• Polycarbonate U Channel

Polycarbonate U Channel

WeProFab is your best polycarbonate U channel manufacturer in China. We can offer you excellent durability and withstand to harsh weather elements. We can provide you long-lasting use and affordable price here at WeProFab. Send us directly your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate U Channel to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab polycarbonate U channel is perfect for your construction and business needs since it has excellent features. We can offer you a high-quality, sturdy, lightweight, and guaranteed amazing price.

Clear Polycarbonate U Channel

Our polycarbonate U channel is available in clear which has a translucent appearance and aesthetically pleasing. You can purchase here at WeProFab at a guaranteed price.

Exterior Polycarbonate U Channel

WeProFab polycarbonate U channel is perfect for exterior applications since it strongly fights any UV condition. We can offer you a durable and applicable polycarbonate U channel that fits your demand.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate U Channel

Our polycarbonate U channel offers excellent impact resistance across the wide temperature range. WeProFab also offers high-quality, durability, and affordable polycarbonate U channel.

Polycarbonate U Channel Manufacturer

WeProFab is one of the entrusted polycarbonate U channels manufacturers in China. There are different types that we can offer to you that surely suit your demand. We can fabricate base on your specifications.

Shatterproof Polycarbonate U Channel

WeProFab polycarbonate U channel has shatterproof which virtually unbreakable and lightweight which maintains the looks. We offer a durable, high-quality, and best for long-lasting use.

UV Protection Polycarbonate U Channel

Our polycarbonate U channel has UV protection which is best for outdoor use. WeProFab polycarbonate U channel offers effective control over light transmission and spreading.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate U Channel Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We are your one-stop-shop for plastic and metal fabrication. We are also the entrusted construction materials fabricator in China. Our polycarbonate U channel is a very applicable material for any type of application.

We offer different types of our polycarbonate U channel that includes exterior, UV protection, impact-resistant, shatterproof, clear, 6mm, multi-wall, corner, universal, and 10mm polycarbonate U channel. Our polycarbonate U channel will suit your every requirement.

As WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified, we strictly manage the quality of the product and we make sure to deliver it on time. We assure you to meet your requirements since we perform the production process in our fabrication. If you want to have a polycarbonate U channel for your construction, we have an awesome offer.

Custom Polycarbonate U Channel to Expand Your Brand

6mm Polycarbonate U Channel

Our polycarbonate U channel is available at 6mm measurement and if this fits your demand, you can purchase now at WeProFab. We can give you an affordable price.

10mm Polycarbonate U Channel

If your demand is thicker polycarbonate U channel, WeProFab offers you a 10mm polycarbonate U channel. We can provide you a high-quality and durable.

Multi-wall Polycarbonate U Channel

WeProFab multi-wall polycarbonate U channel helps seal and join the ends of sheets to make a finished look. Choosing WeProFab is your best choice since we can do better for your projects.

Polycarbonate Corner U Channel

WeProFab polycarbonate corner U channel makes join the two sheets. If you want to have this for your business or construction purposes, WeProFab is your best choice.

Universal Polycarbonate U Channel

If you want to have a general use of polycarbonate U channel, WeProFab offers universal polycarbonate U channel. It makes ideal for any type of your demand.

Flexible Polycarbonate U Channel

Flexible polycarbonate U channel is primarily used on outswing and sliding doors. Flexible enough to be mounted directly on the edge of the door or panel. Comes in different lengths and colors.

Matte Polycarbonate U Channel

Matte polycarbonate U channel is UV-resistant and unobtrusive. Guarantees secure snap-fit connections. Accessible in varying foot lengths making it perfect for basic roofing applications and designs.

Neon Polycarbonate U Channel

Neon polycarbonate U channel features a high-profile design that is applicable in any decorative frames. Commonly used for shower doors, retail display, and signage. Made with a premium quality polycarbonate.

