• PVC Display Case

PVC Display Case

WeProFab is your best PVC display case manufacturer in China since we can offer you different types that will suit your requirement. We can also offer custom-made and you can freely choose whats your desire size, shapes, and designs to showcase and add more attraction to your collections. Get in touch!

Get WeProFab PVC Display Case to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab PVC display case is perfect for showcasing your collections. It is high-quality, dust-free, and can be purchase at a very affordable price that saves money for the business budget.

Clear PVC Display Case

Our PVC display case is available in clear color which has great visual clarity that you can easily see the inside items. WeProFab provides a high-quality, high transparency, and affordable price.

Custom PVC Display Case

WeProFab offers custom for your PVC display case which we can fabricate base on your specified size, shapes, and styles. We can offer you durable and elegant showcasing items.

Decorative PVC Display Case

WeProFab has plenty of selection for your PVC display case and if you want to have decorative styles, you can have our elegant and sturdy decorative PVC display case. It is perfect for showcasing your objects.

Dust Proof PVC Display Case

If you want to showcase and maintain the cleanliness of your collections, WeProFab is your best solution for that. We offer dustproof for your PVC display case and you can get it at a very durable yet affordable price.

PVC Display Case Manufacturer

As WeProFab is one of the trusted PVC display case manufacturer in China, we are your best solution for having sturdy and affordable yet gorgeous showcases for your business. We can provide on every customer’s demand.

Rectangular PVC Display Case

Our PVC display case is available in rectangular shapes that suited your needs. WeProFab can fabricate different shapes at a very affordable price. You can have our durable and attractive designs here at WeProFab.

WeProFab: Your Leading PVC Display Case Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between Chinese local fabrication and WeeTect Limited Material manufacturer. We are pleased to make better solutions for plastic and metal fabrication. Our PVC display case is perfect for your business and personal purposes.

We provide different types of our PVC display case you can select of such as clear, rectangular, decorative, makeup organizer, jewelry, cylinder, and many more. WeProFab offer customize for your PVC display case to meet customer’s requirement. You can choose your size, shapes, and designs.

WeProFab performs product processes in fabrication such as laser cutting, thermoforming, bending, and more. We fabricate our products using high-quality materials. You can guarantee our PVC display case products and it will perfect for your personal or business use.

Custom PVC Display Case to Expand Your Business

Cylinder PVC Display Case

Our cylinder PVC display case is durable with an appropriate lift-off top display. If you want to have various designs for your PVC display case, contact WeProFab now.

Jewelry PVC Display Case

We offer a PVC display case for your jewelry collections showcase which is safe and makes more beauty in it. WeProFab fabricates a sturdy and affordable price.

Make Up Organizer PVC Display Case

Our PVC display case is ideal for makeup organizer and it adds beauty and well organized your makeup collections. WeProFab offer you durable and affordable.

PVC Shoe Display Case

We also have a PVC display case for your shoe collections, it will remain neat and tidy since WeProFab offer dustproof and we will fabricate base on your demand.

PVC Toy Display Case

Our PVC display case offers exclusively for toys showcase, it keeps your toy well arranged. WeProFab is your best supplier for having a high-quality product.

Impact Resistant PVC Display Case

Impact-resistant PVC display case is a dust-free solution that reduces ultraviolet radiation, and discoloring. Versatile enough to be a perfect material for stores to display art materials, collectibles, and so on.

Shatterproof PVC Display Case

Shatterproof PVC display case comes with simple construction making it applicable as retail display boxes. Available in many different forms and functions. Arrives in a range of colors including clear, black, white, etc.

Dustproof PVC Display Case

The dustproof PVC display case is equipped with a tear-off the protective film on both sides. Constructed with a thickened premium PVC of the highest quality. Provided with high transparency with 95% transmittance.

Wall Mounted PVC Display Case

Wall-mounted PVC display case comes fully assembled with high-quality structure. Frequently used as a wall mounted display box. Includes a removable back for easy access and installment. Hand crafted with polished edges.

Countertop PVC Display Case

The Countertop PVC display case provides a safe place to showcase valued items. Super durable and allows for easy viewing. An elegant case that is perfect for displaying and storing collectibles. Typically placed on top of the counters.

Ornaments PVC Display Case

Ornaments PVC display case is perfect for any bar, coffee shop, and hotel room. Can be used as a Christmas ornament display case. A perfect decoration for any holiday setting. Capable to be hung on walls.

Jewelry PVC Display Case

Jewelry PVC display case is frequently applied as a watch display case and jewelry storage organizer. Arrives with exquisite workmanship and enough space for displaying and showcasing applications.

PVC Flower Display Case

The PVC flower display case is undeniably sturdy and reliable. Available with the option of a custom-made flower display case. Capable to survive extreme environmental conditions. Available for commercial and wholesale purposes.

Moist-proof PVC Display Case

Moist-proof PVC display case arrives fully assembled with good quality. Includes large internal space that is not easy to damage. The frames are smooth and real with all kinds of hooks. Made with durable and moist-proof material.

Textured PVC Display Case

The textured PVC display case is made of highly transparent material with a sturdy base. Equipped with a protective film on both sides. Easy to assemble and can be joined without glue. Known to be a multi-purpose display case.

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Why WeProFab PVC Display Case

Are you looking for a perfect display case for your kinds of collections? WeProFab PVC also known as polyvinyl chloride display case is just right for you. We have plenty of experience with regard to fabricating products since we are over 20 years in the industry. You can free to choose where our PVC display case match for your demand.

WeProFab offer various types of PVC display case that includes clear PVC display case, dustproof PVC display case, rectangular PVC display case, decorative PVC display case, and many more. Our PVC display case has a wide range of applications such as markets, homes, grocery stores, coffee shops, convenience stores, jewelry stores, fast food restaurants, bakery shops, hospitals, schools, and many more.

PVC Display Case

So, don’t bother searching for the best display case for your collections since our PVC display case can be ideal for all showcase either it’s for business or personal use. If you have watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, latest shoes, collectible cars, assembled toy sets, and other collections, the WeProFab PVC display case is your best choice for that since it keeps safe and protected from dust.

Our PVC display case makes more attraction and adds beauty to your items since it has high transparency. It is perfect to use for showcasing collections even in public areas. We can guarantee you with our PVC display case products since it is high-quality, high durability, highly competitive rates, dust-free, and can be purchase at affordable prices.

We also offer you a cylinder PVC display case, PVC shoe display case, jewelry PVC display case, makeup organizer PVC display case, and PVC toy display case. But if one of that does not meet your requirement you can send us your specified size, shapes, and designs for your PVC display case since WeProFab offers to customize options.

PVC Display Case

We can assure to meet the exact requirements of our customers since we do product process like thermoforming, bending, and so on. As a CE certified company, WeProFab manages the quality of the products and make sure to have the best in condition products. If you want to have a PVC display case or custom-made for your personal and business use, WeProFab is your best producer and supplier for that. For more questions about our PVC display case products, please contact us now to get a quick response from us.

PVC Display Case

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