

That is why many people prefer to use plexiglass aquarium.

This plexible aquarium is much easier to lift than a glass one.

Plexiglass Aquarium

You can easily move the tank around your home, even with water inside.

Weprofab plexiglass aquarium is easily molded into any shape that you can imagine.

It also bends light less, which means that your fish look how they should.

With our well-equipped shop and extensive experience, we have full fabrication capabilities and are able to offer plexiglass aquariums of any size and virtually any shape, as well as high quality cabinetry.

We are likely able to make your dream tank affordable when other manufacturers cannot, and specialize in large aquariums and custom shapes.

Attention to detail and quality is of high importance.

We use only full gauge, high quality materials in the construction of our aquariums.

They are all produced from either Polycast, and Plexiglas, These brands of plexiglass are widely recognized by reputable aquarium manufacturers and the plastics industry as the highest quality plixeglass available.

WeProFab as one of the best plexiglass aquarium manufacturers, we are able to handle your own plexiglass aquarium designs.

Plexiglass Aquarium

And with our team experienced and knowledge, we ensure that output products stand out more than the rest.

The plexiglass aquarium will fit with the type of fish tank best suits you, thus enhance the appearance of your business.

All our products are ISO 9001 certified.

We can assure you of the best quality of plexiglass aquarium.

If you are interested about our plexiglass aquarium, please contact us we will not ignore your inquiry!

Plexiglass Aquarium: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re here because you either plan to import or venture into plexiglass aquarium business.

That’s why today I will answer all questions you have about plexiglass aquarium.

Whether you want to learn about design, benefits, safety, quality standards, lifespan, or where to buy plexiglass aquarium – This guide has a perfect solution for you.

Let’s get started:

What is Plexiglass Aquarium?

It refers to a vivarium of any size designed from plexiglass material in which different aquatic plants and animals are displayed or kept.

This equipment provides an opportunity for various people in different spaces to safely see the diverse aquatic species in their preferred habitats allowing them to show more care.

It is available in a wide range of designs, shapes, color shades, and sizes.

This component is designed for different applications, including research, education, entertainment, and decoration, among others.

Why should you Invest in Plexiglass Aquarium?

It is quite lightweight, thus making it relatively easy for you to conveniently transport, relocate, and assemble whenever there is the need.

It can never break easily since the material used is not brittle.

This is advantageous because it gives you peace of mind as far as efficiency and functionality are concerned.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

You do not require interventions of an expert in most of the cleaning and maintenance routine for this component.

You can easily fabricate plexiglass aquarium to fit your particular requirements.

This involves adding a wide range of features you’d deem ideal for enhancing its efficiency.

It can withstand a lot of water pressure, environmental and physical impact.

This guarantees high durability, which is vital as far as saving costs of replacements and repair is concerned.

The optical clarity of plexiglass aquarium is relatively high. And this is on both clear and colored sheets, which is vital in enhancing the overall experience of using this equipment.

How Thick should a Plexiglass Aquarium be?

Plexiglass aquarium

Plexiglass aquarium

The thickness of plexiglass aquarium entirely depends on several factors revolving around this component.

But it has to match the overall size of the aquarium.

The capacity of water the plexiglass aquarium is projected to hold is another element determining the ideal thickness.

Also, the customization requirements, as well as the design of the aquarium, defines the suitable thickness it should have.

However, the minimum thickness for plexiglass should be 0.5 inches for and aquarium of 2 feet high.

Is Plexiglass Aquarium safe?

Most definitely!

Plexiglass material is non-corrosive, which means it will never react with any substance inside and outside the surface.

So you can comfortably use relevant chemicals for different intentions on plexiglass aquarium.

Moreover, this material is also shatterproof.

It, therefore, implies that in the unfortunate occasion it breaks, it will only fracture into large dull-edges.

And this is essential since it prevents accidents, especially where there are kids and pets.

So in a nutshell, this equipment is quite safe and ideal to use both indoors and outdoor spaces.

How long does Plexiglass Aquarium last?

It depends on quite a several factors, but in general, it can last for many years.

What often happens is the durability of this equipment is greatly dependent on how you take care of it.

