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Small Acrylic Box

Weprofab is one of the world-leading manufacturers of Small Acrylic Box in China. We are specialist in customizing your desired small acrylic box. Weprofab is competent in giving the best quality products with exact designs, sizes, styles, etc. Partner with us!

Get WeProFab Small Acrylic Box to Delight Your Customers

Trust Weprofab! We can provide 100% premium standard acrylic. Our products structured with sturdy and strong construction.

All-Purpose Small Acrylic Box

Weprofab All-Purpose Small Acrylic Box is structured with sturdy construction with premium quality acrylic. It can protect your things inside.

Small Acrylic Box with Hinged Lid

Weprofab designed a small acrylic box with a hinged lid that meets your specifications. Weprofab can guarantee the premium thickness of this product.

Small Acrylic Box with Magnetic Lid

Small Acrylic Box with Magnetic Lid from Weprofab is very functional. Its magnetic component helps this item hold firmly wherever you placed it.

Small Acrylic Box with Natural Agate

Weprofab small acrylic box with natural agate is designed to suit your specifications and requirements. This is a clear stylish piece, that topped off with a slice of beautiful natural agate.

Small Acrylic Magnifying Box

Weprofab Small Acrylic Magnifying Box keeps your tiny items organized and contained in one location. These crystal-clear small acrylic boxes have durable, functional, beautiful designs.

Transparent Small Cube Acrylic Box

Weprofab Transparent Small Cube Acrylic Boxes provide easy and simply accessible storage for a faster preference of your most-used object. These provide appreciable storage for small items like hair clips, post earrings, cotton balls, etc.

WeProFab: Your Excellent Small Acrylic Box Manufacturer

WeProFab with the combined force of Chinese local plastic manufacturers and WeeTect Material Limited suppliers have the aim to provide high-rate productions from high-quality materials. We are capable of giving customizable solutions that last longer.

You can trust us! For over 20 years in manufacturing,  we become an expert and popular due to our tremendous strategies. WeProFab is your reliable source for all your needs. To help you boom your business, cooperate with us!

To gather more information about our high-standard products, contact WeProFab immediately!

Custom Small Acrylic Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Multipurpose Stackable Small Acrylic Box

WeProFab is expert in producing Small Acrylic Box with multipurpose stackable usage. We are capable of giving high-quality products that last for a longer time.

Modular Small Acrylic Box

Weprofab Small Acrylic Boxes designed with modular features. These are made from high-standard materials. A perfect tiny display that can delight your customer.

Unbreakable Small Acrylic Box

WeProFab developed Small Acrylic Box that is unbreakable. Due to its hardness and toughness surface, we guarantee that these items are not easy to break.

Small Acrylic Box with Cover

A small acrylic box with a cover is built from 100% clear acrylic. Great for use in offices, retail stores, at home, or anywhere else where effective storage is required. Available in a range of sizes and colors.

Small Acrylic Candy Cube Box

Small acrylic candy cube boxes are the perfect package, combining design and robustness. You can select from several sizes and colors, or search for the ideal box set to meet your requirements.

Small Acrylic Box with Sliding Lid

Weprofab small acrylic box with sliding lid is commonly used to store sweets, chocolate, headgear, and other tiny arts and crafts items. An easy and direct way to showcase your products.

Square Small Acrylic Box

The square small acrylic box is a cost-effective way to present gifts. Made of sturdy acrylic material. Can be customized according to specific requirements, including logo printing to help promote your business.

Small Clear Acrylic Boxes

Our small clear acrylic boxes come in sturdy and trendy styles. Perfect for fashionably exhibiting a variety of products in your area. Very sturdy, ensuring long-term performance and stability.

Small Rectangle Acrylic Box

Weprofab small rectangle acrylic box is composed of exceptional raw materials. Simple to assemble and transport from one location to another. They are aesthetically pleasing to hold a variety of products.

