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Polycarbonate Labels

We are the superior polycarbonate labels supplier and manufacturer in China. We created different applications for polycarbonate labels. Each of this has different customizations. You can send your polycarbonate designs as well. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Labels to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab professionally created different types of polycarbonate labels. We are professional in giving the best offer for excellent polycarbonate labels so we can help you delight your customers.

Adhesive Polycarbonate Labels

WeProFab is a leading and trusted distributor of adhesive polycarbonate labels in China. We can supply your desired amount at a lower cost.

Custom Polycarbonate Labels

WeProFab is an expert in customizing polycarbonate labels since we have a complete device and facilities. We can let customers draw their own desired designs.

Custom Printed Polycarbonate Labels

Send your ideal print for polycarbonate labels and let WeProFab handle the fabrication perfectly fit on your application. We have many staff to process perfectly.

Graphic Overlay Polycarbonate Labels

We, WeProFab has graphic overlay polycarbonate labels. If you choose WeProFab, we have the best different offers. You can benefit a lot from it.

Industrial Polycarbonate Labels

We are fabricating industrial polycarbonate labels. WeProFab fully supports this. This can delight your customers and attract attention.

Polycarbonate Labels Manufacturer

Whether you are looking for a reliable supplier and versatile polycarbonate labels, you can benefit from it if you choose WeProFab. We have plenty of competitive rates.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Labels Manufacturer

WeProFab manufactured polycarbonate labels with excellent raw materials. We are handling suitable processes through WeProFab advanced technology modern machines.

As an ISO 9001 certified WeProFab polycarbonate labels supplier and manufacturer, we have the capability to hold and follow standards of RoHS, REACH, and UL. Through this, WeProFab can fully support and fulfill any of your requests.

We are 20 years as a trusted polycarbonate label producer worldwide. You can trust to have your own effective and lower cost polycarbonate labels.

Custom Polycarbonate Labels to Boost Your Business

Hologram Polycarbonate Labels

Different hologram of polycarbonate labels is attainable at many sizes, types, and colors. You can get it in different colors as well.

Nameplate Polycarbonate Labels

We have created amazing polycarbonate nameplate labels. It can also be customized based on your drawing sent.

Polycarbonate Control Labels

You can send your drawings of polycarbonate control labels based on your purpose. Whether it is personal or distributing purposes, we will supply your needs.

Polycarbonate PC Labels

We have lots of stock to offer for polycarbonate PC labels. It is a unique and durable yet cost-effective type of label.

Polycarbonate Signage Labels

For signage application needs, WeProFab is always free to count on. Lots of polycarbonate signage label stocks that are ready to ship.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Labels

Polycarbonate Labels

WeProFab polycarbonate labels are used for product information or product labeling. It is designed to introduce or promote any products through this polycarbonate labels.

In any labeling, a polycarbonate label is the most durable to apply. It is perfect for warning, instructions, and messages for products. WeProFab has different types of labels fabricated which are helpful and versatile for any applications.

When searching for durable and best polycarbonate labels, WeProFab has plenty of offers. We have our own complete and advanced technology to make the operation easier and do lots of processes.

WeProFab polycarbonate labels are giving excellent durability and clarity including outstanding resistance like stains, moisture, high temperature, UV, and corrosive chemicals.

Polycarbonate Labels

WeProFab polycarbonate labels are suitable for a lot of purposes. We have a huge selection from printing, raw materials, and sizes that can be fitted on your final labeling applications. WeProFab can help whether you need a durable polycarbonate label for business or you need to produce for a new company.

WeProFab has a lack of knowledge in providing and manufacturing polycarbonate labels. Since we have a huge range of different types of polycarbonate labels, we have many stocks that are ready to ship ahead of time you need.

We have our expert team that can fully support and focus on your order. This is perfect for your urgent needs in supporting a project. In more than 20 years in this industry, WeProFab handled lots of operation and process difficulties. But, because of our skilled and watchful employees and designers, WeProFab is now expert and certified.

Polycarbonate Labels

As an ISO 9001 polycarbonate labels certified supplier, there are many business owners who always consider us. If you choose us, your project special requirements will surely fulfill.

