• Patterned Acrylic Sheets

Patterned Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab patterned acrylic sheets are very unique and elegant to apply for your desired application. There are lots of uses if you consider acrylic sheets. Patterned acrylic sheets are more elegant than plain and other types of sheets. Get in touch and we can custom your orders.

Get WeProFab Patterned Acrylic Sheets to Delight Your Customers

We are professional patterned acrylic sheets that supply worldwide. WeProFab offered a lot of features and many customizations. Our one-stop solution offers are the reason why we are one of the top certificated patterned acrylic sheet suppliers in China.

Clear Patterned Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab can supply a large number of clear patterned acrylic sheets. We fully support your project through this standard supplies.

Frosted Patterned Acrylic Sheets

Any patterns for frosted acrylic sheets are very elegant. You can make your drawing and send at WeProFab. Your demands will be possible.

Laser Cut Patterned Acrylic Sheets

We can laser cut your patterned acrylic sheets depend on your request. Just send your layout and we will make this suited to your application.

Patterned Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

Be vigilant in searching for a qualified producer. In China, WeProFab belongs to a top supplier and manufacturer. supplied affordable products.

Solid Surface Patterned Acrylic Sheets

Be vigilant in searching for a qualified producer. In China, WeProFab belongs to a top supplier and manufacturer. supplied affordable products.

Textured Patterned Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab can manufacture amazing textures for patterned acrylic sheets. There are bubble patterned, cracked ice, and many more.

WeProFab: Your Leading Patterned Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

We have been trusted and qualified in making patterned acrylic sheets. This is our greatest asset. Internationally, WeProFab passed plenty of certifications because of an awesome services from quality production, customer service, to ahead of time delivery processes.

We, WeProFab will hold the rest of your worries in purchasing products of patterned acrylic sheets. Our dear staff is capable to manage your transaction.

Our complete modern technology machine helps our fabrication easier and safe. Through this, we have created a durable and attractive patterned acrylic sheet. Now, get your awesome patterned acrylic sheets.

Custom Patterned Acrylic Sheets to Expand Your Brand

Decorative Patterned Acrylic Sheets

There are thousands of decorative patterned acrylic sheets we could offer to support everyone’s final applications. Get it for a very competitive price.

Embossed Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab Embossed patterned acrylic sheets are very attractive to all customers on your business. high class and profitable at the same time.

Marble Patterned Acrylic Sheets

Bring the best beauty to your final application through purchasing marble patterned acrylic sheets. We will supply your large volume of orders.

Patterned Acrylic Colored Sheets

There so many colored patterns available for acrylic sheets to choose from. You can get better suggestions from WeProFab for great results.

Cracked Ice Patterned Acrylic Sheets

This is a popular pattern for acrylic sheets in the production. We have plenty of patterns to offer at WeProFab to select.

Honeycomb Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The honeycomb-patterned acrylic sheet is known for its excellent and detailed honeycomb pattern finish ideal for designing projects. These sheets are available in different specifications, thicknesses, water absorption, and tensile strength.

Glitter Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The highly favored glitter patterned acrylic sheets come in many advantages when used. The sheet comes in different glitter colors and sizes. It’s perfect for various Do It Yourself projects. Moreover, the outstanding quality makes it ideal for long-term applications. 

High Polished Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The high polished acrylic sheet with patterns features an excellent surface finish and strength with weather resisting properties. The lightweight property of these sheets makes them an ideal material for building projects, decorations, art ventures, and numerous relevant industry applications.

Holographic Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The holographic patterned acrylic sheet comes in custom sizes and adheres to renowned international certifications such as  ISO9001, SGS, and ROHS. The sheet finish is an accurate three-dimensional image created by different color light beams.

Celluloid Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The celluloid patterned acrylic sheet makes a name in the industry for being a durable and aesthetically-pleasing material for musical instruments (especially drums and guitars). The unique and uncommon design makes it perfect for jewelry production (earrings, hair clips, and more).

Shining Colored Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The pleasing shiny finish of this patterned acrylic sheet is beneficial in decorations, crafts, promotions, and fashion. Moreover, it is available in a wide selection of thicknesses and sheet sizes consecutively to meet distinctive requirements.

Shell Net Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The shell net patterned acrylic sheet resembles that intricate shell design. The sheets come with a wide selection of colors and thicknesses that meets every individual preference. Aside from the unique feature, it can last more than a decade in any application.

3D Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The three-dimensional acrylic sheet is highly customizable and is beneficial for a wide array of applications (kitchen, promotion, commercials, schools, and more). The advanced production processes make it a favored material for aesthetic project design.

