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As a professional Polycarbonate Shield manufacturer in China, Weprofab can custom different types of Polycarbonate Shield for your business. Whether you need police Polycarbonate Shields, face shield, sneeze guard, or any kind of shield, just send us your inquiry and get an instant quote.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Shield Delight Your Customers

Premier polycarbonate shield supplier in China, custom any polycarbonate shield to rocket your business. WeProFab is also a polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, so we can provide you a competitive price for any polycarbonate application.

Clear Polycarbonate Shield

Clear polycarbonate offers protection while brazing and cutting. If you are looking for a good quality clear polycarbonate for your business Weprofab is the best place you can go.

Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Shield

Weprofab can provide abrasion-resistant polycarbonate which can easy to handle, lightweight and clean. We can provide the best kind of products for you.

Mirrored Polycarbonate Shield

Weprofab can customize different features of mirrored polycarbonate shield that save your time and cost-effective polycarbonate shields..

Anti Static Polycarbonate Shield

Weprofab manufacture anti-static sheet which has an impact-resistant that prevents generation. If you are needing an anti-statistic polycarbonate shield producer, Weprofab is your ideal manufacturer.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Shield

In Weprofab we have professional engineers to make a durable bulletproof polycarbonate shield. We have the capacity to provide a bulletproof polycarbonate shield which is definitely safe to use.

Coloured/Tinted Polycarbonate Shield

Weprofab is glad to provide you tinted polycarbonate shield which can enhance contrast and good for hazy and foggy conditions. We can give reliable service.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Shield Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

Weprofab is the best producer of polycarbonate shields. In Weprofab, we create our own design of polycarbonate shields. As a Leading polycarbonate shield manufacturer, we offer the best kind of polycarbonate shield which right for your business.

For orders, email us!

Custom Polycarbonate Shields to Skyrocket Your Brand

Anti-riot Polycarbonate Shield

Weprofab can able to custom your required anti-riot polycarbonate shields products based on your planning designs.

Polycarbonate Eye Shield

Eyeshield allows protecting your eyes. In Weprofab, we have all kinds of eye protection and other kind of equipment protection.

Polycarbonate Pyramex Shield

Pyramex polycarbonae shield gives 100%  sun protection from harmful rays. Weprofab offered pyramex polycarbonate shield that well suited your needs.

Polycarbonate RS Pro Shield

If you are needing  RS Pro polycarbonate shield for your personal protection equipment, Weprofab is glad to help and to provide it. We provide excellent service of polycarbonate RS Pro shield.

Polycarbonate Face Shield Visor

The polycarbonate face shield visors have multiple sizes options. They are produced with light green, yellow, orange, dark green, brown, etc. colors. You can request to stamp your logo on it.

Polycarbonate Rainproof Shield

Polycarbonate rainproof shields are ideal for windows, doors, and rain canopy shields. They have durable brackets that support shielding applications. These rainproof shields are perfect for winter seasons.

Polycarbonate Riot Shield

The polycarbonate riot shields have strong and double layers. They are useful for police riot operations. These polycarbonate shields have metal edging and double grips with straps.

Reusable Polycarbonate Face Shield

Reusable polycarbonate face shields are practical, especially nowadays. They protect your whole face from dust and viruses. Their transparent color allows you have clear vision.

Multi Color Polycarbonate Face Shield

Multi-color polycarbonate shields are modern face shield that comes in various color selections. They are suitable for medical facility applications. Customizing your approved logos on shields is available.

Anti-Spittle Dust Polycarbonate Face Shield

Anti-spittle dust polycarbonate shields have adjustable headgear. They feature anti-impact capacity. These shields protect your face and eyes from dust and bacteria.

Polycarbonate Mask Full Face Shield

The polycarbonate mask full-face shields have a durable nylon strap. They are a protective shield for all genders with chin guards. These shields have crystal clear, anti-static, and anti-fogging coatings.

Polycarbonate Anti-Fog Shield

Polycarbonate anti-fog shields are suitable for home and hospital applications. They feature anti-spittle, anti-dust, and anti-fogging shield properties. 

Comfortable Protective Polycarbonate Shield

The comfortable protective polycarbonate shields have mixed colors and are perfect for all gender. They have suitable sizes that suit for all ages usage.

Washable Visor Polycarbonate Shield

Washable visor polycarbonate shields are accessible in various frame color options. They feature waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof properties. These polycarbonate shields are suitable for all genders.

Polycarbonate One Piece Eye Shield

The polycarbonate one-piece eye shield is applicable for street shootings. They are available in numerous lens hue selections, like ice blue, champagne, smokey grey, and more.

