• Frosted Acrylic Sign

Frosted Acrylic Sign

WeProFab combines other plastic materials such as acrylic to successfully produce the high-quality frosted acrylic sign. We did machining, polishing, laser cutting, and customizing for your satisfaction. We manage full capabilities from manufacturing onto machining procedures. Expect more from us. Start dealing with us now…

Get WeProFab Frosted Acrylic Sign to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab has different frosted acrylic sign classification offers. All the products we are offering are 100% of the highest quality. These come from thermoplastic materials, which can give high resistance from extreme abrasions. Select yours now before we have still numerous stocks.

Colored Frosted Acrylic Sign

WeProFab Colored frosted acrylic sign is made thoroughly from our thermoplastic coating technologies. Quality-proven and most popular to use than any other display materials.

Custom Frosted Acrylic Sign

If you are searching for an excellent quality of the custom frosted acrylic sign, WeProFab manufacturing institutions gives the exact solution for your needs.

Engraved Frosted Acrylic Sign

WeProFab currently offering high graded engraved frosted acrylic signs. This is manufactured for each customer’s necessities. We can assemble your desired quality of the engraved frosted acrylic sign.

Frosted Acrylic Sign Manufacturer

Do you know the manufacturer that has a high ability to support your needs? WeProFab surely gives you the services you deserved. We have numerous stock, ready for the distribution process.

Satin Frosted Acrylic Sign

From plastic injection molding, WeProFab originates satin frosted acrylic sign with the most durable quality. Intend to use for a long period of time.

White Translucent Frosted Acrylic Sign

A white translucent frosted acrylic sign has 100% rigidity capabilities. It has safely coating material which is easily removable. It keeps the product away from scratches.

WeProFab: Your Leading Frosted Acrylic Sign Manufacturer

WeProFab is a legit manufacturer that originally operating in China. To have an acrylic material, we use thermoforming technologies to have a completed and satisfied frosted acrylic sign finishes.

Each of WeProFab product offers provides high resistance from UV rays, weatherproof, collision-proof, unbreakable, etc. We also make the custom and personalizing your own ideal designs. We can get bases on your approved drawings for an easier manufacturing process.

Contact us now for your connected concerns about WeProFab Frosted Acrylic Sign.

Custom Frosted Acrylic Sign to Expand Your Brand

Free Stand Frosted Acrylic Sign

WeProFab free stand frosted acrylic sign is made up of original and high-quality plastic materials. Brings complete elegance to the place where it located.

Hanging Frosted Acrylic Sign

Hanging frosted acrylic sign that comes from WeProFab engineering masters are quality expected. This brings informative pieces of information and usually located at interior offices, giving exact directional info.

Wall Mount Frosted Acrylic Sign

All of the WeProFab Wall mount frosted acrylic sign is made 100% standardized. Have in general quality assembly and applicable to some offices lobby, rooms, etc.

White Frosted Acrylic Sign

Weprofab white frosted acrylic sign feature high impact strength, high versatility, and lightweight. Ideal for indoor signage, but it may be used both indoors and outdoors. Any design can be fully customized.

Frosted Wedding Acrylic Sign

Made out of frosted acrylic plexiglass. Lettering is available in various colors like white, black, blue, and red. Exhibits cool modern and glam appearance in a wedding. Whether it is a modern, traditional, or rustic wedding, this flexible wedding frosted acrylic sign will fit right in.

Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign

Available in standard or mirrored acrylic finish options. Can be personalized with its text or names and date. There is a range of sizes to choose from.

Round Frosted Acrylic Sign

Perfect for branding, directions around the office, and more. The round frosted acrylic sign is transparent acrylic with a glass-like appearance and tough. Has a smooth, professional look with beveled edges.

Frosted Acrylic Sign with LED Backlight

A frosted acrylic sign with an LED backlight is extremely versatile in terms of style and function. They are lightweight, sturdy, and can be custom painted. Cost-effective and economical solution.