Small Acrylic Jewelry Boxes

Small acrylic jewelry boxes are simple to install and come with compression loads that allow them to resist any weight you put on them. It is multi-functional. Can be customized to fit unique needs.

Small Acrylic Donation Box

A small acrylic donation box is available in a range of shapes, sizes, designs, colors, etc. Built from transparent acrylic which is 100% eco-friendly. Can be done with various surface treatments.

Small Acrylic Ring Box

Weprofab small acrylic ring box is made of clear acrylic. The translucent walls of the box reflect jewelry beautifully. It can also be customized with set of engraved monogram initials.

Small Clear Acrylic Ballot Box

Utilizing high-quality clear acrylic, this small ballot box exhibits optimum transparency and durability. It can be used as a vote box, suggestion box, donation box, coin canister, etc.

Small Acrylic Gift Boxes

Our small acrylic gift boxes come at competitive prices. Each clear box has a fitting cover and is made of sturdy acrylic plastic. Available in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and so on.

Small Frosted Acrylic Box

Small frosted acrylic box has a clean and elegant design that will complement any space’s decor. Can be used for a wide variety of applications. Exhibits high tensile strength and fatigue resistance.

Small Acrylic Box for Figures

Weprofab small acrylic box for figures is 100% high-quality. Keep collectibles safe and dust-free with UV protection and stackable. Aside from figures, it fits tennis balls, golf balls, medals, and more.

Small Cosmetics Acrylic Box

Our small cosmetics acrylic box is constructed of high-clear acrylic raw material, which has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. Can modify thicknesses, design, colors, and other factors.

Wholesale Small Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab offers a wholesale small acrylic box with a lid that is commonly used in shops, stores, and homes. Economical displaying choice to show your products. Available in white, transparent, black, and other colors.

Small Acrylic Display Cube with Base 

A small acrylic display cube with a base is available in a variety of shapes and functions. Included with an assortment of accessories such as lids and locks, covers, bins, and risers. Clear, black, and other colors are available.

Small Acrylic Desk Organizer Box

A small acrylic desk organizer box is built from crystal clear acrylic. Durable and roomy despite its diminutive size. Pens, brushes, and other office supplies will fit well in this container.

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Why WeProFab Small Acrylic Box

Do you need a small acrylic box to add for business?

Weprofab is the right provider you must recognize.

We are so fully teamed with manufacturing professionals and experts.

Weprofab used our wide knowledge of every fabrication process.

So, for your next small acrylic box purchase, Weprofab is the right manufacturer for you!

Article 1

The Weprofab Small acrylic box is made of 100% acrylics.

This is functional for staying the countertops organized.

The smaller size of the acrylic box is very compact in size.

They can even occupy a little bit of space on the countertops while stored plenty of important displays.

Weprofab Small acrylic box is the best storing box for your business display needs.

Additionally, Weprofab can produce the small size of the acrylic box with numerous characteristics.

Art. 2

We made a small acrylic box with ultimate packaging.

Our range of boxes is formed with enough strength and style combinations.

Weprofab small acrylic box comes from different colors and sizes, so better choose now your ideal small acrylic boxes!

We will be responsible for the next process.

Our range of small acrylic boxes is available with removable covers or lids additions.

We made them appealing and more eye-catching to suit your needs.

For our finish products, we are so proud to present our small acrylic box with hinged lid, all-purpose small acrylic box, small acrylic box with a magnetic lid, multicolor small acrylic box and many more.

The choice is yours! Whatever you choose, it’s definitely high-quality and durable.

Weprofab Small Acrylic Box is more versatile boxes good for displaying rings, necklaces, and more.

Besides, in the fabrication process, we make sure the versatility, functions, and durability of the product.

To manufacture any boxes, an acrylic substance is most significant.

Weprofab Small acrylic box is nice to use in medicine cabinets.

This can keep all the things clean and clear.

Plus, this is also useful additions for retail stores, homes, offices, and more.

Weprofab small acrylic box is useful to arrange all the things you want to protect.