Custom Color Polycarbonate U Channel

Custom color polycarbonate U channel is utilized in a variety of roofing and cladding designs. Enables exceptional thermal insulation with high structural strength. Built to be leak-proof and sustain high loads.

Tear Resistant Polycarbonate U Channel

Tear-resistant polycarbonate U channel characterizes excellent insulation and impact strength. Built to withstand yellowing, wearing, and tearing. Other colors and sizes are available based on specific requirements.

Lightweight Polycarbonate U Channel

The lightweight polycarbonate U channel offers excellent performance, high strength, and stiffness. Widely applicable in roofing light sheets, industrial roofing, and glazing purposes. Made with lightweight polycarbonate.

Milky White Polycarbonate U Channel

Milky white polycarbonate U channel has excellent mechanical and high-heat insulation. Comes with a milky white surface that is suitable for bending designs. guarantees admirable UV protection.

Rust Resistant Polycarbonate U Channel

Rust-resistant polycarbonate U channel produces sturdy and resilient roofing. Manufactured using a strong and rust-resistant polycarbonate material. Aesthetically pleasing and can last for years.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate U Channel

Wanting to have a U channel that gives excellent toughness to outdoor weathering? Here’s the great news! WeProFab is your best solution for that since we have plenty of products that are very applicable in any type of application. Our polycarbonate U channel is your best choice for that since it will be suited to your demand.

WeProFab offers plenty of different types in our polycarbonate U channel that includes UV protection polycarbonate U channel, shatterproof polycarbonate U channel, clear polycarbonate U channel, exterior polycarbonate U channel, impact-resistant polycarbonate U channel, and many more.

Polycarbonate U Channel

Our polycarbonate U channel is best for indoor and outdoor use since it offers the best protection from UV radiation and providing excellent durability to outdoor weathering. Our polycarbonate U channel puts a stop to dust, water, debris, and bugs from getting inside the sheets. It also helps seal, join the ends of sheets that come in a clear, and making a finished look to your project.

WeProFab polycarbonate U channel is ideal for applications where specific light transmission is required. WeProFab provides high-quality, high durability, shatterproof, lightweight, UV resistant, high impact resistant, withstand harsh weather elements, easy to cut, and very affordable price.

We are glad to offer our standard polycarbonate U channels products such as multi-wall, 6mm, universal, corner, and 10mm polycarbonate U channel. You can also select your preferred size and thickness for your polycarbonate U channel. WeProFab can do production processes like thermoforming, bending, and many more to meet the customer’s specifications.

Polycarbonate U Channel

As WeProFab is a CE certified company, we manage the quality of the product. We also make sure to have satisfaction with the products and the services we have since we always follow the scheduled date of the delivery of your purchased products. If you want to have a polycarbonate U channel for your construction or business needs, WeProFab will glad to assists you. We are your best fabricator and supplier.

If do you have more questions or inquiries about our polycarbonate U channel product, please message us now to get a quick response from us.

Polycarbonate U Channel

What Is Polycarbonate U Channel?

Polycarbonate U Channel is used in a polycarbonate sheet to cover the hollow edges of the sheet thus preventing the trapping of water and air.

Where Can You Use Polycarbonate U Channel?

 A Polycarbonate U Channel

A Polycarbonate U Channel

The Polycarbonate U Channel is used in the following places;

It is used on the top of polycarbonate sheets that prevents dust, debris, water and under unwanted materials from entering the flutes and getting into the sheets.

Moreover, it is also used at the bottom of polycarbonate sheets where it has to be supported by drilling weep holes at every 12 inches to let condensation drain from the flutes.

 A Polycarbonate U Channel Used On A Shower Door

A Polycarbonate U Channel Used On A Shower Door

Why Use Polycarbonate U Channel?

The following are some of the benefits of using a Polycarbonate U channel during the covering of the polycarbonate hollow edges;

The U Channels Are Durable.

Polycarbonate U channels are hard and stronger thus making them more difficult when it comes to them being destructed.

They have higher volumes of strength that is about 250 times compared to that of glass.

