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Polycarbonate Display Case

WeProFab is your great polycarbonate display case fabricator in China. We can provide you with plenty and different types of polycarbonate display cases. We can also offer you customized options in which you can have your desired size and style to meet your needs.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Display Case to Delight Your Customers

Our polycarbonate display case is perfect for organizing and showcasing your collections. It has dust-proof, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, high-quality, and durable to make long-lasting use.

Clear Polycarbonate Display Case

Our clear polycarbonate display case has a glassy look that makes it more attractive and adds more gorgeous to your collections. WeProFab provides you a high-quality and affordable.

Custom Polycarbonate Display Case

Here at WeProFab, you can freely customize your desired polycarbonate display case. We provide custom-made to meet our customer’s specifications. You can send us your size and styles and WeProFab will fabricate it.

Dustproof Polycarbonate Display Case

If you want to have a long-term clean to showcase your collections, WeProFab is your best choice since we offer a dustproof polycarbonate display case to protect against dust and dirt.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Display Case

WeProFab offers a polycarbonate display case that has an excellent impact resistant which makes your display collections more captivated. We can provide you a strong and long-term use.

Lockable Polycarbonate Display Case

If you want safety and gorgeous collections showcase in public areas, here at WeProFab you can have our polycarbonate display case with lockable to make sure the properties will not shatter.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Display Case

Our polycarbonate display case is perfect for outdoor and indoor uses since it has a scratch-resistant that maintains the smoothness and the translucent appearance. We can provide you affordable prices here at WeProFab.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Display Case Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, so we are glad to assist you with the perfect solution for plastic fabrication. Our polycarbonate display case is one of the in-demand products for homes, retail stores, markets, and other business purposes.

Our polycarbonate display case offers different types such as clear, dustproof, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, tiered, large, and more. It is also best for retail, pastry, and jewelry showcase. It has translucent, gorgeous, and captivating designs. We can offer you a custom-made so you can get a better solution for your needs.

You can send to us your specified size and styles since WeProFab will fabricate it based on your specifications. We perform the production process to reach the exact design. As an ISO 9001 certified company, WeProFab manages the quality of the products. If you want our unique standard products or custom-made polycarbonate display case, please message us now.

Custom Polycarbonate Display Case to Expand Your Business

Large Polycarbonate Display Case

If a wide range of applications is your needs for polycarbonate display cases, WeProFab is your best choice since we can fabricate you a large, sturdy, and affordable.

Polycarbonate Jewelry Display Case

Our polycarbonate display case is perfect for your jewelry showcase since it has a high-quality and captivated design that adds more beauty to your jewelry items. Purchase now at WeProFab.

Polycarbonate Pastry Display Case

Our polycarbonate display case is best for the pastry showcase since the WeProFab polycarbonate pastry display case is modern and functional which maintains the freshness of the presented products.

Polycarbonate Retail Display Case

Whether you need a polycarbonate retail display case for your retail store or any business purposes, you can find a great option here at WeProFab since we offer affordable prices and high-quality.

Tiered Polycarbonate Display Case

WeProFab offers tiered options in which you can select how many tiers would fit your demand. We can produce the gorgeous and durable polycarbonate display case for you.

Counter Top Polycarbonate Display Case

A counter top polycarbonate display case is a great addition to any store. Flexible enough to be placed anywhere, especially on counters. Features increased visibility, and durability, and comes fully assembled.

Custom Bread Counter Polycarbonate Display Case

The Custom bread counter polycarbonate display case is made with a corrosion-resistant material. Can stand up to all sorts of weather and is typically used to display bread on the counters. This case keeps the displays looking smooth.

Heat Proof Polycarbonate Display Case

Heat-proof polycarbonate display case is available in different sizes, thicknesses, and styles. Can resist extreme heat that is applicable in many industries such as in restaurants and other outdoor usage.

Hinges Polycarbonate Display Case

Hinges polycarbonate display case is available in many sizes and finishes. Equipped with hinges that enhance the flexibility and sturdiness. Perfect in many industries like in bakery shops and fast-food restaurants.

