• FFP2 Mask

FFP2 Mask

If you are looking for an FFP2 mask manufacturer in China, then you come to the right place. WeProfab is a professional FFP2 face mask supplier and provides all types of FFP2 face mask with full certifications and testing, include CE 2163, EN149:2001+A1:2009, and more. We have fast lead time and competitive price. send your inquiry now!

Get WeProFab FFP2 Mask to Delight Your Customers

To delight your own customers you must need a gainful product like FFP2 masks to achieve the success you want for your business. You can select different types of FFP2 masks for a very competitive rates.

FFP2 Virus Prevention Mask

Weprofab is an expert manufacturer of all FFP2 virus prevention masks supplying. We have the potentials to provide the stocks you need for business.

FFP2 Dust Mask

FFP2 dust masks are manufactured for dust protection only.  As FFP2 dust masks demand got an increase, we need to enhance our capacity.

FFP2 Air Pollution Mask

As your leading FFP2 air pollution mask supplier, Weprofab engineered with high comfort and fit on your face easily. Very comfy to wear and made very lightweight.

FFP2 Respirator Face Mask

Weprofab manufacture the most unique FFP2 respirator face mask. This gives protection on half of the face. The best mask solution against harmful specks of dust, bacteria, and infectious viruses.

FFP2 Disposable Breathing Mask

Weprofab is popular because of producing a wide range of FFP2 disposable breathing masks. Used particularly for dealing with daily activities and medical applications.

FFP2 4 Layered Safety Mask

Are you searching for an FFP2 mask on 4 layered safety substance? Check on the Weprofab now. Our factory is popular for our awesome FFP2 masks.

WeProFab: Your Leading FFP2 Mask Manufacturer

Weprofab is well-known as a reliable manufacturer of any high-quality FFP2 masks with high-protection from pollution, dust, bacteria, and especially against viruses.

We manufacture an FFP2 mask from high-quality fabric materials. As one most the expert FFP2 manufacturers in China, we have the capabilities to execute your requirements. Rest assured to have great FFP2 masks solutions for competitive yet cheaper prices.

Send us your own FFP2 mask ideas and we will provide staff to assist you in the entire process.

Custom FFP2 Mask to Skyrocket Your Brand

Foldable FFP2 Mask

Weprofab innovates a unique and foldable FFP2 masks. They come from different dimensions, sizes, and designs to suit your taste and preferences.

FFP2 Protection Moulded Mask

Weprofab FFP2 protection moulded mask is made from high-qaulity raw materials. Great ti use for medical, clinical, hospital, and surgical applications.

FFP2 Anti Coronavirus Mask

Weprofab can create an FFP2 anti coronavirus mask when you`re in need of them. We have the complete machines to manufacture your ideal masks quickly.

5 Layer FFP2 Mask

5 layer FFP2 mask offers a form-fitting design and provides 94% protection against particles. Accessible in numerous sizes, colors, and shapes. Features 5 layers all in one face mask covering used for mouth and nose.

Black FFP2 Mask

The Black FFP2 mask provides the heaviest-duty protection among others. Features higher-grade filters that are created to protect the wearer against large drops and splashes. Can be discarded after use.

Breathable FFP2 Mask

The breathable FFP2 mask adapts perfectly to the contour of the face. Designed to provide a soft and comfortable fit for general use only. Equipped with stretchable ear loop bands and made with a breathable fabric.

Custom Color FFP2 Mask

Custom color FFP2 mask features a 5-ply design that will last throughout the day. Features a lightweight structure and custom colors. Produced using a non-woven fabric allowing for smooth breathing.

Dust Proof FFP2 Mask

Dust-proof FFP2 mask efficiently functions to reduce heat and moisture accumulation. Fits most face that filter non-toxic dust, and general environment irritants. Features adjustable nose clip to provide a secure fit.

Elastic Ear Loop FFP2 Mask

An elastic ear loop FFP2 mask is designed with no pressure on the ears. Woven using light and breathable fabric. Capable to be doubled up for extra protection. Includes comfortable elastic loops.

Folding FFP2 Mask

Folding the FFP2 mask prevents polluted air from entering. Ideal for both women and men, suitable for running, travel, cycling, and daily use. Includes cushioning foam for added comfort and safety.

Nose Safety Protection FFP2 Mask

Nose safety protection FFP2 mask provides comfort with every breath and is extremely comfortable to wear. The nose clip is easy to adjust and available in many different sizes for an optimum fit.

White FFP2 Mask

A white FFP2 mask is designed to prevent physicians from the patients’ exhalations. coughs or sneezes. The shape of the design is optimized to offer maximum protection. The integrated nose clip can easily be adjusted.