To find out about WeProFab polycarbonate labels fabricated, you can contact us today by sending us an email or directly on this page. We will provide a smooth process and give further information you need. You can ensure the safety of us!

Polycarbonate Labels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you need about polycarbonate labels.

Whether you want to choose a perfect material

What Are Polycarbonate Labels?

Polycarbonate label

A Polycarbonate Label

They can also be referred to as Lexan labels.

Polycarbonate label is one of the toughest labels therefore making it an ideal choice for those who need heavy duty, chemical resistant and durable labels.

They are mainly used for overlays, control panels and nameplates due to the good quality that it has.

These materials can be made in variety of surface finishes and come in various sizes, color and thicknesses.

Their thickness normally range from 250 to 500 micron.

Why Use Polycarbonate Labels?

There are a number of advantages of polycarbonate labels hence can be used in various applications.

Most of these advantages are as a result of the properties that they have.

Some of these advantages include;

Polycarbonate labels come in a wide variety of grades including special textures that enables it be used in several applications i.e. electronics, automotive industry, household appliances etc.

Polycarbonate Labels Are Found On Electronics

Polycarbonate Labels Are Found In Electronics

It provides resistance to chemicals, abrasion and heat.  This makes it an ideal choice for nearly any industrial applications and indoor equipment.

Besides that, polycarbonate labels are puncture resistant, easily printable, dimensionally stable, excellent color reproduction, wide thermal stability range among others.

These properties makes the polycarbonate labels more durable and also helps in saving on the cost of repair due to minimal damages that may be incurred hence cost effective.

Polycarbonate labels can as well be used in outdoor applications since the polycarbonate used is able to provide resistance to UV rays and resist yellowing.

Where Do You Use Polycarbonate Labels?

They are mainly designed for highly abrasive environments and are also able to withstand high impact where other materials may tear or fail.

They are commonly used to create colored badges, brightly colored signs and exits maps for emergency uses and diagrams.

It can as well be used in medical fields, household appliances, indoor applications, outdoor applications among others.

Brightly Colored Signs Are Mostly Made From Polycarbonate Labels

Brightly Colored Signs Are mostly Made From Polycarbonate Labels

Why Import Polycarbonate Labels From China?

China is the leading superior polycarbonate labels supplier and manufacturers worldwide with a 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of polycarbonate labels.

We have a lot of experience in manufacturing different types of polycarbonate labels with excellent features using excellent raw materials.

The polycarbonate labels we create gives a lot of durability and clarity with outstanding resistance to moisture, UV radiations, stains, corrosive chemicals and high temperatures.

We also create different applications for polycarbonate labels each having different customization.

For example some polycarbonate labels can be used in laboratory applications, household appliances, electronics, autonomic industries among others.

With the advanced technology modern machine we are professional in giving the best offer of excellent polycarbonate labels. The advanced technology makes the operation easier and saves on time.

WeProFab is the best solution whether you need a durable polycarbonate label for business or you need to produce for a new company.

How Do You Verify Quality Of Polycarbonate Labels?

We follow all the regulatory mechanisms put in place to ensure that the quality standards are adhered to.

One of the ways to verify the quality of polycarbonate labels is by ensuring that they are manufactured using quality approved raw materials.

Besides that, WeProFab polycarbonate labels suppliers and manufacturers are ISO 9001 certified hence they have the capabilities to follow and hold the standards of REACH, UL and RoHS.

Through this we ensure that we meet all the requirements of varied clients.

Which Technique Are Best For Printing Polycarbonate Labels?

There are a number of ways you can print your polycarbonate labels. They can be digitally printed, screen printed, hot stamp printed, thermal transfer printed and flexo printed/flexography.

Screen printing and digital printing are the mostly commonly used printing techniques for polycarbonate labels. They create unique visual output and high quality output when compared to other printing techniques.

Screen printing can be done using ink, mesh screen and a squeegee but in most cases it is the ink that is used.

