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Clear Polycarbonate Tube

As a well-known and leading manufacturer in China, WeProFab produces quality clear polycarbonate tubes worldwide. We have many sizes accessible at a lower cost. Send your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Clear Polycarbonate Tube to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab has an exclusive designer for your request. We professionally provide a suitable and quality clear polycarbonate tube in supporting business.

Bending Clear Polycarbonate Tube

We professionally bend clear polycarbonate stated in your design. WeProFab surely customizes your project needs.

Clear Polycarbonate Tube Manufacturer

WeProFab created elegant clear polycarbonate tubes. We can supply a large amount according to your request meant for your business.

Clear Transparent Polycarbonate Tube

WeProFab can produce a clear transparent polycarbonate tube. We have many features to offer that will be suited to your project.

Embossed Clear Polycarbonate Tube

Through embossed machines, WeProFab can make a creative and effective clear polycarbonate tube. It will be provided at a very acceptable cost.

Laser Cut Clear Polycarbonate Tube

WeProFab has a complete device on the entire facility. We can laser cut a clear polycarbonate tube according to your needs.

Molding Clear Polycarbonate Tube

WeProFab is an expert fabricator of a clear polycarbonate tube from China. We are professionals in molding and other processes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Clear Polycarbonate Tube Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer a one-stop solution for plastic and metal fabrication. WeProFab has the highest achievement in production the reason a lot of customers tend to choose WeProFab.

WeProFab is an international certificated company with more than 20 years of service. We successfully certificated through our knowledgeable staff in different services.

You’re free to send your ideal clear polycarbonate tube orders at WeProFab!

Custom Clear Polycarbonate Tube to Expand Your Brand

12mm Clear Polycarbonate Tube

A 12mm clear polycarbonate tube is perfect for bigger operations. Safety and easier processing. We can custom perfectly for what you need.

Colored Clear Polycarbonate Tube

In searching for a tested clear polycarbonate tube for business, WeProFab has the best to offer. We have amazing colors suitable for your requirements.

Small Clear Polycarbonate Tube

There are sizes for you to choose from. We manufactured a lot of sizes, styles, and more for more selection. It is available at a reasonable cost.

Square Clear Polycarbonate Tube

We are making a unique square clear polycarbonate tube. Perfect for food processing, chemicals, and many more.

10-inch Clear Polycarbonate Tube

10-inch clear polycarbonate at WeProFab is accessible in any features, styles, and color. It can be used for chemical, food, and other processes.

1mm Clear Polycarbonate Tube
3mm Clear Polycarbonate Tube
5mm Clear Polycarbonate Tube
Anti-Leak Clear Polycarbonate Tube
Chemical Resistant Clear Polycarbonate Tube
Clear Polycarbonate Tube with White Lids
Lightweight Low Pressure Clear Polycarbonate Tube
Non-Toxic Clear Polycarbonate Tube
Unbreakable Round Clear Polycarbonate Tube
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Why WeProFab Clear Polycarbonate Tube

WeProFab clear polycarbonate tubes are strong and durable for large temperature. Our polycarbonate tubes are heat resistant which is strong in flame and high temperatures.

WeProFab clear polycarbonate tubes are easy to drill, sawed, and even cut. It is easy to join together as well.

Clear polycarbonate tubing is used for medical devices, wire tubing or LED tubing, food processing, and electronic uses.

Clear Polycarbonate Tube

There are many sizes we fabricated which each of the sizes has its own advantages or uses.

A WeProFab clear polycarbonate tube has an outstanding impact resistance that will help users make their projects have a smooth and safe operation.

If you are searching for a producer who has an excellent capability in manufacturing, supplying, providing solutions, excellent customer services, and secured packaging, WeProFab is what you’re looking for.

Clear Polycarbonate Tube

We have our talented and skillful team assigned from different operations. We control the entire product created to make sure it is qualified and safe to use.

When handling a business, we will face a lot of hard times.

There’s always a solution. WeProFab gives an effective suggestion for your problem. We are helping with the help of our staff, engineers, high-tech machines, compete for facilities, and many more.

In more than 20 years in this fabrication industry, we’ve faced a lot of experience which help us grow and develop more to support each of our customer’s demands in business.

Clear Polycarbonate Tube

WeProFab clear polycarbonate tubes are technologically tested and proven with our big-time clients. We can have a great relationship if we are dealing professionally. WeProFab is a professional supplier and manufacturer who passed certifications.

Clear Polycarbonate Tube: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Clear polycarbonate tube refers to a transparent elongated, hollow, and sturdy component designed from polycarbonate thermoplastic material.