You need to always clean and maintain it accordingly to prevent it from wearing out faster.

Secondly, the conditions, which aquatic equipment is exposed to also plays a great role in defining its longevity.

If it is subjected to adverse conditions such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and abrasive elements, it will last relatively short.

Therefore, in general, if all factors remain constant, a standard plexiglass aquarium should last for at least 15 years.

Is Plexiglass Aquarium better than Glass Aquarium?

Absolutely yes! Plexiglass aquarium presents quite a number of superior features compared to glass aquarium.

For instance, plexiglass aquarium is lightweight, has high optical clarity, and better resistance to impact.

It also has great dimensional stability, easy to fabricate, and has suitable thermal insulation for this application.

Glass aquarium, on the other hand, compared to plexiglass, is more brittle, poor resistance to environmental and physical factors, and cracks easily.

You cannot necessarily fabricate glass aquarium, and it also has poor resistance impact hence breaks easily.

So in general, plexiglass aquarium is far much better than glass aquarium.

Nonetheless, plexiglass is seemingly costly, but it’s understandable since it is worth the quality.

How do you make Plexiglass Aquarium?

When thinking of making a plexiglass aquarium, it is advisable to ensure you know the right dimensions you want to attain.

It is also necessary to know the expected capacity it will hold to guide you on assembling the right equipment.

Nonetheless, the first thing you ought to do is ensure you prepare the working area and assemble all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment.

Now take the plexiglass sheet and cut into smaller pieces depending on the dimensions of the projected aquarium.

Place the base material and the raise the other sheets on the side to form the side surfaces.

Secure the side surfaces using a temporary plaster then ensure you affix every sheet in position.

Now find a recommended sealant and apply it in all the joints.

Allow the sealant to cure then pour water to stay on this piece for a while to verify whether or not it’s leaking.

Then drain off the water allow it to dry and add all the necessary add-on components such as filter, heater, light reflectors, and gravel, among others.

Design the lid and add water to the aquarium.

Allow the water to settle for about 24 hours before adding any plants or animals.

It will enable you to identify and correct any issues accordingly if any.

What are the Disadvantages of Plexiglass Aquarium?

  • Depending on the level of complexity for the customized design, this type of aquarium can be relatively expensive.

This is in comparison to other material you can choose to buy and still offer the same solutions.

  • It is prone to dirt, and it seems to accumulate them quite faster.

The net effect of this is frequent maintenance as a way of enhancing the aquarium to stay in perfect shape and provide efficiency.

  • Plexiglass aquarium is also quite sensitive to scratches. It thus requires unmatched attention since any slight rubbing against abrasive object creates such unpleasant marks.

And such marks tend to distort the clarity and aesthetic value of this component.

  • There are instances when you can start experiencing leakages on this aquarium, especially at the high-pressure points.

This can be disastrous since it signifies wearing out of a sealant, which might require a complete overhaul.

How Regularly should you Reseal your Plexiglass Aquarium?

Ideally, it is needless to reseal your plexiglass aquarium unless it shows signs of leaking or related element.

But as long as you maintain your aquarium accordingly, you can be certain you will never see the need for resealing it.

By the time you think of resealing your plexiglass aquarium, it merely implies the sealant is worn out.

Moreover, the original sealant for the plexiglass can last for as many years as possible.

In some instances, depending on how you take care of the unit and the climate, can last for many decades.

So it is quite clear you would never need to reseal this component.

Additionally, most of the substrates used for resealing this type of aquarium never bond with plexiglass material.

And thus it would mean you reassemble the unit since; instead, they will distort the surface of the aquarium and aggravate the situation.

What is the ideal Sealant for Plexiglass Aquarium?

Plexiglass aquarium

Plexiglass aquarium

The suitable sealant for plexiglass aquarium is dependent on the actual purpose you are using it.

You could be looking for a crack sealant, bonding sealant or filling sealant.

It also varied depending on the climate in which is applied.

In other words, they tend to differ since they engineered with a variety of properties to cure specific purposes.

However, it would also be necessary to understand that in all the instances, the ideal sealant for this component should never contain mildew additives.

Is there a difference between Plexiglass Sealant and Regular Silicone?

