Glass Safety Film

WeProFab is one of the leading OEM glass safety film manufacturers in China. At Weprofab, we have the capability to produce glass safety film through our state-of-the-art production equipment. We can accommodate custom glass safety film and provide excellent solutions. Send us your idea today!

Get WeProFab Glass Safety Film to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab has the knowledge and broad production experienced you can guarantee a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer to handle your orders. In fact, we are equipped with state-of-the-art and modern production equipment such as thermoforming, bending, 5 Axis machining, and more.

Mirror Backing Film

As one of the professional mirror film manufacturers, WeProFab could offer the best Mirror Backing Film product according to your own application.

Safety Frosted Window Film

Our Safety Frosted Window Film is manufactured through our state-of-the-art production equipment.

Safety Window Film 100 Micron

Weprofab can produce the highest quality Safety Window Film 100 Micron for you. We can provide excellent solutions for our clients.

Safety Window Film 175 Micron

Safety Window Film 175 Micron is fabricated in our most modern and advanced production equipment such as thermoforming, bending, and 5 Axis machining.

Glass Safety Stickers

Weprofab glass safety stickers are available in ready-made strips or as a pack of individual stickers. You can order it by a meter or your specific measurement.

Security Film for Window

Protect yourself from the heat. You can use our security film for a window. We have a wide selection of security film for the window in our factory ready to ship.

WeProFab: Your Leading Glass Safety Film Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab strives to show their excellent services to their clients. Being a fast-growing company in providing a glass safety film, you can choose any of our glass safety film products that you may need for the success of your business.

Through the years, we have experience and ability in the manufacturing industry where we can serve our customers.

We take the most sort range of glass safety film products and

Custom Glass Safety Film to Skyrocket Your Brand

Anti Bird Strike Stickers

Use Weprofab Anti Bird Strike Stickers to warn off the birds so they are prevented from bumping on your window glass.

Safety and Reflective Window Film

If you want to mitigate the negative effects of the sun then you must use our Safety and Reflective Window Film.

Patterned Window Film

We have a wide range of periods and contemporary designs of Patterned Window Film to choose from. All of our Patterned Window Film has a stylish design for your window privacy.

Anti-Shatter Glass Safety Film

Anti-shatter glass safety film is built to avoid outside threats and enhances the business security system. Guarantees excellent shatter and impact protection that is engineered to protect the property against vandals.

Decorative Glass Safety Film

Decorative glass safety film is visually appealing with gradual transitions of colors in a minimalist style. Features attractive qualities such as textured and gradient surface making it suitable as window films.

Scratch Proof Glass Safety Film

Scratch-proof glass safety film is thick safety material with anti-scratch quality. Currently works as an energy-saving and UV protecting film that are perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

High Clear Transparent Glass Safety Film

High clear transparent glass safety film is crafted using a crystal clear and high-quality material. Designed with 99% Ultraviolet protection that is directly applied to the interior side of the window.

Smash Proof Glass Safety Film

Smash-proof glass safety film is primarily designed for added safety and security. Features a smash-resistant resilient and transparent structure. Includes multiple thick layers that are suitable for all types of businesses and facilities.

Explosion Resistant Glass Safety Film

Explosion-resistant glass safety film offers admirable blast and impact-resistant capabilities. Lessens the exposure to airborne debris and other major hazards. Guarantees safe and efficient functioning.

Bulletproof Glass Safety Film

Bulletproof glass safety film can be easily applied to the windows, doors, partitions, and cars. Characterizes a less expensive, quick, and bulletproof solution for any kinds of business applications.

Temperature Resistant Glass Safety Film

Temperature-resistant glass safety film is both durable and scratch-resistant. Features a strong adhesive that is built to last for many years. Minimizes fading and offers excellent heat rejection.

Frosted Glass Safety Film

Frosted glass safety film is a stylish material that is primarily built to obscure glass day and night. Designed to have security in any setting. Features an affordable, durable and flexible solution.

Black Glass Safety Film

Black glass safety film is perfect for day sleeping or baby nursery. Characterizes super static cling allows for a simple application and removal from. Features a smooth surface and is available in black color.

Custom Glass Safety Film

Custom glass safety film is easy to apply in minutes. Designed with a smooth and professional surface finish. Can be cut to size to any window or door measurements. Most features are highly customized.

UV Block Glass Safety Film

UV block glass safety film provides protection against excessive solar radiation and even bomb blasts. Equipped with a special and thicker adhesive to prevent unwanted and unexpected breakage.

4mil Glass Safety Film

4mil glass safety film increases the shielding ability of windows and doors. Designed to improve overall glass protection against ballistic attacks. Applicable in a broad range of businesses and facilities.

8mil Glass Safety Film

8mil glass safety film is effective in blocking harmful solar rays. Built for easier installation and maintenance. Perfectly suited for residential and commercial applications for both short-term and long-term usage.

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Why Weprofab Glass Safety Film

You can feel confident when selecting a glass safety film from WeProFab.

Weprofab has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing multiple layer security and safety film.

We manufacture and designed this Weprofab glass safety film to protect the property and people against flying glass shards from various hazards and threats.

Our Weprofab glass safety film is suitable for insurance requirements and meeting building codes.

If your customers are occupants and need additional time to escape perilous conditions, then our Weprofab glass safety film is what they need.

It will provide them some protection for blasts and break-ins.

At Weprofab, we are capable to offer you a wide range of films that suit all purposes.

Weprofab glass safety film can be used in different industrial use.

We have a safety film for health and safety requirements in public places or at work.

Weprofab can provide you our one of a kind glass safety film for your windows or doors.

You can also use our glass safety film for cabinet doors, glass tabletop, and any glazed areas in critical areas.

And of course, Weprofab glass safety film definitely helps your customers to upgrade existing glass to meet safety and health standards in public buildings like hospitals, offices, schools, and business premises.

Also, if your customers want to make their mirrors to be shatterproof, then our range of safety film may help.

We have mirror backing film, safety frosted window film, and safety window film that will make their mirror to be shatterproof.

We make sure that all of our Weprofab glass safety films are guaranteed 100% clear. Therefore, it does not affect the view or appearance through the glass.

Weprofab is absolutely your reliable one-stop-shop provider for all your glass safety film needs.

You can order our Weprofab glass safety film by the meter or we can also cut your glass safety film according to your exact measurements.

As a professional manufacturer of glass safety film, Weprofab strictly adheres to ISO 9001 management.

We can provide you a Weprofab glass safety film with the best performance and highest standards in the industry.

In China, Weprofab is one of the largest manufacturers when it comes to glass safety film.

We modeled and create a design to meet the exact needs of our valued customers.

We have an exceptional glass safety film that has excellent quality at an affordable rate.

If you are interested in our glass safety film, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will answer promptly and give the best product for you.

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