Horizontal Polycarbonate Display Case

The horizontal polycarbonate display case features a radius edge polycarbonate frame. Displayed horizontally that is perfect for displaying items and jewelry. Accessible in different lengths, thicknesses, and styles.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Display Case

Impact-resistant polycarbonate display has the capability to absorb extreme impacts without cracking and is easy to clean. Made with durable and sturdy polycarbonate that can surely last a long time.

Large Dustproof Polycarbonate Display Case

A large dustproof polycarbonate display case features distinct hues that are long-lasting. Has the capability to attract attention due to its big accommodation of items. Offers portability and easiness of usage.

Lockable Polycarbonate Display Case

A lockable polycarbonate display case offers scratch-resistance and security features. Arrives with locking mechanisms to ensure extra protection and safety. Guarantees optimum stability on any flat surface.

Lockable Tiered Polycarbonate Display Case

The lockable tiered polycarbonate display case features easy-access sliding doors with a key lock. Arrives with layers that can display numerous items. Also, ships are fully assembled and can be used for decades without damage.

Polycarbonate Display Case with Lid

A polycarbonate display case with a lid can be mounted into a display stand. Fully equipped with a lid and a protective cover that prevents fingerprints and dirt. Manufactured with long-lasting and durable polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate Drawer Display Case

The polycarbonate drawer display case arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Guarantees the finest quality and is available in custom designs. Applicable in different industries, such as in coffee shops and beverage establishments.

Polycarbonate Jewelry Display Case

A polycarbonate jewelry display case is an attractive display of different kinds of pieces of jewelry. Arrives with a high-quality powder coating surface with excellent quality assurance. Could be customized according to the requirements.

Polycarbonate Moist Resistant Display Case

Polycarbonate moist resistant display case offers a smooth and premium powder coating surface. Can resist excessive moisture and will not damage easily even in continuous usage. Can be also customized with the business logo.

Polycarbonate Museum Display Case

The polycarbonate museum display case can handle hotter temperatures and is resistant to chemicals. Made from durable and clear polycarbonate. Applied commonly in museum displays and exhibits.

Polycarbonate Small Display Case

Polycarbonate small display case exhibits high clarity and see-through features. Applicable in displaying and storing small pieces of jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. available in various shapes and thicknesses.

Roll-Top Cover Polycarbonate Display Case

A roll-top cover polycarbonate display case can be placed at the desired location in a matter of minutes. Equipped with a roll-top cover that adds to the protection of the case as well as the items displayed.

Scratch Proof Clear Polycarbonate Display Case

Scratch-proof clear polycarbonate display case is manufactured to resist a broad range of harmful elements. Arrives with a crystal-clear structure in different thicknesses and shapes. Features easiness of cleaning.

Sliding Door Polycarbonate Display Case

The sliding door polycarbonate display case is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Fits perfectly into different locations and features a sliding door. Also offers high dust resistance that keeps delicate products safe.

Stick Holder Polycarbonate Display Case

Stick holder polycarbonate display case has high impact resistance. Available in varying degrees of flexibility and thickness. Comes with a stick holder that makes it stable when displayed either on a flat surface or not.

Wall Mounted Polycarbonate Display Case

Wall-mounted polycarbonate display case arrives with a sliding removable back to be hung easily. Arrives with polished edges to keep the display secured and protected. Offered in a variety of sizes to fit any requirements.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Display Case

Do you strongly wish to have an attractive display case that won’t diminish from your collectibles or products? Here’s the great news! WeProFab polycarbonate display case is perfect for you. We have plenty of experience in fabrication since we are over 20 years in the industry. We fabricate a polycarbonate display case that will suit your demand.

Our polycarbonate display case has plenty of different types such as clear polycarbonate display case, impact-resistant polycarbonate display case, dustproof polycarbonate display case, scratch-resistant polycarbonate display case, lockable polycarbonate display case, and so on.

Polycarbonate Display Case

Our polycarbonate display case can be applied in different types of applications like markets, stores, bakery, museum, home, and many more. WeProFab polycarbonate display case can be best to display your jewelry items, statue, doll model, foods, car model, figurines, and more collections.

