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Ballistic helmet

WeProFab is specialized in manufacturing different types of ballistic helmets in China. We are a very professional developer of personal protection and self-defense equipment for the Army, public security, police, and many more. It is high-quality, durable, and lightweight. Being a leader in this industry, we offer production and excellent shipping solutions for ODM and OEM customers.

Get WeProFab Ballistic Helmet to Delight Your Customers

Our ballistic helmets provide high protection and comfort to the wearer. It is lightweight, streamlined equipment with enhanced accessories that guarantee the highest performance head protection possible. Level up your brand with our highly recommendable ballistic helmets!

PASGT Ballistic Helmets

Weprofab creates various types of the ballistic helmet including PASGT Ballistic Helmets also called as Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops.  It comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

ACH Tactical Helmet with Clear Visor

Weprofab ACH Tactical Helmet with Clear Visor can pass all kinds of international lab tests. It comes with a clear visor which can be easily installed and removed. Weprofab manufactured this product under a top-class quality control system.

ECH Ballistic Helmets

Weprofab ECH Ballistic Helmets also known as Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) are made from excellent and aultra-high molecular polyethylene material or thermoplastic.

FAST Ballistic Helmets

Weprofab FAST Ballistic Helmets are lighter than any other recent ballistic protection helmet. Weprofab is a certified manufacturer in China that offers ballistic complete customization to fully support our business.

PE Materials MICH Style Military Bulletproof Helmet

Our PE Materials MICH Style Military Bulletproof Helmet features full protection for the head. It has an excellent performance multi-layered aramid construction with improved stability and comfort.

Ballistic Helmets Facemask

Our versatile ballistic helmet facemask has a detachable plate switchable to various ballistic functions, levels, and designs. It is semi-flexible for impact suspension and lightweight.

WeProFab: Your Leading Ballistic Helmet Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, we are your premier provider for any type of manufacturing such as plastics and metal. Our ballistic helmets are one of the highly recommended personal protection and self-defense equipment for police and Army, public security, etc. All products are officially tested in standard conditions and certified by the international lab center.

WeProFab manufactures all types of ballistic helmets with various sizes, styles, and features used in a wide range of applications including PASGT Ballistic Helmets, Ballistic Helmets Facemask, FAST Ballistic Helmets, etc. You can choose from our products that suit your needs or request a custom fabrication. If one of the ballistic helmet products is your desire, you can contact us immediately!

Custom Ballistic Helmet to Expand Your Brand

Custom Ballistic Helmet

Custom Ballistic Helmet is made from modern materials that’s why it has excellent ballistic resistance achieved while maintaining a low weight and keeping all the comfort and utility of a high-end ballistic helmet.

Lightweight Ballistic Helmet

Lightweight Ballistic Helmet provides protection from small arms and shell grenades and explosive equipment. Weprofab is your premier manufacturer with rich experience in ballistic helmet manufacturing.

Raider Ballistic Helmet

It is designed for the armed and law enforcement forces. It is compatible with a broad range of communication devices, gas masks, goggles, headlamps, etc.

Large Ballistic High Cut Helmet

Our Weprofab large ballistic high cut helmet is manufactured from reinforced Nylon Polymer plastic and very lightweight. Innovative helmet design vastly increases the safety of the operator.

Ballistic Helmet Cover

Our Helmet Cover is very easy to change and suitable for use with ballistic helmets. It has a close-fitting cover that protects the helmet finish and secures seemly the shell of the helmet.

Full Face Mask Ballistic Helmet

You can find modular design and deformable open mask ballistic helmets with exchangeable lenses here in Weprofab. It is high corrosin resistance and impacts resistance ballistic helmets.

Durable Ballistic Helmet

Our durable ballistic helmet guarantees to protect soldiers’ eyes, ears, and brains. It is also designed to carry additional combat equipment.

Police Ballistic Helmet

WeProFab Police Ballistic Helmet will give you an excellent user experience. It has a high-resolution texture, rugged and durable suitable for a wide range of applications.

Adjustable Ballistic Helmet

The adjustable ballistic helmet is constructed using lightweight and durable ABS material. Includes hard-shell design and adjustable internal padding. Features simple installation and easy removal. Fits a variety of accessories.

Advanced Ballistic Helmet

An advanced ballistic helmet is great for training, climbing, and search and rescue operations. Equipped with replacement internal pad and headband set. The tactical side rails fit all kinds of accessories and the front rails can be installed a night vision.

Ballistic Construction Helmet

A ballistic construction helmet can be disassembled independently. Features a chin strap that is lined for comfort and the rear dial knob for head size adjustment. Includes high-quality foam that is lightweight.

Ballistic Military Helmet

A ballistic military helmet arrives with internal top headbands and a comfort foam that is not affected by temperature. Completely adjustable from size of headband to height of helmet. Specially designed for militaries.

