• Acrylic Handles

Acrylic Handles

WeProFab fabricates acrylic handles according to customer’s specifications. As a top manufacturer, we provide customer’s needs in more than 20 years. Build a strong relationship with us and get your desired awesome products.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Handles to Delight Your Customers

We offered you a wide selection of acrylic handles. Great quality yet professionally offered acceptable rates to help you gain the best profits.

Round Acrylic Handles

Round acrylic handles at Weprofab has plenty designs and features. You can also send your own layout to satisfy your business needs. Always consider us either for personal or business needs.

Pin-on Acrylic Handles

Customers always look for the product quality suitable for their application. Weprofab supplies Pin-on acrylic handles which are easy to install. We can offer decorative or custom pin-on acrylic handles.

Frosted Acrylic Handles

Frosted acrylic handles are popular. It has unique and amazing looks so your customer will surely get their attention. It is Durable from pushing and pulling natural for doors and drawers.

Double Sided Acrylic Handles

Double-sided for acrylic handles are most durable and negotiable. Aside from not easy to break, it is a very eye-catching type of handles. You can demand your design whether it is bubble or plain handles.

Colored Acrylic Handles

As we are the top provider in this industry, Weprofab has plenty of colors to offer for your acrylic handle orders. You can order them in different colors and shapes at a very low price offer.

Clear Acrylic Handles

We have clear acrylic handles to offer for your growing business. Available for any applications such as doors, drawers, or cabinets. We have many sizes and shapes to offer at the same time.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Handle Supplier

We manufacture great quality of acrylic handles so we can always provide the needs of our long term and newbie customers.

Weprofab always prioritizes the customer’s design. We can follow the detailed layout of your acrylic handle orders.

Weprofab acrylic handle supplies can surely help you boost your brand.

Contact us today and expect our on-time process.

Custom Acrylic Handles to Expand Your Brand

Acrylic Drawer Handles

Weprofab has unique shapes and styles of acrylic drawer hands to offer. We have a wide selection that will surely suit your needs. You can select your desired color or customizations as well.

Contemporary Acrylic Handles

Make sure the safety by having our contemporary acrylic handles. We can offer in different sizes from bigger to smaller handles. It is available in plain, decorative, or double-sided type.

Acrylic Door Handles

We have ultimate solutions for your needs such as purchasing acrylic door handles. We can customize and follow your plan or you can get our available and profitable designs.

Acrylic Mini Handles

Weprofab offers decorative or plain acrylic mini handles for any application. It is easy to push and pull and comfortable at the same time. Choosing weprofab can help you save your money.

Decorative Acrylic Handles

WeProFab can customize and design acrylic handles so we can fully satisfy your needs. We can be your perfect partner in running a business.

Cabinet Acrylic Handles

Acrylic handles for cabinets are beneficial and suitable for kitchen, home offices, bedrooms, apartments, hotels cabinets, and more. These acrylic handles have crystal and transparent colors that enhance the elegance of a room. They have a lighter weight than other handle materials.

Acrylic Drawer Pull Handles

The acrylic drawer pull handles are available in various sizes to suit your drawer applications. They have a modern and simple design, perfect for your closet, storage, bedroom, and babies rooms. These acrylic handles are easy to install and handy to ship.

Acrylic Furniture Handles

Acrylic furniture handles are ideal for any furniture you have at home. Their sizes, body color, and shapes are customizable. These acrylic handles with traditional styles are easy to install. They are made with high-quality materials, including acrylics.

Crystal Diamond Acrylic Handles

The acrylic handles with crystal diamond details have contemporary designs with various colors available. They are excellent handles for drawers, closets, cabinets, and more. You can request your desired sizes according to your specific utilization.

Minimalist Edge Acrylic Handles

Minimalist edge acrylic handles are accessible in various lengths to fit your particular application. They are not easy to break and have a lighter weight than glass handles. These acrylic handles are affordable yet high-quality.