WeProFab polycarbonate display case is perfect for organizing paperwork since it provides better visual clarity that makes them the perfect solution for an eye-catching display. It also suits perfectly on any tabletop or counter space. Our polycarbonate display case is perfect for outdoor and indoor use since it has a dustproof, scratch-resistant, high impact resistant, lockable, high-quality, high durability, and affordable.

It makes your collections showcase more attractive, more gorgeous, and more captivating. Our polycarbonate display case is perfect for the pastry showcase since it maintains the freshness of the presented goods. It is also fit for public areas to showcase luxurious items or other collections since it has a lockable and sturdy feature that will keep safe your properties as it will not shatter.

Polycarbonate Display Case

Our polycarbonate display case is ideal for matching any décor and we have a unique selection you can choose of that includes tiered polycarbonate display cases, large polycarbonate display cases, polycarbonate jewelry display cases, polycarbonate retail display cases, and polycarbonate pastry display cases.

Check out our polycarbonate display case selection for the very best in unique or custom. You can free to select your desire design for your polycarbonate display case since WeProFab offers custom-made which you can choose your size and styles. WeProFab will fabricate your custom-made polycarbonate display case base on your specifications.

WeProFab assures our customer to have satisfaction with our products since we manage the quality of the products before delivering to you. We also perform product processes like thermoforming, laser cutting, and many more. If you want a polycarbonate display case for your personal or business purposes, WeProFab is your best supplier. And if you want to have a custom-made polycarbonate display case for urgent needs, you can contact us now.

Polycarbonate Display Case: The Complete FAQ guide

Polycarbonate displays case is a type of frameless enclosure designed for storing, holding and displaying different products.

This guide contains detailed information regarding this thermoplastic component.

Thus, it comes in handy, especially if you’re shopping for polycarbonate display case since it explains its numerous aspects.

What Is The Use Of Polycarbonate Display Case?

 polycarbonate case display

polycarbonate case display

You can use polycarbonate display in various settings where storing and displaying products, and other personal items is of the essence.

The main uses of this component thus include the following;

  • Displaying goods or items in retail and wholesale stores to attract potential customers and enhance the aesthetics of the outlet.
  • Product launching by placing the items in the case for better and clear visibility to the targeted audience.
  • Storing and displaying various personal items such as trophies, memorabilia, collectables and action figures among others.
  • Securing products that are seemingly delicate from possible accidental damages.
  • Exhibiting products and items in trade shows to generate attention for items from the audience.
  • Keeping taxidermy animals, especially among game hunters.

What Types Of Polycarbonate Display Case Are Common In The Market?

Polycarbonate display cases are quite several in the market presently.

You can find it in stock or customized design depending on your preference and application demands.

However, custom pieces vary depending on specific manufacturer’s ability to design and produce them.

Nevertheless, the common types of this component you will likely come across in the market include the following;

  • Colored polycarbonate display case
  • Clear polycarbonate display case
  • Polycarbonate toy display case
  • Lockable polycarbonate display case
  • Jewelry polycarbonate display case
  • Wall-mounted polycarbonate display case
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate display case
  • Lockable polycarbonate display case
  • Polycarbonate bakery display case
  • Tiered polycarbonate display case
  • Polycarbonate figure display case
  • Candy canister polycarbonate display case
  • Dustproof polycarbonate display case
  • Polycarbonate retail display case

What Is The Procedure For Assembling Polycarbonate Display Case?

Ideally, it varies based on the specific type of polycarbonate display case you are assembling.

However, the general procedure for attaining this is as follows;

  • Find all the relevant tools and materials you’ll need for the task
  • Measure and cut polycarbonate sheet depending on the desired size and shape of the case
  • Drill holes on the respective points for screws and nuts
  • Fix each surface of the display case separately as you fasten the screws and nuts accordingly
  • If you are using adhesive, apply it on the specific joints, attach the surfaces and ensure you hold them for the glue to adhere.
  • Always make sure the display case is stable before you start using it

Essentially, it is important to know some polycarbonate display cases are permanently assembled and cannot be disassembled when need arises.

What Makes Investing In Polycarbonate Display Case Worthy?