Single Use FFP2 Mask

Single-use FFP2 mask is known for its individually adjustable and extra-wide structure. Guarantees a particularly good fit making it comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

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Why WeProFab FFP2 Mask

There`s no other manufacturers that can defeat Weprofab. Weprofab is one most professional supplier and manufacturer of FFP2 mask in China. Each design of FFP2 mask issued maximum level of security and protections. So as the leading choice of FFP2 mask factory, Weprofab is here ready to manufacture different types and designs of FFP2 mask you required.

Weprofab FFP2 mask is offering maximum securities from viruses. This will never allow easy spreading of viruses though, it keep the users` protection against dusty and polluted places. It secured main users health and overall protections.

 FFP2 mask

As most experienced FFP2 manufacturer in China, we understand the guidelines and standards so we can design the mask with ultimate performance. We make sure they provide the suitable protection you need for a hazardous environment.

Weprofab is the manufacturer of any FFP2 mask you can rely upon. With over the 10 years in manufacturing various styles of FFP2 masks, you can surely depend on us.  If you want to include FFP2 mask for your business and brand, ask assistance on Weprofab. We facilitate to provide you nicest quality FFP2 masks.

 FFP2 mask

Our sort of high-quality FFP2 mask productions found suitable to use on workplaces like hospitals, dentals, clinics, and more applications.

As the global demand of FFP2 mask is hurriedly growing these days because of contagious disease, we expand our fabrication capacity. Our design team has the capabilities to lessen the failures probability. It is a protective gear which also executes breathing comfort.

So as your reliable and most trusted manufacturer of FFP2 masks in China, we always produce the mask with wide performance levels. Weprofab can support booming your brand with our one of a kind FFP2 mask productions.  We manufacture based on what you require. Reach Weprofab now if you have more concerns to ask.

 FFP2 mask

Weprofab provides one stop FFP2 mask solutions. We are one of international certified manufacturers that handle each products quality in rigorous ways. When you`re checking out for a reliable FFP2 mask factory, count on Weprofab.

For no-hassle purchase transactions, we will guide you throughout the entire process. Don`t hesitate to inquire on Weprofab. We are the factory you perfectly need.

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToFFP2 Mask

If you are looking for protection from minute liquid and solid particles, then the FFP2 mask will protect you from biological agents, hazardous fine dusts, water and oil-based mists.

FFP2 Mask

FFP2 Mask

The FFP2 mask is specified as a personal protective clothing (PPE), and may be used with other PPEs like protective coveralls and eye protection based on the type of application you choose.

Read on to find out everything that you must know about the FFP2 mask.

How Do You Decide Where To Use The FFP2 Mask?

You will find that the FFP2 mask is suitable to block dust particles and non-volatile liquid particles up to a maximum workplace exposure limit (WEL) of 12 or EN standards specified for Assigned Protection Factors (APFs) in some countries.

Choose your FFP2 mask for protection against minute dusts and aerosols exposed from concrete, stone, cement, wood, steel, varnish, welding electrodes, spray paint, glass, mineral fibers, grain dust allergies, vehicle exhaust fumes, mold, and bacteria.

Use the FFP2 mask in applications like sanding, drilling, cutting, welding, spray painting, glass works, and utility maintenance works.

With special treatments, suppliers are able to provide FFP2 masks for dangerous viral outbreaks like the coronavirus COVID-19.

What Are The Various Tests Conducted On FFP2 Masks?

FFP2 Mask Test

FFP2 Mask Test

The FFP2 mask has to undergo several performance tests to meet established classification standards.

· Breathing Resistance

The FFP2 mask is tested for continuous flow during the inhalation process and cyclical flow during the exhalation process.

It must demonstrate maximum breathing resistanceof 0.7 mbar at inhalations of 30 L/min and 2.4 mbar at inhalations of 95L/min.

It must demonstrate maximum breathing resistance of 3.0 mbar at exhalations of 160 L/min.

· Total Inward Leakage

Your FFP2 mask must meet the total inward leakage standards determined by filter penetration, valve leakage, and face seal leakagetest results.

Your FFP2 mask must have a maximum total inward leakage limit of just 8 percent.

· Filter Penetration

You will find that the FFP2 mask has a maximum filter penetration limit of 6 percent in most cases.

· Clogging In Reusable FFP2 Mask

Tests are performed on reusable FFP2 masks to establish maximum breathing resistance standards.

Clogging may change depending on the type of reusable FFP mask you use, impurity levels in the air, and number of reuses.

FFP2 masks with valves must meet breathing resistance limits of 5.0 mbar, while FFP2 masks without valves must meet breathing resistance limits of 5.0 mbar.

How Does The FFP2 Mask Making Machine Work?

