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Weprofab is a leading 8mm Acrylic Sheet manufacturer in China. Our range of 8mm acrylic sheets is manufactured from 100% pure acrylic resin. It offers extreme durability which is used for a wide range of applications. 8mm acrylic sheets are offered in various designs, shapes, color and can be further customized as per the requirements of the clients. Message us today!

Get WeProFab 8mm Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Our series of 8mm acrylic sheets are available in various finishes such as opal, tinted, clear, mirrored, and fluorescent sheets. To suit the need of each specific acrylic sheets project, our company supports OEM and ODM requests. Weprofab is your one-stop-shop solution for any 8mm acrylic sheet needs. Request a quote now!

8mm Acrylic Sheets Manufacturing

Weprofab uses an advanced manufacturing line in creating versatile 8mm acrylic sheets. We hold complete acrylic fabrication capabilities such as CNC cutting, 5-axis machiningsilkscreen, die-cutting, etc.

8mm Orange Acrylic Sheets

Our range of Weprofab 8mm orange acrylic sheets is famous for delivering high-quality and long-lasting performances for any application. Weprofab is constantly working on and designing new styles of 8mm orange acrylic sheets to add to our selection.

8mm Red Acrylic Sheets

8mm red acrylic sheets are relatively lightweight and strong acrylic sheets. It is often used as windows of marine aquariums. It is also installed as transparent floors at places featuring spectacular views.

8mm Tinted Grey Acrylic Sheets

8mm Tinted Grey Acrylic Sheets at Weprofab maintain the highest level of quality. It is manufactured in accordance with various tests to meet international standards.

8mm Yellow Acrylic Sheets

Weprofab 8mm yellow acrylic sheets are a great addition to your project. You can order 8mm yellow acrylic sheets from us easily and quickly.

Custom 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Custom 8mm acrylic sheets with Weprofab. You can request full customization of 8mm acrylic sheets based on your applications such as balcony glazing, greenhouses, aquariums, etc.

WeProFab: Your Leading 8mm Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is the most trusted 8mm acrylic sheet provider in China. Choosing us will give you an advantage for your business. We engaged in acrylic fabrications for more than 20 years. Professional R&D and engineering teams support us. We follow strict quality control on every manufacturing process to guarantee 100% defect-free finished products.

WeProFab sincerely wants to skyrocket your business. We offer a one-stop-shop solution for any 8mm acrylic sheet needs for a very affordable rate. All standard and custom-made 8mm acrylic sheet is available to meet your requirements. You can ensure to receive the highest quality 8mm acrylic sheet needs here. 

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Custom 8mm Acrylic Sheet to Expand Your Brand

8mm Amber Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Expand your business with a high-quality 8mm amber transparent acrylic sheet. We can deliver superior 8mm amber transparent acrylic sheets worldwide.

8mm Black Acrylic Sheet

You can choose the suitable surface treatment for your 8mm black acrylic sheet needs. It includes anti-fog, anti-scratch, super abrasion resistant, UV resistant, etc.

8mm Bronze Acrylic Sheet

8mm bronze acrylic sheet is great for different applications such as glazing,


8mm Brown Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 8mm Brown Acrylic Sheet is highly resistant to many different chemicals, and temperatures. Weprofab is dedicated to helping you supply your needs in regards to acrylic sheets.

8mm Color Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Custom 8mm color glitter acrylic sheet for your specific applications. It is popular for decorative applications and interior design.

8mm Green Acrylic Sheet

Custom 8mm Green Acrylic Sheet to boom your brand. Send us your ideal 8mm green acrylic sheet requirements and we are glad to deliver all your acrylic sheet needs.

8mm White Opal Acrylic Sheet

Buy an 8mm white opal acrylic sheet at Weprofab to satisfy your business. Our team is well-trained and professional in manufacturing the best acrylic sheet.

Pastel Coloured 8mm Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab pastel coloured 8mm acrylic sheets are manufactured with excellent appearance and versatility. It stands out in various applications.

Transparent Color 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Transparent color 8mm acrylic sheets are stronger than ordinary glass. Clear in color with 8mm thickness. Suitable for use as a table decoration or shower screens. Offers high surface tolerance.

Patterned 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Patterned 8mm acrylic sheets include a perfectly flat finish. Best suited for almost all of the demanding applications like display shelves, acrylic aquariums, and outdoor signboards. Arrives with a patterned surface.

Textured 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Textured 8mm acrylic sheets are widely used as decoration material, signage board, and
Skylights. Offers high impact resistance and excellent electrical insulation. Made with textured acrylic material.