Due to these attributes, they are a choice that is favorable for not only covering hollow sheet edges but also protection from extreme weather and debris.

Easy Cutting Of The Polycarbonate U Channel

When designing the right size of Polycarbonate U channel that is needed, the material is easy to cut using simple tools and also the desired shape is achieved easily.


Polycarbonate U channels are easier to handle in terms of their storage and easier moving since they are light weight as compared to glass.

Additionally, since they have a lighter weight, they save the cost of shipping.

Excellent Transmission Of Light.

Polycarbonate U channel has great light transmission properties which can be directly compared to glass thus making visually functions be same as glass.

Easy Installation

Provided that the right size of the Polycarbonate U channel is provided, it is easier to join and mount thus saving a lot of time and resources.

Protection Against UV

When applying the polycarbonate sheets with a UV coating, the U channels should not be left behind.

They need to be applied with the UV coating to protect them from the disadvantage of discoloration and yellowing.

Multiple Colors Can Be Used.

Depending with the colors of the polycarbonate sheets, the customer can decide to match colors or color blend since the Polycarbonate U channel come in a variety of different colors.

 Polycarbonate U Channels Are Light In Weight Easy to cut And Provide Protection Against UV

Polycarbonate U Channels Are Light In Weight, Easy To Cut And Protect Against UV

Are There Limitations Of Polycarbonate U Channel?

Yes, there are limitations to using the Polycarbonate U Channel.

Some of the limitations include the following;

The Polycarbonate U Channel Is Not Resistant To Scratch.

The profile is not resistant to scratches that may come along its way.

If something falls on the channel, it is likely going to scratch it, for instance, if a branch collapses on the profile, it will be eventually scratched.

To get away with the scratching menace of the Polycarbonate U Channel vulnerability to scratching, it is advisable to use a surface polish on the material.

Polycarbonate U Channel Is Able To Expand.

Any material that is made from a polycarbonate has the ability of expanding with a degree of 0.065 mm per metre degree Celsius.

During Polycarbonate U Channel fitting, the drilled holes should be reasonable in width so as to allow for expansion of the Polycarbonate U Channel.

Mounting bolts and screws should not stick into the drilled holes when the Polycarbonate U Channel is undergoing expansions.

Also, any glue that is used during the joining, it should be one that is flexible by allowing the room for expansion.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of producing the polycarbonate U channels is not an environmental friendly procedure.

The process requires very high temperatures which comes along with emissions that are likely to pollute the environment.

Additionally, the phosgene substance that is known for its adverse effects on the human life and chlorine is used.

Discoloration And Yellowing.

Since the Polycarbonate U Channel is not resistant to UV, its continuous exposure to the UV rays causes yellowing and discoloration.

Yellowing and discoloration makes the Polycarbonate U Channel not be crystal clear as it is supposed to be.

To make the Polycarbonate U Channel durable, it should be protected by application of a UV coating which will prevent it from discoloring and yellowing.

Attack From Bases And Hydrocarbons.

The Polycarbonate U Channel can be affected when exposed to bases and hydrocarbons hence it is a limitation of using them.

Polycarbonate J Channel

 Polycarbonate J Channel

Which Features Should You Look For In polycarbonate U Channel?

The following are the features that should be observed when looking for a Polycarbonate U Channel;

Toughness And Strength.

Toughness and strength are key when looking for a Polycarbonate U Channel.

Its levels of toughness and strength make the profile to be resistant to high levels of impacts and fracture.

Moreover, due to its tough mechanical properties, it provides comfort and safety in its applications which demand a lot of reliability.


The profile has higher levels of light transmission that are directly comparable to the ordinary glass on clarity.

Since they are in numerous ranges, it is easier for the customer to customize what they require on the basis of intended application.

Chemical Resistance

Polycarbonate U Channel profile has great chemical response and resistance when it comes to alcohols, dilute acids and hydrocarbons.