Art. 3

In China, Weprofab is one of the excellent manufacturers and suppliers of small acrylic box displays.

We acquired many certifications to proved our reliableness.

As ISO9001, CE, UL certified supplier, we are capable in giving you the best yet cost-effective solutions.

You can 100% trust us!

We tend to offer one-stop-shop services.

We deliver over a million stocks and custom acrylic box sizes to satisfy your business needs.

For orders, contact Weprofab! We have a social team to assist you 24/7.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Small Acrylic Box

Made of 100% acrylic material, the small acrylic box is a functional storage item that keeps your countertops highly organized.

Designed for maximum utilization of space, these small acrylic boxes make your important displays highly visible.

 Small Acrylic Box

Small Acrylic Box

This acrylic box is tenacious, comes in different sizes and colors, and has practical characteristics like hinged and magnetic lids.

If you have a question about small acrylic boxes, read on.

You’ll find out everything that you need to know about small acrylic boxes in this ultimate FAQ guide.

How Is The Small Acrylic Box Made?

The small acrylic box is designed using modern methods to display stored items in many appealing ways.

The DIY approach works very well in making these small acrylic boxes using just simple tools that are easily available in the market.

Here are the following steps you need to take in making your own acrylic box.

· Cutting The Acrylic Sheet Into Required Sizes

The first step is to cut your chosen acrylic sheet material into the required cut-to-size acrylic panels.

You can use a commercial metal-cutting saw to cut the top, side, and bottom pieces.

Also, you will need four small square acrylic pieces from the same acrylic sheet to hold the top panel in position.

You can decide on the thickness based on your requirements.

The professional acrylic sheet manufacturer may use high-tech laser-cutting systems to arrive at highly polished acrylic panels with smooth edges.

Laser Cutting Small Acrylic Box

 Laser Cutting Small Acrylic Box

In the DIY approach, you can sand the edges of the cut acrylic pieces to remove burrs and then polish those edges.

· Bonding The Bottom And Side Panels

Place the top piece on a flat surface. It could be your work table or any other flat surface.

Starting with one edge, arrange one of the side panels at right angles to the bottom layer.

The side panel must be perpendicular to and in line with the outer edge of the bottom panel.

Use acrylic cement to bond these pieces together.

Hold both the bottom and side panels together with strips of tape that help the cement to dry.

Move on to the opposite end and repeat this exercise.

Continue till you have finished bonding all the side panels to the bottom panel.

Ensure all the side panels are at right angles to each other and perpendicular to the other edges of the bottom panel.

Allow these pieces to dry and bond completely.

You can watch this video to find out how to glue your small acrylic box.


· Aligning The Top Panel

Apply acrylic glue or cement to the corners of the exposed side panel edges.

Place the small square pieces of acrylic at the glued corners.

Make sure these small square pieces do not overlap the side panels.

Cover with tape and allow them to dry.

Once the dried acrylic pieces are in place, place the top panel over these small square pieces.

Your small acrylic box is ready.

You can include partitions, lights, or change the design to include hinges.

This video shows you how to put in the top panel of your small acrylic box.


Can You Have Decorative Features On A Small Acrylic Box?

 Small Acrylic Box With Decorations

 Small Acrylic Box With Decorations

Yes, you can ask for any kind of decorative element to be included in your small acrylic box.

These boxes can be screen printed and engraved with a laser printer.

You can add stickers and additional fittings to increase the aesthetic value of these small acrylic boxes.

Professional acrylic box makers use sophisticated laser machines and color-blending mechanical systems to create unique designs quickly and at affordable prices.

How Are OEM/ODM Bulk Orders For Small Acrylic Boxes Fulfilled?

The experienced acrylic box manufacturer has the latest tools and equipment to fulfill large bulk OEM/ODM orders quickly and with great accuracy.

These exquisite-looking boxes are backed by binding international warranties that ensure defective pieces are replaced.