A typical polycarbonate display case offers numerous advantages in its various applications, such as the following;

  • The base material for making this component is naturally strong and hardy. Thus, it guarantees incredible durability since it can withstand different harsh mechanical and environmental factors.
  • It gives you exceptional versatility, given that you can use the component to store and display different products and items in various settings.
  • The fact that polycarbonate case is lightweight enhances convenience when fixing it on raised surfaces or when moving around with it.
  • You can easily modify this component to suit your preferred design since the base material is soft and easy to machine.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain polycarbonate display case, and it does not require any unique materials or substances to do so.
  • Polycarbonate display case enhances the aesthetics of your products and items, which is vital for commercial purposes.
  • It allows you to safeguard your products and items from weather, thieving or destruction occasioned by exposure to various elements.

What Is The Difference Between Stock And Custom Polycarbonate Display Case?

Ordinarily, stock polycarbonate display case is a type of enclosure designed for displaying items in a general systematic method.

Most designs of this component entail having several partitions for placing the items; hence it resembles an ordinary shelf.

Importantly, stock polycarbonate display case is often readily available since the design usually adheres to standard dimensions.

 custom polycarbonate display case

custom polycarbonate display case

Custom polycarbonate display case, on the other hand, is designed depending on your specifications.

The essence is to match your preference and the specific application demands.

Thus, you have to provide the details to be incorporated into this unit, and this may vary depending on your preference.

Mostly, custom polycarbonate display cases are usually made-on-order since clients often have different design predilections.

What Details And Features Can You Include In Custom Polycarbonate Display Case?

Quite several features depending on your preference.

Technically, the specific add-on features to include in custom polycarbonate display case also depends on their specific use.

But the common customization features often incorporated when designing this component include the following;

  • Lockable doors
  • Drawers
  • Stand
  • Mounting clips
  • Hinges
  • Prints
  • Organizer
  • LED backlight
  • Wooden base
  • Engravings
  • Wheels

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Polycarbonate Display Case?

Getting custom polycarbonate display case means you are going for a relatively personalized unit.

Of course, it presents quite a lot of advantages, but the main ones include the following;

  • Allows you to create an atmosphere of class and sophistication since the customization details exude lively ambiance, especially in commercial settings.
  • It guarantees safety of your products and items since most customized display cases feature lockable doors.
  • You can easily maintain custom polycarbonate display case since it is designed to meet your specific preferences.
  • Organizing a custom polycarbonate display case is relatively easy.

Essentially, this is important since it enhances its aesthetics, convenience and easy access to products and items.

  • Custom polycarbonate display cases in retail outlets enhance shopping efficiency and allow clients to shop conveniently.

Is Polycarbonate Display Case Breakable?

Not certainly.

Polycarbonate material used for making this unit is naturally strong and exhibits excellent impact resistance abilities.

Generally, the base material has a solid material molecular structure making it difficult to break or crack easily.

It is about 250 times stronger than glass material of similar dimensions.

Besides, the manufacturing process of this component incorporates various elements such as strength-enhancement additives.

Such additives, in addition to natural strength of polycarbonate, ensure the display hardly breaks under ordinary conditions.

What Are The Ideal Features To Look For In Polycarbonate Display Case?

When shopping for a suitable polycarbonate display case, it is imperative to establish the suitable features ideal for your application.

Some of the notable features to look for when buying this unit include the following;

Design Construction

Polycarbonate display cases are available in either stock or custom designs.

It is necessary to establish the specific design you need that is suitable for your application, depending on its demands.

Safety Features

Whether you are using this display case for personal or commercial purposes, it is important to ensure it features safety elements.

Safety features prevent unauthorized access, theft and destruction of the items when displayed in the cabinet.

Polycarbonate Material Quality

Ordinarily, polycarbonate material is available in different quality grades, which determine the ultimate quality of the display case.

The higher the polycarbonate quality material used in making the display case, the better.

Add-on Features

Most custom polycarbonate display boxes entail various additional features that match the customer’s requirements.

It is important to ensure such details add value to your display case, especially if you use them in a commercial setting.


If your business revolves around mobility, it would be ideal to consider a polycarbonate display case that is easily portable.