Patterned Acrylic Sheet for Ceiling

The ceiling utilization of patterned acrylic sheets is an excellent choice. It contributes something good to the environment because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and paint. Additionally, the added protection film on both sides reduces unwanted gas emissions into the atmosphere.  

Stone Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The stoned patterned acrylic sheet is suited for different applications. The following are a few usages of these sheets: medical field (protective sheet guard, newborn incubators, other medical applications), building projects (sound barrier, door, and window), advertising company, decorative, and lighting industry.  

Acrylic Fabric Patterned Sheet

Compared to typical glass, the acrylic fabric patterned sheet features an exceptional impact resistance: seven to sixteen times that of ordinary glass material. Also, it possesses excellent resistance to different harmful chemicals such as acids and alkali.

Laser Cut Acrylic Patterned Sheet

The versatility of laser-cut acrylic patterned sheets makes it the preferred material if you have any applications that require a robust material. The advanced production of these sheets renders a well-polished edge avoiding unwanted injuries during installation and application.

Translucent Acrylic Patterned Sheet

The translucent acrylic patterned sheet allows ease of fabrication which means it can undergo various production methods for the second time around. The following are the suitable added processes for the sheets: painted, silk-screened, vacuum-coated, sawed, pierced, and machined.

Wave Stripes Patterned Acrylic Sheet

These wave stripes patterned acrylic sheets bring artwork to life. The abstract pattern along stylish lines creates a masterpiece that conforms to any needs. Moreover, its high gloss finish combined with brilliant preferred colors and patterns produces incredible results. 

Patterned Acrylic Fancy Mirror Sheet

The patterned acrylic fancy mirror sheet is ideal for applications that require reflective features. The said material can be bent and customized according to different demands and needs. The added protection allows this material to last for ten or more years.

Wood Grain Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The wood grain patterned acrylic sheet comes with various technical properties that allow a wide range of choices. Consecutively, it ranges from hardness, shear strength, tensile strength, rupture strength, refractive index, and so much more.

Diamond Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The diamond-patterned acrylic sheet is a high-quality material for various purposes. It comes with excellent light control and light transmission. The well-thought design of these sheets results in a high level of optical convenience while providing an elegant finish.

Artificial Marble Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The excellent artificial marble patterned acrylic sheet has a wide selection of color choices and patterns. The advanced technology renders a top-quality sheet material with eye-catching marble designs and colors. Also, it is highly cost-effective.

Laminated Pattern Acrylic Sheet

The laminated pattern acrylic sheet is perfect for kitchen storage, doors, and wall decorations. Each laminated sheet pattern comes with a protective film that gets rid of unwanted scratches and damage. The laminated finish allows a deep and highly saturated color and design output.

Leaf Resin Patterned Acrylic Sheet

The well-known leaf resin patterned acrylic sheet can render any interior a pleasure. Along with advanced production equipment, these sheets are ideal for any application. A neutral color combination and earth tones will fit your contemporary project design.

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Why WeProFab Patterned Acrylic Sheet

There are patterned acrylic sheets available such as marble type, wood type, brick slips, cracked ice, and many more patterns. It is fabricated with plenty of features you could choose.

WeProFab is an expert in terms of providing great support for every customer.

WeProFab patterned acrylic sheets are commonly used for decoration for offices, homes, hotels, shopping malls, boutiques, hospitals, schools, and many more establishments.

Patterned Acrylic Sheets


WeProFab supplied a lot of patterned acrylic sheet stocks at many establishments. We also provide other business needs.

If patterned acrylic sheets are your priority to be purchased, we will give the best options. Whether you need it for supplying, wholesaling, distributing, or any other operation, we will fulfill your demands.

WeProFab patterned acrylic sheets are perfect for transportation applications, canopies, shower doors, windshields, windows, and many more. It is also perfect for indoor decorations, dividers, wall decorations, etc.

Patterned Acrylic Sheets


Whatever the customization you need in running an expandable business, WeProFab will be a great partner for long term purposes.

WeProFab can make furniture perfect through our thousands of patterns available. It is available and can be purchase in a reasonable and acceptable price. This will give everyone a chance to save their budget, and to you as well.

When purchasing or searching for a good quality of patterned acrylic sheets, make sure to choose a certified supplier and manufacturer. A certified supplier makes sure every operation safety and secured.

Patterned Acrylic Sheets


WeProFab can prevent returns. We will strictly check all the products before we ship. It will be arriving in every location on-time.

WeProFab is 25/7 online. We are working 24 hours so we can surely all the customer’s demands will be fulfilled.