FFP2 Mask Making Machine

 FFP2 Mask Making Machine

This is an example of a FFP2 mask making machine that fully automates the process of manufacturing FFP2 disposable face masks.

This machine works with a high degree of automation using PLC programming control and servo drive control to manufacture custom FFP2 masks from non-woven materials.

You use optical fibre or photoelectric devices to detect the raw material and process it with very little waste.

The mask sheet and outer ear spot welding is done at the same time, so very little labor is involved in completing the manufacturing processes.

You will find a fully automatic line often involves stereo main mask making, automatic forming, and ear-loop welding processes.

The custom FFP2 mask making machine can include the valve-fitting process based on your designs.

What Are The Different Types Of FFP2 Masks?

· FFP2 Virus Prevention Mask

FFP2 Virus Prevention Mask

 FFP2 Virus Prevention Mask

The FFP2 virus prevention mask is a filtering respiratory protection mask that protects you from aerosols (small water droplets) that may contain influenza and other viruses.

Different types of FFP2 virus prevention masks are available including those with disposable filters to protect you from infectious agents transmitted through the air.

· FFP2 Dust Mask

FFP2 Dust Mask

 FFP2 Dust Mask

The FFP2 dust mask is a foldable valved mask specifically designed to keep off dust found in working areas.

Its filters are designed to increase breathing comfort.

You will have elastic straps that hold the FFP2 mask in place forming a soft comfort covering over the nose and mouth.

· FFP2 Air Pollution Mask

FFP2 Air Pollution Mask

 FFP2 Air Pollution Mask

You can use the lightweight FFP2 air pollution mask to avoid air pollution.

If you work in the fields of agriculture, construction, and healthcare where the air can be polluted with disease-carrying aerosols, you will need the FFP2 mask.

Engineered for high comfort, the contoured design and elastic straps create a tight fit on the face.

  • FFP2 Respirator Face Mask

FFP2 Respirator Face Mask

FFP2 Respirator Face Mask

The FFP2 respirator face mask covers half of your face and is a valved mask that increases breathability.

You will find that custom filters can manufactured as per specifications.

The FFP2 respirator face mask must have a minimum filtration capacity of 94% and a maximum inward leakage of 8 percent.

It is the ideal solution for protection against dust, infectious viruses, and bacteria.

The FFP2 mask can also be customized for protection against viral outbreaks like the coronavirus COVID-19 as well.

  • FFP2 Anti Coronavirus Mask

FFP2 Anticoronavirus Mask

FFP2 Anti Coronavirus Mask

The FFP2 Anti Coronavirus Mask meets international N95 respirator standards for protection against the coronavirus COVID-19.

It has high-quality filter media that protect users from infections in suspected coronavirus hot zones.

This foldable mask is manufactured in bulk and dispatched quickly to affected areas.

· FFP2 Disposable Breathing Mask

FFP2 Disposable Breathing Mask

FFP2 Disposable Breathing Mask

You can get a wide range of FFP2 disposable breathing masks from reliable suppliers.

These FFP2 masks are made for daily routines and for use in medical environments.

The FFP2 disposable breathing mask has a specially-designed vent valve that increases breathing comfort, removes build up of heat, and facilitates easy communication.

· FFP2 Four-Layered Safety Mask

FFP2 Layered Safety Mask

FFP2 Four-Layered Safety Mask

The FFP2 four-layered safety mask is a high-quality mask that offers four layers of filters for added protection.

This FFP2 mask uses non-woven filtering material that do not affect warmth and breathability of the mask.

The FFP2 four-layered safety mask offers protection against dust, odors, pollen, germs, allergies, PM 2.5, pollutants, and smoke.

This mask is widely used in public places including hospitals, parks, shopping malls, and stations.

· Foldable FFP2 Mask

Foldable FFP2 Mask

 Foldable FFP2 Mask

The foldable FFP2 mask is a unique foldable mask available in different sizes, designs, and dimensions as per your requirements and preferences.

You will find this mask is easy to use and offers adequate protection against odors.

Its foldable cup-style design fits all face shapes and sizes easily.

The foldable FFP2 mask comes with integrated sealing lips with headband straps that keep the mask in place.

You can wear this mask for long periods of time quite comfortably.

· FFP2 Protection Molded Mask

FFP2 Protection Moulded Mask

FFP2 Protection Molded Mask

The FFP2 protection molded mask has molded material on the outside that offers better protection and keeps the mask positioned correctly over the face.

The inner layer is made of flexible thinner material that increases comfort.

You can also breathe more easily as the FFP2 protection molded mask also has a vent valve.

· Child FFP2 Mask

Child FFP2 Mask

Child FFP2 Mask

The child FFP2 mask is a breathable and safe disposable surgical mask for children.

