• Acrylic Fish Tank

Acrylic Fish Tank

WeProFab highly recommends Acrylic Fish Tank in good quality finishes and has long-term usage ability. We have full expertise in coating some acrylic materials and creates well-molded fish tanks. We have coating advance-tech helpful for innovating acrylic-made fish tanks. If you are wishing on cooperating with us, we are ready to serve you.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Fish Tank to Delight Your Customers

Here at WeProFab, we can give you an appropriate product you needed in specific implementations. We highly customize any formation design of Acrylic Fish Tanks that assuredly captivates your own costumer`s attention.

Acrylic Fish Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab is your number 1 supplier and manufacturer of Acrylic Fish Tanks. It is offered low-priced for your low business financial plans. Here at WeProFab online market, customization types are in availability.

Custom Acrylic Fish Tank

It is easy to find your ideal Custom Acrylic Fish Tanks here at our market site. We highly entertained OEM and ODM customers and continue to support its personal business handles.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Fish Tank

Our Heat Resistant Acrylic Fish Tank offered finishes are freely accessible with very low ratings. WeProFab is a solution provider when comes to your manufacturing necessities.

Large Acrylic Fish Tank

With any sizes, WeProFab accurately cut acrylic sheets into different sizes to finally formed a large size of acrylic fish tanks. It has overall erosion resistance.

Mini Acrylic Fish Tank

WeProFab greatly proposing the extreme quality of mini-sized acrylic fish tanks within low-budget prices. All components that include also offer the same lower-priced as others.

Mini Colored Acrylic Fish Tank

This cute and has eye-catching LED colors are accessible in WeProFab reliable markets. We offer the best quality yet applicable in long-terms applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Fish Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab is well-known for its high capacity in manufacturing your desired acrylic fish tanks. We professionally assembled and make customization for all your plastic and metal integrated productions. To meet your high specifications in manufacturing, we keep on doing our very best to give all you want.

WeProFab provides highly secured protections and the durability level it has. We 100% provides superb quality levels just to meet your needs.

To have well-built acrylic fish tanks, contact us to get service beneficial.

Custom Acrylic Fish Tank to Expand Your Brand

Decorative Acrylic Fish Tank

WeProFab provides an exact and great solution when searching the best and functional decorative type of acrylic fish tanks. We supply thousands of stocks to support your current running business.

Round Acrylic Fish Tank

If you like the unique shape design of an acrylic fish tanks, here at WeProFab you surely get one. Acrylic-built finishes are proven long-lasting.

Transparent Acrylic Fish Tank

An acrylic fish tank that has a high transparency appearance is quite impressive. A transparent Acrylic fish tank provides elegance to an environment, gives a relaxing and wonderful feeling.

Acrylic Small Fish Tank

Acrylic Small  Fish Tank is a fashionable style that function as decorative glass with 6-500mm thickness that has CE and ISO9001 certificate.

200 Liters Acrylic Fish Tank

Its applied as aquarium tank ornament that function continuously with 93% diaphaneity and has customizable sizes amd shape.

Acrylic Cylinder Aquarium Fish Tank

Acrylic Cylinder Aquarium Fish Tank has up to 300mm thick, this material is clearer than glasses, with no light coloured tint amd has 92% light transmission.

Large Acrylic Fish Tank

Its applied in swimming pools and aquarium with 95% light transmission, has 1.2kg density, and 2.5L volume. It features UV resistance, easy to maintain, and high resistance.

Acrylic Fish Tank Barrier Box

Acrylic Fish Tank Barrier Box can be used in office, garden, home, and hotel that features luxury, eco-friendly, sustainalbe, and durable.

Desktop Acrylic Mini Fish Tank

The water in the tank is being circulated in circles to supply clean air for its fishes. It holds approximately 1.5L of water and used for any season.

Indoor Household Acrylic Fish Tank

Indoor Household Acrylic Fish Tank offers beautiful clear fish tanks sized from 15-1000 cm, but may also be customized in a range of sizes.