Its resistance to greases and oils is moderate as compared to acids and hydrocarbons.

However, the Polycarbonate U Channel is likely to get attacked by its exposure to halogenated hydrocarbons, dilute alkalis and aromatic.

Furthermore, abrasive alkaline cleaners should not be used when it comes cleaning of the Polycarbonate U Channel sine they are sensitive to them.

Resistance Of Heat

The Polycarbonate U Channel are having a great level of heat resistance hence they are thermally stable of up to 135°C.

To better up the heat resistance of the profile, flame retardants can be added with taking care not to affect the actual properties.

Light Weight

The future leaves the original equipment manufacturers with unlimited options when it comes to the production of Polycarbonate U Channel.

The Polycarbonate U Channel can be made, transported and bed easily thus saving lots of costs.

Finally, due to their weight property, the process of installation is always made easier, improved efficiency and minimum production and transport costs are used.

UV Protection

The profile is not able to hold the flow of the UV rays thus making it yellow and deteriorate which decreases its quality.

The UV effect on Polycarbonate U Channel can be prevented when the surface of the profile has been applied with the UV coating.

To make the Polycarbonate U Channel to be strong, durable and clear, it is so much important to always consider its protection against UV.

Hail Resistance

Due to its high performance and impact strength, it is very hard to break the Polycarbonate U Channel.

When applied with pressure from stones simulation, there is no any sign of breakage or penetration.

 There Are A Number Of Features To Look Out For When Purchasing U Channels

There Are A Number Of Features To Look Out For When Purchasing U Channels

How Does Polycarbonate H Channel Compare To Polycarbonate U Channel?

The polycarbonate H Channel is used in connecting two multiwall polycarbonate sheets together while the polycarbonate U channel is used in covering the hollow edges of the sheet.

How Do You Manufacture Polycarbonate U Channel?

The Polycarbonate U Channel is manufactured by the extrusion process.

Extrusion process refers to a manufacturing technique that is of high volume where raw plastic is transformed to a melted one and formed to make the U Channel profile.

Ideally, it is a process where the melted polycarbonate is forced through a die into shape with a fixed U channel cross section.

During the process of extrusion, the following should be put into consideration;

The process and equipment involved, they need to guarantee high levels of efficiency while at the same time saving on the production costs.

The grade of the polycarbonate U channel should also be considered to ensure that the only right standard id being produced.

The parameters of processing should also be observed.

Can You Apply Surface Coating On Polycarbonate U Channel?

Yes, a surface coating can be applied on a polycarbonate U channel.

The following are the coatings that can be applied on a polycarbonate U channel;

Anti-fog Coating

By applying the anti-fog coating on the surface of the polycarbonate U channel, it does away with fogging problems that are likely going to lead to vision impairment.

Subjecting the Polycarbonate U Channel surface to fluctuating temperatures and humidity, there are small water droplets that form on the surface.

Forming of the water droplets on the surfaces as a result of temperature and humidity fluctuation causes refraction and diffraction that distorts vision.

Since the anti-fog coating contains hydrophilic ingredients, they are going to reduce the surface tension because they have maximized on the surface energy of water.

The anti-fog coating should only be applied on one side of the polycarbonate U channel.

Anti-scratch Coating

Having the surfaces of the polycarbonate U channel coated with the anti-scratch coatings, it is prevented from scratching.

The anti-scratch coating hardens the surfaces of the polycarbonate u channel thus making it resistant to scratch in its applications.

Anti-glare Coating

The coating has a major role of eliminating the chances of a reflection occurrence on the polycarbonate U channel.

In the instances where there is high levels of light transmission, the anti-glare coating should be used.

Excess reflections of light have a negative effects on the eye health as they cause eye problems.

Anti-static Coating

To prevent the buildup of static charges an anti-static coating should be applied on the surfaces of the Polycarbonate U channel.

The anti-static coating prevents the forming of humidity and dust to build up on the surfaces of the Polycarbonate U Channel.