It has three layers of non-woven fabric that is soft to the touch.

The first layer is usually spun-bond polypropylene.

The second layer is melt-blown fabric.

The third layer is spun-bond polypropylene.

This mask has an elastic ear loop and is available in white and blue colors.

· Disposable FFP2 Mask With Activform

Disposable FFP2 Mask With Activform

 Disposable FFP2 Mask With Activform

The disposable FFP2 mask with Activform seal automatically adjusts to different face shapes.

You can use different types of Ventex valves to achieve a comfort nose seal for your FFP2 mask.

This mask is specified for protection against non-toxic dusts like particulate welding fumes and cement dust.

· FFP2 Dolomite Dust Mask

FFP2 Dolomite Dust Mask

 FFP2 Dolomite Dust Mask

The FFP2 dolomite dust mask is designed to comply with the dolomite dust clogging test for light and comfort wear.

This metal-free FFP2 mask comes with a unique self-set design that automatically makes adjustments over the face with its internal and external nosepieces.

You can hang the mask loosely around your neck when it is not in use.

Long-lasting materials are used to extend the life span of the mask in hot and humid conditions.

· Latex-Free FFP2 Mask

 Latex-Free FFP2 Mask

Latex-Free FFP2 Mask

The latex-free FFP2 mask is a high-filtration protective PPE made without the use of natural rubber latex.

If you need latex-free respiratory masks to avoid allergies, this mask is for you.

It uses non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric to block smoke, dust, bacteria and virus invasions.

· FFP2 Valved PVC-Free Mask

FFP2 Valved PVC-Free Mask

 FFP2 Valved PVC-Free Mask

The FFP2 valved PVC-free mask is very much like the standard cup mask but does not use PVC in its construction.

This valved FFP2 mask is lightweight, flat fold, and small enough to carry in your pocket.

Custom PVC-free masks have all important features like Activform and Ventex valves for comfort fits and increased breathability.

How Does The FFP2 Mask Compare With The N95 and KN95 Respirator Masks?

The FFP2 mask has several key similarities to the N95 and KN95 respirator masks.

While the FFP2 mask confirms to EN 149-2001European standards, the N95 confirms to the US NIOSH-42CFR84 standards and KN95 to the Chinese GB2626-2006 standards.

The standard filter performance in N95 and KN95 respirators is ≥ 95%, while it is slightly lower at ≥ 94% in FFP2 masks.

The flow rate is much higher at 95 L/min in FFP2 masks, while it is lower at 85L/min in N95 and KN95 respirators.

The total inward leakage (TIL) tested on human subjects while they perform exercises is ≤ 8% leakage (arithmetic mean) in both the KN95 and FFP2 masks, while it is not specified for the N95 respirator.

How Can You Put On FFP2 Masks?

Before you put on your custom foldable mask, make sure the fabric near the nose is fully extended.

Use your index finger to shape the mask.

If you have a FFP2 mask with a nose clip, use your index finger to align the nose clip.

Put on the mask.

Make necessary adjustments until you achieve the best adhesion from the chin to your nose.

Hold the mask in position cupped in one hand while you adjust the first head strap along the occipital part of your head.

Then adjust the second head strap on your neck.

Seal the nose clip around your nose.

Hold the mask and blow out some air.

If the air escapes through the sides of the mask, make necessary adjustments to ensure the best mask adhesion to your face.

Once you see air pass fully through the nose clip, you are ready to use the FFP2 mask for regular use.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how long you can wear the mask.

This video shows you how to wear the FFP2 mask.

How Often Should You Change Your FFP2 Masks?

FFP2 masks that can be reused usually carry the “R” sign to indicate that it is reusable.

Standards like EN149 determine the cleanability of the mask.

Different requirements must be fulfilled based on mask seal leakage and maximum breathing resistance limits.

You need to consider practical tests to ensure comfort and safety to decide on when to change your FFP2 mask.

This video shows you how you can safely reuse a FFP2 mask.

How Can You Clean FFP2 Masks?

You can clean and disinfect your FFP2 mask only if the mask is reusable.

It will have the “R” sign printed on it.

Gently remove the mask from your face.

Brush off any dust that is accumulated after usage.

Begin by cleaning the inside of the mask seal with soap and water.

Disinfect the seal with a clean cloth or pad dipped in ethanol.

Allow the mask to dry for a few seconds.

Keep in safe in a foil bag for reuse.

This FFP2 must be reused by the same user at all times so you cannot share the mask with other people.

When Should You Dispose Of Your FFP2 Mask?

The FFP2 mask must be disposed of when you wear it for the specified number of times.

If it is damaged or if the breathing resistance becomes too high due to excessive clogging, do not tamper with the FFP2 mask but discard it safely.

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