Fire Exit Frosted Acrylic Sign

Weprofab fire exit frosted acrylic sign is ideal for office, hotel, and retail stores. Can be hung on the walls or doors. Simple to set up. It’s energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Frosted Acrylic Sign with Standoffs

This frosted acrylic sign with standoffs is robust and has the same professional appearance as glass. Gives the design a translucent background. Frequently used as modern signage solutions to enhance any office environment.

Frosted Acrylic Dimensional Sign

Weprofab frosted acrylic dimensional sign comes with a variety of treatments. Perfect for reception areas, suites, outside office buildings, and/or the company’s main exterior sign.

Exit’ Frosted Acrylic Sign

Exit’ frosted acrylic sign is great for restaurants, offices, pubs, hotels, and so on. Meet ISO, ROHS, CE, and UL standards. Foam mounting tape with two faces. For a finished look, the edges are laser cut smooth.

Frosted Blank Acrylic Sign

Frosted blank acrylic sign features an attractive and modern appearance. Adds style and extra elegance; impressive yet affordable. Easy to assemble, lightweight, and reusable.

8x10Inch Frosted Acrylic Sign

Weprofab 8×10 inch frosted acrylic sign can be used as a welcome sign, a sign for cards and gifts, a sign for an open bar, and so on. Could also personalize or cut them, or drill a hole to hang them.

Frosted Arch Acrylic Sign

Our frosted arch acrylic sign is quality and long-lasting decoration. The details are sculpted onto a gorgeous clear finish material. Thick and long-lasting. Plastic film is used on both sides of each item to protect it.

Frosted Acrylic Bathroom Sign

Frosted acrylic bathroom sign features a traditional frosted acrylic back-painted plaque. These sleek, modern restroom signs come in a variety of restroom graphic combinations. Include mounting screws and anchors.

3mm Blue Frosted Acrylic Sign

This 3mm blue frosted acrylic sign is available in a selection of sizes and thicknesses. Can be shaped, cut, machined., etc, to meet exact requirements. Features easy to clean and maintain surface.

Internal Frosted Acrylic Sign

Our internal frosted acrylic sign has excellent chemical resistance and thermal insulation. It is stronger than glass and has UV stability. Can be used to display a business brand, logo, or any message.

Frosted Acrylic Bar Sign

The frosted acrylic bar sign is made from frosted acrylic with a selection of lettering. These glass-like acrylics are classic, simple, and gorgeous. Each acrylic is meticulously wrapped with a protective film.

Frosted Acrylic Door Sign

Weprofab frosted acrylic door sign provides a touch of unique elegance to every place. Possesses double-sided matt finish, polished edges, and x2 aluminum silver standoff mounts.

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Why WeProFab Frosted Acrylic Sign

Weprofab Frosted acrylic sign impersonates the whole appearance and frailty of the glass even without the risk of cracks control, sharp edges or smashing. It has common engraved text and painted images that create special contrast into this sheet. The frosted acrylic sign has modernity designs, excellently clear yet in simple surface looks. This originally comes from top quality materials that make elastic frosted acrylic sign designs.

WeProFab Frosted acrylic signs provide great solutions for your informative signs and letterings. This material is a very useful requirement to improve your business capacity. That is why a hundred solutions are present and are selectable for your requirements fulfillments. Frosted acrylic signs are professionally manufactured and customize for home and business fitting processes. Very useful material for decorating and reliably brings professionalism and elegance for your necessary displays. Best material option for any displaying operations.

Here at WeProFab, you can find wide-ranging selections of frosted acrylic signs. We highly present 100% reliable frosted acrylic signs on our site to provide your selection activities. We have overall uncounted dissimilar types and quality standards of frosted acrylic signs to achieve your exhibition projects. We also provide proxy choices to fulfill alike appearances. For knowing what the best suited for your own applications and designs, you can select here. But if you think it`s kind of hard, WeProFab has designated staff to assist you all the way.

The frosted acrylic sign is the clearest, transparent looking, lightweight, and a durable display material so far. It has its own thermoplastic substance, which actually acts like glass replacement. Like the glass, the frosted acrylic sign is letting for transparency perfection. The whole and standard design of the frosted acrylic sign is printed straightly onto the acrylic substance used. It contributes a lot to the sign long-lasting finish. Even it acts like glass replacement, the frosted acrylic is far most lightweight and flexible. Even without cracking, the material stands out for long and totally durable.