8mm Acrylic Marble Sheets

8mm acrylic marble sheets are ideal for POP displays, novelties, lighting, and store fixtures. Offered in standard colors with various thicknesses. Built to have excellent resistance to UV light and chemicals.

Colored Solid 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Colored solid 8mm acrylic sheets offer high resistance to both UV and weather. Beneficial for both indoor and outdoor applications. A broad range of colors is available that surely meets any requirements.

8mm Acrylic Corrugated Sheets

8mm acrylic corrugated sheets are highly resistant to shocks and hail. Made with a durable and transparent 8mm acrylic material. Applicable for roofs and carports which are unbreakable and weatherproof.

Glitters 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Glitters 8mm acrylic sheets have good light transmittance. Commonly used as a cabinet door or on the lamps. Features a shimmering appearance that brings brightness into any kind of setting.

High Gloss 8mm Acrylic Sheets

High gloss 8mm acrylic sheets can be used for decorations and furniture purposes. Includes a high gloss surface which makes it smoother than any other options. Offers high light transmittance and excellent insulation strength.

Translucent 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Translucent 8mm acrylic sheets have good toughness and are easy to clean. Made with crystal-clear acrylic that has good transparency and a high appearance. Applicable in a lot of industries like fashion, architecture, and art products.

8mm Acrylic Light Diffuser Sheets

8mm acrylic light diffuser sheets are designed with superior optical properties and better design flexibility. Suitable for use in numerous LED lighting systems and has outstanding formability.

Black Tinted 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Black tinted 8mm acrylic sheets are widely used for decoration and design purposes. Available in different designs and styles. Characterizes an admirable blend of pigments and casting process.

Hard Coated 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Hard coated 8mm acrylic sheets are accessible in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Engineered with a hard-coated acrylic that offers excellent abrasion resistance. This will not scratch easily.

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Why Weprofab 8mm Acrylic Sheets

Are you searching for the best quality 8mm acrylic sheets? You can find it in Weprofab. Weprofab manufacture superior quality 8mm acrylic sheets with great features and advantages. It is offered cost-effective which can save you money.

Weprofab 8mm acrylic sheets are made from versatile material and 100% pure acrylic resins. It comes in different shapes, colors, transparency, and finishes. Our types of 8mm acrylic sheets include 8mm tinted grey acrylic sheets, 8mm orange acrylic sheets, 8mm frosted acrylic sheets, UV-resistance 8mm acrylic sheets, etc.

Due to its distinct advantages, this product is widely used across industries including aquariums, DIY projects, point-of-purchase displays, picture frames, furniture, etc. Purchase Weprofab 8mm acrylic sheets to satisfy your business.

 Weprofab 8mm Acrylic Sheets Advantages

  • Easy to shape and fabricate
  • Lighter compared to glass
  • malleable and can be molded into many shapes
  • 92% of transparency
  • Weather resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Reusable
  • Extremely durable and stronger than glass
  • Highly transparent
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in various colors and finishes
  • Custom designs
  • UV resistance
  • Cost-effective

Weprofab 8mm Acrylic Sheets Applications

  • security barriers
  • stunning looking trophies
  • medical devices
  • LCD screens
  • industrial window glazing
  • enclosures around exhibits
  • safety shields
  • inspection windows
  • machine covers
  • protective screens
  • glazing
  • shop fittings
  • signage


Being a leader in this industry, we have a wide range of acrylic plastic fabrications that meet your requirements. It includes plastic injection molding, CNC cutting, plastic extrusion, thermoforming, and more.

Before the moving process, we ensure to follow strict quality control and inspection to guarantee defect-free and high-performance 8mm acrylic sheet products.

For large orders, our company provides free samples for you to check the quality. Thanks to our advanced and efficient manufacturing equipment, we can produce 8mm acrylic sheets very fast and on time.

As a professional supplier, we can customize an 8mm acrylic sheet according to your demands and specifications. We can do various surface treatments for your 8mm acrylic sheet such as anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-scratch, super abrasion resistant, etc.

Besides 8mm acrylic sheets, we also manufacture 5mm acrylic sheets, 12mm acrylic sheets, 15mm acrylic sheets, 18mm acrylic sheets, 25mm acrylic sheets, 40mm acrylic sheet, etc. Weprofab is your one-stop-shop solution for any acrylic sheets need.

Are you interested? Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch. Weprofab has 24/7 online assistance to cater to your needs.

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