• Acrylic Rod

Acrylic Rod

Weprofab is a worldwide-based acrylic rod providers. Depend on your ultimate acrylic rod desires and requirements, we are capable to customize. Weprofab is the most outstanding manufacturer of your acrylic rod desires. If you`re finding an acrylic rod solution, you know where to go! Weprofab is the best manufacturer you can trust on!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Rod to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab widely presents high-quality acrylic rods. Large selection numbers are provided. For personal or business inclusion intentions, Weprofab acrylic rods are the best answer. The booming of your business will become so easy with our help! Try to deal with us!


Bubble Effect Acrylic Rod

Weprofab is your direct source of imaginative bubble effect acrylic rods. They are optional and made customize to suit your intended applications.

Clear Cast Acrylic Rod

When you need a specific design of a clear cast acrylic rod, we can follow your sample layouts given. We will fabricate them as soon as possible.

Colored Acrylic Rod

You can select different colors of colored acrylic rod. In Weprofab, whatever the colors are, prices are also the same. Choose yours now!

Cut-to-size Acrylic Rod

Weprofab specialing on the cut-to-sizes acrylic rod. Just discuss your ideal sizes for your acrylic rods. We automatically perform the cutting process.

Extruded Acrylic Rod

All Extruded acrylic rod comes from Weprofab has durable and high-quality designs. Very helpful to improve your business growth and be known all over the world.

Solid Acrylic Rod

The Solid acrylic rod is confidently offer by Weprofab. It has high uniqueness and quality formations. Custom designs are also offered for cheaper rates.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Rod Manufacturer

Weprofab continues to provide high-quality services to be able to accomplish your satisfaction. We are experts already serve almost 20 years. All of our acrylic rods has the greatest capacities to fulfill your next projects.

The high value of Weprofab services is proven from start until finalizing of your ideal acrylic rods.

We have high total numbers of trusted staff that have each task and have one mission, which is to satisfy you.


Custom Acrylic Rod to Skyrocket Your Brand

Triangular Acrylic Rod

Finding the most excellent triangular acrylic rod? There`s a lot you could find at Weprofab. Better check on WeProFab!

Square Acrylic Rod

Square acrylic rod from our factory is most wanted at global markets. There`s a lot of stocks are available for very affordable rates.

Gold Acrylic Rod

To fulfill most significant applications, Weprofab gold acrylic rod is very popular. Its elegant texture is very good for tubing and piping intentions.



Why WeProFab Acrylic Rod

Weprofab Acrylic Rod, also known as the Plexiglass rod is manufactured to be used in a number of applications. Aside from rods, acrylic (plexiglass) material is a number one choice to create high-quality displays, signage, boxes, art and crafts, aquarium tanks, and many more.

So if you`re a retailer, distributor, a local supplier of various acrylic rods, Weprofab is the best manufacturer you can rest assured of.

acrylic rod

Weprofab Acrylic Rods offered lightweight and great impact on strength capacity. They possessed 10X stronger than any fragile glasses. Acrylic Rods also have half of the weight compared to glasses. That makes them very ideal for any aquarium and tank makings. Acrylics used in rod creations result in the long-lasting and high tolerance of the product. That`s the reason why our designers used acrylics for the lifetime use of acrylic rods.

There`s plenty of acrylic rod types that perform as a perfect substitute to glass. Vast selections are available to fit a broad range of applications. Each type has contrasting levels of endurance, which highly required in accommodating various intentions. Weprofab Acrylic rods are tough, lightweight, has thermal proof, dimensional stability, etc.

acrylic rod

As an outstanding distributor of high-quality acrylic rods, Weprofab provides limitless acrylic rod fabrications. We manipulate quality controls on every finalized product. To be able to supply your own customers as well, the Weprofab team has endless stocks. More than a thousand stocks are stored in our factory. You can easily select the types you want to include for your business.

Weprofab manufactured Acrylic rods with superb value and optical clarity. Our outstanding kinds of acrylic rods are easily drilled, sawed, decorated, and painted. You are free to paint your own brand name here! It will help your brand be exposed and recognized all across the world.

acrylic rod

In Weprofab, you can rely upon and give your all trust to us! All the services we perform can give you a chance to boom your business. No matter what you require, our team is 100% ready to handle them. From start-finish, expect fast fabrication process.

To fulfill your requirements, discuss them one-by-one to us. Contact us ASAP!




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