Through using your own designs, WeProFab engineers can manufacture easier. We highly consider your planned designs for your own material. We allow you to use your own design for the demands of your specification. Printed or not, we provide the best and highly international qualified products.

WeProFab is in the top position when talking about its manufacturing quality. For each customer business’s sake and for the best future, we create a frosted acrylic sign to be added to our marketplace. All impressive and most dimensional item, here at WeProFab you definitely find countless.

For your necessary orders, contact us hurriedly.

Frosted Acrylic Sign: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before buying frosted acrylic signs, you should read this guide.

It will help you choose high quality and reliable acrylic signs that will skyrocket your business.

You’re going to learn how to check the quality, understand application, add-on features to look for and surface treatment options, just to mention a few.

Let’s get started.

What is Frosted Acrylic Sign?

It is a type of signage made from an acrylic thermoplastic with a specific design printed to create a blurred finish.

As the name suggests, a frosted acrylic sign is not entirely transparent.

It allows a certain extent of translucency.

It utilizes a special overlay that enables it to diffuse light across the entire surface of the material.

Normally, it resembles a foggy glass window.

The frosted effect on this signage nonetheless provides an added dimension when positioned in front of a source of light.

Frosted acrylic sheet

 Frosted polycarbonate sheet

Where can you use Frosted Acrylic Sign?

You can use it in different applications.

Most of them revolve around commercial and industrial buildings.

In some extents, you can as well find them in residential areas.

In such cases, a frosted acrylic sign can be used as follows;

Frosted acrylic signage

Frosted acrylic signage

Clear acrylic signage

Clear acrylic signage

Office name placard – You can find it at various workplaces being used to create different name placards.

Labelling points of interest – They are also used in offices or commercial building in general to create points of interest for the audience to relate to.

Reception and conference rooms – You can as well choose to use this component as partitions in a wide range of spaces.

For example, you can use it to create partition walls on receptions, cubicles as well as conference rooms due to the frosted effect that they provide.

Doors and windows – In some businesses, you will find frosted acrylic signage used as doors and windows.

They enable the customers to identify roughly, what the business deals with and other necessary details.

Showrooms – In most displays and exhibitions, you can as well use this type of signage to enable your target customers to identify with your products or service.

Establishment naming – Most establishments can use frosted acrylic signs in naming their trade. These types of signs help in making sure that the business is clearly named in a classy and professional manner.

Why should you Invest in Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Frosted acrylic signage

Frosted acrylic signage

  • This material is highly pliable.

This means you can choose to customize it to suit your needs.

This is essential since, at the end of it, you will have a type of signage that meets your desires.

  • Frosted acrylic sign is quite versatile

You can use it for a wide range of applications at the same time.

This allows you to cut on unnecessary costs.

  • Lightweight

It is naturally lightweight. This makes it easy to handle and install.

  • Frosted Acrylic Sheet is Unique

Frosted acrylic sign is unique, thus adds aesthetic value, which is fundamental, specifically for making the application classy.

The application will certainly appear more stylish and trendy, hence appealing to the eye and increasing its value.

  • Wide Range of Cost Saving

Using this material allows you to cut on a wide range of costs associated with signage.

For example, it is lightweight thus doesn’t require meaningful support to install, especially for DIY applications.

It is also easy to maintain given that it doesn’t gather dust and also it uses power effectively.

Frosted acrylic sign is also durable, by any standard.

It is resistant to different elements including impact, weatherability, UV rays, and corrosion, among others.

Of course, this helps in enhancing the efficiency, functionality, and quality of this type of signage.

How do Normal Acrylic Signs compare to Frosted Acrylic Signs?

Normal acrylic signs are also known as clear acrylic signs.

In comparison to frosted counterparts, clear acrylic signs tend to have high optical clarity.

In this case, it implies that clear acrylic signage allows complete transparency.

On the other hand, frosted acrylic signs are not necessarily clear but allow a specific amount of clarity.

Normal acrylic signs also seem to be relatively more sensitive

to scratches compared to frosted acrylic signs.