Acrylic Bowl Fish Tank

Acrylic Bowl Fish Tank is used for a daily lifestyle that holds 100mL water. It features a sustainable and easy-to-install product that is composed of plastic and acrylic material.

Acrylic Fish Tank with Barrier

Weprofab Acrylic Fish Tank with Barrier is ideal for home, office, garden, hotel, etc., usage. It features a durable, fashion, luxury, and eco-friendly style.

Mini Ecological Acrylic Fish Tank

Weprofab Mini Ecological Acrylic Fish Tank features a 1L volume and rectangle shape. It is ideal for home decorations or business gifts.

Acrylic Fish Aquarium Tank Table

Acrylic Fish Aquarium Tank Table filter features a double side, remote control, and two LED pieces. It has a DC 5V that is ideal for desktop, countertop, dining room, etc., room space.

Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium

Weprofab Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium is made of 100% acrylic material with a 15L volume. It is great to display on countertop, kitchen, desktop, bedroom, living, etc.

Unique Glass Acrylic Fish Tank

Weprofab Unique Glass Acrylic Fish Tank features a sustainable, stocked and easy operation. This acrylic fish tank has a 6w power and 55L volume.

Acrylic Fish Tank External Top Filter

Weprofab External Top Filter for Acrylic Fish Tanks is appropriate for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums and water features. Also, it has a two-layer filtering system.

Clear Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank

Weprofab Clear Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank has a transparent color and custom sizes. This acrylic fish tank is ideal for shelving display applications.

Floor Standing Acrylic Fish Tank

Weprofab Floor Standing Acrylic Fish Tank is a transparent cylinder acrylic plexiglass fish tank. It has customized and is ideal for all seasons.

Right Angle Acrylic Fish Tank

Weprofab Right Angle Acrylic Fish Tank is constructed from eco-friendly materials. Additionally, it boasts a heated curved arc surface for a more expansive vision.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Fish Tank

WeProFab Acrylic fish tank is where fishes feel at home.

An acrylic tank for them needed to be presentable and has wide spaces for fishes.

It has different available sizes that are right for your applications.

For both business matters and personal applications, the perfect acrylic fish tank solution is here easily found at the WeProFab marketplace.

Each design offers are of good quality and best for fish collections.

Acrylic Fish Tank Manufacturer

Non-exotic or exotic fishes are well-suited at acrylic fish tanks.

This made extra special for those lovable fishes living there.

Tanks or aquariums fabricated from acrylics have extra durability functions.

High-quality acrylic is most preferred to use when manufacturing the best fish tanks in the world.

A top option and most recommended to manufactures unregretful quality of acrylic fish tanks.

Besides, WeProFab acrylic fish tanks take more advantages than disadvantages.

It has countless advantages capacities in business operations which truly gives higher quality layout designs.

Acrylic fish tanks are much lighter, not nearly prone to leakage, have durability designs and well-known for their bendable unit design.

Mini Colored Acrylic Fish Tank

Due to its lightweight purpose, ease handling will be encounter trouble-free.

WeProFab manufacturers have a powerful ability to shape and flex acrylic materials to create different size formations, edges, corners, hexagonal, and globes.

Besides, when choosing to live nearby earthquake area vulnerability, acrylic-made tanks are most prefer and the safest option so far.

However, glasses are easily scratched and have discoloration disadvantage.

Latest acrylic fish tanks are highly protected from yellowing and less likely to have discolorations.

Each model offers are both good for any intend applications.

Wide selections of acrylic fish tanks continue to propose.

Homely designed tanks or aquariums are formed and molded into some precise shapes, sizes for required tanking applications.

Most homely designs are with rectangular shapes but still accessible in round, square, and many other shapes availabilities.

Our all-purpose acrylic fish tanks are fine with every size and shape.

It still works all the same. Classical look and filtrating appearances truly achieved through proper using and installing of our acrylic fish tanks.

It gives perfect cycling water processes and aerations that highly maintain the cleanliness of water inside the tanks.

WeProFab is totally prepared on manufacturing your desired acrylic fish tanks in an urgent way.

