Acrylic Ring Holder

Acrylic Ring Holder

Acrylic ring holders are a stylish storage solution for ring collections. You canuse them for holding or showcasing engagement rings, wedding rings, and other types of rings. Using them will also make the rings easy to find and prevent them from losing. The acrylic ring holders can also add more class and elegance to the displayed rings. The ring collections will look more high-end and attractive.

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Rod Ring Holder

The acrylic 6-rod ring holders are used for storing multiple rings. They are very space-saving and are suitable for trade shows.

Acrylic Heart Ring Holder

The acrylic heart ring holders feature polished edges and high clarity. They are very attractive, lightweight, and sturdy.

Acrylic Conical Ring Holder

The acrylic conical ring holders have a cone-shaped design. They can be used for holding small or large-sized rings.

Acrylic Square Block Ring Holder

The acrylic square block ring holders feature smooth surfaces and polished edges. They also have an elegant appearance.

Acrylic Cylinder Ring Holder

The acrylic cylinder ring holders are widely used in jewelry shops, trade shows, etc. They have simple yet classy designs.

Acrylic Hexagonal Ring Holder

The acrylic hexagonal ring holders feature crystal-clear transparency. They have a glass-like appearance.

Acrylic Hand Stand Ring Holder

The acrylic handstand ring holders have 5 fingers that are used for holding multiple rings. They also feature a stable base.

Acrylic 3-Layer Ring Holder

The acrylic 3-layer ring holders are designed with 3 small round platforms at different heights. They are used in jewelry stores or at home.

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Main Features

High Transparency – Due to the transparency and crystal look of acrylic ring holders they can match any jewelry color. They can also grab the attention of customers. Therefore, the sales will increase.

Lightweight – Acrylic ring holders are lightweight which makes them easy to carry.

Excellent Durability – The acrylic ring holders will not break easily. When they fall, they will also not shatter.

Variety of Uses

The acrylic ring holders can be used for organizing or displaying rings in jewelry shops, retail stores, shop windows, trade shows, and jewelry showcases. Sometimes they are also used for taking pictures of engagement or wedding rings.

Moreover, the acrylic ring holders are also used for personal or home use. They can be displayed on countertops, desk tables, bathroom vanities, etc.

Choose WeProFab Acrylic Ring Holder to Skyrocket Your Business

WeProFab offers acrylic ring holders in a range of sizes shapes and designs to meet various business needs. We manufacture our acrylic ring holders from the most durable, clear, and finest quality acrylic. Due to that, the durability and quality of our acrylic ring holders are certified. They are guaranteed to last a long time.

To ensure your exact needs are met we offer custom acrylic ring holders. We are equipped with an excellent R&D team and advanced manufacturing equipment. And that enables us to provide acrylic ring holders that are customized exactly to your specific requirements.

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