Streamlined multiple manufacturing and fabrication units ensure custom orders do not take too long to process.

Acrylic experts are at hand to comply with your exact requirements and create unique prototypes before production runs.

How Much Does The Small Acrylic Box Cost?

With so many different designs, sizes, colors, and shapes available, there are no fixed costs for custom orders.

Highly competitive prices are established for OEM/ODM orders that make it cheaper to procure your uniquely-designed small acrylic box from an established manufacturer.

The level of customization and features you require will determine the variable costs.

For example, if dyes are needed to include decorative pieces over the small acrylic box, the cost is likely to increase.

Standard-sized boxes are more affordable and easier to procure.

What Are The Different Types of Small Acrylic Boxes?

· All-Purpose Small Acrylic Box

All-Purpose Small Acrylic Box

All-Purpose Small Acrylic Box

Used for a wide range of applications, the all-purpose small acrylic box is made of the finest quality materials.

This small acrylic box is extensively used to display cosmetics, jewelry, for storage and packing of various other goods.

Used in trade shows, exhibitions, and other materials, this unique all-purpose small acrylic box has an amazing feel and dazzling looks.

If you need a small acrylic box of transparent material, with a lock, or to display items, the all-purpose small acrylic box is what you need.

You can decide on the ventilation effects if you need to store specific items that need more ventilation.

Use chemical processes to laser print, etch, or engrave on this acrylic box.

· Small Acrylic Box With Hinged Lid

 Small Acrylic Box With Hinged Lid

 Small Acrylic Box With Hinged Lid

Designed from premium acrylic material of custom thickness, the small acrylic box with hinged lid offers you the benefits of an acrylic hinged box.

This small acrylic box protects the items you store in the box from dirt, dust, and debris, while beautifully displaying your commercial or household toiletries and other items.

Some practical uses include storing soaps, kitchen goods, cotton balls, and other items.

Jewelry and other valuable items can be kept locked inside this box.

Use this high impact-resistant and clear small acrylic box with hinged lid for visual presentations in stores.

You can get this small acrylic box with different colored bases that match your store décor.

· Small Acrylic Box With Magnetic Lid

 Small Acrylic Box With Magnetic Lid

Small Acrylic Box With Magnetic Lid

Easy to bend and vacuum form, the small acrylic box with magnetic lid is made of high-quality PMMA material and conforms to environmental protection standards.

It is durable, has a smooth finish, and has enough space to store your flowers, shoes, ring mirrors, and other items you can think of.

The small acrylic box with a magnetic lid is highly transparent and will not scratch your hands while you clean it.

Produced with the horizontal cast process, this small acrylic box undergoes laser-cutting and diamond-polishing processes and comes out as a highly-polished finished product used in business halls, hotel counters, and conventions.

· Small Acrylic Box With Natural Agate

 Small Acrylic Box with Natural Agate

Small Acrylic Box with Natural Agate

Beautified with a natural or dye-injected agate on its lid, the small acrylic box with natural agate is an exquisite acrylic box that you can use to display items of nature in a unique way.

The natural agate can come in shades of gray, brown, purple, pink, and blue.

Innovative suppliers can meet your custom color and shade requirements for the agate.

You can think of any value-added decorative elements for this highly functional and fancy small acrylic box with natural agate.

· Magnifying Small Acrylic Box

Magnifying Small Acrylic Box

Magnifying Small Acrylic Box

Designed to magnify small minerals, fossils, crystals, and other valuable items, the magnifying small acrylic box is a crystal-clear and durable acrylic box offered in beautiful designs.

It comes with a fancy magnifying lid that not just magnifies what is stored inside but also presents itself as a decorative piece of acrylic.

The magnifying small acrylic box lid can produce 4 X or higher magnification and is highly favored as a decorative acrylic storage box by hobbyists.

You can keep your charm jewelry collections, stamps, and coins inside or use its secure and air-tight space to store pills.