Don’t forget to build an outstanding connection at WeProFab. We will assure the advantages and benefits of running a business with us. Let WeProFab be part of your amazing success. We will surely cater to your patterned acrylic sheet orders all the time. Contact WeProFab now!

What are Patterned Acrylic Sheets?

Patterned acrylic sheet presents different earthy layouts and realistic representations. 

While also functioning as an invulnerable reflective surface.

Patterned Acrylic Sheets are one of the most contemporary and durable materials worldwide. 

The aesthetic features of the patterned acrylic sheet are extremely renowned materials for various applications.

Which is Better, Patterned Glass or Patterned Acrylic Sheets?

Patterned acrylic sheets are the best alternative to glass and other textured materials.

Patterned acrylic sheets offer strength and durability. 

It is perfect for all sorts of service and high-stress environments.

Patterned Acrylic Sheets are Perfect for What Purpose?

The outstanding and artistic appearance, as well as ease of production, make patterned acrylic sheets ideal for:

  • Architectural benchmarks
  • Jewelry applications
  • Craft projects
  • Signs
  • Lighting
  • Printing
  • Engraving
  • Displays
  • Cabinets
  • Partitions
  • Decorations
What are the Marketable-Patterned Acrylic Sheets?

Acrylic sheets present various designs and patterns for any decorative touch. 

The following are the best-patterned acrylic sheets:

  • Matte Acrylic Sheet
  • Indian Tea Marble Acrylic Sheet
  • P61 Non-Glare Textured Acrylic Sheet
  • Non-glare Acrylic Sheet
  • P95 Acrylic Sheet (Frosted)
  • D9 Acrylic sheet (Matte)
  • Pebble Finish Acrylic Sheet
  • Tabletop Textured Acrylic
  • Lighting Acrylic Textures
  • Zebra Wood Marble Acrylic Sheet 
  • Pearl Finish Acrylic Sheet
  • Glitter Finish Acrylic Sheet
  • Stone Finish Acrylic Sheet
  • Lava Finish Acrylic Sheet
  • and more
Why Should You Consider Purchasing Patterned Acrylic Sheets?

The patterned acrylic sheeting is much more than acrylic sheeting with an adorning touch. 

Not solely do these acrylic sheets provide aesthetically captivating features.

This patterned acrylic is also ten times more robust than glass. 

The lightweight patterned acrylic sheeting is resistant to impact and effectively disperses light. 

Patterned acrylic sheets provide your facilities with an appearance of contemporary design and durability.

Do Patterned Acrylic Sheets Come with a Warranty?

The good news is yes, it is. 

The Patterned Acrylic sheet comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in hue variations, unwanted objects in the product, and thickness tolerance. 

Although there is no exact guarantee of product life span, patterned acrylic sheets are UV durable and used for interior and exterior utilization. 

What to Avoid when Cleaning Patterned Acrylic Sheets?

Keep in mind the following reminders when disinfecting patterned acrylic sheets, 

  •  Avoid using commercial cleaners that include ammonia and chlorine.
  • Do not utilize powdered cleaners.
  • Make use of a gentle dish or hand soap, clean water, as well as a soft cotton cloth or microfiber fabric. 
  •  If applicable, clean dust and residue with a torrent of water before gently wiping the surface.
  • Do not use paper towels or clothes.
  • Avoid using aromatic paint thinners as they will damage the surface.
  • For polishing grease and oily debris, employ an ample amount of aliphatic naphtha or kerosene on a clean cotton cloth and gently dab. 
  • Avoid using aromatic paint thinners as they will damage the surface.
How Do You Clean a Patterned Acrylic Sheet?

To clean patterned acrylic sheets, use a gentle soap, clean water, and a smooth cleaning fabric or microfiber cloth. 

Avoid using ammonia-based disinfecting solutions on the acrylic surface, as it will damage the sheet and cause it to bend.

Is a Patterned Acrylic Sheet Eco-friendly?

The patterned acrylic sheets are durable and inexpensive. However, they are not sustainable or biodegradable. 

Study shows that such artificial textiles as acrylic sheets may require up to 200 years to decay.

Can Patterned Acrylic Sheet be Cut?


The Patterned Acrylic sheets are suited for laser cutting.

You can also trim it by scroll saw, band saw, circular saw, router, and CNC milling machines. 

Nevertheless, we highly recommend laser cutting because it renders a polished cut edge.

How Long Does a Patterned Acrylic Sheet Last?

With proper maintenance, the patterned acrylic sheet lasts ten years up to thirty years or more.

Does Patterned Acrylic Sheet Fade in Sunlight?

No. The patterned acrylic sheet comes with an abundance of Ultraviolet stabilizer (UV) protection.

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