Border Control Polycarbonate Shield

The border control polycarbonate shields are also helpful for security systems. They are not easy to break, perfect shielding and security for riot occurrences. 

Multi-Functional Polycarbonate Shield

Multi-functional polycarbonate shields are for protective purposes. They are made from eco-friendly and high-quality materials, including polycarbonate. 

Economical Polycarbonate Head Shield

Economical polycarbonate head shields have lighter weight and adjustable features. They have flexible headgear, flip-up style, and adjustable crown straps.

Molded Cylinder Polycarbonate Shield

Molded cylinder polycarbonate shields are green-shaded shields, perfect for construction, heavy industry, mining, agriculture, and more. They have about 265 degrees heat tolerance.

CE Approved Polycarbonate Face Shield

CE-approved polycarbonate shields are the advisable face shield nowadays. They are protected with double-sided protective films. There are multiple sizes available that suit all ages.

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Polycarbonate Shield Manufacturing Process

Why Weprofab Polycarbonate Shield

Weprofab is one of the professional manufacturers of the polycarbonate shield. Weprofab produces Polycarbonate Shield with high quality range. We offer a high-standard of polycarbonate shield such us mirrored polycarbonate shield, clear polycarbonate shield, custom polycarbonate shield, and many more. Send us your inquiry!

Weprofab is well-known as the best manufacturer off polycarbonate shield.

In Weprofab you can choose different types of polycarbonate shields and can provide unique and original polycarbonate shields.

We are strict about safety management to ensure the safety of our product users.

Our engineering team develope and maintaining the quality of our polycarbonate shield products.

Weprofab always offers excellent services.

We give whole-heart efforts to meet all your expectations.

Our polycarbonate shields are useful and nice.


polycarbonate shields

Weprofab have many years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

At Weprofab you will never regret our service because we make sure our clients are satisfied.

Our polycarbonate shields are made by  using advanced technology machines to make our product with high standards.

WeProFab is one of the premier manufacturer’s polycarbonate shield.

We, Weprofab have full confidence to present and to deliver all finish products.

WeProFab has the full capacity to design a polycarbonate shield yo give your exact needs.

Along with expert and professional engineers, we are able to design and customize the ideal shield for you.

Contact us and send us your ideal designs!

Polycarbonate Shield: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

These FAQs explore the vital aspects of polycarbonate shields.

They will help you evaluate and choose a suitable polycarbonate shield that can withstand adverse conditions and guarantee safety.

So, if you want to import or explore a polycarbonate shield market, ensure you read this guide first.

Here is everything you need to know:

What is Polycarbonate Shield?

These are shields made from polycarbonate as the main material.

Normally, they come in different shapes and designs.

Besides, you can classify polycarbonate shields according to the nature of the application.

Look at these:

 Polycarbonate police shield

Ballistic face shield

 Ballistic face shield

Why use Polycarbonate to Make Shield?

Polycarbonate shields play an important role in adverse working environments.

These may include law enforcement where police forces use them for protection during mob situation.

You can use them in mining industries where they can withstand being hit by sharp and small stones.

You will choose a polycarbonate face shield due to the following:

  1. Resistance to impact-the shield is lightweight and relatively soft meaning it can absorb energy without fracturing. Its toughness also makes it resistant fracture, thus providing safety to the user.
  2. High strength– polycarbonate shield has a tensile strength of 9500 psi and a tensile yield of 900, therefore, making it withstand pressure up to about 20,000 feet underwater.
  3. Durability– its ability to withstand heat and resist impact makes it last longer.

Its tough nature also makes it not to break easily hence saving on the cost of replacement.

  1. Lightweight – Unlike glass, polycarbonate is known for its lightweight. Therefore, shields made from polycarbonate are lightweight; hence, you can carry or use them for a long time.
  2. Dimension stability – Polycarbonate is dimensionally stable; hence once you fix it on the frame, it will maintain its shape for a long time. It therefore implies, it neither affected by heat or extremely low temperature.
  3. Resistant to UV – Once treated with an anti-ultraviolet coating, it can withstand strong sunlight. It will take several years for a polycarbonate face shield to turn yellow.
  4. Ability to add other coatings to improve performance – You can make polycarbonate shield fog-resistant by adding an anti-fog solution. Besides, you can improve the scratch resistance properties by adding anti-scratch coating.

Other may include anti-fingerprint coating, reflective coating, hydrophobic coating, etc.

All these treatments will depend on where you intend to use the polycarbonate shield.

Of course, you can only achieve these by choosing a high-quality polycarbonate sheet.

Polycarbonate sheet

 Polycarbonate sheet

Are there Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Shield?

Yes, but few.