Of course, yes!

Plexiglass sealant is based on thermoplastic polymers and is available in a wide range of names.

You can use them as economical filler, especially when assembling the plexiglass aquarium.

Additionally, you can as well use them both on internal and external surfaces.

On the other hand, regular silicone is mostly based on silicone polymers to cure and form a tough and flexible bond.

Most of them are supple and tend to have quite a longer lifespan when used appropriately.

Another difference is it is quite easy to paint plexiglass sealant using different color paints.

A regular silicone, on the other hand, is not necessarily paintable.

Can a Plexiglass Aquarium explode?

Rectangle plaxiglass aquarium

Rectangle plexiglass aquarium

Not necessarily unless under extreme deliberate attempts.

Plexiglass is a hardy material, which makes it quite difficult to explode in whatever case.

In can withstand great pressure without showing signs of breaking, cracking, or exploding.

Furthermore, most of the plexiglass aquarium designs always factor in the aspect of the plastic lips around the top and bottom edges.

Also, the cover helps in preventing possibility of this aquarium from exploding since it helps in reducing exerted pressure.

Is Plexiglass Aquarium suitable for Saltwater?

Absolutely yes!

Salinity does not affect the efficiency of plexiglass material in anyway.

So plexiglass aquarium can withstand any level of salinity for as many years as possible without distorting the surface.

You can thus use it with saltwater without worrying.

How do you Maintain Plexiglass Aquarium?

It is made from one of the easiest materials to maintain.

It does not require any form of special maintenance apart from the usual routine.

First though, is making sure you clean the surface of this aquarium both interior and exterior surfaces.

Cleaning is necessary since the surface is soft hence tend to accumulate a variety of dirt.

And to enhance the appearance and glossiness of this component, it is usually ideal to always clean it.

Also, remember, in some instances, algae will grow on the surface material of this aquarium.

And getting rid of them would be a suitable intervention also to improve the functionality of the unit.

Plexiglass aquarium is also sensitive to scratches.

And once these scratches become more, they distort the surface of this component since such scratches leave unpleasant marks on it.

It is thus ideal to always ensure you remove such marks as soon as you notice them.

Another suitable maintenance approach for this aquatic equipment is polishing or buffing.

The essence of this is restoring its optical clarity and glossiness.

And of course, this is vital when it comes to enhancing the quality and aesthetics of this component.

Custom plexiglass aquarium

Plexiglass acrylic aquarium

Does Clear Plexiglass Aquarium turn yellow in the Sun?

Not really, but to some extent, it can turn yellow in the sun depending on a myriad of factors.

In most instances, the plexiglass material is often shiny or glossy, but the surfaces tend to be quite soft.

When exposed in the sun for a prolonged period, the ultraviolet effects the soft, shiny surface.

And in the process, the ultraviolet rays weaken the molecules forming this material.

Once these molecules become weak, the shiny surface of this component starts fading, discoloring, and in worst scenario turn yellow.

But this is, however, subject to the exposure period to the direct sunlight as well as the intensity of the same.

Nevertheless, modern plexiglass aquarium can take as many years as possible without showing any signs of yellowing in the sun.

And this is as a result of UV stabilizer coating often used for treating the surface material of this component.

Can Plexiglass Aquarium Crack?

Custom plexiglass aquarium

Custom plexiglass aquarium

Not necessarily unless in extreme deliberate conditions.

What happens is plexiglass material is made from natural gas raw materials and processed using advanced techniques.

This is to ensure all the units making up the plexiglass sheet are reinforced and become as strong as possible.

In that regard, it becomes difficult for plexiglass aquarium to easily crack since its molecules are strongly bond together.

However, in extreme deliberate attempts, the material can develop some crack, albeit a few.

When it cracks, it does along the grain, which might aggravate the situation.

And the good thing nonetheless is it is easy to repair should it crack.

Of course, this is essential since it implies you’ll be able to contain the situation and restore the surface to its original state.

What is the suitable Temperature that Plexiglass Aquarium can Maintain?

Generally, the ideal plexiglass aquarium temperature is dependent on the specific species of fish and creatures you are keeping.