During screen printing, ink is absorbed deeper providing a clearer image to the edges. When the screen printing ink is applied thicker, it can result into a brighter, long lasting and more vibrant colors even on dark shades.

Digital printing on the other hand uses an electronic file or a digital printer to print on the polycarbonate label.

This printing technique is faster and saves on time since it can take roughly 8 to 45 seconds depending on the size and complexity of the print.

However, the fact that it uses a computer and a digital file which can cost around $5000 to $200000 makes it a little bit expensive as compared to screen printing and other printing techniques.

Digital printing is the best option for on-demand printing and short projects since it does not require the manual set up.

 Screen And Digital Printing Are Among The Most Common Techniques

Screen And Digital Printing Are Among The Most Common Techniques

How Do You Customize Polycarbonate Labels?

Polycarbonate labels can be customized based on the shape/size, finish, thickness, print color, quantities, temperature, use among others.

Shape/ size- polycarbonate labels cut be created in different colors and shape.

Surface finish- matte, clear, velvet, textured or brushed finish can be used on polycarbonate label.

Thickness- it ranges from 250 to 500 microns.

Temperature- since polycarbonate label offer resistance to high temperatures, it can be used in highly abrasive environments.

Quantity- there is no minimum quantity for polycarbonate label.

Adhesive- 3M 467, 3M 468 etc.

Uses- it can be use in indoor applications, outdoor applications, in industries etc.

Print color- silver, gold, pantone color, spot color etc.

In addition to that we have products such as hologram polycarbonate labels, nameplate polycarbonate labels, polycarbonate control labels, polycarbonate signage label, polycarbonate PCs labels.

These products come in different colors, types, sizes and can be customized based o the drawing made/application requirements.

Customized Gloss Polycarbonate Label

Customized Gloss Polycarbonate label

Which Surface Finishes Can You Apply On Polycarbonate Labels?

There are two main surface finishes that can be used on polycarbonate labels i.e. velvet finish and clear finish.

Others include; matte, textured, brushed and embossed finishes.

Velvet finish has always been the best choice to use on polycarbonate labels due to its ability to hide surface scratches.

Clear finish on the other hand is also used but it is not the most common choice. It is always the best choice for panel front overlays with LED or LCD display.

Which Types Of Polycarbonate Labels Are Available?

We create different types of polycarbonate labels to cater to the ever-changing and increasing requirements of the customers.

They include;

  • Industrial polycarbonate labels- in industries, polycarbonate labels are used as warning labels, instruction labels, safety label, barcode label, logo label, product identification labels, bio-hazardous label, inventory labels, assets tags and many more.

Industrial Polycarbonate Label

Industrial Polycarbonate Label

  • Graphic overlay polycarbonate labels- most commonly used in kitchenware labelling, digital device labels, warning labels for industrial machinery or hazardous locations e.t.c.

Graphic Overlay Polycarbonate label

Graphic Overlay Polycarbonate Label

  • Custom printed polycarbonate labels- this is a high quality and long lasting polycarbonate label made from polycarbonate material, cut to the sizes requested and printed.

It can be printed through screen printing technique, digitally printed or any other printing technique depending on the application requirement.

  • Adhesive polycarbonate labels- we offer polycarbonate labels with different adhesives at an affordable price. The kind of adhesive used on polycarbonate label will depend on the application requirements.

Adhesive Polycarbonate Label

Adhesive Polycarbonate Label

  • Custom polycarbonate labels- here we allow customers to draw the design/shape, the thickness and give the size of the polycarbonate label they need thereafter we create the polycarbonate label based on the request made.

How Do You Manufacture Polycarbonate Label?

Polycarbonate labels are made from polycarbonate, a very tough and resilient material.

The techniques used in the manufacturing of polycarbonate labels include; injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and thermoforming.

But injection molding and extrusion are the most common methods used in polycarbonate label processing.

First step, the polycarbonate is molded into desired shape through melting it and forcing the material into a mold with high pressure.

Before processing is done, dry the polycarbonate material for 2 to 4 hours at a temperature of 120 degree Celsius.

Once the material is dry, the processing begins using the two major techniques, that is; injection molding and extrusion.