Compared to other plastic shields, polycarbonate shields are more expensive.

Of course, by the end of it all, you will always get value for your money.

How are Polycarbonate Shields made?

The manufacturing polycarbonate sheet is a step-by-step process.

It may involve quite several polycarbonate machining and fabrications.

However, the most common stages in polycarbonate shields manufacturing process include:

i. Testing and verifying the quality of polycarbonate material

ii. Designing the type of polycarbonate shield you need

iii. Designing the tooling system

iv. Injection molding polycarbonate shield (N/b: Depending on the type of polycarbonate shield, you can use other plastic fabrication methods)

v. Machining polycarbonate shield – this may include cutting to size or drilling holes on a polycarbonate shield. The choice of a particular machining process will depend on what you want to achieve.

vi. Finishing operations such as adding appropriate coating, polishing the surface, etc.

vii. Assembling polycarbonate shield into the frame – it may involve using fasteners, adhesives, etc.

viii. Test quality of the fully assembled polycarbonate shield

ix. Packaging polycarbonate shield ready for shipping

Can Acrylic replace Polycarbonate Shield?


Instances, people opt for the acrylic face shield.

The truth is, acrylic shields share many properties with the polycarbonate shields.

However, polycarbonate shields have superior properties than acrylic shields.

This explains why polycarbonate shields are more expensive than acrylic shields.

Which Types of Polycarbonate Shields are there?

There are about five types of polycarbonate shields.

They include;

1. Polycarbonate Safety Face Shield– the main aim is to shield the wearer’s face in addition to the eye.

It also protects the face against harmful UV rays.

Polycarbonate safety shield

 Polycarbonate safety shield

2. Polycarbonate Riot Face Shield– they are mainly made from transparent polycarbonate between 4-6 millimeters and a thickness of about 0.16-0.24 millimeters.

They are normally made in such a way that they can offer resistance to shatter.

Polycarbonate riot face shield

 Polycarbonate riot face shield

3. Polycarbonate Ballistic Face Shield– are designed mainly to offer protection to the entire face against multiple hits of ballistic threats, fragmentations, etc.

Polycarbonate ballistic face shield

 Polycarbonate ballistic face shield

4. Polycarbonate Bionic Face Shield– they are normally made with a tough clear polycarbonate visor.

These polycarbonate face shields mainly to protect the face from flying debris and splashes from chemicals during working hours.

Polycarbonate bionic face shield

Polycarbonate bionic face shield

5. Polycarbonate Medical Face Shield– this is mainly used by workers in the medical field to protect the worker against infectious fluid splashes.

Polycarbonate medical face shield

 Polycarbonate medical face shield

  • Is Polycarbonate Shield UV Resistant?

Yes, they are.

However, the standard polycarbonate shield may not be suitable for long-term exposure to sunlight.

After some time, they may begin to degrade and lose their inherent properties when attacked by sunlight.

To overcome this problem, go for polycarbonate shields with UV stabilizers.

The stabilizer will make the polycarbonate shield resistant to UV.

Can you get Photochromic Polycarbonate Face Shield?

Yes, you can.

Normally this type of shield is made from polycarbonate with photochromic properties.

The photochromic polycarbonate sheet is injection molded to form a suitable shield.

Of course, the shields may also feature additional treatments such as anti-fog coating and anti-scratch coating.

Photochromic polycarbonate shields are sensitive to UV.

The tint on exposure to UV and turn clear in the absence of UV light.

This provides better protection against UV light.

How does Mirrored Polycarbonate Shield compare to Clear PolycarbonateShield?

Mirrored polycarbonate sheets have a mirror-like surface.

This coating reduces the effects of excess light.

When you view mirrored polycarbonate shields from outside, they look more like the normal mirror.

On the other hand, clear polycarbonate shields do not have tints or treatments that change the transparent nature of the material.

Even if they have anti-scratch, anti-fog, or any other coating, they are transparent.

What is Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Shield?

These are polycarbonate shields with properties of advanced abrasion resistance against marks, scratches, vandalism, and graffiti.

Such polycarbonate shields are suitable for harsh or tough environmental conditions.

Moreover, they are coated with a UV protective layer.

It protects the polycarbonate shield against possible degradation and yellowing, which can cause brittleness.

This coating helps in maintaining light transmittance and quality for a long time.

What are the Mechanical and Ballistic Properties of Polycarbonate Shield?

These shields are mainly used during riots to provide protection or safety.

They have firings of 8-3g steel ball bearing at a velocity of 23-98 meters per second that produces damage in the form of dents.

The tensile test shows a small drop in the yield strength and ductility for the impact velocities greater than 58 meters per second.