If you need an organized team to help you achieve business successions, here at WeProFab you`ll truly experience greatly valued fabrications.

Acrylic Fish Tank: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide has everything you need to know about acrylic fish tank.

From design, coating options, sizes to classification, you’re going to find useful information that will make you an acrylic fish tank expert.

Let’s dive in:

What is Acrylic Fish Tank?

This is a type of transparent water container used for keeping, displaying, and observing live fish and other aquatic creatures.

It made from acrylic thermoplastic material, and you can use it in various applications.

Acrylic fish tanks come in multiple sizes, shapes add-on features, and designs depending on the preference of the customer.

 Acrylic fish tank

Acrylic fish tank

Which Coating Options are available for Acrylic Fish Tanks?

You can use quite a several coating options for acrylic fish tanks, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions in your area.

Most surface coatings for this equipment are often to help in enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and durability.

The common surface coating options include the following;

Anti-scratch coating – It is a common and ideal surface coating option for acrylic fish tanks.

It helps in preventing the surface from scratchy elements, which would otherwise leave unpleasant marks on the surface of this component.

Anti-glare coating – Some acrylic fish tanks are usually integrated with a lighting system.

This might result in a reflection of excess light, especially at night hence distorting clear vision.

Also, this coating thus comes in handy to ensure it reduces or eliminates the excess or unwanted light reflection possibly, emitted from the surface of this item.

UV Stabilizer coating – It refers to a type of surface treatment, which helps in preventing ultraviolet radiation from attacking and penetrating the material.

It is a suitable coating mostly for outdoor acrylic fish tanks.

And the reason here is because it could be exposed to direct sunlight most of the time.

Anti-fog coating – It is a surface treatment, which helps in preventing the formation of mist or vapor on the surface of this component.

And this is essential since it enhances clarity, which is critical for better visibility.

Is Acrylic Fish Tank Better than Glass?

Generally, acrylic material comes out as relatively superior compared to glass, in regards to features and quality.

A comparison of these materials clearly shows how acrylic is seemingly a better option than glass.

For example, the acrylic fish tank is relatively lightweight, almost 50% less of the glass fish tank of the same dimensions.

Therefore, it allows for easy handling, mobility as well as assembling, especially for portable equipment.

Acrylic fish tank also has greater impact resistance compared to a glass fish tank.

Ideally, acrylic is about 17 times stronger than glass, a clear indication of why the former can last for many years and withstand any form of impact.

The acrylic fish tank has higher clarity than glass.

About 92% of light can pass through acrylic as compared to 84% of light on glass.

Additionally, the glass fish tank is a bit brittle.

And this is disadvantageous since it makes it prone to cracking, breaking and shattering.

Acrylic fish tank, on the other hand, is not fragile, which explains the reasons it hardly breaks nor shatters.

Moreover, acrylic fish glass can withstand a wide range of harsh environmental physical and climatic conditions and still maintain efficiency.

Glassfish tank, on the other hand, has a relatively low resistance and tolerance to most of such elements hence compromising its effectiveness for this application.

How long do Acrylic Fish Tanks last?

Acrylic fish tank

Acrylic fish tank

The durability of acrylic fish tanks generally depends on many factors, including the conditions it is exposed to and maintenance.

The grade of acrylic material used for making the tank is also another element determining its durability.

In essence, it has low durability when exposed to unfavorable conditions for a prolonged period, such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and abrasive materials.

Also, if poorly maintained, this equipment tends to degrade significantly.

Moreover, the acrylic fish tank made of low-grade material also has relatively low durability compared to one made using superior grade acrylic material.

If all factors remain constant, an ideal acrylic fish tank should last for at least 40 years.

How can you Customize Acrylic Fish Tanks?

Acrylic material is a highly customizable material since it is naturally soft and flexible.

You can choose to fabricate it in many ways to ensure you attain the precise design features suiting your requirements.

Several design options are available, which you can use to customize this equipment.

However, it is necessary to note it also depends on the capacity of the supplier to offer the specific customizations.