It is available in different designs, shapes, and sizes, and you can use it in a wide range of applications in various settings.

This guide provides detailed information regarding different aspects surrounding clear polycarbonate tubes.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Designs Of Clear Polycarbonate Tube Available In The Market?

Clear polycarbonate tube

clear polycarbonate tube

Technically, you can find clear polycarbonate tubes in a host of designs.

Of course, they come in standard and custom designs.

Standard designs are quite straightforward since they adhere to the respective industrial standards for specific applications.

Custom designs, on the other hand, are uniquely modified to suit the specific requirements of a particular project.

In essence, custom clear polycarbonate tubes available are dependent on a particular manufacturer based on customer’s preference.

Nevertheless, the common designs of this tube available at WeProFab include the following;

  • 12 mm clear polycarbonate tube
  • Colored clear polycarbonate tube
  • Small clear polycarbonate tube
  • Square clear polycarbonate tube
  • 10-inch clear polycarbonate tube
  • Embossed clear polycarbonate tube
  • Laser-cut clear polycarbonate tube
  • Molding clear polycarbonate tube
  • Bending clear polycarbonate tube

What Are The Main Applications Of Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Clear polycarbonate tube is used in a host of applications in different industrial, commercial and residential settings.

Even so, the specific application of this component is dependent on the exact tubing solution your project needs.

Nonetheless, here are the common settings where application of this component is seemingly dominant;

General plumbing – This tubing component is used in various plumbing applications such as pipes and pipe joints in piping units.

Signage and advertising – Clear polycarbonate tube comes in handy in erecting different signage and advertisement boards.

This is  for different products and services.

Construction – You can use clear polycarbonate tubes to make window and door panels or frames for fitting in residential and commercial buildings.

Medical sector – This component is used for making a wide range of medical tools and apparatus such as test tubes, centrifuge tubes, etc.

Bathroom – It comes in handy for making shower booths often used for bathing.

Modern shower cubicles also use polycarbonate tubes for shower stalls.

Sporting equipment – Clear polycarbonate tubes are used widely to manufacture different sport equipment prototypes.

Lighting – Due to its high optical clarity, a clear polycarbonate tube is used in LED lighting system as casing material.

You can also use them as diffusers in lighting systems.

Fencing – Clear polycarbonate tubes provide aesthetic, durable, and robust fencing solutions for commercial and residential settings.

How Transparent Is Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Ideally, this tube is manufactured from polycarbonate material, which is naturally a thermoplastic with highest optical clarity.

It allows a significant amount of light of up to 95% to pass through its surface material.

The base material is naturally highly transparent in its raw form.

Clear transparent polycarbonate tube is more transparent than an ordinary glass material.

This explains how clear the surface of this tube is in general.

How Does Clear Polycarbonate Tube Compare With Clear Acrylic Tube?

Ordinarily, polycarbonate and acrylic are the common thermoplastic materials used for making different types of clear tubes.

They share several structural and visual features; thus, you can substitute one of them for the other and still attain same results.

In other words, there is a thin line between clear acrylic tube and clear polycarbonate tube; hence the difference is a bit negligible

Clear polycarbonate tube

clear polycarbonate tube

However, a clear polycarbonate tube is marginally superior to clear acrylic tube in a few aspects.

For instance, clear polycarbonate tube exhibits higher optical clarity since it permits about 95% of light to pass through it.

On the other hand, clear acrylic tube allows up to 93% of light to pass through its surface material, thus a negligible difference.

In terms of strength, clear polycarbonate tube is slightly stronger than clear acrylic tube.

Essentially, the former is unbreakable and has better resistance to impact than acrylic tubes, which can break under extreme circumstances.

Regarding weatherability, clear polycarbonate tube demonstrates slightly better features than clear acrylic tube.

The former can withstand corrosion, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures better than the latter.

About scratch resistance, both acrylic and polycarbonate clear tubes tend to be somewhat similar since they all have relatively soft surface material.

Clear acrylic tube

clear acrylic tube

And in terms of price, clear polycarbonate is seemingly more expensive than clear acrylic tube.

In a nutshell, the difference between these two types of clear tubes is relatively negligible, with polycarbonate coming out slightly superior to acrylic.

What Is The Cost Of Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

In comparison to other thermoplastic tubing solutions, clear polycarbonate tube comes out as a relatively expensive option.

Of course, this results from its excellent structural, functional, and visual features making the cost worthwhile.

However, cost of a typical clear polycarbonate tube is dependent on several elements surrounding its general construction and market forces.