· Transparent Small Acrylic Box

Transparent Small Acrylic Box

Transparent Small Acrylic Box

Provided with appreciable storage space, the transparent small acrylic box is ideal for storing small items like cotton balls, hair clips, and earrings.

This small acrylic box is made of pure and solid transparent acrylic that keeps your items intact for display on all occasions.

Established designs with many different features are offered to keep in mind your thickness and size requirements.

This dust-proof and highly-gloss, the transparent small acrylic box is weatherproof, heat, and chemical resistant, and makes an excellent choice for a custom clear acrylic box.

· Multipurpose Stackable Small Acrylic Box

 Multipurpose Stackable Small Acrylic Box

 Multipurpose Stackable Small Acrylic Box

Designed as a stackable plastic item, the multipurpose stackable small acrylic box comes with adjustable lids that fit into other acrylic boxes.

Several of these stackable acrylic boxes can be connected together and stacked.

You can store different items in each of these multipurpose stackable small acrylic boxes and store them without losing too much storage space.

Made of strong, durable, and transparent acrylic material, this multipurpose acrylic box offers many different clear or colored chambers to keep your beads, jewelry, memorabilia, and other items of value.

· Modular Small Acrylic Box

 Modular Small Acrylic Box

Modular Small Acrylic Box

Designed as a tiny display to charm your customers, the modular small acrylic box comes in custom sizes that can accommodate your display items.

You can add a center handle to easily carry this acrylic box from one place to another.

In case you need more space, simply remove this detachable handle.

The 100% stackable and modular acrylic box design works amazingly well with other boxes, storage pods, and covers.

Innovative designs are offered that can be easily assembled without the use of acrylic cement or glue.

Offering brilliant clarity, this modular small acrylic box can store miniatures and other pieces of value.

You can add vertical or horizontal partitions to create practical storage chambers within the same acrylic box.

· Unbreakable Small Acrylic Box

Unbreakable Small Acrylic Box

Unbreakable Small Acrylic Box

Difficult to break with its hard and tough surface, the unbreakable small acrylic box is offered in practical PMMA material designs.

This small acrylic box is a glossy, transparent box that has extremely good weatherability, chemical stability, processing and staining capability.

It has the ideal hard surface that converts this box into a highly-polished container that is resistant to oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

This unbreakable small acrylic box has a UV-protection layer that retains its inherent properties even years after it has been exposed to solar radiation.

You can get this 3mm or 4mm thick unbreakable acrylic box from reputed acrylic manufacturers.

It can be customized with additional features, as per your designs.

· Mirrored Small Acrylic Box

Mirrored Small Acrylic Box

Mirrored Small Acrylic Box

Easier to handle than traditional mirrored glass, the mirrored small acrylic box is a more affordable box that comes in different shapes and sizes.

The mirrored sheets that form this box can be glued, drilled, and screwed, unlike standard glass.

This mirrored small acrylic box has a highly reflective mirror on the front and a cream or white backing on the back.

Lightweight and shatter-resistant, the mirrored acrylic box has nearly 10 times the impact resistance of glass boxes with similar dimensions.

Durable acrylic polymer paint protects its highly reflective surface, which is then top coated with polyurethane.

The mirrored acrylic box is used in many applications including visual merchandising, signage, and POS displays.

Can You Use The Small Acrylic Box To Store Inflammable Items?

No, you cannot store inflammable items in your small acrylic box.

Acrylic material is rated B2, which puts it under the flammable category.

It is therefore not safe to keep inflammable objects in this highly flammable box.

Does The Small Acrylic Box Turn Yellow On Exposure To Sunlight?

Modern acrylic materials are coated with UV-protected layers that prevent yellowing of the base material even years after it has been exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

The professional acrylic box maker always provides small acrylic boxes that do not yellow at all.

You can ask your supplier to offer you UV-protected acrylic for all your DIY projects.

The manufacturer takes care of this aspect in OEM/ODM bulk orders.

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