Some of the typical ways include the following;

Clear acrylic fish tank

Clear acrylic fish tank

CNC machining – It is a customization technique revolving around the computer numerical control system.

It uses preset software to mold the fish tank to appropriate size and shape.

Also, it is a fast-paced and precise customization tech-oriented technique but requires a high level of artistry.

Injection molding – It is the other ideal way to customize acrylic fish tanks.

Besides, it merely entails the formation of the acrylic fish tank to the desired shape.

It is also a thorough process, which requires high capacity to attain.

Welding – It is an acrylic fish tank customization technique, which uses heat in joining different pieces when making this equipment.

Welding is ideal since it offers a better alternative for adhesive, particularly in such an aquatic setting.

Lamination – This is a customization method involving the application of a particular layer on the surface of the acrylic fish tank.

It is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of this aquatic equipment.

Printing – You can as well choose to print graphics or texts on the surface of the acrylic fish tanks.

Which is the Best Size of Acrylic Fish Tank?

The best size for an acrylic fish tank is dependent on several factors, most importantly, on the preference of the customer.

Furthermore, the size also depends on the specific use and the space available.

Different clients have different needs when it comes to choosing the dimensions for this equipment.

Therefore, it is upon the manufacturer to ensure they produce the actual size, which meets the requirements of the customers.

What’s more, is you can easily mold this material by either cutting-to-size or welding to join the pieces.

So it becomes effective to get the desired shape on such a basis.

Therefore, it can be safe to state the best size of the acrylic fish tank is all based on the dimensional requirements of the customer.

Do Acrylic Fish Tanks leak?

If assembled and fixed appropriately, it becomes difficult for an acrylic fish tank to leak or even show signs of leakage.

However, prolonged use would mean the equipment is exposed to several conditions.

This would lead to a partial reconfiguration of some of the joints, thus possibly leading to leakage.

In such instances, though, it is easy to seal the leaking points on this material.

You only need to find a suitable acrylic glue and apply it to the leaking points.

Once the adhesive cures, there will be no more leakages or signs of the same.

What are the Disadvantages of Acrylic Fish Tanks?

Acrylic fish tanks have a few shortcomings, which include the following;

The surface of this material is relatively soft.

It thus makes it somewhat sensitive to scratchy objects, which tend to leave unpleasant inscriptions on its surface.

The drawback of this is it degrades the optical clarity quality of this equipment.

Another drawback is, when exposed to direct sunlight for many years, it might tend to start yellowing.

Once this starts, it means the equipment will start degrading, given it will be losing the shininess or glossiness.

The acrylic fish tank is also quite difficult to assemble, especially if the desired design is relatively complicated.

To prevent possible incidences such as leakages, it requires an expert who understands how it works to fix it.

It is also a bit costly, compared to other materials such as glass, which can as well offer the same solutions.

This material is also prone to dirt, and given the equipment is designed for keeping live animals and plants, it would require regular cleaning.

It is the only way of guaranteeing healthy aquatic plants and animals inside this container.

How often should you Reseal Acrylic Fish Tanks?

 Clear acrylic fish tank

 Clear acrylic fish tank

Generally, a properly maintained acrylic fish tank does not require any form of resealing.

It can hold up the sealant or specific adhesive used for as many years as possible.

The only time resealing these tanks would be necessary is when it starts showing signs of significant sealant degradation.

Also, if it does not portray any form of leakages such as air bubbles and color-changing of water, never bother to reseal it.

In other words, it is only necessary to reseal your acrylic fish tank when the sealant or adhesive wears out, which can take as many years as possible.

In most cases, sealant on this equipment can last for up to 15 years without showing any signs of degradation.

What are Rimless Acrylic Fish Tanks?

They refer to the design of fish tanks that only use acrylic material in the construction of every detail therein.

When assembled, there is no use of any supporting component at the joints or angles.

Instead, they only use the sealant and relatively thick acrylic material to provide the necessary support.

It thus implies this type of fish tank doesn’t have any edge of plastic or euro bracing on it.