For instance, when you order a relatively high quantity of this component, you will likely get better discounts than when purchasing a few pieces.

In the long run, buying it in bulk guarantees you more cost-effectiveness than purchasing a few pieces bit by bit.

Secondly, clear polycarbonate tubes come in different designs, sizes, and shapes.

All these factors elements influence the actual cost of this component, and it can either be expensive or affordable based on such elements.

Also, whether you are purchasing standard or custom clear polycarbonate tube designs determines the actual cost.

Ordinarily, the more the customization details, the costlier the tube is likely to be.

Notably, the specific company you purchase the tubes from is also a vital cost-determinant of this component.

Some manufacturers sell their respective clear polycarbonate tubes expensively, while others affordably depending on numerous factors.

In a nutshell, there is no fixed price for a clear polycarbonate tube.

It is entirely dependent on various factors, such as the few ones mentioned above.

Can Clear Polycarbonate Tube Scratch Easily?

It depends on several factors.

Ordinarily, the surface material of polycarbonate is relatively soft.

Thus, it is likely to scratch when rubbed against sharp or abrasive objects.

It can also scratch easily when abusively or aggressively handled.

As such, you need to be careful when handling this item in its various applications.

However, modern clear polycarbonate tubes are coated with anti-scratch surface treatment.

This surface coating shields the tube from abrasive objects or aggressive handling preventing scratch marks from forming.

Therefore, a clear polycarbonate tube properly coated with anti-scratch treatment will rarely scratch easily.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Clear Polycarbonate Tube In Your Application?

Typical clear polycarbonate tube is quite beneficial in different applications, especially where strength and impact resistance is a concern.

Some notable advantages of investing in this component include the following;

  • Offers excellent optical clarity, which is essential in enhancing the overall aesthetics and visual attractiveness.
  • You can easily mold, remold and fabricate it to form various designs and shapes, given the surface material is relatively soft.
    As such, it is beneficial in applications, which require modifications such as piping systems that often require bending, cutting-to-size, welding, etc.
  • Typical clear polycarbonate tube is lightweight; thus, you can fix it in various applications conveniently and effectively.
    Moreover, this aspect makes it cost-effective and convenient to ship or transport it in bulk effortlessly.
  • It is unbreakable and shatterproof, thus exhibiting incredible impact resistance.
    The solid construction and strong molecular structure enhance its natural strength, thus advantageous from a longevity and reliability perspective.
  • This component has excellent weatherability features thus can withstand different environmental elements it could be exposed to.
    Thus, it guarantees durability, efficiency, and reliability in various applications.
  • In the long run, it is cost-effective since it is exceptionally strong; hence can last for many years without replacing or repairing.
    In essence, this allows you to save a considerable amount of money.

Is Clear Polycarbonate Tube Thermoformable?


Thermoforming is arguably the most common technique for fabricating clear polycarbonate tubes to attain the necessary shape, size, and design.

Essentially, polycarbonate is amorphous material making it easy to thermoform at varied temperatures.

In other words, it implies this component responds well to heat and becomes liquid at melting point.

Moreover, it cools down without necessarily degrading its natural features.

You can thermoform clear polycarbonate tube, and it will not exhibit ordered characteristics of crystalline solids.

Besides, polycarbonate is a copolymer material making it easily thermoformable since it combines different monomers.

What Is The Suitable Thickness For Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Clear polycarbonate tube dimensions

Clear polycarbonate tube dimensions

It is entirely dependent on the specific demands of your project.

Some applications require clear polycarbonate tubes with relatively thick wall surfaces, whereas others need thin-walled surfaces.

The important element is ensuring you use consistent thickness in your respective application to attain best results.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to use clear polycarbonate tube with 3mm as the least thickness surface.

What Are The Main Features Of Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Clear polycarbonate tube exhibits incredible features making it an ideal choice for your various projects.

Ideally, these features make it superior to its competition.

Some of these features include the following;

  • Exceptionally lightweight, almost half the weight of clear glass tube of similar dimension.
  • Incredible impact resistance
  • Excellent strength of almost 250 times more than glass tube of similar dimension
  • High optical clarity allowing about 95% of light to pass through it
  • Good dimensional stability thus can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Excellent flexibility allowing easy thermoformability
  • High versatility, therefore, you can use it in different applications and attain best results
  • Non-corrosive irrespective of the chemical substance it comes in contact with

Is Clear Polycarbonate Tube Easy To Break?


This component is technically unbreakable since the base material has a sturdy molecular structure, which can hardly break.

The mechanical and chemical properties of clear polycarbonate tube are solid thus difficult to break.