Always go for a polycarbonate display case that all your products and items can fit appropriately.

Besides, the available space where you want to place this unit is also an integral element in determining its right size.

What Makes Polycarbonate Display Case Superior To Glass Display Case?

Often, polycarbonate and glass are the commonly used materials for making a wide range of display cases.

However, they exhibit different technical specifications setting them apart significantly.

glass display case

glass display case

Here are some aspects, which these two materials compare;

  • Polycarbonate display case is almost 250-300 times stronger than an ordinary glass display case of similar dimensions.
  • In terms of weight, polycarbonate display case is relatively lightweight, almost half the weight of glass display case.
  • Regarding clarity, polycarbonate display case permits more light to pass through it at about 95%. Glass display case, on the other hand, allows about 85% of light to pass through it hence relatively low optical clarity.
  • In terms of resistance to temperature, weather conditions, UV, dimensional stability and impact, polycarbonate is seemingly better than glass display case.
  • Polycarbonate display case exhibits better gloss than glass display case.

In essence, it is because the former provides softer natural light reflection than the latter.

  • Glass display case has better tolerance to scratches from abrasive objects and aggressive handling.

Polycarbonate display case has a softer surface, thus comparatively susceptible to scratches.

Essentially, polycarbonate display case seems to be quite superior to glass display in many technical and functional aspects.

Is There Difference Between Polycarbonate Display Case And Polycarbonate Box?

Yes, a bit slightly.

Technically, polycarbonate display case and polycarbonate display box may mean the same thing depending on the target market.

In some countries, the display case is referred to as a display box and vice versa.

However, polycarbonate display case is specifically designed for showcasing different items for various purposes in numerous settings.

polycarbonate box

polycarbonate box

For instance, you can use it for displaying products or items for sale, promotions, safety or aesthetics among others.

Polycarbonate display box, on the other hand, is designed for general display and storage purposes.

Simply put, you can store or display various items, but it is not necessarily designed for a specific item, unlike polycarbonate display case.

Is Polycarbonate Display Case Recyclable?


This display case is made from polycarbonate material, which is 100% recyclable.

Immediately you feel the case is worn out or irreparable; you can merely recycle the material and make other products.

Most polycarbonate display cases’ manufacturers have different recycling centers where you can take the material for recycling.

How Safe Is Polycarbonate Display Case?

It is safe in many aspects.

For instance, the base material used for making the unit is 100% recyclable.

Additionally, the recycled material still possesses same features as the virgin one.

In essence, the 100% recyclability nature of the base material makes prevents it from degrading the environment.

You will hardly find it in landfills because most manufacturers easily recycle it.

Another safety aspect of this display case is that it is quite lightweight due to the nature of its base material.

Thus, you can be confident it will hardly hurt anyone or damage the products and items if it falls.

Polycarbonate display case is also safe since it can hardly break due to its incredible strength and impact resistance.

Most custom polycarbonate display cases also come with lockable lids or doors.

Therefore, it becomes difficult for unauthorized access since the component is hardly breakable.

Does Polycarbonate Display Case Scratch Easily?

It depends on the specific conditions it is exposed to.

Continuous exposure of this component to abrasive objects increases its chances of scratching easily.

Ordinarily, its surface material is relatively soft thus a bit sensitive to scratchy objects.

Secondly, aggressive handling also makes it susceptible to easy scratching.

For instance, when used in high human traffic areas where different people touch the surface, it will scratch easily.

Thirdly, if the surface material of this component is not treated using anti-scratch coating, it is more likely to scratch quickly.

In a nutshell, polycarbonate material used for making display cases is somewhat sensitive to scratches.

However, the sensitivity is determined by different elements, such as the ones mentioned above.

What Is The Ideal Way Of Testing Quality Of Polycarbonate Display Case?

During manufacturing process of polycarbonate display cases, they are usually subjected to various tests.

The essence of such tests is to establish their suitability and quality before getting to the end-users.

Of course, such tests are imperative because they guarantee efficiency, safety and reliability when using this component.

Some of the common tests used for determining the quality of this component include the following;

  • Temperature tolerance test
  • Freon compatibility test
  • Pressure tolerance test
  • Dry and wet behavior
  • Impact tolerance assessment

Why Should You Consider Polycarbonate Display Case With Wooden Base?