Ballistic Modular Helmet

A ballistic modular helmet is mostly used for hunting, tactical, shooting, and other outdoor activities. The hook attachment on the outside could be used to attach a patch. Supplied with4 position accessory rail connectors.

Breathable Ballistic Helmet

A breathable ballistic helmet offers non-snag attachment points for quick yet secure application. Battle-tested and built to handle extreme forces. A superior lightweight option with a breathable memory foam interior padding.

Bulletproof Ballistic Helmet

A bulletproof ballistic helmet offers full protection and optimizes performance. Features heavy-duty and lightweight polymer arc rails. Supplied with 10 memory foam pads inside for supreme comfort. Keeps the head protected from heavy impacts.

Customized Ballistic Helmet

The customized ballistic helmet features a locking suspension mechanism and bungee cords that stabilize the shell. Available in different sizes, colors, and designs. Specially designed to absorb impact with maximum comfort.

Green Tactical Ballistic Helmet

A green tactical ballistic helmet ensures a secure suspension that stays in place all day. Comes with a lightweight and breathable memory foam padding. Offers a lightweight design for better interfacing with accessories.

Heavy-Duty Ballistic Helmet

The heavy-duty ballistic helmet is known as a bulletproof helmet or tactical helmet. Features bowl-shaped steel shells that are designed to protect the wearer’s head from bullets. Available in different cuts, types, and materials.

Hybrid Ballistic Bump Helmet

A hybrid ballistic bump helmet is used to avoid blunt impact, shrapnel, and other threats. Made with a heat-resistant synthetic fiber that does not ignite. Features great tensile strength and is lightweight.

Lightweight Ballistic Helmet

A lightweight ballistic helmet guarantees outstanding bulletproof quality and comfort. Designed to be a lighter and more comfortable type of ballistic helmet. Can also serve as mounts for additional gear.

Skull-Mounting Ballistic Helmet

The skull-mounting ballistic helmet provides a great bulletproof ability to achieve the desired performance. Specially designed to allow additional features and is skull-mounted. Particularly used by the military and law enforcement.

Sports Ballistic Helmet

Sports ballistic helmet arrives with adjustable locking dial suspension. Commonly used in sports and comes with an integrated front mount. Developed using smart design and techniques. Offers excellent protection from high-velocity fragments.

Super High Cut Ballistic Helmet

A super high-cut ballistic helmet is a lightweight and bolt-free material. A high fragmentation helmet with detachable plates switchable to different ballistic levels. Lightweight and semi-flexible for impact suspension.

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Why WeProFab Ballistic Helmet


Choosing the right ballistic helmet is not simple. But with Weprofab, you don’t need to worry! We offer the best selection of ballistic helmets with great performance and excellent features carefully designed just for you.

Weprofab is one of the famous personal protection and self-defense equipment manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Our range of ballistic helmets has gained a good reputation in the foreign and domestic markets owing to its unparalleled designs and durability.

 Ballistic Helmets

We offer various types of ballistic helmets with different features including ballistic helmets facemask, PE materials MICH style military bulletproof helmet, fast ballistic helmets, police ballistic helmet, large ballistic high cut helmet, and many more.

Weprofab ballistic helmet also known as the bulletproof helmet is a defensive helmet manufactured to secure the wearer’s head from hazardous threats like blast debris, blunt impact, impact (bullets), etc.

Weprofab ballistic helmet has a modular design, high corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. Each surface texture of Weprofab ballistic helmet is carefully carved and detailed beautifully. This will guarantee that you receive high-level quality and the most competitive price of a ballistic helmet.

 Ballistic Helmets

We can combine our industrial production lines and advanced bulletproof materials to meet the latest bulletproof needs of the police, armed and law enforcement forces, army, public security, etc.

WeProFab performs strict quality control and test processing to ensure that you receive the most promising quality ballistic helmets. So, when choosing the right ballistic helmet manufacturer, always rely on WeProFab. For more than 20 years in manufacturing ballistic helmets, we became excellent and trusted by many clients worldwide.

 Ballistic Helmets

Whether you`re a supplier, the company that wants to improve your brand, or just starting your business, WeProfab is your perfect manufacturer and supplier. Our team of designers and technicians makes sure to satisfy every requirement you need. We aim to support your business from the start until you achieve the complete growth of your business project.

Moreover, to satisfy your needs, we welcome OEM/ODM orders. Thanks to our advanced machinery equipment and strong workforce we are capable to produced orders with your logo or brand or help you producing large orders even in peak seasons.

Aside from the ballistic helmets, we also manufacture a wide range of polycarbonate helmets, safety helmets, crazy safety helmets, baby safety helmets, etc. WeProFab is your one-stop solution for any helmet production in China.

For more questions or inquiries about our ballistic helmet products, please don’t hesitate to talk with us, you will get a quick response.

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