The latter has a matte finish, which is quite difficult to see if it is scratched unless the abrasion is deep.

But in clear acrylic signs, the scratch marks seem to be visible, whether light or deep due to the gloss finish of this sign.

Frosted acrylic signs do not necessarily require in-depth cleaning and maintenance compared to normal acrylic signs.

The frosted effects make it look stylish all the time and at the same time, preventing it from getting dirty easily.

The gloss finish on clear acrylic sign, on the other hand, makes it easy for this material to attract dust hence the frequent need for cleaning and maintenance.

Which Add-on Features can you include in Frosted Acrylic Signs?

Backlit frosted acrylic sign

Back lit frosted acrylic sign

Lighting – It is a common feature with a wide range of frosted acrylic signs.

Lighting helps in enhancing the appearance of the signage and thus making it more upscale.

It also makes it possible for the sign to attract people’s attention from a distance.

Hangers – These refer to the object that you tie on the frosted acrylic sign used for suspending the signage on a surface.

They are commonly used for hanging the signs in an open space such as halls and conference rooms.

Stand-offs – There are the types of screws that are often used to fix the frosted acrylic signs on walls through drilled holes.

Prints – You can choose to engrave images, logos, texts and other types of graphics on the surface of the frosted acrylic signs.

What is the difference between Frosted and Clear Acrylic Signs?

The main difference between frosted and clear acrylic signs revolves around transparency and opacity.

Frosted acrylic has a finish that resembles a foggy window, which makes it not completely transparent and at the same time not completely opaque.

Clear acrylic sign, on the other hand, has excellent optical clarity far much than frosted acrylic sign.

What is the Ideal Size of Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Frosted acrylic sign

Frosted acrylic sign

The size often varies depending on a wide range of elements.

One of these factors is the specific application for this type of signage.

Some applications would require large signs and others would require relatively small signs.

User preference is the other aspect that determines the size of frosted acrylic sign.

Some users would prefer this signage to come on a larger surface.

Other users would opt for the smaller size as long as they offer quality efficiency and an ideal functionality.

Are Engraved Acrylic Signs better than Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Ideally, the better option between these two types of acrylic signs entirely lies on the application and user preference.

In most instances, you’ll notice that engraved acrylic signs are designed for particular applications the same as frosted acrylic sign.

Laser engraved acrylic sign

Laser engraved acrylic sign

Even so, frosted acrylic sign tends to be more popular because it can offer what engraved acrylic sign can do.

Additionally, you can as well use it in form of safeguarding privacy and at the same time as signage, which you can not necessarily achieve with engraved signage.

Which is better between Frosted Acrylic Sign and Acrylic Sign Letters?

Ideally, the better option, in this case, is dependent on the user preference as well as the application.

They all offer unique advantages and drawbacks, thus making it a bit difficult to draw the line.

The only aspect making frosted better than letters is the fact that the former can cover a larger surface than the latter.

On the flip side, sign letters are relatively affordable compared to frosted acrylic sign.

Can you add Backlighting on Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Backlit frosted acrylic sign

Back lit frosted acrylic

Most definitely. It is one of the popular add-on features that are incorporated on frosted acrylic signs.

Backlighting helps in enhancing the quality of the signage by increasing efficiency as well as class.

In simple words, backlighting on frosted acrylic sign transforms it from simple to sophisticated, trendy signage.

How do you make Frosted Acrylic Sign?

You can make frosted acrylic sign using two primary methods;

Spraying – It is the common one for most acrylic signage used in different applications.

It involves using a frosty substrate that is evenly sprayed on the surface of this signage.

In most cases, this technique is often done in a laboratory during manufacturing of the signage due to its complexity.

Filming – It merely involves adding a thin film of frost on the surface of the acrylic material.

This technique is quite common in numerous applications.

You can as well use it to convert a clear acrylic sign into frosted acrylic signage.

Can you Drill Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Absolutely yes!

If you are installing this sign on a wall surface, you’ll undoubtedly have to drill holes on it.

These holes will be fit by stand-off screws that help in securing the signage tightly, on the wall surface.

How do you Clean Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Start by clearing any debris from the surface of the signage.

You need to use lukewarm water and recommended detergents.