Essentially, this component is about 250 times stronger than an ordinary clear polycarbonate tube.

This indicates how strong it is and why it can never break.

Ordinarily, polycarbonate material used for making these tubes has a tensile strength of 9,500 psi.

Therefore, it can endure extreme pressure and impact before it breaks.

The bottom line thus is that under ordinary conditions and circumstances, clear polycarbonate tube can hardly break.

Can Clear Polycarbonate Tube Yellow In The Sun Over Time?

It depends on several factors.

Generally, the surface material of clear polycarbonate tube is somewhat soft.

When it is exposed to direct sunlight over time, the UV radiation tends to penetrate through the surface material gradually.

Once the UV rays penetrate the surface material, they attack the molecules and weaken them over time.

Weakening of the molecular structure thus makes the component start discoloring and turn yellowish.

However, this is usually common when you expose this component to direct sunlight for a longer period continuously.

Moreover, it happens easily if the quality material grade of polycarbonate and design construction is substandard.

In many instances, modern clear polycarbonate tubes are manufactured from materials coated with anti-UV coatings.

The UV coating prevents ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the surface material.

What Is The Suitable Surface Coating Treatment To Apply On Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

They are quite several, and the most suitable one is dependent on the specific project or application.

For instance, the specific environmental, weather, or physical conditions it is likely to be exposed to determine the ideal surface coating treatment.

Nevertheless, the common ideal surface coating treatment to apply on this component include the following;

Anti-scratch coating – It protects the surface material of clear polycarbonate tube from abrasive objects likely to cause scratch marks.

Anti-fog coating – This coating treatment prevents the surface material of the tube from gathering moisture, especially for outdoor applications.

UV additive – The essence of this surface coating is to shield the clear polycarbonate tube from UV radiation attack likely to discolor it over time.

Is Clear Polycarbonate Tube Eco-Friendly?


The chemical and mechanical bonding units forming this component make it easy to break down under ordinary conditions.

Essentially, polycarbonate is a highly biodegradable materials mainly through the actions of pure enzymes or entire bacterial cells.

This makes it environmentally friendly since you are confident the material can never last for long once disposed of.

Besides, it is easy to recycle polycarbonate materials to produce a raw material to make other components.

Of course, this indicates it is a sustainable material with minimal impact on the environment, making it eco-friendly.

What Factors Do You Look For When Buying Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Clear polycarbonate tube of different thickness

Clear polycarbonate tube of different thickness

When purchasing clear polycarbonate tubes, it is important to consider several factors to ensure you get the most suitable choice.

It is an important aspect, especially when purchasing these components in bulk for resale.

The most important elements to consider include the following;

Applicati/on – Clear polycarbonate tubes are available in different designs engineered for different applications.

However, it is vital to ensure the pieces you buy are suitable for your specific project.

Size – This component comes in different sizes depending on the specific application or project. Thus, it is necessary to ensure the particular pieces you are purchasing match the dimensions of the project.

Company – It is always vital to look into the particular manufacturer of this product to purchase from.

Ordinarily, several companies make clear polycarbonate tubes hence the need to ensure you vet and choose the reputable one.

Material grade – Polycarbonate is available in different grades, from relatively superior to a somewhat low grade.

Always consider the specific material grade of the clear tube that can suit the specific demands of your project.

Price – It is also important to consider your budget when buying clear polycarbonate tubes. Most of the time, price would vary based on various aspects, which you must establish to ensure value for money.

Design – Custom clear polycarbonate tubes are relatively involving; thus, you need to provide actual details beforehand.

It facilitates faster manufacturing of these components and ensuring you get what you desire.

Is Clear Polycarbonate Tube BPA Free?

It depends on the actual purpose of the specific, clear polycarbonate tube you are purchasing and the application.

Ordinarily, you can find this component with a few traces of BPA since this compound is likely released during hydrolysis.

Besides, it is also as a result that clear tubes made from this type of polycarbonate are derived from combining BPA and COCl2.

On the other hand, there is a type of polycarbonate material used for making clear tubes designed specifically for applications surrounding food and water.

These types of clear polycarbonate tubes are entirely BPA-free.

They are safe and meet all the required health and safety specifications.

What Are The Disadvantages Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

The most apparent shortcoming of clear polycarbonate tube is that it is costly in comparison to other materials offering similar solutions.

Also, this component has a soft surface material, thus highly susceptible to scratches, especially when used in high human traffic applications.

This is disadvantageous because the scratch marks distort the clarity of the tube and degrade its overall quality and efficiency.

Some polycarbonate material grades are somewhat contain traces of BPA thus can be hazardous, especially if used in food and water applications.