Having an antiglare coating saves the laborious processes that requires cleaning of the polycarbonate U channel from time to time.

Photochromic Coating

This type of coating is designed in a way that it can change its tint according to the levels of light intensity variations.

A great advantage is that it can be used alongside all the types of coating that can be applied on the polycarbonate U channel.

Can You Machine Polycarbonate U Channel?

Yes, the polycarbonate U channel can be machined in the following ways;

Milling Polycarbonate U Channel

Milling can be used to remove the sections and parts of the Polycarbonate U channels materials to attain what you really want.

In milling the Polycarbonate U channel, a rotary cutter can be used to remove the particles from the work piece.

Before milling a polycarbonate U channel, you should consider the positional accuracy, tolerances and readability.

Drilling Polycarbonate U Channel

It is a process that involves removing particles from the Polycarbonate U channel.

The machine performing the drill should have high speed drill bits which are made of steel and controlled at a drill speed of 350 -1750 rpm.

The drilling process should be cooled from time to time using air and water.

Cutting Polycarbonate U Channel

Polycarbonate U channel can be machined through the cutting process in different ways that involves the use of scissors, circular saw and jig saw.

Assembling is done by using fasteners to join various parts of the polycarbonate material together.

There Are Various Ways Of Machining Polycarbonate U Channel

There Are Various Ways Of Machining Polycarbonate U Channel

Is Polycarbonate U Channel Structurally Strong?

The polycarbonate U channel is not as structurally strong as the solid polycarbonate.

How Do Join Or Assemble Polycarbonate U Channel?

Assembling the polycarbonate U channel requires the use of fasteners which joins the materials together.

An example of fasteners to use in the assembly process of Polycarbonate U channel is the aluminum tape.

How Much Does Polycarbonate U Channel Cost?

Costs of the polycarbonate U channel varies with their sizes, for instance;

6mm polycarbonate U channel is at $13.99

8mm polycarbonate U channel is at $13.99

10mm polycarbonate U channel is at $14.21

12mm polycarbonate U channel is at $14.99

Remember, these are just estimations.

Contact us to get exact prices for all your polycarbonate U channels.

Is There Recommended Thickness Of Polycarbonate U Channel?

The thickness of a polycarbonate U channel should correspond that of the polycarbonate sheet.

What Are The Features Of Multiwall Polycarbonate U Channel?

Features of the multiwall polycarbonate U channel include the following;

  • UV resistant
  • Higher transmission of light
  • Resistance to hail
  • Great thermal properties
  • Are tough and strong which makes it hard for them to break.

Multiwall Polycarbonate U Channel

Multiwall Polycarbonate U Channel

How Do You Test Quality Of Polycarbonate U Channel?

Quality tests on the polycarbonate U channel can be done through performing;

Mechanical Strength

The polycarbonate U channel should undergo a rigorous test where stones are simulated on its surface.

It needs not show any sign of breakage or penetration thus the mechanical strength and toughness properties will have been proved.

Physical Properties

A temperature at which the polycarbonate U channel starts getting soft during heating should be checked to verify its physical properties.

The polycarbonate U channel should start getting soft at a temperature of about 293 0C.

Chemical Test

A bluing agent is used to determine the chemical quality test.

The acrylic will be clear on the polycarbonate profile but the edges will appear to be blue-like.

Can You Paint Polycarbonate U Channel?

Yes, the channels can undergo paintings for example, they can be painted using acrylic paintings.

Will Polycarbonate U Channel Yellow IN Sun?

Continued exposure of the Polycarbonate U channel on sun without any coatings applied, it will result to its yellowing.

How Long Will Polycarbonate U Channel Last?

Due to their high resistance to harsh temperatures whether hot or cold, the polycarbonate U channels can last for a very long time without discoloration and damages.

Their distinct properties makes them last long around 10 years.

At WeProFab, we offer a range of polycarbonate U channels, depending on your requirements and specifications.

Contact us today for all your polycarbonate U channels.

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