So you’ll use a piece of soft cotton cloth, wet it in a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent then use it to wipe the surface of the signage gently.

Take another dry piece of soft cotton cloth and use it in wiping the soapy water and allow it to dry for a few minutes.

What are Stand-offs and Why are they Popular for Frosted Acrylic signs?

Stand-offs refer to the type of round screws used for attaching a rigid sign through a drilled hole.

In some instances, it is always referred to as stand-off screws.

They help in ensuring that the signage is suitably and securely fitted on the walls.

They are popular because they act as signage fasteners, which is fundamental in creating a durable mount for frosted acrylic sign.

It is also popular for this signage because it helps in protecting it from the wall to create an eye-catching display that would impress the visitors.

Additionally, stand-offs are attractive and also help in supporting the signage weight so that they can stay firmly on the surface.

What are the Disadvantages of Frosted Acrylic Sign?

One disadvantage of frosted acrylic sign is that it requires relatively high maintenance, especially for indoor applications.

This can be somewhat demanding, specifically where there is high human traffic or manufacturing process.

The other shortcoming is that frosted acrylic sign in some instances tends to scratch quite easily.

In areas where people tend to frequent the establishment often, the signage is prone to abrasion that might highly cause unpleasant marks.

Another drawback of this type of signage is that it can be somewhat expensive depending on the type of the grade and size of acrylic you are buying.

Also, customizing it can be comparatively pricey compared to other materials.

How much is Frosted Acrylic Sign?

The cost of frosted acrylic sign often varies.

Generally, when looking for this item, the specifications that you are looking for will determine the price.

For instance, the size of this type of signage will, of course, determine the amount of money you’ll be paying for it.

The type of customization that you require for your frosted acrylic sign also determines its price.

This is in addition to the color as well as the extra add-on features that you’d desire this component to come with.

And if you’re importing your frosted acrylic signs from China to a different country, you also need to factor in the shipping and taxation costs.

The brand is yet another element that defines the price of this item.

In a nutshell, there is no definite cost for frosted acrylic sign.

Can you Polish Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Most definitely!

There are several ways that you can use to polish frosted acrylic sign.

Some of the common techniques that you can use include the following;

Vapor polishing – it involves use of chemical vapor by enabling it to attach the surface of frosted acrylic sign.

It requires specialized equipment as well as handling to make it possible to attain desirable results.

Direct machining – It involves fine-tuning of tooling and machine parameters to produce polished frosted acrylic signage.

It is somewhat technical but can produce the clearest polishing finishes.

Buffing – It entails using of cotton work wheel that has a cutting compound that is used for scrubbing the external surface of the frosted acrylic sign.

It is the ideal polishing technique, especially where the focus is more on aesthetics.

Flame polishing – It involves use of hot flame to flow the surface of frosted acrylic sign.

When using this method, you must be critical to ensure that you get the desired results.

Mechanical polishing – This is the simplest polishing method to use in frosted acrylic signage.

It leaves the finest and clearest surfaces thus making it an ideal choice for polishing this component.

In short, these are the most common techniques of polishing acrylic.

How Long will Frosted Acrylic Sign Last?

In most cases, frosted acrylic signs often last for several years.

The features of this material enable it to resist a wide variety of impact and environmental aspects.

That notwithstanding, the durability of this type of signage is also largely, dependent on the prevailing conditions it is exposed to.

For example, frosted acrylic signs for outdoor installations tend to be less durable compared to those designed for indoor installation.

Exposure to direct sunlight, abrasive materials, human traffic, excessive moisture, and other elements tend to reduce the durability of this signage.

Additionally, the extent of maintenance also plays a fundamental role in determining the durability of frosted acrylic sign.

How do you Install Frosted Acrylic Sign?

The installation technique is dependent on the type of fixation you require, where it is fixed, the size and other add-on features.

Majorly, you can consider three ways when installing frosted acrylic signs.

Frosted acrylic signs

Frosted acrylic sign

Hanging – It refers to suspending this acrylic signage to balance in the space.

It involves use of thread-like items that you fix on the signage and then attach them at the top surface.

Hanging is quite simple method, ideally for a DIY project.