Rimless acrylic fish tanks are becoming more popular over traditional tanks since they provide amazing and undeniable aesthetic appeal.

Since they are designed from pure acrylic sheets, it shows they are quite clearer.

The material, of course, is free from green hue, which explains the reasons it has superior optical clarity.

However, the rimless acrylic fish tanks are quite expensive compared to the conventional acrylic fish tanks, of course, for obvious reasons.

How do you determine the Thickness of Acrylic Fish Tank?

Generally, acrylic fish tanks often dependent on many factors, and one is the size of the actual fish tank.

In fish tank applications, the equipment will be subject to heavy loads and water pressure.

And this is from the perspective of safety and efficiency.

The ideal way to know the suitable thickness for an acrylic fish tank is by determining the actual capacity of water that it shall hold.

There is always a manual way that you can use to calculate the thickness of this material, depending on factors surrounding the dimensions.

Nonetheless, it would be suitable to go for an extra-thick acrylic sheet, particularly if you are constructing a fish tank of more than 120-liter capacity.

This thickness is also essential in cushioning this component from consequential leakage and related damage.

What is the Advantage of Heat Resistant Acrylic Fish Tanks over Standard Alternatives?

Glass fish tank

 Glass fish tank

Choosing heat resistant acrylic fish tank is essential because it can control the ideal temperatures better than standard alternatives.

In that sense, it’s advantageous since it always allows fish to get enough oxygen, given that water in the equipment will always stay cold.

On the other hand, a standard fish tank would tend to get warm, thus making the water to hold relatively less oxygen.

And this makes it difficult for the fish inside to grasp enough oxygen leading to possible fish kills.

The other advantage is that it is easy to modify heat resistant acrylic fish tanks to adapt to a particular climatic condition.

For example, during summer, it could be easy to fine-tune different elements of this type of fish tank to regulate the temperatures.

This can be difficult to attain with standard fish tank alternatives.

How much does Acrylic Fish Tank Cost?

The cost of buying a perfect and suitable acrylic fish tank often varies depending on a wide range of elements.

Also, the specific design of this equipment that you’re purchasing would, of course, determine the amount you pay to acquire it.

The size of your preferred acrylic fish tank is also the other aspect that defines the amount you’ll pay to get this component.

They come in different sizes depending on where and how you want to use them.

For instance, those designed for sanctuaries tend to be relatively large that those made for residential homes.

Another factor determining the cost of this equipment is the level of customization you’d prefer to attain.

Different customers have varied preferences when it comes to the simplicity or complexity of acrylic fish tank they would desire to have.

And most importantly, it is your destination, and whether you are buying it locally or importing to overseas countries.

In any case, the shipping cost will factor in the overall cost of buying this item together with other related duties, where applicable.

The bottom line is acrylic fish tank does not necessarily have a fixed price.

Several factors surround the value of this aquatic component.

What Type of Acrylic Fish Tank is suitable for you?

The specific type of acrylic fish tank ideal for you is dependent on your needs as well as the use.

If you’re a hobbyist looking for this type of tank, it would be ideal to go for small to medium-sized acrylic fish tanks.

Also, if possible, the design should incorporate as various add-on features as possible, such as lighting, among others.

If you’re using it in a sanctuary, it would be suitable to go for one that is relatively big and has an extremely solid construction.

You would also need one with different partitions on it, if possible.

It helps in separating different fish and animal species inside the fish tank.

If you are using it for entertainment and display, mostly at the shopping mall entrances and office lounges, you need a fancy type.

The essence here is to attract people visiting these places hence the need for making sure it looks decorative.

In a nutshell, a suitable acrylic fish tank for you is dependent on your needs and usage.

Do Acrylic Fish Tank scratch easily?

Acrylic fish tank

 Acrylic fish tank

Generally, acrylic, which is the primary material for making this type of fish tank, has a soft surface.

It thus implies it is somehow sensitive to scratches, especially arising from abrasive items.