You’ll find some breeds, which require to maintain in high-temperature aquarium.

On the same note, some species would require a few degrees cooler.

However, the recommended temperature range for this aquatic equipment should range between 76° to 80°F.

This can nonetheless be adjusted accordingly depending on different factors such as size and species of fish.

And it is the significant reason why having a plexiglass aquarium with a thermometer is essential.

It allows you to check the temperature and consequently, adjust it whenever possible.

How does Plexiglass Aquarium compare to other Types of Aquariums?

Plexiglass and polycarbonate aquarium are relatively lightweight compared to glass aquariums.

They are about half the weight of glass. And this is necessary, especially when it comes to transportation and handling of the units.

Glass aquarium has a better scratch-resistance than plexiglass aquarium, resulting from the latter’s softer surface.

Plexiglass is quite stronger, durable, and resistant to several environmental and physical elements compared to glass aquariums.

Plexiglass also has higher optical clarity compared to numerous types of aquariums.

For instance, plexiglass allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it compared to glass’ 84%.

Furthermore, plexiglass is easy to fabricate.

It is more flexible, thus making it an ideal material for customized aquarium designs and shapes.

Other materials such as glass and fiberglass are a bit rigid and brittle, making it difficult to fabricate.

Plexiglass aquariums are quite easy to clean, maintain, and also repair.

You only need to get the relevant items and tools to perform the respective tasks, even without the assistance of a professional.

Other aquariums such as glass are quite difficult to clean, maintain, and even repair.

They are also prone to dirt and distortion.

Can you add Lighting in Plexiglass Aquarium?

Absolutely yes!

It is a common feature in most plexiglass aquarium since it helps in illuminating the creatures inside this unit, especially at night.

Besides, you can blend the lighting to ensure they enhance the aesthetics of the equipment and the general surrounding.

What you have to ensure when lighting plexiglass aquarium is using a bulb with low heat output.

The essence here is to prevent them from heating the water inside the aquarium.

Plexiglass aquarium with LED Lights

Plexiglass aquarium with LED lights

What makes Plexiglass Aquarium Cloudy?

It could be as a result of different reasons, which include but not limited to the following;

The watercolor greatly determines the cloudiness of a plexiglass aquarium.

In most instances, green water often tends to provide an ideal breeding ground for annoying algae, which is hard to eliminate.

A suitable approach in this sense would be to change the water often.

Also, avoid keeping the aquarium where there is direct sunlight.

Plexiglass aquarium cloudiness could also be as a result of dust from new ornament put in.

Some substances such as fluorite may make the aquarium cloudy for the first few weeks but clear up soon.

A suitable way of preventing this, of course, is by doing regular water changes.

Then bacteria bloom could also result in the cloudiness of this unit.

And it is always as a result of a recent set up of the aquarium.

In most instances, these effects always disappear within a few days.

And most importantly, you’d try to avoid overfeeding and overstocking the plexiglass aquarium.

Does the Size of Plexiglass aquarium Limit Growth of Fish?

Absolutely not and this is a false misconception.

It is always ideal for providing the right environment for every species in the aquarium.

Of course, the large fish breeds with time will require large plexiglass aquarium to be healthy, active, and happy.

However, when you restrict large species to smaller plexiglass aquarium, it might result in stunted growth as well as physical deformities.

The plexiglass will also be subjected to scratches since the fish will be hitting the surface of the plexiglass aquarium.

Which Shapes are common for Plexiglass Aquarium?

It is common in various shapes, of course, the typical standard ones such as rectangle, square, round, and oval among others.

Also, you can find it in customized designs, which, certainly lean more on unique shapes.

But this is also dependent on the ability of a specific supplier.

For instance, at WeProFab, some of the typical customized plexiglass aquarium shapes you can find include;

  • Half cylinder plexiglass aquarium
  • Bullnose plexiglass aquarium
  • Corner pentagon plexiglass aquarium
  • Double bullnose plexiglass aquarium
  • Bow front plexiglass aquarium
  • Flat back hexagon plexiglass aquarium
  • Cylinder plexiglass aquarium
  • Quarter cylinder plexiglass aquarium

How many Fish can a Plexiglass Aquarium hold?