Screw mounting – It is the common method for installing frosted acrylic sign.

This technique involves drilling holes on the surface of the signage material, often at the edges.

The holes are then used for driving stand-off screws on the wall.

The stand-off screws are driven tightly using a power tool to ensure that they support the signage accordingly.

This installation method is quite technical and might require input of a professional to ensure that you attain best results.

Adhesive mounting – It is more or less similar to screw mounting only that this technique uses adhesives to bond the signage on the wall surface.

You’ll need to get a recommended acrylic adhesive, apply it on the wall surface and rear part of the signage.

Wait for a few minutes for the adhesive to start curing then bond the surfaces.

In this case, you always need to ensure that you are using a clear adhesive.

Which Material can Substitute Frosted Acrylic Sign?

You can use several materials, especially thermoplastics and glass, in place of frosted acrylic sign.

However, not all materials can provide ideal functionality, efficiency, and quality as acrylic.

In that case, the suitable material is polycarbonate.

There is a thin line between polycarbonate and acrylic, thus making the former an ideal substitute for frosted acrylic signage.

For instance, polycarbonate offers excellent strength better than acrylic hence ideal resistance to impact.

Polycarbonate, just like acrylic, is also lightweight, thus making it easy to handle and install.

Furthermore, it has better resistance to several elements, including extreme temperature, ultraviolet rays, and other weather elements.

Besides, polycarbonate also has high light-diffusing ability, just like acrylic.

It is easy to clean and maintain, thus making it ideal for frosted signage.

You can as well easily fabricate frosted polycarbonate sign the way you would to acrylic.

Therefore, it makes it easy to determine the extent of customization that you require for your signage.

With all these and many more features, polycarbonate stands out as an ideal substitute for making frosted signage in place of acrylic.

Will Frosted Acrylic Sign yellow in the Sun?

Generally, acrylic material tends to yellow in the sun, especially when exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged duration.

This, however, depends on the grade of acrylic you are using as well as the intensity of the sunlight it is exposed to over that time.

It also depends on whether the specific frosted acrylic signage surface is treated with an anti-scratch coating.

If not, the frosted acrylic sign will yellow, albeit gradually since the molecules making the material will be weakening.

The more such units continue to weaken, the more the materials lose its clarity, hence yellowing.

Which Surface Treatment can you Apply on Frosted Acrylic Sign?

It depends on how and where you use it.

For outdoors mostly, you’ll need to apply a number of surface treatment coatings such as the following;

Anti-scratch coating – Since frosted acrylic can be sensitive to abrasive material that causes marks on the surface, anti-scratch surface coating comes in handy.

It helps in preventing such abrasive materials from scratching this component.

Anti-fog coating – This surface treatment helps in preventing the frosted acrylic sign from moisture spotting.

It comes in handy during winter or rainy seasons hence increasing the functionality of this signage.

Anti UV coating – It is essential when it comes to preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the surface of this signage.

Ideally, it plays a significant role since it enhances the longevity of frosted acrylic sign as well as reducing its discoloration.

Anti-static coating – This refers to a surface coating that helps in preventing or reducing the build-up static electricity or its effects on frosted acrylic signage.

It is ideal for signages that are integrated with electricity, specifically for lighting.

How do you remove Scratches from Frosted Acrylic Sign?

Frosted acrylic sign

Frosted acrylic sign

You can use different techniques to get rid of scratches from a frosted acrylic sign.

This, however, depends on whether the scratch is light or deep.

For light scratches, you simply need to use toothpaste, lukewarm water and piece of soft cotton cloth.

In this case, you need to apply a thin coat of toothpaste on the scratched surface.

You’ll then leave it to dry on that surface for a few minutes.

The in-depth one piece of soft cloth in lukewarm water and use it to rub the toothpaste.

While at it, ensure that you rub in a circular motion on the entire scratched area for about 20 seconds.

Then take another dry piece of cloth and use it to wipe off the paste from the surface material.

You’ll have a clear scratch-free frosted acrylic sign.

But if the scratch is rooted, you can choose to go for advanced techniques such as polishing and buffing.

Now we would like to hear from you too.

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