The ease of scratches on this surface depends on the intensity and frequency of the abrasion.

In some instances, the scratches can be relatively light, whereas, in some cases, they can go deep into the surface of this material.

And it is the reason it is advisable to keep it away from kids or pets who can easily rub the surface of this component out of curiosity.

On the flip side, nowadays, most acrylic fish tanks come integrated with an anti-scratch coating.

This coating prevents it from inevitable abrasion hence maintaining the glossiness and clarity of the surface.

Furthermore, the way fish tank can scratch easily is the same way you can remove such marks from its surface.

You can polish or buff the material using recommended substrates to effortlessly and instantly remove the scratches.

What is the Best Sealant for Acrylic Aquariums?

Several sealants are currently in the market, and almost all seem to be offering the same qualities and features.

However, when selecting this substance, you have to be certain you’re choosing one that is safe for both the tanks and plants and animals.

It should also be able to create a high strength and permanent seals to prevent any ensuing leaks.

So the best sealants for acrylic aquarium are those, which are acrylic polymer-based.

Generally, they are quite a number, and the specific type will also depend on the weather, temperature changes as well as thickness of the acrylic material.

Do Acrylic Fish Tanks Bow?

Curved acrylic fish tank

Curved acrylic fish tank

Generally, acrylic is a flexible material, a clear indication it can significantly bow in the middle of the panel.

And this can happen irrespective of the thickness of the acrylic panel or quality of the welds.

The effect of this is it can lead to visible distortion, which can lower the quality of this component.

And it is the reason you’ll find most customized acrylic fish tanks are often designed using excessively thick material.

The essence, in this case, is to help in reducing or preventing any possibility of this equipment from bowing.

Are Acrylic Fish Tanks suitable for Exotic Fishes?

Absolutely yes!

What’s important in this instance is making sure acrylic pool conditions are ideal for exotic fish sustainability.

It also happens that some species of exotic fish would reproduce freely in this type of tank.

On the other hand, some of these species would require special conditions to do so.

Additionally, it would be prudent to separate them from other indigenous species if at all, you have to keep them in one tank.

What’s important, nonetheless, is making sure that you provide the right conditions to ensure they can tolerate such an environment.

 Circular acrylic aquarium

Circular acrylic aquarium

How do you make Custom Acrylic Fish Tank?

It is a simple process as long as you have all the right materials and basic knowledge on how to do it.

Technically, you can use different ways to make customized acrylic fish tanks, depending on the design and other aspects.

But for general knowledge, this process starts with assembling all the necessary materials in place, including the acrylic sheet.

Once you have them, all the next thing is measuring and cutting the sheet into ideal size depending on the measurements.

Now start joining the different pieces of acrylic sheet and securing them using acrylic adhesive.

If need be, you can as well choose to weld the surfaces if you have the capacity.

Once you assemble the tank, ensure you check the joints and reinforce further using the recommended sealants.

It prevents incidences of leakage as well as enhancing the strength of the acrylic fish tank.

It is also at this point where you can choose to include any add-on features, if possible.

Allow it to cure for some time the start polishing the edges to remove the debris and any spilled adhesives.

Once the finishing is over, you can choose to pour water in your tanks and start using it accordingly.

Is there MOQ for a Customized Acrylic Fish Tank?

This is exclusively reliant on the specific supplier you are purchasing this item from.

They have different guiding principles surrounding acrylic fish tank MOQ.

For instance, a manufacturer such as WeProFab tends to offer a flexible MOQ to all clients regardless of your location.

What is the Volume/Capacity of Indoor Acrylic Fish Tanks?

It is dependent on many factors, including the size of the indoor space, the length of the fish you are keeping, and many more.

In general, though, the standard capacity of this type of tank, however, is 120 liters.

But it can nevertheless, be more or less based on your specific needs and availability of other resources.

Clearly, choosing an acrylic fish tank can be a tiresome process.

Luckily, this guide has made everything simple and straightforward for you.

So, if you’re looking for high quality and customized acrylic fish tank, WeProFab offers a perfect solution for you.

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