It offers several advantages in enhancing the efficiency and performance of this component, such as follows;

  • The wooden material complements the display case, and this is imperative since it raises its value and aesthetic appeal.
  • It gives the display case necessary stability when placed in a particular settings, thus improving its efficiency.
  • You can easily clean the display case since the wooden material rarely requires intense attention.
  • It makes the polycarbonate display case quite durable since the wooden material will hardly scratch.

How Is The Comparison Between Clear And Colored Polycarbonate Display Case?

Ordinarily, you can find polycarbonate display cases in either clear or colored surface finishes.

Clear surface finish is quite common since it allows more light to pass through it, making the displayed items incredibly visible.

 colored polycarbonate display case

colored polycarbonate display case

However, in some instances, you can also go for colored shade, especially if the interest is to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Nonetheless, both clear and colored polycarbonate display cases share same properties apart from the surface finishing aspect.

Primarily, clear or transparent polycarbonate allows more light to pass through it.

On the other hand, colored polycarbonate display case due to the surface shading or tinting allows a minimal amount of light to pass through it.

Of course, the amount of light passing through colored display case depends on the actual color hue.

Brighter colors allow more light to pass through the surface material compared to darker colors.

 clear polycarbonate display case

clear polycarbonate display case

Is There Shape Limitation For Polycarbonate Display Case?


Traditionally, polycarbonate display cases were either square or rectangular.

They commonly resembled the shape of traditional shelves.

However, several design options are innovated, which ensures polycarbonate display cases are manufactured in different shapes.

Besides, since polycarbonate material is relatively soft and highly machinable, it becomes easy to create display cases of different shapes.

Some of the common shapes of this component you can find in the market include the following;

  • Micro-blading shape
  • Pyramid
  • Hexagonal
  • Round/circular
  • Dome
  • Cube
  • Rectangular

In essence, you can make polycarbonate display case of almost any shape as long as it can be stable enough to support itself.

Does Yellowing Of Polycarbonate Display Case Appears Only When It Is Exposed To Sunlight?

Not really.

Yellowing in polycarbonate display case can arise due to several other factors such as the following;

  • Choosing a polycarbonate display case made using inferior material quality.

In such instances, the molecules of this material tend to break down relatively fast and weaken, leading to yellowing.

  • Substandard workmanship and failure to follow the necessary manufacturing procedures.

It to faster wear out of the display case leading to untimely yellowing.

  • Failure to apply UV stabilizer either during the manufacturing process or as an aftermarket measure.

What Shortcomings Does Polycarbonate Display Case Exhibit?

They are quite a few and include the following;

  • It is relatively sensitive to scratches since the surface material is comparatively soft and easy to scratch.
  • Polycarbonate display case is more expensive than other materials that can offer similar solutions.
  • If poorly maintained, it can be yellow or dull, which compromises its aesthetic appearance and value.

What Is The Suitable Size For Polycarbonate Display Case?

You find this display cabinet in a wide range of sizes.

Ordinarily, the suitable size is what necessarily fits all your products and items appropriately.

When choosing the ideal size, it is also important to consider the available space to place or install this display unit.

In essence, there is no definitive size for polycarbonate display case as numerous prevailing factors determine it.

However, you can always go for custom designs with measurements that meet your size demands.

Which Settings Can You Use Polycarbonate Display Case?

Polycarbonate display case comes in handy in different applications.

The common ones include the following;

  • Exhibition centers
  • Museums
  • Offices
  • Residential homes
  • Retail stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping malls

How Much Does Polycarbonate Display Case Cost?

It varies broadly based on numerous factors.

Size, quality of polycarbonate material used, material thickness, design construction and finishing are among the determinant factors.

Moreover, the number of units you purchase at the same time also determines the actual price.

Most manufacturers will offer higher discounts on bulk purchases and vice versa.

The bottom line is there is no definitive cost for buying polycarbonate display case.

It is dependent on several factors, including the few ones mentioned above.

For all your polycarbonate display case from China, contact WeProFab now.

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