Acrylic Cupboard Diamond Handles

The acrylic cupboard diamond handles are perfect for dressers, wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, and more. They have acrylic crystals supported with an aluminum handle body. You can request the required sizes and colors, like silver or gold.

Transparent Acrylic Handles

Transparent acrylic handles are suitable for living rooms, apartments, hotels, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. They have unique designs with multiple sizes and lengths. These acrylic handles are durable and last for an extended period.

Modern Style Acrylic Handles

The modern style acrylic handles have electroplating finishes. They have customizable sizes to fit your applications. They are available in black, gold, and silver colors. You can have a modern and straightforward wardrobe or cabinets using acrylic handles.

Patterned Acrylic Handles

Patterned acrylic handles have elegant and unique patterns and colors. They are also accessible for different sizes that exactly suit your drawers or room cabinets. These acrylic handles have firm and durable features.

Mushroom Shape Acrylic Handles

The mushroom shape acrylic handles have the popular style with round ball shapes. Various colors, including pink, violet, brown, green, blue, and more, are available. They are usually installed on dressers or wardrobes. These acrylic handles are easy to install and maintain.

Acrylic Silver Tone Handles

The acrylic silver-tone handles are eco-friendly with polished finishing. These acrylic handles are sturdy, durable, solid, and have beautiful designs. They are easy to screw mount using a screwdriver. Acrylic handles have a crystal-clear shape and a stylish look.

Round Chrome Acrylic Handle

Round chrome acrylic handles are decorative knobs with modern designs. They have polished, satin, and black surface finishing. These acrylic handles are for home offices and living room applications.

Customized Acrylic Handle

Customized acrylic handles are perfectly made for indoor furniture utilization. They have brass or copper support on each end. You can order specific lengths that suit your wardrobe, cabinets, and dresser. These acrylic handles are customized according to customers’ requests.

Iridescent Acrylic Handle

The iridescent acrylic handles have eye-catching iridescent colors. They are designed with ease of installation. Iridescent acrylic handles have lighter weight, stable, unbreakable features, perfect for drawers and dressers.

Bathroom Acrylic Drawer Handles

Acrylic handles for bathroom drawers come in various lengths and colors. They are also suitable handles for shower rooms and wardrobe drawers. These acrylic handles can easily be mounted but firmly attached to your drawers or bathroom doors.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Handles


As a trusted and reliable supplier in China, we offer the best selection of acrylic handles for your business.

If you are searching for any features or characteristics, we have plenty to offer. We have plain, decorative, colored, and many more options.

Weprofab is known as the leading acrylic manufacturer worldwide. From home, hotel, and large stores accessories, we can be able to supply on time.

If you are a supplier or a distributor of acrylic handles, Weprofab can be considered as your long term partner. We offered lower rates of acrylic handles to fill your needs.

Pin-on Acrylic Handles

We can make sure the quality of the acrylic handles that we supplied. We make sure it is made in quality raw materials.

You can rely on Weprofab for the whole of your process.

Many companies purchasing different features and styles of acrylic handle for their business or personal business.

While the others ordering acrylic handles in bulk.

For fast and effective processes, you can always count on us. Our watchful and skilled staff from different services will guide you.

Acrylic Handles

We can supply a large amount of acrylic orders according to your demand.

We make sure you will be satisfied with dealing with us.

If you are planning to import acrylic handles at Weprofab, you can also send your own designs.

In more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry, we have experienced engineers. They are doing their best to manufacture products suitable for your applications.

You can trust us, as we are the ISO 9001 certified in this industry.

We can surely provide your demands through our complete skilled workers, facilities, and high technology machines.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, lots of customers build a solid relationship with us. We prioritize your process to avoid returns. That’s the reason why many loved in dealing Weprofab.

If you choose Weprofab as your partner, all your needs will be provided.

Acrylic Handles


As we can fully customize your acrylic handles, we can also be your one-stop-solution. The whole of your process from packaging to moving your orders will be smoothly and safely done.

If you have planned to purchase large amounts of acrylic handles, Weprofab can offer great value for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact now!


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