It entirely depends on the size of the plexiglass aquarium.

It is also dependent on the design of this unit as well as the number of other creatures it is holding.

In a nutshell, a bigger plexiglass aquarium can hold a sizeable number of fish compared to a relatively small aquarium.

Does Algae Grow in Plexiglass Aquarium?

Yes to some extent but it generally depends on the hygiene of the acrylic aquarium.

It also depends on the content inside this component. In most instances, algae can grow on the surface of this material, rocks, or other hard surfaces of the aquarium.

However, it is always vital to ensure you eliminate the algae upon noticing their growth.

It is quite easy since it only requires cleaning up of the plexiglass aquarium.

Just ensure you scrape the surface of plexiglass, remove the rocks, gravel, then scrub and vacuum the respectively, when performing water changes.

And most importantly, ensure you keep live plants since they help in absorbing a lot of nutrients, which algae thrive upon.

Is there Color Limitation for Plexiglass Aquarium?

Not at all!

Plexiglass is available in a wide variety of shades hence eliminating possibility of color range restriction.

You can find it in almost any color shade of your preference, of course, also depending on the supplier’s ability.

Moreover, you can also find it in multicolored shades to help you in broadening your choices further.

Why should you Buy Plexiglass Aquarium from China?

It is, without doubt, China is preferable place to purchase plexiglass aquarium units across the world.

This nation is prominent for its proactivity when it comes to manufacturing sector.

Here are some of the reasons you’d consider buying this type of aquarium from China;

In China, you can find almost every type of plexiglass aquarium.

It is to mean there are all types of this unit you could be looking for.

It does not matter the design, size, color or customization.

China has sufficient human resource that is knowledgeable and experienced.

This, of course, is essential since it allows you to get the specific type of plexiglass aquarium you’re looking for within the shortest time possible.

China also has adequate raw materials and hi-tech manufacturing equipment for producing high-quality plexiglass aquarium.

You can be guaranteed of getting a perfectly produced high-quality aquarium unit made of plexiglass material.

In China, all the suppliers are regulated by specific government bodies, which enforces the implementation of quality standards.

In essence, you’ll be certain of getting a plexiglass aquarium that meets all the required quality standards.

And most importantly, it is quite affordable to acquire this component from China compared to other countries.

In China, they are quite cheap since competition is stiff, and quality raw materials and labor are in abundance.

How can you Test Quality of Plexiglass Aquarium?

Testing the quality of plexiglass aquarium is essential since it helps to establish its usability, safety, and efficiency.

All manufacturers of this component are always obliged to ensure the units they produce to the market meet the minimum quality requirements.

Essentially, plexiglass aquariums are always subjected to thorough tests to ascertain their suitability in their functionalities.

Some of these quality tests include the following;

Plexiglass aquarium

Plexiglass aquarium

Thermal insulation testing – It is an assessment to determine suitability of this aquarium to lose, gain and retain necessary heat.

Ultraviolet stability – It tests the ability of the plexiglass aquarium to tolerate UV radiation when exposed to direct sunlight for long.

Tensile strength – It refers to testing the maximum stress this component can withstand when subjected to intensive pressure before it breaks.

Impact resistance test – It about testing the ability of this unit to withstand any physical pressure exerted to it before it breaks.

Scratch resistance test – It refers to testing the ability of plexiglass aquarium to ensure any form of abrasion when rubbed against scratchy elements.

Can you get Customized Plexiglass Aquarium?

Absolutely right! It happens plexiglass is a highly customizable material.

Therefore, it becomes easy to modify it to the extents, which befit the specific requirements of the customer.

In most instances, the client provides the prototype of the desired design to the supplier for production.

And while at it, you also need to ensure you figure out whether or not the particular supplier can customize the aquarium to meet your needs.

The essence of this is to make it certain since not all manufacturers have the capacity to produce specific customized plexiglass aquariums.

I hope you found an answer to your questions on acrylic aquarium.

In case you want further clarifications or you plan to import plexiglass aquarium from China, WeProFab team is here to help.

WeProFab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom plexiglass aquarium to the Australian, European, Asian and American markets.

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