Does Polycarbonate Shield have Minimum Thickness?

These materials are made out of transparent polycarbonate of a minimum thickness between 0.16-0.24 millimeters.

The thickness depends on the application of the polycarbonate shield.

Is Polycarbonate Shield Bulletproof?


Polycarbonate shields can stop a bullet or deflect bullet fired.

This makes polycarbonate face shields the best protective gear you can find on the market.

What is the Quality Standard Specification for Polycarbonate Shield?

Before using polycarbonate material to make any shield, it must pass certain quality standard criteria.

Again, after the assembly of the polycarbonate shield, it must also conform to certain quality standards and requirements.

Furthermore, depending on where you intend to use the polycarbonate shield, it must conform to the industry standards.

Some of the most commonly used quality standards specifications include ANSI Z87.1, EN166, and EN170 or NIJ 0104.02.

Of course, the quality standard will depend on several tests.

How do you Test the Quality of Polycarbonate Shield?

Polycarbonate shield for welding

 Polycarbonate shield for welding

When it comes to testing polycarbonate shields, there are many ways and options.

But first, the test procedure must conform to the test standards such as ANSI Z87.1 or EN166.

However, some of the common quality tests include:

  • UV face shield must be resistant to electric arc 8
  • Steam test to test anti-fog properties
  • Exposing polycarbonate shield to UV to test photochromic properties
  • Small drop test for mechanical properties of polycarbonate

What is the difference between Custom and Standard Polycarbonate Shield?

Custom polycarbonate shields are designed and manufactured according to your unique specifications and requirements.

It is upon you to choose the coating technologies, frame, handle, size, shape, and any other factor that will unique define your polycarbonate shield.

However, standard polycarbonate shields are designed according to set requirements or regulations by the company.

Alternatively, they can fully conform to the available specifications of polycarbonate shields in the market.

Are Polycarbonate Shields available in Colored Configuration?

Most definitely!

These shields normally come in a variety of colors.

For instance, you can have a polycarbonate shield, which is yellow, green, pink etc.

The color of the shield will, therefore, depend on the application requirements.

You should not confuse photochromic and tinted polycarbonate shield.

Remember, for tinted polycarbonate shields, the color remains the same whether it is exposed to UV or not.

On the other hand, photochromic polycarbonate shield changes color depending on the intensity of UV radiation.

What is Polycarbonate Shield used for?

Polycarbonate shields are normally used by police, allied forces, and any other security services mainly for safety and to provide protection.

Welders, doctors, or those in the manufacturing industry can use them for safety and protection.

They will block harmful rays and hard objects from reaching the user.

Therefore, with polycarbonate shield guarantees your safety at all times.

How much will Polycarbonate Shield Cost?

The price of a polycarbonate shield varies depending on the quality of the shield, color and design.

Therefore, to get an accurate price of a polycarbonate shield, you can contact WeProFab experts.

 What is the Average Weight of Polycarbonate Shield?

The weight of the polycarbonate shield will vary depending on the design or size.

For instance, a polycarbonate shield may weigh 8.7 lbs.

This is typical of non-ballistic riot shields.

On the other hand, bulletproof polycarbonate shields may weigh 16.40 lbs.

What is Military Grade Polycarbonate Shield?

It is a term that describes tough, durable, and rugged polycarbonate shields.

These polycarbonate shields can withstand adverse working conditions the same as those in the military.

The military personnel uses such polycarbonate shields.

How do you Clean Polycarbonate Shield?

First, you can start by pouring warm water on the polycarbonate shield to remove the surface materials from the shield-like grit, grime and dust.

Follow up by washing the surface of the shield gently using a soft microfiber cloth and a mild diluted soap.

After that, you rinse the shield with clean lukewarm water.

NOTE: Do not clean a polycarbonate shield using alcohol or any other commonly used household solvents like Lysol, pinesol, etc.

They may damage the polycarbonate shield or cause it to scratch.

Remember, some modern polycarbonate shield may have a hydrophobic coating.

These are “self-cleaning” polycarbonate shields that prevent the accumulation of contaminants.

You can apply it on the outer source of the polycarbonate shield.

The good thing, it is environmentally friendly and can be used alongside other coatings.

Are Polycarbonate Shields Resistant to Scratches?

Polycarbonate material is not inherently scratch resistant.

However, to enhance their performance, manufacturers add the scratch-resistant coating.

The coating improves the performance properties of a polycarbonate shield.

It ensures the surface of polycarbonate remains free from any scratches.

From this guide, I am sure you can now choose the best polycarbonate shield that meets your unique performance requirements.

Whether you need specialized coating or design, you should be able to choose one that meets your unique specifications.

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