Is Clear Polycarbonate Tube Repairable?


Ideally, polycarbonate material exhibits exceptional pliability making it pretty easy to repair if it deforms.

In many instances, scratches, fogginess, and discoloration are the common deformities you are likely to repair on this component.

Such deformities are easy to repair and enable you to restore the clear polycarbonate tube to its original state.

To repair scratches, you need to clean the surface of the tube thoroughly and frequently using mild detergents and rinse with clean water.

You may also opt to polish the surface material where applicable.

An ideal way to deal with fogginess is to apply anti-fog coating treatment.

This treatment prevents moisture from accumulating on the surface material of this component.

Repairing discoloration or yellowing will be ideal if you polish the surface material of clear polycarbonate tube.

However, the suitable polishing method would depend on specific design and size of the tube.

In most instances, vapor and flame polishing are usually considered the most suitable polishing methods for such tubes.

The bottom line is that clear polycarbonate tube is repairable using different repair techniques based on the type of deformity.

What Is The Suitable Size Of Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Different sizes of clear polycarbonate tube

Different sizes of clear polycarbonate tube

It varies depending on a wide range of elements.

Ordinarily, different projects require clear polycarbonate tubing solutions depending on the dimensions.

Thus, the ideal choice is dependent on the specific size of your application.

Nevertheless, this component is easy to fabricate, which means you can cut it to size when in need of a smaller dimension.

You can also weld or bond it using recommended adhesives to attain a relatively bigger size.

What Is The Service Lifespan Of Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Generally, clear polycarbonate tube is durable.

It can last for as many as 20 years when subjected to normal mechanical and environmental conditions.

Ordinarily, polycarbonate material has a stronger molecular structure, exhibits weatherability features, and is resistant to high impact pressure.

Thus, it can last for as many years when all factors remain constant.

However, the actual durability of this thermoplastic tubing component depends on numerous factors.

For instance, one used in application subjected to extreme harsh conditions such as high temperatures is likely to have a shorter lifespan and vice versa.

Also, a specific, clear polycarbonate tube with properly applied surface coating treatments would last longer than one without.

Essentially, these surface coatings help to enhance the performance of this component while preventing it from harsh or unfriendly conditions.

Furthermore, the specific polycarbonate material grade and workmanship integrated into this tubing component also determine the overall longevity.

Low-quality material and substandard artistry reduced the general durability of this component and vice versa.

Is Clear Polycarbonate Tube Recyclable?


Polycarbonate is a biodegradable thermoplastic material, which makes it easy to break down when recycling.

Most manufacturers use different techniques to recycle this component, including shredding, sorting, cleaning, and turning it into granulate.

Notably, a recycled polycarbonate material still holds all the quality structural and visual features that the natural one has.

For instance, recycled polycarbonate material is still lightweight, impact-resistant, strong, and exhibits exceptional weatherability features.

In essence, recycling polycarbonate material hardly degrades the properties of this material.

What Are The Quality Standards Certifications For Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

This thermoplastic tubing component complies with various quality standards stipulated by different certification agencies across the world.

Some of the notable globally acceptable quality standard certifications you will likely find on this component include the following;

  1. RoHS – It is a quality standard certification designed to regulate the use of specific hazardous compounds found in different products.
    It is a European Union standard but also acceptable in other non-EU nations.
  2. ASTM International – This agency is responsible for designing and publishing voluntary consensus technical standards for various products.
    It is used in the US but also acceptable in other parts of the world.
  3. UL – Underwriters laboratory standards indicate a sample of the product is tested and evaluated according to the requirements of the particular product.
  4. SGS – This is an international agency, which inspects, verifies, tests, and certifies products.

Apart From Clear Polycarbonate Tube, What Other Color Options Are Available?

You can find polycarbonate tubes in as many color shades as possible.

It is available in all primary, secondary and tertiary color hues.

Moreover, this tubing component is available in multicolored shades, depending on what suits your needs.

Essentially, the availability of polycarbonate tubes in a host of colors enables you to select the best one that suits your project and your preference.

Different colors of polycarbonate tube

Different colors of polycarbonate tube

What Are The Ideal Fabrication Techniques You Can Use On Clear Polycarbonate Tube?

Since polycarbonate tube is relatively pliable, you can use various fabrication methods to mold it into multiple designs.

The common fabrication methods include the following;

  • Cutting-to-size
  • Welding
  • Thermoforming
  • Drilling
  • Laminating

If you need clear polycarbonate tube, WeProFab offer a perfect solution for you – contact us now.

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