Injection molding- it is a method used to produce parts made from polycarbonate and their blends.

It is as well used to give the molten polymer its desired characteristics and shape when the mold cool.

Extrusion- the temperature for this process should range between 230-260 degree Celsius.

It gives the polycarbonate material its final shape by passing the polymer melt through cavity. The melt is then allowed to cool to attain the required shape.

Once the polycarbonate has been made, labels are then bonded using adhesive bonding, solvent bonding or mechanical fastening.

Printing can be done afterwards depending on the application requirements.

How Does Polycarbonate Label Compare To Acrylic Labels?

 An Acrylic label

Acrylic Label

To find the right label for your project, it is always important to compare the two polycarbonate and acrylic labels.

Polycarbonate labels has always been the best choice due the more advantages it has over the acrylic label.

Some of the differences include –

Polycarbonate labels are more resilient than acrylic labels making it the ideal choice for highly demanding applications/ outdoor applications.

Polycarbonate label is tougher compared to acrylic label; this makes it a better choice to be used in harsh environmental conditions. It is approximately 250 times impact resistant as compared to acrylic label which is only 17 times impact resistant.

In addition to that, polycarbonate label has high resistant to chemicals and greater strength than acrylic label.

However, in terms of the price, acrylic labels are less costly than polycarbonate label by as much as 35%. They are also easier to machine as compared to polycarbonate labels.

Are Polycarbonate Labels Durable?

Polycarbonate is a tough and resilient material used for creating labels.

This property makes it more durable and therefore it is the one the company chooses when they need a substrate that is durable and versatile at the same time.

Selective textures can be added to polycarbonate labels to increase the longevity and the durability characteristics.

Besides that, the durability can also be as a result of its ability to offer resistance to puncture, UV rays, chemicals, heat among others.

Which Adhesive Should You Use For Polycarbonate Labels?

Adhesives plays a very important role on polycarbonate labels, it ensures your polycarbonate label look good long after it’s applied, from shipping to point of purchase and throughout the life cycle of the product.

Adhesives available for polycarbonate labels are classified into three main classes I.e. removable adhesives, permanent adhesives and repositionable adhesives.

Removable adhesives are ideal for limited time promotion, store coupons and temporarily marking of items.

Permanent adhesives on the other hand, creates a permanent bond between the label and the product.

Both permanent and removable adhesives can be removed, the only difference is that permanent adhesive may cause damage to the label whereas removable adhesive does not cause damage to the label when removed.

Repositioning adhesives, just from the name allow the label to be repositioned without any damage to the label or the substrate.

Are There Quality Standard Requirements For Polycarbonate Labels?

Yes of course.

There are regulatory mechanisms and labels put in place to regulate the quality of the manufactured polycarbonate labels before shipping is done.

These mechanisms ensures that the quality standard requirements is reached and the application requirement is fully supported and fulfilled.

It is a requirement that the labelling includes all the instructions for use, servicing instructions, warning instructions and any other instructions that may be necessary to protect the user.

And since we are also ISO 9001 certified, we have the capability to follow and hold up the standards of RoHS, REACH and UL.

There Are Quality Standards That Polycarbonate Labels Adhere To

There Are Quality Standard Requirements That Polycarbonate Labels Adhere to

How Much Do Polycarbonate Labels Cost?

The price of a polycarbonate label is determined by the size, shape, color, surface finish, thickness, design and the printing technique used.

For example, larger labels will require more ink for printing hence increasing the price. This applies also to thickness, the thicker the polycarbonate is, the more expensive it is.

The price of most polycarbonate labels starts at around $1.00 each.

In addition to the label printing charge, you will be required also to pay for the shipping but for orders above $ 100.00 may receive free regular shipping.

We also offer discounts to those that buy in bulk therefore it will be more cheaper than buying in small quantities.

Are Polycarbonate Labels Scratch Resistant?

Yes they are.

Polycarbonate labels are made of abrasion resistant coating on both of it’s sides that provides high level of resistance to scratches and defies graffiti that helps to ensure a ‘’a like new’’ appearance for many years to come.

They are impervious to standard wear and tear.

Are Polycarbonate Labels UV Resistant?

WeProFab produces polycarbonate labels that are UV resistant and can withstand chemicals and abrasions making them ideal for outdoor use. They are resistant to extreme temperatures either hot or cold, sunlight and therefore they can resist yellowing.

Why Is Polycarbonate Labels Better Than Other Materials?

Polycarbonate label possess a lot of benefits that makes it a better material over the other materials.

These benefits are as a result of the properties that they have.

Polycarbonate material is tougher and offers much resilience as compared to other materials hence they are mainly designed for highly abrasive environment.

They are lighter in weight than other materials i.e., acrylic, highly resistant to chemicals, waterproof, resistant to UV radiations, can be exposed to high temperature and it is nonflammable.

These properties enable polycarbonate labels to serve for a longer period of time without showing any sign of repair or damage. This is also cost effective since it saves on the cost of repair.

How Do You Ensure Polycarbonate Labels Remain Stuck On Surface?

The stickiness of polycarbonate labels is determined by a number of factors that needs to be put into consideration.

It is these factors that will ensure that your polycarbonate label remain stuck, or the polycarbonate label adheres to the desired surface.

These factors include.

  • Type of label adhesive; are categorized into removable, repositionable and permanent type of adhesive label.
  • Adhesive thickness: to achieve the durability, the thickness of adhesive label should be matched to that of the surface material, porosity that you are applying the label to and the texture.
  • Adhesive curing time- enables the adhesive labels to achieve rigid bond that can resist most chemicals, humidity, temperature as well as high strength.

There are also other ways like proper storage of the label at a relative humidity of 50% and at -ve or 21 degree Celsius in a polythene bag that is sealed.

The other way is by ensuring the surface that the polycarbonate label is to be applied is dry and free from moisture since moisture reduces the adhesion.

You should also ensure that substances like substances like sweat, finger grease and dirt do not come into contact with the polycarbonate label adhesive.

Any contact of these substances with polycarbonate label adhesive will render the adhesiveness useless.

It therefore means that the surface should be free from any contaminant before the polycarbonate label is added.

What Factors Can Lead To Polycarbonate Labels Peeling or failing off?

There are several factors that can lead to the polycarbonate labels peeling or failing off.

Therefore, to prevent this from occurring, these factors should be avoided.

Storage environment- polycarbonate labels should be stored as recommended by the manufacturer.

It is always recommended to store your labels 50% relative humidity and at -ve or 21 degree celcius in a sealed polythene bag.

This is to ensure that the polycarbonate labels keep well until the time they are required.

Failure to observe this may cause the adhesive labels to cure ahead of time or dry out hence destroying the bond that would have been achieved.

Ageing- some of the adhesive polycarbonate labels dries out with age especially the non-solvent adhesive polycarbonate labels.

But with solvent adhesive polycarbonate labels, the cure becomes permanent over time.

Moisture- it can have a significant negative effect on the adhesive bond and adhesive cure especially when the label is applied directly onto a moisturized, cold or damp surface.

Change on surface material- if there is a change in material that the label is applied to, this may cause the polycarbonate label to fall off [it won’t stick].

In this case you will be required to re-specify the label and get the correct adhesive for the job.

Contact with adhesive- some substances such as sweat, finger grease, dirt and chalk coated rubber gloves when they come into contact with polycarbonate label adhesive, they can render it useless.

Therefore, it is important to avoid some of these practices or factors to ensure your polycarbonate labels stay stuck.

Are Polycarbonate Labels waterproof?

Yes they are.

Polycarbonate labels are made of a waterproof/ water resistant coating.

This coating prevents the label from absorbing moisture and also prevent damages that might have been caused by water coming into contact with the polycarbonate label.

How Do Polycarbonate Labels Manufacturers Support OEM Businesses?

Polycarbonate label manufacturers and suppliers work very closely with the OEM customers.

They allow the OEM companies to buy their products and later sell the product or part of the product using their own branding different from the one of polycarbonate manufacturers.

For all your polycarbonate labels from China, contact WeProFab now.

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